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json and jsonschema tag vs json and schema tags

We have been discussing in this post related to the construction of a json schema about which tags are more appropiate: json, schema json, jsonschema As a general rule it seems a good idea to use ...

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Regarding the closure and deletion of two particular posts.

I want to address two ongoing issues being discussed in the thread regarding the closure or deletion of questions. The question on sequences. Why was this deleted? On Nov 15, 14:15, the question ...

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Can we make the minimum rep to add a tag synonym depend on the size of the tag?

As you probably all know, in order to nominate a tag synonym you need and answer score of 5 or more in the tag (and 2500 rep.) For very large tags, say c++, this seems low. It's not hard to get 5 ...

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How should we handle answers that are correct, but apply to a different jurisdiction?

This question asks about the UK specifically, but as of now the highest voted answer applies to the US. The person who gave the answer suggested in a comment that a US answer is useful anyway for ...

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More Downvoting Issues

As I mentioned in my previous question, there have been some issues on the site with downvoting without the addition of comments. Unfortunatley, we still have these issues. Take, for example, this ...

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Am I over stepping the boundaries by deleting irrelevant passages in a question?

In regards to this question, the asker had a sentence that stated he was confused about the bugbear chief's Heart of Hruggek which gives it advantage on saving throws against being put to sleep (along ...

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Merge [vault] tag into [sourcegear-vault]

The tag info for vault and sourcegear-vault is identical. Of the 20-ish questions that were tagged vault, but not sourcegear-vault, I've added the more-specific tag to less than half - those that ...

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About Consistency on Audits - Review Audit Failed Case

I have experienced this situation multiples times already. It is related to doing a review for Late Answers or for First Posts, where the content includes a Link-Only answer. Then in presence of ...

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2014 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

In connection with the moderator elections, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic ...

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What is right place to ask questions about web development?

Can I ask question related to HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc., here? If not what is right community of Stack Exchange to ask? Stack Overflow? And if I have question about WordPress, would be I post ...

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Discontinued browser game

I want to know something about a browser game that seems to have been discontinued. I'm not certain that it's been discontinued though. Is it appropriate to ask about the location of the game on this ...

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Are questions about the reputability of individual journals, publishers or conferences on topic?

Yesterday, we closed this question about an individual conference’s reputability, i.e., as to whether the conference is a scam or not. The author correctly remarked that a similar questions remained ...

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Web archive link redirects to Stack Overflow host (resulting in error page)

Problem: Some links will redirect you to a Stack Overflow error site even though they're correct (as in DOM/HTML representation). Test cases which now work: Link in question body here: ...

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Difference between “tab=noanswers” | “questions?sort=unanswered” | “answers:0”

I see at least 3 different ways to view unanswered questions. And they all show different results. tab=noanswers » 37417 hits ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by nixda on Meta Super User
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Are review queues available from the Android app?

The Winter Bash has inspired me to try out the Stack Exchange app for Android phones. I can see there are pull-out panes on the left and right for site navigation and notifications, respectively; on ...

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Questions about Advertising

I recently viewed an advertisement, and I wanted to ask someone knowledgeable in marketing a question about it. Is there a site appropriate for that on Stack Exchange?

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Motion graphics proposal

Proposal: Motion Graphics Why this? Actually topics about motion graphics/animation/3d are spread between (looks more specific for video professionals, equipment, filming ...

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Re-tagging C++ questions as C

Sometimes questions are posted containing C++ code and tagged either c++, or c++c. So far so good, but then someone comes along and changes the tag to c because the code "is not really C++" despite ...

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Questions asking for service recommendations

There was a previous discussion about recommending services provided via Tor Hidden Services, which more or less resulted in them being closed as "opinion based". However, this question and others ...

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How to get Kofia Hat?

I do not mean that I deserved a Kofia hat, but today I asked and answered questions, all of which have at least one upvote. Are there another requirement for the hat? Kofia first post ...

1 answer

How can I edit a title?

The text of a question had already been edited, but the title needed editing too. I couldn't do this, except via the "improve edit" function. But then my edit was rejected as too insubstantial (even ...

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Is the “international waters” question on-topic?

Using international waters to avoid legal punishment seems to be asking a real-world legal question. I think law is in principle on-topic on Worldbuilding (same as sociology or religion or other "how ...

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Who Wants to Win another LaTeX Book?

I am organising yet another lottery and Springer have kindly agreed to donate two copies of LaTeX and Friends (see also). This year I decided to be the judge of the lottery. The lottery closes when ...

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What-If we closed this proposal?

Proposal: What-If This sounds like a dup of the proposal Scientific Imagination. There is also World Building which many questions are probably on-topic if written correctly.

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User flair image issue on hover

I noticed that when hovering a user's profile picture and their flair comes up, for example on any review page or on any question where they have edited the question, that their profile image starts ...

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Please merge tag “extender” into “teleconverter”

We have a number of questions tagged extender. This is what Canon calls their teleconverters; let's just merge the two tags.

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Why the flag option “very low quality” is missing in a question?

I've found this question and clicked to flag it. When I was choosing which flag to apply, I've realized that the flag option "very low quality" was missing. Since it is a question with a negative ...

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Can I ask same question in multiple sites?

Can I ask same question in both and or maybe other Stack Exchange site? or it will be duplicate question?

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バッジの名称についてですが、全体的に直訳調で意味が伝わりにくいので、日本語化を考えたいと思っております。 関連トピック: 日本語に違和感: 「識者」バッジ 日本語に違和感:バッジ「子鹿」 バッジの説明の日本語訳 バッジの分析的について 日本語に違和感: 金バッジ「すばらしい」 バッジと現在の訳 Altruist 利他主義者 Benefactor 後援者 Curious ...

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Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

What is the Sandbox? This "Sandbox" is a place where Programming Puzzles & Code Golf users can get feedback on prospective challenges they wish to post to the main page. This is useful because ...

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