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Closure of questions under the Legal tag? Please reopen?

I'd be grateful to be advised and enlightened on the closure of Question on “subject to being disproved by the person accused”. I've only been interested in apprehending this sentence in the context …

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Why do some one line story identification answers get so many upvotes?

I'm puzzled why sometimes very short answers to story identification questions get upvoted so highly. Sometimes there is only a title - with no justification as to why that is the correct answer. This …

3 answers

I have an answer to offer, but no one has asked for it yet

In the course of building my project, I discovered that it's possible to overload the addEventListener object - I've seen a few questions that asked the question about adding one eventListener to ...

3 answers | 12 mins ago by NovaDev on Meta Stack Overflow
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Im not sure whether this question would be well recieved

I have always wondered on this but I'm not sure of the SE site that would best fit its description, I was wondering why Microsoft have removed the standard "My Computer" Icon from the desktop for the …

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Suggestion: parse new questions

It's been widely noted that the barrier to post poor questions is fairly low. Human moderation (through downvoting, editing, closing, commenting...) is an expensive process. Even though SO uses ...

15 answers

Proposed Question Sandbox - Mark XIV

Proposed Question Sandbox - Mark XIV TL;DR (Too long, didn't read) Use this sandbox to work the problems out of your question before posting it on the main site. People will comment if they see ...

1 answer

Why are comments overlapping the sidebar?

On one MSE question, the comments are overlapping the related questions sidebar. Is this something to do with the weird formatting of the first comment? Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.0; ...

1 answer

Open in app button

I often find myself in the situation that I browse the SE sites using my mobile browser (since I find it easier to keep multiple sites and questions open the same time) and then want the edit or ...

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Tag cleanup suggestion: [copy]

Description of copy is "Questions about copying in the context of file managemenent and backing up." Okay we have another tag file-copying which serve more or less the same purpose; we have xcopy ...

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Does accepting answers discourage further answerings?

I once asked for some reasoning. I got a single answer but I hoped for more answers, possibly objecting the view of the single answer as this was what I had suspected to be right anyway. However, I …

1 answer

Is posting your personal information and asking for job in reply to the question allowed?

I noticed some of the answers, where it were not actually answers but was something like I can do this job for you. Contact me as etc Should this be allowed on stackexchange? I …

1 answers | 50 mins ago by Dexter on Magento Meta
5 answers

Is it OK to just ask a question so you can post your own answer?

I just read this question, which seems like a reasonable question. The first answer posted also seems like good response, which I was about to vote up on, when I noticed that it was both posted at …

5 answers | 58 mins ago by HBruijn on Meta Server Fault
0 answers

Today I learned that Reddit has a subreddit called /r/SomebodyMakeThis/ where people propose ideas for software, and readers often reply with existing solutions. For instance, ...

1 answer

Can we specify which on-site notifications we get, and when they get displayed?

For example, events such as, New comments, New answers, New privileges, Reputation changes, An edit to one of your posts, And whatever new notifications that get introduced at a later date. Could …

0 answers

Are questions to translate [this text] from [this language] into English on-topic?

Proposal: Constructed Languages I would think you could zillions of those kinds of questions. For instance, in the comic, there is the following text in Lojban: zo'o ta jitfa .i …

0 answers

A new off-topic closure reason

We have been receiving some questionable questions, which seem to be simply attempts of polemic and pushing of agendas and ulterior motives. Such questions are not a good fit for this site, and so I …

0 answers

Should this proposal be merged with the Languages proposal?

Proposal: Constructed Languages The Languages proposal reads: Proposed Q&A site for polyglots, learners and geeks interested in both natural and constructed languages. It seems like this would …

1 answer

Misleading Off-Topic-Default-Text

Today there was this question asked: Noah, religion and darwinism The way I read it, it asks whether the bible is compatible with the idea of intelligent design proposed in the Noah-movie. It surely …

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Einer on Science Fiction & Fantasy Meta
1 answer

Is it okay for users to delete questions and re-ask them verbatim?

Ten minutes ago, a user deleted a question they'd asked and created a new substantially identical question in its place. The old question had an answer, but it was downvoted and had already been ...

0 answers

Why is question 16375 considered as a attempt at polemic?

What makes this question to be considered as a attempt at polemic? This question is based on Quran 's verse,and user wants its tafseer. So,what is the problem with it?

0 answers

Ridiculously popular questions break sidebar on SO

In the related sidebar list, this question is so popular the vote counter is too wide: Can we run these vote counts through the magnitude machine?

0 answers

Increase number of review audits when there are fewer posts to review

Would it be worthwhile to make the number of review-audits you receive more elastic based on queue size: When there are less posts available for review, you get more review-audits. When there is a lot …

0 answers

HDPI version of Stack Exchange

Is an HDPI version of stack exchange coming to our retina screens? I would be happy to see support for HDPI. The first thing to improve is the image uploader. It should be simple to add a selector …

0 answers

Does this proposal also include questions about construction?

Are question about building costumes on topic, as well as designing them? I'm partly thinking about people asking about cosplay. For example how to build props, or lightweight armour. Proposal: ...

1 answer

Email-based marketing is already covered by Digital Marketing

Proposal: Email Blasting is already on-topic at the Digital Marketing proposal - why should this be split out?

1 answer

Server config/setup is already covered by ServerFault

The marketing aspects are covered by Marketing, and the technical aspects are covered by ServerFault. Why should this be a separate site? Proposal: Email Blasting

0 answers

New Badge request: Chatter Box

I want propose a new badge for the increase involvement of people in chat. Chatter Box: User should have visited and posted something on chat for 30(or more) consecutive days. Shouldn't have ...

2 answers

Behavior about answering and voting for closing a question.

When I see some question when OP doesn't show any effort, just throws the exercise in, but is something relatively simple, in my conception, I answer it just giving general directions, not elaborating …

0 answers

Can the Inbox/Achievements drop-downs be changed to protocol-relative links?

I like to use the Stack Exchange sites via the HTTPS protocol. This is partly because I think this is good practice, and partly because my mobile ISP injects JavaScript into HTTP pages and (perhaps …

1 answer

Can't put formatted tag names in tag wiki excerpt?

If you enter the text [tag:tag] in the tag wiki textbox, it produces tag. If you enter the text [tag:tag] in the tag wiki excerpt textbox, it produces [tag:tag]. Why can't you include formatted …

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