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Should questions about the meaning of metaphors be on-topic?

A large number of questions on ELL are asking for the meaning of metaphors. Many are from song lyrics or poetry, about which there are a number of meta questions. Some are from literature, most ...

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Why don't we give users below 250 rep notion about close votes?

To clarify beforehand: I'm not asking for leaving auto comments as with close voting a question as a duplicate. Why aren't low rep users notified when they receive a close vote/flags with their ...

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Software Recommendations

I'd like to suggest something in relation to this (and other) question(s): Best platform for collaborative worldbuilding On the Software Recommendations SE this is the "what makes a good question" ...

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Make ralink and mediatek tags synonyms

It looks like Ralink is Mediatek now. So the tags should be synonyms. I do not have 5 count to either of them.

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Remove [coprocessor] tag

The coprocessor tag has only seven questions, not even being related as they mean different things with the term “coprocessor” and there is no tag wiki describing an intended use. So we can’t even say ...

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How Boolean operators fit with tags?

I'm aware that if I want to search for a tag, I just type "[~~~]" in the search bar (just replace the tildes with the tag you want). But what if I want to include other things with it? How would the ...

1 answers | 22 mins ago by SarahofGaia on Meta Super User
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Are registered users still “audited” with captchas?

I had asked a question earlier, and when I clicked the button to publish the question on the site, I had been hit with a captcha "in order to make sure I'm not a robot." A couple thoughts about why I ...

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Is this rejected edit in line with SE goals?

My edit to the question Overpopulation . . . IN SPACE! was rejected with the standard This edit deviates from the original intent of the post. We have of course to guess at the intent of the post. I ...

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Is this a software comparison question?

I want to know what the pros and cons are between using portables versus just using the portable apps. (A lot of programmes can be downloaded in a self-contained zip file.) So my ...

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Stop the [manipulation]!

manipulation currently has over 700 148 questions. Its exerpt: Manipulation is the act of algorithmically manipulating any pieces of data is ambiguous and not helpful, in my opinion. ...

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What should be the subjects of our fortnightly topic challenges?

Worldbuilding is beginning its fortnightly topic challenges. In that trichoplax wrote As this question is already being used for answers on how to approach this, would it be clearer to have a ...

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Is this a duplicate of several proposals?

Proposal: Identifying Things Based on your questions, senshin, this proposal seems to cover several existing proposals: Identifying movies Identifying Sci-fi/Fantasy related ...

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Requiring sources for “tacit culture” and “common knowledge”

I have occasionally run into an issue where I am writing either a question or (more rarely) an answer and I haven't had any decent sources on hand, because I had viewed the elements of the question as ...

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Clickable email address

I've found that there are some cases where an email address or a phone number may need to be specified in an answer, however, it doesn't seem possible to make that email a clickable link. Is this ...

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CloudFlare error 1010: banned access based on your browser's signature

A new "error" for me: whenever I attempt to visit SO or any given question, CloudFlare seems to intercept Windows 7 x64, Chrome 44's request and throw up an error page: Error 1010 Ray ID: ...

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Upvoting Questions to Answers that help you?

One of the main reasons that made me create an stackoverflow account at all was the urge to contribute to the community that provided me with so much useful information years and helped me becoming a ...

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Delete “Desi” tag

There is a tag desi that doesn't appear to have any meaning, it's probably just a typo of design. Since we already have a design tag can we get this one deleted? ...

2 answers

What is the proper balance between question & title specificity?

Glen_b and I have been debating how to edit this particular question. My view is that a title specific to the contents of the question is necessary as a summary of the question contents. The title, as ...

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Is there a way for the community (or moderators acting on behalf of the community) to accept answers?

Zeffii's question comes close to, but is a little different from, something I've been thinking of for a while. The scenario is that a user, who may have only come to the community to ask one ...

1 answer

Why is a propsed site still on the list and in definition stage?

I tried to create an English and Chinese Cross Learning site. It is closed already due to duplication, which is fair as I did not make a distinction. I hope to target beginners with less academia ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Wen on Area 51 Discussion Zone
3 answers

Is there a way to get reminders/prompts to choose an answer to accept?

I have been in the following situation a couple of times: I post a question get some great answers - however I receive them once I have walked away from the computer and pick them up on my phone. ...

3 answers

Editing emotions out of questions

Users sometimes post questions about issues that can be very emotional. This sometimes causes them to add lines about feeling angry, sad or powerless or otherwise describing their emotional state. I ...

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Making Questions Randomly Active (Feature Request)

There are a few questions on meta about what makes a question active, but I did not see any questions about the utility of making questions randomly active. There is actually a mechanism at work on ...

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We should change the 'review request' close reason to include products

The question that inspired this: I want to make investment in BTC mining machine It's being closed for this reason: Questions seeking service reviews are off-topic because they tend to attract ...

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Where should I ask a question about a possible postscript exploit?

There is a file which is way too big to be a valid postscript file. It could be just a honest mistake by the creator, or it could be an exploit. If it is an exploit, does it belong to Security or ...

1 answer

How can I donate to MathOverflow — if I should?

I understood from this meta question that MathOverflow is a nonprofit nonstock corporation dedicated to keeping this site running and that the nonprofit status allows receiving donations. What is the ...

1 answer

Why were my comments deleted on the Ninja identification (Pixels) question?

I'm 99% sure I had at least one if not two additional comments on this question: What video game are these ninjas from? I'm pretty sure there was nothing wrong with them. If I remember correctly, ...

1 answer

Careers PDF, expand links to show url in copy areas

When you export a PDF of your careers profile, if you have links to other sites in a copy area like "Background" those links aren't shown. It would be nice if the link in the markdown was rendered ...

559 answers

Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

What is the Sandbox? This "Sandbox" is a place where Programming Puzzles & Code Golf (PPCG) users can get feedback on prospective challenges they wish to post to the main page. This is useful ...

11 answers

Using Stack Overflow in a job interview

Scenario: You are interviewing other people for a developer job in your own organization. You find out that the person has been a contributor on Stack Overflow, submitting both questions and ...

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