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Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

What is the Sandbox? This "Sandbox" is a place where Programming Puzzles & Code Golf (PPCG) users can get feedback on prospective challenges they wish to post to the main page. This is useful ...

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How did this question get so many views?

Okay, I admit it. I am at least partly motivated here by a basic annoyance that a question that is so obviously a duplicate has been jumped on by so many users and (IMHO inappropriately) upvoted, ...

2 answers | 23 mins ago by Peter Duniho on Meta Stack Overflow
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Сортировка поднятых тревог не только по времени?

Дано: В данный момент если из профиля посмотреть список поднятых тревог, то он представлен в виде списка отсортированного по времени. И каждая тревог со всей о ней инфой идёт одной строкой (почти ...

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Suggestion : New community site for “Ayurveda”

Ayurveda is a vast subject in which people always need experts advice so I would like to suggest a community website dedicated to Ayurveda. Actually I myself looking for many answers related to ...

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Почему пункты списка онтопик-тем не пронумерованы?

я задал вопрос: Как сконфигурировать ноубук с WiFi как точку доступа (чтобы он этот WiFi раздавал в полевых условиях)? мне ответили, что топик тут: я ...

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discourage url shorteners in comments: don't add link's href size to the total comment size

If a comment has [short title]( link then is counted towards the total comment size limit. The answer to the same issue (to ignore the ...

1 answer

Add password to my account

I made registration on Stack Overflow using my google account. How can i Log In to Stack Overflow using email/password? In my profile I can't find how can i add password to my account.

1 answers | 1 hour ago by sglazkov on Meta Stack Overflow
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More stats on stackexchange?

On the right side of the main site there's a box: However when clicking the "stack exchange" link, I don't get to a statistics page about Worldbuilding, but to the list of sites, which makes no ...

1 answer

Why is the Stack Exchange Data Dump only available in xml file format?

The Stack Exchange Data Dump is very large at about 22 GB. The xml file for Stack Overflow's users is around 900 MB (about 100 MB when compressed). The format of this file is something like, ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Bob on Meta Stack Exchange
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How do new users get help on Stack Exchange?

I'm having a computer issue and joined SuperUser looking for help after your site popped up in a search for tech help forums. I asked a question as a guest and received a couple of comments, so I'm ...

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Community Promotion Ads - Let's advertise this site!

There are ads that have already reached the 6-vote threshold and have been submitted to other sites. The following are the relevant ads that have been submitted: Arqade Game Dev Graphic ...

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How to prevent downvotes from non-specialists?

I opened this question a couple of days ago. I am not psychologist. I am mathematician, my fields of research are probability theory and statistics, and I am an applied statistician too. I got some ...

1 answer

Редактирование раздела справки Что это означает если ответа «принят»?

Что это означает если ответа «принят»? Есть раздел справки. Заголовок явно содержит ошибку. Давайте его исправим, и заодно отредактируем и по возможности улучшим текст раздела.

3 answers

“Справка > Ответить” исправить на что–нибудь получше

Раздел справки, посвященный ответам, называется просто «Ответить». Это не очень красиво. Предлагаю выбрать для него новое название. Предложения — в ответах. Какой смысл я хотел бы выразить новым ...

9 answers

Давайте придумаем метку для всяких полезных мелочей

Есть категория вопросов про разные полезные инструменты для завсегдатая StackOverflow. Например: разные слабо документированные фичи пользовательские скрипты полезные запросы по SEDE как ...

1 answer

Should Beer and Wine join forces?

Proposal: Wine Beer is currently in public beta and is struggling with low activity (not enough questions, mainly). A year and a half ago I wrote there: If this site is to exist alongside ...

1 answer

I'm not sure where to ask a question about a Filezila, server and html document related issue?

What Stack Exchange community is suitable for the following question? It's Pretty straightforward. When I download an HTML file from my server it becomes corrupted with bunch of Chinese characters I ...

1 answer

Please let me edit my profile in Mobile theme

Just as the title says, I am unable to find the edit profile link in mobile view. It appears as though there isn't one. I think an edit profile link should be added somewhere beside the user's profile ...

1 answer

Username showing up like an anonymous user

I signed up a few days back all proper, verified and all, but my username still shows up as "user21414". Is this because I need a certain reputation?

10 answers

European A&M Gathering: What should we do there?

A&M has voted and the chosen event for our EU Meetup is... Anime 2016, The World Forum, The Hague, Netherlands This will be held from the 10th to 12th June 2016. Pretty~ The next meta post ...

1 answer

Uploading an image from the web can leave paste broken in editor

While reuploading a bunch of old ImageShack images to imgur, I noticed something funny: sometimes, after uploading an image from the web, I would no longer be able to paste anything into the edit box. ...

0 answers

Are questions about mathematics used in physics always off topic?

This question looks in imminent danger of being closed on the grounds that it's a pure mathematics question. This is something that happened a lot when I was more active on the site, and is one of the ...

1 answer

Is there any point in close voting questions as off-topic?

By looking at the woocommerce tag It doesn't seems like closing woocommerce related questions removes them from the site as the oldest was closed two years ago and it is still around - Woocommerce Add ...

1 answer

What is a good stack exchange where to learn about skepticism?

Was the "Irish ghost video" staged? If so, how? The last comment of the video analysis explains how original research is not allowed. OR is not "disliked", but explicitly forbidden by ...

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Longer textfields in the “Post as a Guest” section

The textfields in the "Post as a Guest" section could be made a bit more longer: And on English Language & Usuage, the textfields appear a bit too big on Firefox: while on Chrome, the ...

1 answer

Dealing with inline tantrums from users whose answers weren't accepted

What do we do about answers such as where the poster is obviously trying to strike out at the OP using passive/aggressive tactics, resulting in visual noise ...

3 answers

Do we have a policy on video questions?

In this question Bike not changing last 2 gears correctly, the main content is the video. Do we want our questions to be like this? Pro Gen X,Y,Z like video as a medium. Con The body of the ...

0 answers

Change related site while starting chat-room with user

When I tried to start chat-room with a user, I clicked start a new room with user and chat-room created under specific site : Unix & Linux. It may be because parent site of my profile is Unix ...

2 answers

Is this @Mitch's fault?

I know the review queue was recently brought up by Mitch. This can't be right, can it? The close-vote queue was dramatically reduced (at which point Mitch commented that we were doing a good ...

2 answers | 5 hours ago by medica on English Language & Usage Meta
2 answers

Fall 2015 series tags

It's that time of the quarter again: the fall season of anime is starting. We want to get as many tags as possible for this season's shows into the system, both so we get more interesting content on ...

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