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Is there a way to automatically cross-link questions between SE sites?

Recently I had a question about the Akra-Bazzi Master Theorem from the study of algorithms that I posted on Math Stackexchange. All of the tags seemed to be relatively popular on Math SE, so I ...

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Is it acceptable to ask a question and give an answer strictly for peer review?

I want to ask a question where I believe I know the answer but am not 100% confident in my own answer, so would it be good practice to ask it, answer myself and see what others have to say about it ...

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Question dissection or how can I improve this question

I posted this question (question) a few days ago but it has received little attention and even got downvoted once for no apparent reason. I would like to know how can I improve so that it receives ...

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9000 views in 4 days, foul play suspected?

This GPS vs NAVIC question received almost 9000 views in the 4 days since it was asked. On average, 4 day old questions have about 30 views, with other high view question gaining just over 100 views. ...

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Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

What is the Sandbox? This "Sandbox" is a place where Programming Puzzles & Code Golf (PPCG) users can get feedback on prospective challenges they wish to post to the main page. This is useful ...

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Tags: Bayes-network vs. Bayesian-network

I have noticed a user actively changing bayes-network tag into bayesian-network. Both tags have approximately the same number of questions (about 90 each), but neither has a description. Are they ...

1 answer

How to handle links to formerly legitimate software that now includes malware

A couple of the answers on this question recommend a piece of software which is potentially distributing malware according to a comment on one of the answers. From looking into the software a bit ...

1 answers | 57 mins ago by Nanhydrin on Meta Stack Overflow
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Remove 'ethics' tag?

There are only 4 questions tagged ethics in 2 years, all by the same user. There is no usage guidance for this tag, and all four questions are about the card game bridge, making the intended scope ...

1 answer

Disabled EDIT Button

Recently, I saw a nicely formatted question and wanted to see how it was generated, meaning I want to see the "syntax". But the Edit Button is Disabled and the popup text says "editing not allowed on ...

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I once asked a question about printer

I provided specs. I said price must be at most $1k, and I want a refillable ink tank. The question is closed. And I have no idea why. Some says it's not specific enough. I don't think there are ...

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Stack Overflow vs Database Administrators

I was just about to ask a database related question (involving translations between SQL and MySQL) when I remembered that there's a whole site in the Stack Exchange network dedicated to databases! ...

1 answer

Expand content with user generated tutorials

After a brief discussion with @MonicaCellio (In the comment) - It has come to my attention that perhaps I chose the wrong words to describe my original idea (In the edit history). When I wrote "social ...

331 answers

Weekly Featured Image: Ongoing Contest

This is the place to submit and vote on photos to be featured on the the main site. This contest should showcase your best quality work, demonstrating at least moderate skill with a camera and a ...

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change “ballooning” to “balloon”?

ballooning is the only aircraft class for which the tag is the activity rather than the aircraft. I think it should be balloons to parallel gliders helicopters airplanes etc and i do mean changed, ...

1 answer

Remove tag synonym? -> gulp-watch

One of the more confusing things about gulp is the difference between the built-in function and the similarly named gulp-watch plugin. While both are used to watch files for changes ...

1 answer

Include tag wiki content when searching on tags page

When doing a search on tags, can tag wiki (or tag wiki excerpt) content be included? I was searching on tags for "remote branch" and only got remote-branch which was used 103 times and lacked a tag ...

2 answers

Is there a minimum reputation to post a question?

Many of the homework, on hold, proposed to close, etc questions are from posters with a reputation of 1 or double digits. The situation appears to be that someone is either in a homework / coursework ...

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This app does not show content correctly

This app does not show content correctly. When I touch a question to see it and answer, the contents do not show: App Version: 1.0.85 Device Manufacturer: samsung Device Model: SM-J700F OS ...

1 answer

search or list unanswered questions by language

Is it possible to search for unanswered questions AND no other language than language L for example only unanswered Java questions? I would like to list all unanswered questions for a given tag.

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Chat room will not create

Stack Exchange returns following error: This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG I'm seeing this when running a ...

6 answers

Should we try to train users to Close as Duplicate vs. Answer?

Should I, or should I not, attempt to coach users with reasonable reputation on the merits of closing a duplicate instead of answering it? You can see the answer and my comments to the user where I'm ...

6 answers | 2 hours ago by cale_b on Meta Stack Overflow
1 answer

Is the site activity worrisome?

The Arabic language proposal was shut down for "not sufficient activity" after 61 days in beta. Our Area 51 stats looks frighteningly similar, although we seem to have more active users. Is this ...

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Negative Mark for a not well-asking question on Math Stack Exchange

Can someone explain me, what's the reason of negative marking (called reputation on math stack exchange for instance) for a posted question on a site for queries please? Where apparently questions (by ...

1 answer

Die Tags Rechtschreibung und Orthographie // The tags spelling and orthography

Zurzeit existieren hier sowohl die Tags rechtschreibung wie auch orthographie. Der eine ist offiziell für Fragen zur Rechtschreibung bestimmter Wörter gedacht (rechtschreibung), während der andere ...

1 answer

Question from years ago

I have the exact same question as this :Sum of projections This was asked in 2011- I have asked my own question about it in the comments (you can see the comments) but sadly the original asker is ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Arcane1729 on Mathematics Meta
1 answer

Can we please stop using block quotes for formatting Minecraft commands?

Block quotes are not the proper formatting tool for Minecraft commands. Instead, for large commands or a group of commands, we should be using code blocks. Why? Because Minecraft commands are ...

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Music Stack Exchange - Top User Swag!

We want to congratulate and thank everyone that helped this site and community grow healthily into what they are today! If you can find your name among the top 72 users in the first two pages here, ...

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An edit for answer changes it considerably. Should I allow it?

I have a privilege to review pending edits for answers. One edit changes the answer considerably - not only providing minor fixes, but adding external knowledge and changing the answer to the point ...

1 answer

Short-link to FAQ topic

When I review posts, I sometimes link to the how-to-ask section or to the mcve section in the Stack Overflow FAQ. The creation of the link, however, is quite different. When creating a link to the ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by jkalden on Meta Stack Overflow
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