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How to motivate new users motivated to upvote/acccept answers and complete the discussion after their issue is solved?

I am new to Mathematica SE. There are few things I have observed recently. I will try to lay them down with regard to this example. The question was not formatted. Another user spent considerable ...

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Flag Offensive Post - No Evidence Found after Deletion

I've encoutered some posts with strong evidence of Offensive content. I flag them as "Offensive" in the review process. One of them has been later "declined" because there were no evidence of ...

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Вопросы о профессиональной терминологии и переводе технических терминов

Встретил вот такой вопрос: Как будет на английском слово "вёрстка"? Сам недавно искал ответ на этот вопрос и нашёл не сразу (ответ — markup). Сейчас наткнулся на вопрос и затрудняюсь ...

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How to willingly not award a bounty?

I have started a bounty on this question. The question received some more answers, but actually none of those is answering the specific problem I wanted to be addressed with the bounty. So I would ...

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For “User was removed” event, why are editing reputation points rolled back? It can be sort of unfair for editing events?

I got this message today: So I tapped to learn more and then read the description of the event on this page. The most important thing was this: As a result, all of their votes were removed, and ...

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“Ignored Tags preferences” link under “Featured questions” is broken

Go to Featured questions tab; Scroll to the bottom of the list of questions; Follow the link in the comment "Hiding questions because of your Ignored Tags preferences for tags:" Actual result: a ...

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Adding a Reference List to the MathOverflow Posts

There are two very useful link lists in the right side of each MathOverflow post. One of them shows the related posts and the second one is for the other MathOverflow posts that are linked to that ...

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Нужны ли описания для правок, которые не будут проходить проверку?

Давно получил привилегию делать правки без проверки. И примерно в тот же день перестал писать к этим правкам комментарии, раскрывающие суть правки. Абсолютно согласен, что в случае проверяемой правки ...

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User doesn't give an answer but gets a bounty reward

I had a technical task that I could not resolve, so I created a question to which no one gave me an answer due the technical complexity. To get more attention I started a bounty. This did not help ...

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Help us find duplicates efficiently

I have recently started using a new device and I am discovering Just how immensely helpful the various browser caches are on my earlier device for locating duplicates just how erm, poor the ...

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Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

What is the Sandbox? This "Sandbox" is a place where Programming Puzzles & Code Golf (PPCG) users can get feedback on prospective challenges they wish to post to the main page. This is useful ...

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Como publicar código PHP?

Como eu poderia publicar código PHP? A forma correta é pela amostra de código? Pergunto porque vejo muito código feito pela ferramenta de CSS, HTML e javascript, mas ao mesmo tempo já me mostraram ...

1 answers | 19 mins ago by Ricardo on Stack Overflow em Português Meta
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About renaming and merging tags and tags in general

There are a lot of tags which i really don't understand or maybe would "re-name" or suggest to merge, one of those i would suggest to rename is: comparative-madahib i think a better name would be ...

1 answer

Inadvertently Invalidating Answers With a Modest Question Edit

There is this Q which was brought up on Meta which I've been personally overseeing and trying to nurture/protect by placing a bounty on it: In C++, should I bother to cache variables, or let the ...

1 answers | 27 mins ago by Ike on Meta Stack Overflow
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Should I have accepted a trivial add-homework-tag edit on this old question?

I just rejected a suggested edit on this question, where someone had proposed adding homework but making no other changes. Since the question was two and a half years old, I rejected the edit with ...

1 answer

Blacklist the “output” tag?

Seven questions are tagged with "output". To me it seems this tag is ambiguous, without any special meaning or use, and in fact it may often signal that a question should be migrated (in the cases ...

2 answers

What should the “best practices” tag be for?

There is a best-practices tag which currently has no usage guidelines. Currently it mostly seems to be used on questions which are very broad, particularly where there might be multiple approaches ...

2 answers

What could be done with respect to tag “big-list”?

This is not about closing questions labeled as big-list. What could we do about the tag big-list (x38)? It excerpt says: Used to tag questions (often Community Wiki) where a collection of ...

2 answers

The [kernel] tag is dead

Well, it took a while, but I'm finally done with this effort: every question in kernel has been sorted into kernel-trick and/or kernel-density-estimate. kernel is now empty; a moderator should ...

2 answers

What's the best thing to do with the [student's-t] tag now?

I've been very slow about it, but in relation to this question: Issue with [students-t] tag, I have finally re-tagged them all (bar the last couple which I will take care of after a suitable interval ...

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Explain and downvote - Good Practice?

This is just a proposal, which I consider is a good practise, especially on WorkPlace. All the answers here are mostly opinions, advises and suggestions, which (in most cases) are sincere efforts to ...

7 answers

November 2015 Stack Overflow Community Moderator Election RESULTS

Stack Overflow's November 2015 moderator election has come to a close, the robots have transferred many single votes to tally up the results, and the 3 new moderators are: They'll be joining the ...

1 answer

How about including a small amount of example code in a large framework?

I am about to upload a fairly large project of mine, a very flexible component-entity-system. More precisely it's a framework for a CES. It consists of 22 files, ~1000 lines of code and 20000 ...

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・誤ってマイナス票を入れてしまいました ・時間が経っていたためか、再度クリックしても戻りません ・プラス票を押しても、反応しません ・取り消すための、何か良い方法はあるでしょうか?

4 answers

Is Stack Overflow now the C/C++ student homework helpdesk?

The past few days I decided to spend some time on Stack Overflow and answer questions. I have mostly been watching C and C++ questions. It seems like 90% of the questions I am seeing are students ...

4 answers | 1 hour ago by markshancock on Meta Stack Overflow
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Should we ask for tag warnings?

In this post, it is mentioned that SE has recently introduced "tag warnings" in SO, which are meant to alert users about things they should be doing in the course of adding tags to their question. ...

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How can you update a tag synonym description?

The map tag is a synonym of dictionary. This means map will be swapped for dictionary automatically. The problem is that the description displayed for the map tag is currently: a data structure ...

4 answers

Why was this comment deleted?

A few days ago I read this question about why there is no "autumntime" or "falltime". I added this comment: We just use fall or autumn in those cases, both as nouns and adjectives. Not really sure ...

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Nearly 40% of questions on Cross Validated are unanswered, is there a way to improve this?

Given the low answer rate on CV (62% based on current information) and discussions thereof, would it be possible to build a easy system to categorize questions, such that it becomes clear why they may ...

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