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Emulate ssh ProxyCommand on PUTTY

I have an instance at that I want to connect via PUTTy's SSH. They have a guide saying you could connect to their via a proxy. But I can't really figure things out so easily. Steps to …

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Stop postgresql container

I have a question about stop database container. I have a docker image that runs postgresql. When I create a container with this image: sudo docker run --name db -d asg1612/postgresql it run …

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RTL8111/8168B Rev 06 Ethernet controller not working with AMD64 Kernels > 2.6

I'm also having trouble with the RTL8111 Ethernet controller. It's not working at all on Ubuntu x64. This is my card: $ lspci -nnk | grep -i net -A2 05:00.0 Ethernet controller [0200]: Realtek ...

2 answers | 1 min ago by 5andr0 on Ask Ubuntu
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Ping not working from tap interface attached to bridge interface with ip on same subnet as that of bridge to outside

My requirement is to create a multiple tap interfaces, each with ip address on same subnet. I tried this by creating a bridge br0 ( ...

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Php runs on server, but not command line: “ no version information available”

php is running on my server, though I'm unable to get it to run command line. I'm running this file: <?php echo "done"; ?> using this command: php test.php When I do, I get this error: …

2 answers | 1 min ago by user2044774 on Server Fault
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Problems with SD card reader on Bootcamp (MBP 15" Late 2011)

I've got a strange problem with the SD card reader on Bootcamp. It reads some of my cards fine (one 8GB, one 4GB, and one 512MB), but it has problems with some others (64GB SDXC, an identical 8GB). …

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Google Webmaster Tools no longer reports search queries now site has gone full HTTPS

After the recent announcement by Google that was speculated for a while in the SEO community, that sites that load over https (ssl) will be weighted slightly higher in the search algorithms, I quickly …

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How much time the Copied Data are stored in Temporary memory

I want to know how much time the Copied Items or data's are stored . Is it correct these copied items are stored in RAM, when will this Items are expires Suggest me to know the answer . Thanks in …

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Nessus SNMP security warning

I ran a Nessus scan on my Ubuntu 14.04 machine. I received the following: High: SNMP Agent Default Community Name (public) Description: It is possible to obtain the default community name of the ...

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Apache Timeout (Problem loading page) on localhost

I am running a php script locally in my Firefox web browser. After exactly 300 seconds I get an error page. "Problem loading page. The connection has timed out. The server at localhost is taking too …

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How do I stop my ethernet network connection from dropping?

My ethernet-based network connection doesn't stay up consistently. I'm running a ping against the gateway and it will: Work for a minute Freeze, time out, or give multi-second response times Repeat …

6 answers | 3 mins ago by Sean Hill on Ask Ubuntu
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Array won't filled out

i have a curious problem. I've fetch rows from the database and insert it to an Array. But Array.push() won't work. Source var donations_data = []; /* Get Donations */ ...

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how to display network manager icon on xfce panel

I install xfce in U Trusty,but the network manager icon disappear.when I run sudo nm-applet,the icon shows.Not only the network manager,but also power manager and fcitx icon disappear,fcitx is a ...

1 answers | 3 mins ago by Devin on Ask Ubuntu
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Divi WP Theme with Slider Module - Displays Module shorttext on iPhone only instead of displaying slider

Note: This was on WordPress Stack Exchange originally, I was asked to move the question to another Stack Exchange platform. Let me know if this is still considered off-topic please. Thank you! - …

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remapping k to the right shift button

I have been looking on askubuntu for help, but couldn't find the help I needed, so now I just ask. My k key doesn't work, when pressed, and since its a older laptop, i just wish to remap the k key …

1 answer

why sign something that is already encrypted

My question is about the difference between signing and encrypting. Why would you still sign something if you are already going to PKI encrypt it? Doesn't the PKI encryption inherently provide ...

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Installing FOG on Ubuntu 12.04

I am trying to install FOG on 12.04 Server LTS. I have downloaded the latest version from SF, but when I try to install it, it fails when trying to install MySQL, specifically with: The following …

1 answers | 5 mins ago by Optimaximal on Ask Ubuntu
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Remove printer from the list permenantly

I want to remove some printers which I see in system settings->printers section. I edited the file /etc/cups/printer.conf and it removes it temporarily, but when I reboot the machine it seems that it …

2 answers | 6 mins ago by debonair on Ask Ubuntu
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Connecting to Access Switches Management Console via SSH

In a typical lab setup: [USER] -> [Cisco 2960X] -> [Cisco 3560X] -> [Firewall] -> [Router] 3560X carry all the internal routing, VLANs and is the VTP server. It has below IP settings: Management …

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How to install Windows 7 in Dual Boot with Ubuntu (Ubuntu pre-installed)

I want to ask how can I install Windows 7 Home Premium in Dual Boot with pre-installed Ubuntu. I`ve never opened my laptop, so the Ubuntu Set-up is not made.

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FormData post to Express 4.0 - body parser not working

So I have a simple Javascript on the frontend: var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest(); var data = new FormData(); data.append('param1', 'value1'); data.append('param2', 'value2');'POST', '/query'); …

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Sci-Fi Book Ice Planet or something?

I try to remember a book I read in my teenager years (so 80's) that I thought was called ice planet but which I cannot find under that name. The story was told from the viewpoint of what we later ...

1 answer

MBR accidentally deleted , how to restore partition

I know that my question can be a duplicate, but i spent a lot of time with google and askubuntu, but couldnt find answer. I installed Ubuntu 13.10 alongside Windows 7 (i had C drive of 100GB and D …

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Mobile 4G Wifi Router which restricts access to only 1 website

Does anyone know if a Mobile 4G Wifi Router can be turned into a wifi hotspot that only allows access to one website? Two other potential solution are to use a mobile phone with 4G and tethering ...

2 answers

How to write rules for persistent net names?

I know that a process generates persistent network card names based on rules found in /lib/udev/rules.d/75-persistent-net-generator.rules. I also know how to completely disable this process with a …

2 answers | 10 mins ago by ndemou on Server Fault
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“Depends: ___ but ___-saucy is to be installed” type broken dependencies after Trusty upgrade

The installer threw an error near the end of the 14.04 Trusty upgrade. unity-control-center is not installed and upon trying to install it I now have a chain of broken dependencies which, after going …

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Clean down the index before each text (Mocha, Elastic)

How do we clear down the index before each test? (at the moment it fails my test, with a timeout) I have tried DeleteBy (I have tried the term and q) http delete delete the index I have the ...

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How can I delete a specific tweet, twitter does not allow me any more to delete and the delete icon has disappeared this is very new as I was able to do so recently, could you please restore the icon …

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update ubuntu on partition 2 from downloaded packages in partition 1

I have two partitions. On partition 1 I have installed ubuntu 14.04. On partition 2 I have installed a back up copy of ubuntu 14. 04. I upgrade ubuntu regularly on partition 1. Is it possible to ...

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com.exe does not show up when it is from AIR(AS3) invoked

When I use AIR to invoke cmd.exe, it doesn't show up, but it appears in Task-Manager. When I pass parameter to cmd.exe, it doesn't react. The code has no problem when invoking notepad.exe or ...

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