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Has anyone else been able to find out why Back to my Mac isn't working in Yosemite?

After upgrading to Yosemite, I can no longer see my other computers that I was able to access with Back to my Mac, under previous OSX versions (while I am away from home - usually accessing my home ...

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macbook air 13" early 2014 121GB flash storage

so, i checked on the 'storage' thingy on 'about this mac' and it says that 61.57GB of my 121GB Flash storage is used on applications (bear in mind i"ve had the mac for less than a week), and so i ...

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Performance issue HYPER-V : VM shows very high CPU use, but the Physical machine shows very small CPU use

My Hyper-V VM(Server2008R2, SP1) shows very high (almost 100%) CPU use when fully under heavy load (6cores from total physical 8cores, 25Gb RAM from total 32GB) - used as TS, Picture TOP right corner ...

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User update needed after updating to Mac OS X Yosemite

A couple of days ago I updated my Macbook Pro to OS X Yosemite, the update was fine and everything seemed to be working. However since this whenever I had shut down then later logged back in or ...

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how to install latest possible iTunes without Yosemite upgrade?

My Mac is running OS X Mavericks (1.9.5) and iTunes 11.1. After I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 7 to iOS 8, I get a message saying that I need at least iTunes 11.2 to connect to this iPhone. However, ...

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ChaiJS doesn't handle exceptions

Here is a NodeJS module: var plural = function(words, num) { if (words.length != 3) { throw new Error('Wrong words array'); } var lastNum = num % 10; var second = (num / 10) % ...

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Steam not displaying text on wine 1.5 running on Ubuntu 12.04

Hello fellow dwellers of askubuntu, as the title says I'm having difficulties with getting Steam to run properly. I think I have the solution but I am pretty incompetent with Ubuntu (just started ...

1 answers | 4 mins ago by Jscags on Ask Ubuntu
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How to set working directory for Node.js on windows?

I just installed node.js for windows and it really was a breeze to get it running. I would like to use it as part of my build process to combine several files together like so: // settings var ...

3 answers | 4 mins ago by Christoph on Stack Overflow
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Remote Desktop Services Apps hangs when launhed

I am currently deploying a Remote Desktop Services system on Server 2012 R2. I have 3 session hosts and all the rest of the roles are distributed to 3 servers. The problem I'm having now is that the ...

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How to make macros that play sound, activated by a keyboard key?

This one may be a little too specific, and it's probably not easily possible, but I'm going to ask it anyway. An old Dutch proverb makes me ask, "If you never shoot, you always miss." The title is ...

1 answers | 5 mins ago by latias1290 on Ask Ubuntu
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SQL injection with single statement query

Suppose I had a vulnerable query like this: var q = 'SELECT x FROM y WHERE id = ' + + ' ORDER BY date DESC;'; For the purposes of this question, could be any integer ...

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How do drivers automatically install?

When I get a new peripheral, like a fancy mouse / new keyboard, normally I see that a driver is installing. Once the driver for the device has completely installed - the hardware works. I'm curious ...

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XAMPP and Blender isn't running

I'm trying to install XAMPP server and Blender on my PC (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) and whenever I try and open it, it just doesn't open.. so I thought "ok fair enough, let's do this the hard way" and did it ...

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Restrict Launch Services from registering App bundles

Is it possible to restrict Launch Services on Mac OSX (I'm on Yosemite but I guess the same applies to older versions) from registering certain App Bundles? For example, if I have on my disk several ...

7 mins ago by danielv on Super User
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Juniper Network Connect hangs at “Establishing Secure Session” after upgrading to Network Connect

I know it's a bad idea to upgrade an OS so soon when you are running any enterprise software, especially related to security/vpns etc. But I did! And I would like to avoid downgrading if possible. ...

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Port forwarding from one router to another

I have two routers. One router (a Comcast modem/router) is connected to the Internet. The second router is running TomatoUSB and is in bridge mode, connected to the first router via its WAN port. ...

0 answers

Windows 8.1 Grouped Taskbar Button Selection

I recently installed the Windows 8.1 update and it made a minor change to the way grouped taskbar buttons are navigated. When using the WindowsKey + # shortcut to select a grouped item on the taskbar, ...

0 answers

How to connect to a proxy server and make an http.request via the proxy using nodejs?

I'm not trying to make my server proxy anything i want to connect to a proxy and send http requests via that. example: proxy.connect(someip:someport,function(){ ...

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How to set-up a Linux machine for children's Internet use?

My kids are approaching the age where they want to use the Internet. I have a spare computer with Linux on it. What are the things I should do make the Internet safe for my kids?

9 answers | 10 mins ago by Will on Super User
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npm start looking for /bin/www in the wrong directory, how to update

So I'm following This Tutorial here to get a personal/learning node.js project off the ground that I would like to work on and store in GitHub and eventually put onto a live server or cloud hosting. ...

1 answer

Batch file, script or shortcut to delete the most recent file in a specified folder

anyone know how to make a batch file or script or some other simple thing like a shortcut that calls some exe to do the following: I want to click on something (batch file, script or shortcut) that ...

1 answers | 11 mins ago by Mikey on Super User
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Has a plaintext password ever been used in a court of law as evidence to a crime?

Regardless of how the password was obtained (decryption, bad hashing, confession): Are there any prior known cases where the contents of the password was used to prove motive or guilt? Or, looking ...

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How can I verify that SSLv3 protocol is disabled?

I'm trying to disable SSLv3 in ejabberd 2.1.10 on Ubuntu 12.04. There is no way to disable it in config file, so I have to patch the source and rebuild the package: ...

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Do I need enterprise license to migrate cloudera from packages to parcels?

Do I need enterprise license to migrate cloudera from packages to parcels? I currently have CDH 5.0.0 cluster without license, and I could not find where do I take the parcels from and how to do the ...

1 answer

Can an end-entity certificate with SHA-1 be issued by an intermediate CA that has SHA-256?

Just curious - if I'm using an end-entity (leaf) certificate that has a SHA-1 signature, does that mean that ALL certificates in the chain also must use SHA-1?

1 answers | 14 mins ago by Mike B on Information Security
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Upgrade to 14.10 from 14.10 beta

Do I have to do a specific upgrade to 14.10 (release) is I have been keeping my 14.10 (beta) up to date?

1 answer

Installing Oracle 32bit and 64bit client on the same machine

So I need to have both the 32bit and 64bit clients for Oracle 11g coexist on the same machine. I have installed both together before, but there are many issues where applications that need to use the ...

1 answers | 14 mins ago by Brandon on Server Fault
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How to create blob of a video file

I would like to create a Blob of a local video file file:///home/user/NodeJS/Projects/project1/routes/../videosTrans/Node.js tutorial for beginners - an introduction to Node.js with Express2.js.mp4 I ...

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Looking for an flashcard/memorization app that pops up questions throughout the day

There was one I saw a few years ago (for Windows) but I can't remember the name. Does such an app really not exist? I just want questions to interrupt my work every few hours. You answer the ...

1 answer

RAID5 array Ready for Rebuild

I've inherited administration of a server with a RAID 5 array. We have a damaged database on the array that is just over half the allocated size, so makes recovery impossible. I recently changed the ...

1 answers | 15 mins ago by TrevorW on Server Fault
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