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Is compiling untrusted code safe?

I'm curious about compiling with gcc/g++/clang with the assumption that headers and implementation files are user-provided, but not the build configuration. (i.e., no cd lib && make) What if ...

3 answers | 43 secs ago by PSkocik on Information Security
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Can I download videos from a YouTube search query using youtube-dl?

I want to download videos from a YouTube search query using youtube-dl. Suppose I want videos from the search query How ...

1 answer

Grep showing file name and string found

I need an egrep command that list all the file names that contains the words + which string it has found. Let's imagine this scenario: Words that I need to find: apple, watermelon and banana. What I ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by user2576376 on Ask Ubuntu
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Handling HTTP requests in isomorphic javascript

I have a purely front-end javascript project that contains a number of models that encapsulate different interactions with various RESTful web services. My goal is to pull these models into their own ...

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Stuck at OS X Utilities while clean installing Yosemite

I decided to do a clean Yosemite install on my Macbook Pro 13 inch Mid-2012 . So I made a boot able USB from terminal. Then I booted from it and went into disk utility and erased my current Disk which ...

1 answer

Can't access to methods that added via Prototype to Javascript object

i have this object declaration inside an Angular.js module: $scope.test=function(){ }; $scope.test.prototype.push = function(data) { return data; }; And i call it like ...

2 answers

Missing argument to -exec

This is the command I'm entering. find /home/things/backups -mtime +0 -exec echo "{}" >> /home/things/logs/backup.log \; -exec echo "Hourly rotate successful: $(date). {} was deleted." ...

2 answers | 4 mins ago by jackalas2605 on Ask Ubuntu
3 answers

Why didn't Harry want to be placed in Slytherin

I just read a question regarding Slytherin, then I searched around and found this question and answers: How far can a Hogwarts student persuade the Sorting Hat? This brings up another question: Why ...

3 answers | 5 mins ago by Thomas on Science Fiction & Fantasy
1 answer

Unable to update kernel

I kept getting a kernel panic (not syncing. No init found) trying to boot my Ubuntu Server, so I burned the latest version of Ubuntu Server to a CD and booted (used option boot to fist disk) to try ...

1 answers | 5 mins ago by David on Ask Ubuntu
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How to Increase throughput on a NodeJS server using cluster?

I have a NodeJS server (Express) and I am spreading the requests to multiple processors using the cluster module example on nodeJs site. if (cluster.isMaster) { for (var i = 0; i < numCPUs; i++) ...

0 answers

Computer Freezes Randomly Due to Hardware Problems

My computer has been randomly freezing for about a month. There seems to be no obvious patterns, it can run days or just hours. The problem seems to only occur in my Windows OS, when booted to Linux ...

0 answers

Kiosk startup issues

If I use the following script to start up a kiosk (kiosk.conf), it sometimes fails (1 in 7). The failure is either a dark screen or the application does not start ( kiosk.conf start on ...

0 answers

npm install ember-cli fails on ubuntu trusty in vagrant virtualbox

I have not been able to successfully install ember-cli. I finally was able to run: sudo npm install -g ember-cli But when running: user@host:~ ember new ember-app I get: /usr/bin/env: node: No ...

0 answers

How do you use multiple monitors in MS Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2.7?

Using the RDMan from: Tools->Options->Full Screen-> last checkbox is 'Use multiple monitors when necessary' however this has no ...

0 answers

Computer prints long strings of ssssssss sporadically

Sometimes when I'm typing my computer prints a lot of s's, though sometimes it's other letters. It doesn't stop until you push another key (clicking doesn't stop it). I'm not sure when it does it but ...

0 answers

Build a Node package using Typescript 1.5 and generate the declaration file

I am new to Javascript, Node and Typescript and trying hard to use them. TL;DR How do we properly build a node package using Typescript ? How do we properly build a declaration file matching the ...

5 answers

Are Spider-Man & Deadpool the only characters who have met alternate versions of themselves?

As I understand it, Spider-Man has met alternative versions of himself on several different instances, such as the Noir, 2099, & Ultimate alternates, at one point teaming up with them and other ...

5 answers | 10 mins ago by Howard8614 on Science Fiction & Fantasy
0 answers

moto 360 watch dial not visible

After the most recent update (around June 27, 2015) my Moto 360 Watch dial does not display after a couple of days. Only a reboot resolves - temporarily until another couple of days have passed. I ...

1 answer

How far can Mr. Fantastic/Plastic Man/Elongated Man stretch?

Is it an infinite amount or do they eventually start tearing?

3 answers

Which Raptor survived?

In Jurassic World, Owen names his 4 raptors. Pretty sure they were named Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo. Blue was the Beta, with Owen as the Alpha. Is there any way to know which of these Raptors ...

3 answers | 11 mins ago by carrizal on Science Fiction & Fantasy
1 answer

Site-to-site VPN tunnel limits in Azure

How many Site to Site VPN tunnels can be created per virtual network in Azure? I know that Point to Site can handle 128 supported connections but trying to find out how many for site to site.

1 answers | 11 mins ago by Tommy Patterson on Server Fault
1 answer

What causes PC's to be unable to read certain other PC's shared folders even though other devices can read them?

I have a private domain where folders are shared to EVERYONE (temporarily during setup). All PC's can click into any other PC in File Explorer's Network list, but one specific PC can't connect to the ...

0 answers

Unable to update though App Store (OS X)

I've been unable to update any of my Apple applications through the App Store. Other applications update just fine. I noticed this when I tried to update Xcode yesterday. Upon clicking the update ...

0 answers

Connection interruptions on Debian router, possibly due to excessive duplicate ACKs?

I have a Debian server as a house router, which for a year has been working flawlessly. However, I recently moved and switched service providers from FiOS to Comcast, and possibly as a result am ...

0 answers

node.js on raspberry pi mega slow post response

my server runs node.js. I am using the code below to login with username/password from mysql. On my windows-machine its working fine and fast. On the raspberry one post-request needs over 50 seconds. ...

0 answers

Weird dropshadow in Linux Mint Cinnamon panel (VirtualBox)

On my Linux Mint VM I see some weird drop shadows in my panel. What's causing this and how do I get rid of them? I tried changing themes but both dark themes ("Cinnamon" and "Linux Mint") seem to be ...

2 answers

How can I change gnome terminal font in command line?

I know how to change gnome's terminal font using the gui But I would like to do the same using the terminal (automated way). How can I do that ?

2 answers | 15 mins ago by Patryk on Ask Ubuntu
1 answer

Nginx rewrite downloads php instead of running it

I have the following code to redirect users visiting login.php to another page: http { .... geo $bad_user { default 0; 1; 1; } server { .... location = /login.php { if ...

1 answers | 17 mins ago by JFallz on Server Fault
0 answers

Slow internet issues on Ubuntu 14.04

I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 on a 2012 Macbook Pro. I'm getting some internet issues; more specifically very high ping when playing video games, League of Legends most noticeably. I have OS X and Windows ...

1 answer

On iPhone, don't backup videos in a video app to iTunes

I've got a video app, AVPlayer, on my iPhone. When I put videos in there, and then sync and backup to iTunes, the videos are also backed up. This can take up a lot of time and space to backup those ...

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