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What is Guinan and Picard’s history?

In the show they often allude to the history between Guinan and Picard but, to my knowledge, there has never been anything more than allusions. What exactly happened that created this bond between ...

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ubuntu have both ipv4 and ipv6 address but have no access to internet

I have both ipv4 and ipv6 address as below(by ifconfig) but cannot connect to internet (the wlan has only ipv6 address). eth0 Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 54:ee:75:33:10:12 inet ...

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personController.js: Failed to load the resource

I am sure someone must have already asked a question similar to this. I tried finding a solution to this but seem to be stuck yet. I am new to coding so please forgive me if I have made a lot of silly ...

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Cause of Unix Epoch time integer underflow?

By setting the time on 64-bit iDevices to January 1, 1970 (Unix Epoch time 0) and rebooting it, the iDevice becomes bricked because of an integer underflow. My question is about which operation ...

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Need help with bumblebee --------Cannot access secondary GPU - error: Could not load GPU driver

I'm new to ubuntu. I have a ACER R7 with intel and gt 750m and I'm pretty sure they are using optimus. However, after I install and run bumblebee, I always get this error: legolas@Frog:~$ optirun ...

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Wireless is not sharing Internet to Ethernet Properly

Using Ubuntu 14.04 on all machines in question, The network starts with a modem, then a router (which goes to 2 computers working fine), then another router 192.168.150, at which point ...

2 answers | 4 mins ago by downwithgov on Ask Ubuntu
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GConf Error: No D-BUS daemon running?! How to reinstall or fix?

After installing Konquerer and restarting my laptop i got the following error while trying to open, edit or access files as root from within Terminal (which is existencial for me). ...

7 answers | 4 mins ago by v2r on Ask Ubuntu
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How to get back unity and compiz after uninstalling, no launcher or dash on startup

I've gone through a ton of threads regarding this issue with nothing working for me. I removed compiz to reinstall it (foolishly) and I just can't seem to get unity back. I'm on 14.04. The Unity ...

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Monitoring failed ssh logins with pam and bash?

I modified /etc/pam.d/common-auth to run a bash script when a login fails or when a login is successful and it works for successful logins but not failed login attempts when trying to ssh. Once I am ...

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DD-WRT: Cannot connect to other clients

Kinda strange. Even though the Current Bridging Table looks as follows: Bridge Name: br0 STP enabled: no interface: eth1 ath0 ath1 I cannot connect to clients if they belong to different ...

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I installed Ubuntu 15.04

This computer had XP, after installation my computer now runs very slow. I removed XP. Is there a way to optimize Ubuntu to get it to run faster? I have 1.1gig of memory and the cpu is a pentimento 4 ...

2 answers | 6 mins ago by Jrthomus on Ask Ubuntu
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Cannot boot as /sbin/init is reported missing

I use Ubuntu 14.04. A few days ago, I logged off, then my computer was unresponsive as I tried to log back on. I do not recall installing any software or changing any setting that could have caused ...

6 mins ago by jphaller on Ask Ubuntu
2 answers

Can send email but can not receive email on Windows Server 2012 R2 with MailEnable

I am configuring a VPS on Windows Server 2012 R2 using MailEnable as email server. As the port 25 is blocked by ISP so I use port 587 instead. When configuring on email client Outlook or ...

2 answers | 7 mins ago by mhan0125 on Server Fault
2 answers

How to convert existing Win7 64 bit to virtual machine?

As I've upgraded from an old disk to a new one and decided to rather re-install the OS than copy an image and drag along all the 'crap' accumulated over the years I thought it would be a good idea to ...

2 answers | 11 mins ago by deroby on Super User
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message integrity under ssl connection

I read this article which is a great article to everyone wants to know how SSL works but still I have one other thing which I want to know about the communication using the SSL layer, my question is ...

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Set up two Kali Linux OSs in VirtualBox and ping between them

I have VirtualBox installed in Windows 8. In VirtualBox I have two Kali Linux 2.0 OSs. Both have access to the internet, but I can't seem to ping them. My home computer uses cell phone tethering for ...

1 answer

nvidia-settings crashing after selecting a display

after a fresh first install of ubuntu 14.04 LTS on my computer and i had some issues with nvidia,especially with the nvidia-settings,when i try to change the resolution and press Apply,it just closes ...

1 answers | 13 mins ago by Matheus Souza on Ask Ubuntu
1 answer

OS X Server behind an ADSL router

I have a Mac Mini with OS X Server installed on my LAN that I use as a Git server and Continuous Integration server. I would like to be able to use these services from outside my LAN but I'm not sure ...

1 answer

How do I delete something only on my device and still preserve it in cloud?

I still have a very vague understadning of how iCloud Library and the new 'Photos' app operate. How do I distinguish between photos on my device and what is stored in cloud. How do I delete something ...

1 answers | 15 mins ago by dharlequin on Ask Different
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Another ID was used to download a game and now I want to do an in-app purchase with my ID

Hi I have a problem my friend downloaded games on my iPad with his ID and now with my ID want to make an in-app purchase in that game that he downloaded. It doesn't work and this friend doesn't ...

1 answer

Default sender in Apple Mail when replying and more than one account

Using Mavericks Apple Mail, I have two Exchange mail accounts, one for myself and one for Jane Doe. The accounts are organised in the left hand mailbox list with mine above Jane Doe's. If I reply to ...

1 answers | 16 mins ago by Nigel on Ask Different
1 answer

Node/Express: Failed to lookup view “index” in views directory “./app/views”

I'm a .Net developer going through a Node tutorial on a MacBook. I can get the server up and running, but when I try to load the page, I get this: Error: Failed to lookup view "index" in views ...

1 answers | 18 mins ago by SuperNES on Stack Overflow
6 answers

Ubuntu not detecting second monitor

I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 on a Lenovo x61s Thinkpad. As the screen's rather small and I want to do some video editing, I thought I'd plug in a monitor and use that. The monitor is Relisys JM777 (quite ...

0 answers

How do I view wireless networks?

I'm a new Ubuntu user and trying to connect to the internet. When I boot my machine with Windows it shows wireless networks to connect to but when I boot with Ubuntu there are none shown. Is there ...

1 answer

How can I execute script once until if becomes false? (Node.JS)

I am very new to coding, and don't know how to to quite word this questions. I am incorporating the CS:GO Game State Integration feature added recently to change Hue Lights based on what is happening ...

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Why doesn't he go by “Dr. Freeze”?

I was inspired to ask this question by this: Victor Fries is a doctor. However, he goes by Mr. Freeze. Have any of the comics explained why he choose to do this?

1 answer

node.js Template HTML Files

I'm fairly new to node.js and I'm wondering if there is a way to generate the HTML files from express post requests.'/getVideo', function(req, res) { fs.readdir('./videos', ...

1 answer

How can I reduce the size of the Mail app on my iPhone 5 - it continues to grow

How can I reduce the size of the Mail app on my iPhone 5 - it continues to grow. I have two email accounts on my iPhone: Cox and Gmail. Each accounts have few messages in their respective Inbox. ...

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Monitor daily share prices with a Google Spreadsheet

I am trying to monitor a number of different stocks daily and would like to see the fluctuations of each stock in the day. I wouldn't mind either of the following ways by importing google finance ...

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What happens to lasers in space battles?

In space battles, there are many missed shots. What happens to the lasers when they fly off into space? Do they eventually just fizzle out, or do they continue on forever? You would think that ...

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