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suddenly my ubuntu desktop view is stretched how to fix this

suddenly my Ubuntu desktop view is stretched how to fix this thanks in advance for any help check here it's not zoom problem

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Tracking stolen android tablet via MAC address

I lost my tablet , but I can see that the tablet is connected to the network on my router: :So I know the MAC address but I am unable to trace my tablet using this information and I am running out of ...

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Will an app running in Windows 8.1's Assigned Access mode receive automatic app updates?

I'm having a hard time finding any documentation on how automatic app updates interact with accounts using assigned access on machines that aren't domain joined. If I have an app in the Windows ...

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Computer Security

In the ideal block cipher with 64-bit blocks, there are 2^64! possible keys. How many bits one needs in order to represent the keys in binary? Show your calculation steps.

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The Cold Equations - How could it happen?

For those who are unfamiliar with Godwin's 1954 short story (which is included in a number of anthologies, including the book The World Turned Upside Down found here in the 'Best of Jim Baen's ...

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How can I tell if a user is access website with a forged IP?

there is a username (USERX). It's a suspended user. It it appearing in my user login files. It always appears in the middle of someone elses attempt (USERA) to reset their password, and WITH USERA's ...

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Slow WIFI and random disconnects

I decided to try out Linux yesterday so I dual booted Ubuntu 14.04 with windows 8.1 I'm using a NetGear N150 Wireless adapter and on Windows 8.1 I have 20 up and 5 down but when I run the speed test ...

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Why is my password not working

I just fixed another bug on my computer and now I don't know what's happening I can't log into my account the password Is correct and I changed it to be sure but when I try to log in a bunch of words ...

1 answers | 6 mins ago by swagg master on Ask Ubuntu
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Install FoxitReader without using Wine

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64bit I recently came to know that FoxitReader Ubuntu version has been released. But I am unable to install it using the instructions given in its manual(check this link). When I ...

1 answers | 7 mins ago by sssss on Ask Ubuntu
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nodejs, control over concurrent connections

I am using nodejs async module for concurrent connectios, Now my backend server only can handle 1000 connections at a time, I am using async.mapLimit to limit the connections, each and every job of ...

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Virtual (one-time) card number expiration period

Bank of America, Citi and Discover card provide one-time card number or virtual card number that can be used online in order to buy something while not using one's own real credit card number. I ...

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Does mocha for Node.js scripts test have a nice html output that Mocha for browser has?

Is there any mocha reporter extension or simply way of generating a nice looking html mocha test result like does?

2 answers | 12 mins ago by ccy on Stack Overflow
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Bind a key to newline in Bash, without submitting command

I want to press M-j and have readline place my cursor on the next line without entering a command. Thus I should be able to go back a character onto the prev. line. This answer states that it cannot ...

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how to apply new kernel configuration created by make menuconfig

I am compiling Raspberry PI kernel and i am asking here because i think it is almost same or similar. while following this step, i want to change some configuration of kernel. So i used make ...

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Dont want to use VLOOKUP..want to solve it by using Advance Filter

I have one column containing some common values that are in another column.I want to filter values from one column that are present in other column but without using can i do it using ...

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How bad would it be to use a ccTLD domain on a website targeted to another country?

I'm currently working on a website targeted mainly towards Japan (all content is in Japanese). This website's domain is registered as another country's ccTLD (in this case, Belgium's .be domain) as ...

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Mac: Regular expression to parse scutil command output

I've below output from scutil --nc show <service id> Connected Extended Status <dictionary> { ConnectionStatistics : <dictionary> { ConnectCount : 6 ConnectedCount : 3 ...

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How to define alternate page numbers for PDF documents?

In nicely published PDF documents of books there are often alternate page numbers (names?) that make it convenient to access desired pages directly. Obviously not all PDF readers observe these, but ...

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How do I stop GNU Freetalk from automatically filling in the buddy name?

I'm using GNU Freetalk along with expect in order to send notifications to my phone – Freetalk has a readline interface, and I use expect to make a series of non interactive scripts that send ...

1 answers | 19 mins ago by Journeyman Geek on Super User
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Adding all files listed as to commit in the gitignore file at once in GitHub for Windows

When committing in GitHub for Windows, is there any way to add all files listed as to commit in the .gitignore file at once?

1 answers | 23 mins ago by Franck Dernoncourt on Super User
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Centralized package management of Ubuntu servers with QA

I currently manually maintain 3 Ubuntu servers, but now we're taking on another project that will have something like 25. So I'm looking into how to maintain that many servers without making ...

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Trader on a frozen world during social upheaval

Please help me identify this book I remember very little about the plot of this book, however, I remember the beginning pretty vividly. The perspective moves between one or more humans and the ...

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How to debug Node.js applications

How do I debug a Node.js server application? Right now I'm mostly using alert debugging with print statements like this: sys.puts(sys.inspect(someVariable)); There must be a better way to debug. I ...

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Textedit Yosemite erase function

In OS X Textedit, I was able to remove unwanted material from images scanned to JPEGs by using the select tool to define the area to be removed and then pressing "delete", resulting in a white area on ...

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Is Gringotts really safe?

Throughout the books we are told that there is no safer place than Gringotts... Except hogwarts. But is it really safe? I mean, the trio managed to get to the Lestrange vault by using just the ...

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Optimal Performance: SVG vs JPG for E-Commerce

Department>Category> 1.jpg, 2.jpg, etc OR an SVG In a Category I gotta load <~100 images, what would be better a set of JPEG's fetched by filenames or is any way around where I can pre-load an SVG ...

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How can I install without a USB or CD? I have tried UNetbootin and wubi

I need help pretty major! I have tried UNetbootin and Wubi, neither worked, I have an HP 2000 and am running Windows 7 Ultimate (My computer came pre-installed with Windows 8... Its a long story) ...

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What animated Batman movie had an old Bruce and young female Robin?

I saw this late night while I was on my computer and had my TV going in the background. it was an animated film where Bruce was old and had since retired resulting in the crime rate in Gotham rising. ...

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sed, insert file before last line

The following inserting file method for sed used to be working, even before last line, but not any more. Is it a bug in the current sed? Demo of inserting file method with sed: mkdir /tmp/test ...

2 answers | 34 mins ago by xpt on Super User
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Can I get my text messages back from my lost iPhone?

I lost my iPhone so I bought a new one. I am now wanting to get my text messages back. Can I get my text messages back? If I get my old mobile number back will my text messages come back? Does iCloud ...

1 answers | 36 mins ago by Julie on Ask Different
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