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How are callback functions executed in node.js?

I've just started learning node.js and express and there's something that confuses me a bit in the "hello world" example on the express.js website. In the example, they refer to the server variable ...

4 answers | 52 secs ago by Mattias on Stack Overflow
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What's the fatest way to calculate in command line?

Is there a faster way to calculate in command line the following: echo "4 * 5" | bc

2 answers | 2 mins ago by Texom512 on Super User
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Can I connect a CM820 modem to a switch to get more ports?

I have an Arris Touchstone CM820 cable modem (DOCSIS), but it has only one RJ45 socket. Can I connect a switch to it (like TL-SF1005D for example) in order to have more internet ports?

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Unable to launch Andyroid virtual machine

When I try to launch an Andyroid virtual machine I get the following message unable to launch vm process: Failed to load VMMR0.r0 (VERR_LDR_MISMATCH_NATIVE) (0x-8fffbffb)! Here is a print ...

3 answers | 6 mins ago by Tobi on Super User
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Best authentication method for Node.JS RESTful API

I'm suppose to build a web application and a mobile application (for iOS) that share the same database. Currently I'm thiking about having a RESTful API and have both applications (web and iOS) ...

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Deployd :: Failed To Start MongoDB

Am a newbie in Deployd and MongoDB. I have installed Deployd ( 0.6.9 on my Windows-XP system. I executed the following command at the prompt as instructed by the book am studying ...

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Why was Severus Snape placed in Slytherine?

Well I have come to know the persons with these traits will be usually placed in Slytherin Resourcefulness Cunning Ambition Leadership Qualities Self-Preservation Determination Cleverness ...

1 answer

Parsing JSON with IFTTT?

I'd like to create an IFTTT action that allows triggers based upon a certain electricity price threshold. This Xively feed can return the current price in either JSON, XML, or CSV formats. Xively's ...

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Installing Solr on Debian 8.1

I managed to get Solr installed on my last server, but I can't seem to figure it out this time. I've followed the details here (not directly for Debian 8.1, but the same instructions worked on my ...

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When trying to install on Mac: “No mountable file system.”

I downloaded Ubuntu 14.04.2 - desktop. When I try to open the file, I have the following error message: NO MOUNTABLE FILE SYSTEM. What should I do to solve this problem?

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How do I install Ubuntu?

I would like to see a full how-to on how to install Ubuntu.

4 answers | 11 mins ago by yehhhimanshu on Ask Ubuntu
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Ubuntu 14.04 USB installation drive not recognized during boot(Dell Latitude D630)

Ubuntu 14.04 usb flash drive won't recognize during boot. I have had a bunch of hardware failures this week and I am down to a hybrid image laptop Harddrive with mint 12 installed on it to boot as ...

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Cognito Forms: Question about data received with Cognito forms, access to database

I would like to know: what happens to data introduced in the forms created with Cognito: are they destroyed? Does Cognito keep the data in a database and for how long? If I want to receive the ...

1 answers | 11 mins ago by Paulo on Web Applications
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Why is it ok for C-3PO to disrespect Chewbacca?

C-3PO is programmed for etiquette and is able to communicate with all sorts of life forms and even technology (eg the Millennium Falcon) and he is generally very respectful to all biological ...

1 answers | 11 mins ago by ThruGog on Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Windows Server: auto login users on start

I need to automatically log in certain users on server reboot. The purpose is to start sessions for those users, and make their auto-start programs to run. I've found some 3rd party software ...

12 mins ago by djsoft on Server Fault
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Open NAT Port on Guest Operating system With Libvirt

I am currently running a Xen Hypervisor underneath Ubuntu 14.04. On the host machine I am running a guest VM. From what I understand, In order to be able to receive incoming connections on the ...

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Ubuntu 14.04.2 new install - boot on recovery mode only

I have installed Ubuntu 14.02 on an old HP 540J with a dual boot Windows XP. The PC is a Pentium 4 with 2.8Gig of RAM. When I try to boot on Ubuntu from the GRU I get a black/orange page but it ...

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Windows 10 refreshes continuously

I have an HP Envy dv7 laptop and I updated my windows from 8.1 to 10. The problem is that desktop icons are refreshing every second and I don't why. I searched for a solution but nothing was related ...

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Does a certificate authority (CA) have to be online constantly?

Does a CA has to be online all the time in order for the whole system to work? For example, if I go to a secure webpage that uses a certificate signed by a CA, I receive a public key along with the ...

2 answers

Video cards and PCI-e slots

Do all PCI-e video cards require a PCI-ex16 slot to work? If not, what video cards don't require a full speed x16 slot? Note: I'm referring only to new video cards, I am not talking about old AGP or ...

2 answers | 13 mins ago by Faken on Super User
1 answer

Passport-Google-OAuth Callback Not working when used in Web Service

I Have used Passport-Google-OAuth in Node.js web service project. I am using OAuth2Strategy. The process i have used is i call the web service method to authenticate user from his Gmail account. ...

1 answer

What is the simplest way for a Proxy/UTM to block HTTPS traffic using URL filtering?

I'm building a UTM using ubuntu, How can I block HTTPS traffic using URL filtering? (For example I want to block I'm using Squid as a transparent proxy server. Solutions I don't ...

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windows 10 UI Language

I am upgrading to Windows 10 from 7. The installation begins OK but at some point I am offered 3 options "what do I want to save". The first is greyed out and asks if I want to keep all settings, ...

1 answer

Spellchecker path not active

I have upgraded lyx 2.0.2 to 2.1.4, now dictionary is not working. Path of Hunspell dictionaries is not active. Tool>Preferences>Path>Hunspell dictionaries is disabled.

1 answers | 15 mins ago by brajesh on Ask Ubuntu
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Inserting overlayed audio in a set time

This is the question that was closest to my problem: Ffmpeg add new audio in video (mixing 2 audio) I need to insert audio from 2nd input file too but WITHOUT cutting first audio stream. I need them ...

15 mins ago by Stey on Super User
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Is there a way to change a 'searching box' to an 'executing box'?

When you start typing in Gnome desktop environment a little search-box pop out one the bottom right of the screen ( Im guessing it's a nautilus feature). I could really use an quick execution-box ...

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what is this strange bar on Finder, Mac?

well it can be resized and just shown up when finder is activated. how to remove it?

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How to diagnostic internet access failure on a linux system?

I have a VM running on Xen. The virtual machine was running fine for months and suddently the network access broke down. Dom0 DomU .-------. bridge ...

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Can i install ubuntu touch in meizu mx4?

Can i install ubuntu on meizu mx4 android edition like ubuntu edition with iso recovery in this page " "

1 answers | 16 mins ago by R.Bagheri on Ask Ubuntu
2 answers

Windows can't communicate with the device or resource (primary DNS server)

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium and am connecting to the Internet through Homeplug. When I connect and enable the LAN the status shows that I'm connected (the IPv4 shows connected), but after like ...

2 answers | 17 mins ago by David on Super User
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