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How can I cause vim to copy text to GNU screen's clipboard buffer?

I want to yank text with a command to vim and have it end up in screen's clipboard where it can be pasted to a different application via ^A] later. vim needs to do the copying (not screen's copy mode) …

1 answers | 1 min ago by gws on Super User
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Port 22 have been closed during upgrade

After upgrading somehow some of the ports have been closed!? Now port 22 is no longer open and the server is not accessible from neither SSH nor SFTP All other services like apache, mysql, webmin ...

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Film ident : Human cadets fight aliens in space

I'm trying to find a movie I saw on TV in the 90's (?) I think it was a made-for-TV Movie It was about a ship with a AI. The ship was crewed by young adults. I think they were cadets? There was an …

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How can I rate or tag files that aren't images in Windows 7?

In Windows 7 it is possible to rate images or tag Word-files. Since I'm reading a lot on my computer, I would like to mark PDF-files I've already read. The image-rating-option would be great and so …

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Why did adding memory significantly increase gaming performance on an AMD APU?

To be clear from the beginning, this is not a problem. This is just something that I really wanna know the secret behind. System specs CPU: AMD A10-6790K 4.0 GHz GPU: AMD Radeon HD 8670D …

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Story Identification: Sci-fi love story, where love is dictated by a computer

I'm looking for the title/author of a short story. The story begins with a young man who is living in some sort of computer-controlled utopia, and he is very upset because the computer informed him …

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Replying to an email from a domain email alias

We have a multi-store set up in nopCommerce 3.20 with SSL enabled. Our environment info as follows, Windows 2012 R2 VPS Server. .Net 4.5, SQL Server 2012 Express Multi SSL in Same IP using …

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Open Facebook URL in Facebook App

I know using the fb://URL scheme I can open certain links in the Native Facebook App, e.g. fb://page/137947732957611 will open the Apple Facebook page. Is there anyway I can open pages without ...

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How to adjust HDMI Overscan on an Intel Ivy Bridge?

I'm new to Linux and just installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my HTPC that I just put together. It has a Z77 chipset with a Intel i3 and Intel 2500 graphics. I'm having an issue with overscan. I have an older …

2 answers | 5 mins ago by user126405 on Ask Ubuntu
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Should I make additional payments on a FHA loan, or save up for a refinance?

I am about to buy a house, but my only real option is to get a FHA loan for the mortgage. I plan on staying in this house for a long time, so paying the MMI / PMI for most of the term of the loan ...

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VirtualBox bidirectional clipboard sharing stops working after some time

Clipboard sharing starts working fine, but it stops working after some time (until I reboot the machine). From what I understand sometimes the guest additions stop working. I read that I should see …

5 answers | 6 mins ago by user815423426 on Super User
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How can I re-upload photos with Camera Upload in Dropbox?

As stated in Dropbox FAQ: Camera Upload tries to be smart about not uploading the same photos and videos more than once. It will not re-upload these files even if you move, rename, or delete …

1 answer

Synology NAS/cloud solution over port 80

I would like to store my files and music on a personal cloud and access it/ stream it from anywhere. (and occasionnally manage a torrent client ) I would like to be able to access it on a local ...

1 answers | 6 mins ago by Napseis on Super User
1 answer

cause of intermittent SMTP emailing sending problems

I'm trying to remotely debug a problem with my Dad's office email: They're connected to a Belkin N1 router using PPPoE provided by (a SOHO account I think). Using Outlook 2003 on Windows …

1 answers | 6 mins ago by pbhj on Super User
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What does this mean: “SATP VMW_SATP_LOCAL does not support device configuration”?

Can anyone tell me what this means in ESXi 5.1?: SATP VMW_SATP_LOCAL does not support device configuration I've googled it and I get a lot of results, but as yet all the pages that contain the ...

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proftpd initial directory for each user

After successfully setting up proftpd server, i want to add initial directory for each users, i have 2 user, webadmin that can access all folder and upload that can only access upload folder ... # …

1 answers | 7 mins ago by Dels on Server Fault
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How to setup an array to capture output from ffmpeg volumedetect command

If you query a media file using a command such as ffmpeg -i amediafile.mp4 -af "volumedetect" -f null /dev/null you get output including.... [Parsed_volumedetect_0 @ 0x181d0a0] n_samples: ...

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Calling a function from a page on layout with EJS

I´m in the process of migrating a play framework application to node.js, express and ejs, I would like to emulate somehow moreStyles and moreScripts, I´ve tried something like this, without success: …

2 answers

Server Reboot Script - No Credentials

I'm looking at running a script to reboot a Windows 2012 server nightly, and all the guides seem to be for using scheduled tasks. As far as I know though, a change in the admin credentials will break …

4 answers

Resize my root partition in a remote virtual server

I only access the server via terminal and I can't use graphical tools such as gparted! I need it because I want to create a new partition from a part of root about 768mb to create a swap partition. # …

4 answers | 9 mins ago by Hamid FzM on Ask Ubuntu
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14.04 Error when I sudo apt-get update 404 Not Found-How to fix it?

When I try to update the sistem it comes up like this at the Terminal: Err http:// natty-backports/main Sources 404 Not Found [IP: 80] Err ...

1 answer

Short story about advertising replacing music

I remember a short story about a future where advertising jingles were the only type of music still performed. If I recall, one musician rediscovered the idea that music could exist by itself and …

3 answers

Filezilla won't connect

I am on a pc that uses filezilla. This pc is on a small network that has windows firewall installed. I de-activated windows firewall and I still cannot connect to my server. The details are correct …

3 answers | 10 mins ago by Keith Donegan on Super User
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Bios passwords “easy” to find

I have read that bios passwords are sometimes good--or bad, if there is a default. Places mention that these passwords are pretty much just available through google, but I can not find them. Where …

0 answers

Directory index full, is this fsck result OK?

I found these in my /var/log/messages: kernel: EXT4-fs warning (device md2): ext4_dx_add_entry: Directory index full! kernel: EXT4-fs warning (device md2): ext4_dx_add_entry: Directory index full! …

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tcpdump: decode packet starting at non-zero offset

I'm debugging a Linux embedded platform which has an interface where regular ethernet frames have an additional 82-octet platform header tacked on the front. I am able to sniff from this interface …

1 answers | 12 mins ago by DigitalTrauma on Server Fault
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What is the difference between a virtual server and a server running on a virtual machine?

What's the difference between a virtual server, and a virtual machine running a server, and a server (with one plain old OS installed) running multiple server services? In most places I've worked the …

1 answer

Xubuntu running games EXTREMELY slow

So I've lately been trying to get my games back that I used to play on Windows because I had just switched to Xubuntu. But when running any game I see that the games are running EXTREMELY slow. I ...

1 answers | 15 mins ago by user305920 on Ask Ubuntu
2 answers

Incremental file copy on Windows

Is there an effecient way to mirror text log files between two Windows servers? I'd like to ship the logs off a production server to another server for near real-time analysis. The log files are 1 …

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Can the USB standard be fixed to prevent the “firmware attack”?

Wired, and others are reporting on a research paper by Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell. The paper apparently shows how any USB device (not just memory sticks) can be infected with malware at the firmware …

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