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Is typing %^ into cmd.exe a Windows easter egg?

I randomly typed %^ in cmd and it said More? When I pressed enter it gave the same response. What is this?

2 answers | 29 secs ago by Rahul Basu on Super User
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record in a file who is login in on my desktop

I suspect someone is login into my computer when I check event viewer. Is it possible to have a script on windows 7 to record every login onto my windows 7 desktop pc?

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PowerShell: Get-ADUser Properties with åäö

I'm trying to extract select sets of users with Get-ADUser. The users belong to companies whose names include non-ASCII characters, e.g. "Gåäördet". Unfortunately, we do have to use the company ...

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Is there a way to completely disable Spaces in Yosemite?

Is there a way to completely disable Spaces in Yosemite (without turning off Mission Control, Dashboard, etc.)? As someone who frequently switches between multiple monitors and using my Macbook on ...

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IPv6: No NAT / Local Addressing + ISP Offline

I've been reading some articles about IPv6 and I'm currently playing with some addresses on a VPS. Recently I was thinking on a typical home/office IPv4 network. We're used to have a local DHCP ...

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Windows 8.1 Update - infinite reboot loop: “We couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes”

I just installed Windows 8.1. Unfortunately I also ran the automatic updates which messed everything up with an infinite reboot loop: We couldn't complete the updates. Undoing changes. Don't turn off ...

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VM Resolution can't go over 640x480, even after guest additions were installed

This is on VirtualBox, guest is Xubuntu 32bits 14.04, host is Windows 8.1 64bits I should point my hardware does not allow x86 virtualization, hence why VirtualBox only allowed a 32bits VM to be ...

2 answers | 2 mins ago by Mojimi on Ask Ubuntu
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What should mysqld.sock contain, why don't I have it?

Does anyone know why my /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock socket file would not be on my computer when I install (or reinstall) MySQL 5.1? Right now, when I try to start up a server with mysqld, I get ...

6 answers | 3 mins ago by egbutter on Server Fault
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I'm trying to get started with LXC containers, and I'm getting a permissions problem on starting an unpriviledged container. How can I fix it?

I'm getting a permissions problem on starting an unpriviledged container. How can I fix it?

1 answers | 3 mins ago by hbdgaf on Ask Ubuntu
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Source games stopped working through bumblebee

Yesterday I've installed some updates to my Ubuntu 14.04. I have nvidia-331 and bumblebee installed on my computer. After update I wanted to play games such as Dota 2 or Left 4 Dead 2 but it didn't ...

1 answers | 3 mins ago by necrordian on Ask Ubuntu
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Found this textarea with PHP in it. Might it be malicious/exploitable?

I came across this textarea on the website of a Medical Center. Clients enter sensitive medical data here. What users see: HTML: <textarea name="message">&lt;?php echo ...

1 answers | 3 mins ago by user77070 on Information Security
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How to periodically show alert message *in foreground*?

I want to have an alert / dialog box to fire up periodically in foreground. I tried a combination of AppleScript and launchd and managed to have the script (actually converted to a app) fired up ...

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Is it possible to run multiple VMware guests Using Free VMware Player?

I have a couple of premade Win2k3 VMs that I need to use for some application testing that need to be run at the same time on the same machine. I'm running 13.04 Desktop and do this often with ...

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Error in formatting corrupted Micro Sd Card

Initially this 4 gb microSD worked for a couple days inside a cellphone before it stopped functioning. I have used an adapter to plug it into my computer making sure that the write protected switch ...

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Will using the iphone camera flash as a flashlight for long periods harm it in any way?

We have an old iPhone 4 that we use as a music machine in a spare room. Will using the flash as a nightlight overnight cause any damage? My guess is no, but a part of me (maybe thinking of old ...

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minicom serial access ttyUSB0 failed

Bienvenue avec minicom 2.5 OPTIONS: I18n Compilé le May 2 2011, 10:05:24. Port /dev/ttyUSB0 Tapez CTRL-A Z pour voir l'aide concernant les touches spéciales � and for putty I have : unable to ...

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$.post not sending data to node.js server

i am working on a project that uses node.js as the back-end server and i am using postgresql as my database but i am having a problem sending data to the node.js server the problem seems to be in the ...

4 answers

SQL Server Express while attaching a database getting error 5120

I have SQL Server Express installed on my local machine. When I try to attach a database file, it's giving me the following error Unable to open physical file "C:\Adventures2012_data.mdf. ...

1 answer

How can someone sniff dial-up connection using phone line?

Let's assume we have a computer that sends packets to the internet using dial-up connection, and we have access to the analog data on the phone line(we have access to the phone line), how can we make ...

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what does a blue RJ jack insert mean?

Good day, I have searched for the meaning of casing colors for RJ jack inserts, but haven't found one. Please indicate: what does a blue RJ jack insert mean?

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entry in startup menu causes crash on boot

A while ago, I installed yosemite beta on its own partition. I later deleted that yosemite beta partition. However when I boot with option held key down, I still get a choice of partitions, including ...

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Why didn't the Empire lose control over territories after the destruction of Death Star I?

As stated in Episode IV, the emperor needed the senate and its bureaucracy to control the local systems. After the first Death Star was operational, he dissolved the Senate and gave the regional ...

1 answers | 7 mins ago by Hothie on Science Fiction & Fantasy
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Sudo: sessions still open not unmounting

Ubuntu Trusty Tahr 14.04 is running on my computer. By mistake the sudoers file on my computer was edited and now looks like this: Defaults env_reset Defaults ...

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How to have in Ubuntu, Windows like RDP server and client?

Connecting remotely from OSX to Windows or Windows to Windows using RDP protocol is 90% time faster then using x11vnc in Ubuntu. Is there any commercial or free remote desktop for Ubuntu which works ...

1 answer

How to use channel.assertQueue function from amqplib library for node.JS?

I am developing a messaging app using RabbitMQ, and Node.JS. I am using amqplib for this purpose. I am new to Node.JS and finding few difficulties in understanding the syntax of amqplib.. For e.g. ...

3 answers

Does a USB hub affect performance?

I have two devices I want maximum throughput and latency with. (Midi drums and midi keyboard for example) Would connecting both to the same USB port via a hub effectively limit the maximum data ...

3 answers | 8 mins ago by SwimBikeRun on Super User
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What are all the options for supporting private repos with npm package.json?

I want to have a private repo as a dependency specified in package.json. Ex. "private-lib-abc": "git+" This works in some conditions if I ...

2 answers

Data collection when responding to malware alerts

When investigating malware alerts I would like to collect some information from the system before the decision gets made to take the system off of the network and re-imaged, or if further forensics is ...

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Applescript to hide print queue

Running a Processing sketch which saves .txt files to a folder. Have a folder action attached that prints new files in this folder to a thermal receipt printer. However, I had to update to Yosemite, ...

1 answer

HDD partitions disappeared overnight

Can a HDD reset itself over night and the 2 partitions it had become one with the info on both partitions combining on it?

1 answers | 8 mins ago by SosoFx on Super User
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