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Bluetooth Broadcom BCM20702 does not load firmware (driver issue) - 14.04

I am able to establish a connection between a Bluetooth ear-piece and the Bluetooth controller in the PC. The problem is that the O/S does not provide an option to send audio output to the Bluetooth ...

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Why can pokemon learn moves that are outside their type?

A pokemon can learn Bite even if they aren't Dark type. I understand that moves that have names that fit the "role" of that pokemon make sense, like it makes sense for an animal pokemon to know Bite ...

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How can I promisfy these functions?

I'm using Node.js and the Bluebird promises library. This code works exactly the way I want: /* * Try using Bluebird promisify(): * - "Good" case: this works perfectly. * ... but it DOESN'T ...

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How do I make form fill out to different sheets based on the month?

I have an exercise and diet log that I fill out every other day and I want the data to move to another sheet. Sheet 1 looks like a worksheet and I want it to move (I think the best way to do this is ...

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AJAX post to Google Spreadsheet from Node.js/ Express fails

I've researched a few questions similar to this but none have helped solve my problem... Posting to a Google Spreadsheet app from a simple Node.js/ Express script on Heroku (not accessed through the ...

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How does an A-Team of scientists and engineers save the human race post-Yellowstone Caldera explosion?

Following the events of the Nova disaster as described in AmiralPitate's question, which saught to end the world by earthquake, The experimental reactor ends its life in a blaze of glory, that is ...

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How to get cluster work with visual studio code launch command using Node.js v6.0.0

I have some issue after updated Node.js v4.3.3 LTS to v6.0.0 on Visual studio code with Cluster It seems like workers never starts when started with VS Code Launch command, before upgrade nodejs it ...

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How do I graph this on excel?

Is it possible to have an x-axis with subgroups? For example, I need to graph Categories: Greeting (1.1, 1.2, 1.3), Call Reason (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4), Conclusion (3.1, 3.2, 3.3) , Accuracy (4.1, 4.2, ...

2 answers | 4 mins ago by A.PSR on Super User
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Excel Formula-Return Value based on looking at two separate values (either/or)

I am using this formula to return a value from table below: =IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(A2,USUB,1,FALSE)),"No Fruit Found",VLOOKUP(A2,USUB,2,FALSE)) USUB table has this data: Fruit Fruit Code ...

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Wireless drivers for Dell Inspiron 3451

I just reinstalled Windows 8.1 on a Dell Inspiron 3451, and the wireless adapter is not working. After the install, during the setup phase, it skipped the step where you can select the wireless ...

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How to store the browser's result in a file in node.js and express?

I am building an application on top of elasticsearch using node.js and express. This is my app.js: var express = require('express'); var path = require('path'); var favicon = ...

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Making a big purchase over $2500. I have the money to cover it. Should I get a loan or just place it on credit?

I am planning to make a big purchase. I have the money in savings to cover it, but I don't want to drop $2500 all at once if I can avoid it. I have a credit card with a $9000 limit, but I know that ...

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`npm install` killed for large package.json, no npm-debug.log

I've found that if I have more than ~10 modules in my package.json, the installation gets killed. There's no npm-debug.log. It's a VPS with 0.5GB of RAM (~0.1GB available), so I think the issue is ...

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Redirect USB Device To Virtual Machine Using Hyper-V As Host

So I have a machine that is running Hyper-V Server 2012R2 as the host (bare-metal hypervisor). I have a USB device that is attached to this machine and I need a virtual machine that is running on the ...

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How to replace all duplicate files with hard links?

I have two folders containing various files. Some of the files from the first folder have an exact copy in the second folder. I would like to replace those with a hard link. How can I do that?

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How to Have Mathematica 10 Workbench in Ubuntu 16.04?

I want to have this editor in Ubuntu 16.04. I want to include .m files in my project as functions to keep things organized. Eclipse 3.8 I install Eclipse 3.8. I follow the instructions in the ...

1 answer

How to retrieve the full ubuntu desktop?

My ubuntu 14.04 edition desktop has suddenly changed to the lightweight desktop . Here are some pics of this desktop it changed to: So how can I return the original Ubuntu desktop look , this ...

1 answers | 8 mins ago by Omar Hossam Ahmed on Ask Ubuntu
1 answer

How to pass data with Mongoose to a global variable?

My relevant code is split into three files: user.server.model.js: var UserSchema = new Schema({ ... devices: [] }); mongoose.model('User', UserSchema); ...

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Relative paths for a 404 page served with Express

I'm serving a 404 page with Express: server.use(function(req, res, next) { res.status(404).sendFile('404.html', { root: __dirname + BASE }) }) The 404.html is located in the website's root, and ...

1 answers | 9 mins ago by Luke on Stack Overflow
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When I boot up I get an error message saying there is something wrong with my hard disk

When I boot up I get an error message saying there is something wrong with my hard disk and to continue I must press f1. How do I find out if there really is something wrong with the disk or if this ...

1 answers | 9 mins ago by user3004 on Ask Ubuntu
1 answer

remove windows file history timestamps in file name

I copied a folder created using windows 8 file history from a drive to a computer running windows 7. Since I couldn't use a restore function all the files have time stamps like 01 Disappearing World ...

1 answers | 10 mins ago by user406964 on Super User
2 answers

How to determine the values for an LDAP bind to a Windows Server 2012 DC? [Gitlab Omnibus 7.0.0; ldap_bind: Invalid Credentials (49)]

EDIT: This question has gotten a lot of views, and I never really came back and provided a precise, step-by-step solution. So I came back 18 months later and did that. This solution works for simple ...

2 answers

Where is the Ubuntu file system root directory in Windows NT subsystem and vice versa?

I have installed Ubuntu subsystem on Windows 10 (after enabling feature in settings), but where is the Ubuntu file system root directory located in the drive?

2 answers | 10 mins ago by July on Ask Ubuntu
1 answer

Would it be valid to use frames for an inhouse tool with a static list on the left that triggers content on the right?

I'm replacing the interface of an old Visual FoxPro system my company has been using for the past 15 years. If there's one thing that users have been complaining about is that it is tedious. So ease ...

1 answer

Move Mouse with Many Lines in Google Chrome?

In Mouse settings, I get only where I cannot change to scroll many lines. So I want to move many lines only in Google Chrome. I cannot find the feature in Settings > Search Mouse and Select the ...

1 answers | 10 mins ago by Masi on Ask Ubuntu
1 answer

Deleted Domain System Volume. How do I recreate it; I have no backups

As the title suggest I am basically screwed. Before all this happen; I had one problem: My group policies were not replicating from PDC to other DCs. I have three Dc's in production. As you can ...

1 answers | 10 mins ago by Max on Server Fault
3 answers

Azure Web app Kudu configuration

Does anyone have an example of customising kudu to run npm, bower and typescript compile gulp/grunt scripts as part of the CI process, for an asp.Net app? I have a webslot which has a deployment ...

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Can I have two winning identical lottery tickets?

I always buy two identical lottery tickets, I have a feeling that I will hit the jackpot sooner or later. Can having two identical tickets cause me any problems e.g. fraud?

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Failed Commisioning

UBUNTU 16.04 MAAS 2.0.0 Beta 3 Node Commission : In MAAS WEB UI on Machine (Node Page) says "Node changed status - From 'Commissioning' to 'Failed commissioning'" When I am looking on Node messages ...

12 mins ago by Rastin on Ask Ubuntu
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How to Return variable from AWS getObject call in Node.js

I am working on a Node.js project that relies on the response of getObject from AWS. Currently, I can access the data I need and store it in a variable (header), but do not know how to make it ...

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