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Placing bid in market price

I am really new in stock marketing and I have few questions regarding on placing bid in market price. Let's say, today is Sunday and I places bid in market price that cost $1.00 per shares (1000 ...

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How to ssh if not router administrator

I have my PC connected to the internet behind a router and want to connect via ssh to another PC online that is behind another router. My problem is that I am not the administrator neither routers and ...

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Cursor as full screen crosshairs

I have a 27" iMac running Snow Leopard. In a wide range of applications I often need to use a straight edge to compare different values on charts, even sometimes charts generated by different ...

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Readable Streams and read(0)

The following is an excerpt from the stream-handbook by James Halliday (aka substack): Here's an example of using .read(n) to buffer stdin into 3-byte chunks: process.stdin.on('readable', ...

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Secure way to encrypt (not hash) passwords?

I'm building a system that for reasons I'll outline below, can't used hashed passwords, but I'd still like to encrypt them so that it's as hard as possible to crack them, in the (unlikely) event the ...

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How to include liquidfun physics engine with nodejs

I have been making a game with box2dweb and node.js. Everything has been working fine until I decided to switch to Google's liquidfun engine, which is also based on box2d. In box2dweb I could export ...

1 answers | 6 mins ago by two70 on Stack Overflow
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Can I set a password hint in Windows 8? If so, how?

I'm trying to set a password hint for myself on Windows 8, but I don't seem to be able to find an option to do so. Googling "Windows 8 password hint" just provides tutorials on how to do so in Windows ...

2 answers | 9 mins ago by Joe Z. on Super User
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Google Calendar: How do I add a room to a meeting scheduled by someone else?

When I schedule a meeting through Google Calendar I have two tabs available: Add Guests Add Rooms, etc. However, when I accept a meeting scheduled by someone else (potentially via Outlook) I only ...

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How to set up the jdbc driver to connect to hsqldb from libreoffice?

I am trying to "split" a LibreOffice .odb file into a HSQL database and an OpenOffice document containing forms and macros. I am trying to follow the instructions from this thread: Within a few ...

1 answers | 10 mins ago by rumtscho on Super User
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How to get Tenda W322U V2.0 Wireless adapter running on Windows 7?

My Tenda W322U V2.0 Wireless USB Adapter used to work with Ralink drivers and I can't make it work on the new Windows 7. Every time the network adapter is booted, it keeps looking for a driver ...

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Centos 6.3 vsftp unable to upload file to apache webserver

I am new to Centos, I did work with Sun Solaris and upload files to Apache web server before. I create an end user account and manage to ftp using command prompt to the server, error message is '226 ...

1 answers | 10 mins ago by user148648 on Server Fault
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glassfish - Unknown error when trying port 4848

I'm installing glassfish 3.1 on Windows XP service pack 3. but in configuration step it gives this error: PERFORMING THE REQUIRED CONFIGURATIONS ______________________________________ CREATING ...

1 answers | 10 mins ago by Majid Azimi on Server Fault
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Convert entire iTunes library to MP3 then delete old version?

Is there an easy way to Convert an entire iTunes library to MP3 format then delete old version? I know you can do it manually, but then you have to go check every other song and delete it, is there a ...

3 answers | 11 mins ago by William L. on Ask Different
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Endless loop of iCloud prompt rendering iPad unusable

I hadn't used my iPad in some time, and recently tried powering it back on. As soon as iOS starts up, I am prompted to enter my iCloud password. My home WiFi network has changed since the last time I ...

2 answers | 11 mins ago by Ben Siver on Ask Different
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Is there any driver (64bit) available for Canon LBP6020B?

I've have an i-Sensys LBP 6020B printer and I use Kubuntu 12.10 64-bit. I've a problem with drivers for Linux 64bit because I can't find anywhere capt linux driver - PPD file for LBP6020B. What am I ...

2 answers | 12 mins ago by user114294 on Ask Ubuntu
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cloud-init not executing on rackspace cloud

I was trying to pass a bash script to cloud-init on rackspace-cloud with 'nova boot' via --user-data. I used the following command: nova boot --key-name mykey1 --image "Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) ...

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Windows Server 2008 R2 network performance degrade over time

We've got Windows Server 2008 R2 which servers as DC, Exchange mail server and file share (Let's call in Server-1). We also have fiber channel network storage, connected to this server. Putting there ...

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Do WebGoat style XSS attacks still work?

I am going through the WebGoat exercises, to refresh my knowledge of XSS attacks. Specifically, I am doing the Stage 1 XSS exercise. This exercise has a form that deliberately does not sanitize ...

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NodeJS Express route not matched after upgrade to Express 4

After upgrading from Express 3 to Express 4, none of my routes serve any content. I've switched to the new middleware and made other changes shown here: ...

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What “requirement” do I need to give to pip?

I am trying to install PyECC on a Windows 7 machine. Pip is pretty inconsistent, so I'm not sure what it wants this time. First I ran pip install PyECC and got Collecting PyECC Could not find any ...

22 mins ago by Melab on Super User
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Viber aborts unexpectedly while launching

Just installed Viber on a 64-bit ubuntu 14.10, but launching it from the menu or the .desktop file didn't work; launching from the terminal either with sudo-rights or not results with a message ...

22 mins ago by user128712 on Ask Ubuntu
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Is not a valid directory path

I am starting using node-email-templates to send email with swig templaet and I am getting this error. templates/welcome.html is not a valid directory path Here is my codes from ...

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Collectd “interface” plugin reporting cumulative value rather than rate

Collectd's interface plugin is supposed to report octets per second and packets per second, as documented here:, but for me, it reports cumulative ...

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Changing my screen resolution?

(this is a repost because my first was accidentally submitted as guest and now I am unable to comment or edit it) I have arch linux without a graphical interface installed on my laptop that has a ...

31 mins ago by matt on Super User
4 answers

What happens to people when they are hit by a phaser beam?

In Star Trek TOS, Whenever a human is struck by a phaser beam set to kill, they glow and disappear. They never leave any residue or indication they were ever there. When they are hit by a phaser set ...

1 answer

Get bash autocompletion printed by stdin write

I want to write a program that will print out the autocompletions of bash. Basically I'm writting something into bash stdin with childProc.stdin.write("./myfi") And would like to receive ...

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My node.js app doesn't detect .css files

I'm starting up with Node.js but I'm having trouble with my first app: I have my first app set up "app.js", with an html file "new.html" and a .css file "formato.css". The problem is that when I open ...

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Having issues burning subtitles with ffmpeg

I followed this wiki on how to burn the srt file into the mp4 file: ffmpeg -i video.avi -vf out.avi It's been running overnight and the end seems far. Is it normal? How can I ...

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Web Browser sound is too low. Everything else works fine

As the title says, audio on my PC is working fine. However, web browsers audio is too low (tried Chrome, IE, and Firefox). Here is what I've verified: 1. Multiple web browsers to rule out a ...

1 answers | 35 mins ago by Vahlkron on Super User
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How could Gimli strike the Ring

I was wondering why Frodo was unable to cast the One Ring into the fire but Gimli struck it with his axe during the Council of Elrond? Wouldn't any dwarf be attracted to the jewel, amplifying the ...

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