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How do I make submit buttons 'print' things in html and make a text input with 100% width in the same line as a <span>, <p>, or <div>?

These are my files: .dir { color: white; font-family: "Lucida Console", Monaco, monospace; font-size: 16px; } .cmdline { font-family: "Lucida Console", Monaco, monospace; ...

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jQuery's $.post returns only a blank data

I am trying to check username's availability from the database by using jQuery's $.post. I don't know if the path is wrong or the php script is wrong but it keeps returning a data of blank or null ...

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Use SVG icons for button instead of utilizing font awesome

I have a script that toggles a button on/off using a font awesome icon. I do however wish instead to use a SVG sprite from which I have created and change the color accordingly in CSS, but I am not ...

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Open Accordion based on window location hash

I am currently working on an accordion and needing to have the panel content open on based on the hash being using in the navigation. This is not a jQuery ui accordion. The accordion uses same classes ...

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jQuery mobile toggle button on/off?

as far as I can see the standard jQuery 'toggle' function does not work in jQuery mobile - is this correct? If so, is there another method that does work? All I'm trying to do is toggle a 'play' ...

1 answers | 23 mins ago by Jimbly2 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Bootstrap alert disappearing

Want to make my button to display an alert after its clicked and stay there until its closed. On my webpage the alert flashes on the screen for a split second every time the button is pressed. On my ...

1 answers | 26 mins ago by rks on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Change background color of a input type text when browser localStorage contains a value using querySelector

I am trying to change the background color of a textbox using querySelector. Can't figure out the issue in the code. <input type="text" id="refid" name="refid" maxlength="6" size="25" ...

1 answers | 40 mins ago by MWH on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to get a jqGrid selected row cells value

Does anyone know how to get the cells value of the selected row of JQGrid ? i m using mvc with JQGrid, i want to access the value of the hidden column of the selected row ?

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jqGrid get multiple selected row cells value

My jqGrid Script: <script> jQuery("#task-grid").jqGrid({ datatype: "json", height: 'auto', rowNum: 20, rowList: [20,30], colNames:['ID','RESOURCE','ROLE','SITE', 'ALLOC. ...

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ajax in laravel reloads a blank page

I am trying to use ajax to get back data from a database on a button click. Right now when I click the button a blank page is reloaded. I am not sure why this is happening or how I can fix it. Here ...

3 answers | 53 mins ago by ray on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Text Getting Disorted When Hovered Upon In Posts

I Just Changed The Templated Of My Website And Looks Like It Got a Bug. Whenever I Hover Upon The Text Of Any Post The Text Gets distorted/Shifts To Left Like This,Here Are The Images-Without ...

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How do I get jQuery to work in my Typescript files?

I don't understand why my jQuery doesn't work in my Typescript files. The following is my folder structure. Any help is appreciated. Thanks --app ----app.component.ts ----main.ts ...

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How to catch multiple object from ajax controller to view in PHP-laravel

I have a situation where a student may have multiple course. So when I select a student multiple course related to that student should load from database with the help of ajax. But in my ajax view ...

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3D carousel with JQuery and CSS - not rendering correctly

I'm trying to implement a CD carousel with JQuery and CSS and I've been browsing StackOverflow for some ideas. I came across this question. I've been trying to implement the code for idea 2 on my own ...

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Jquery button only firing click events intermittently in iOS

I have a simple script that has a timer, and counts how many times the user hits a button since the timer was started. In my browser, it works great. In iOS (I'm using Appcelerator Titanium to render ...

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How to approach a setInterval triggering a setInterval within the same function

I a rewards site. Users earn points when they watch videos. Users want to skip to the end of the video to quickly earn their points. Therefore, the mechanism of the video being marked as completed is ...

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Function to change checkboxes not working on dynamically created table

I have a table that each row has three checkboxes, what I am trying to do is have it so only one checkbox can be selected per row. If a checkbox is checked, the other checkboxes will be unchecked. The ...

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thumbnail slider with owl carousel 2

I don't know why the slider stop suddenly here is the demo $(document).ready(function () { // reference for main items var slider = $('#slider'); // reference for thumbnail items var ...

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How to send an ajax request inside a class function

I need to verify my usernames and emails from the database and for that I need to send ajax requests. So far, for validations, I have done this var handleRegister= function() { ...

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How do I append erb with jQuery in rails 4

How do I append erb with jQuery in rails 4? When I try: $('.a_class').on 'click', (event) -> link = '<%= link_to "Home", root_path %>' $(this).append(link) I get the link_to ...

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Chrome Extension to replace all links with slightly modified versions of themselves

So I'm a new guy at writing chrome extensions. So far, I have some pretty simple js as my content_script.js: var links = document.getElementsByTagName("a"); for(var i=0;i<links.length;i++){ ...

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Jquery color changing effect when loading the page?

So I've tested out a color changer on my website and It works how I want it to,well for the most part anyway. I have this issue where every time I reload the page it selects the original colors a ...

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Android/Chrome jQuery AJAX Request fails with parsererror before getting to server

I have a web app with lots of jQuery AJAX requests that work on all platforms except Android (Chrome v 50). I'm using jQuery 2.1.4 Here's the code: var createRequest = $.ajax({ type: 'POST', ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by byron on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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using jQuery to pull in emails from Gmail DOM

I want to target all the span's off the Gmail DOM and pull the 'email' value's into an array. <span class="yP" email="han@mFalcon.com" name="Han Solo">\Han Solo</span> I fear ...

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How to prevent browser lock after Javascript executes

I have a lead gen popup running on my site, which has worked fine before. I have almost identical JS behind the page governing when the popup is deployed: For example, if the user is logged in, we ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by CDM on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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jQuery scroll div with scrollTop

I'm trying to scroll a div up or down when hovering over the respective arrows. I also want to be able to jump down the div when the buttons are clicked (think clicking the windows scroll arrows ...

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Confused - Binding “this” & closures - JavaScript

I'm reading a great article on this in JavaScript. The author says that the following code is bad: Cart = { items: [1,4,2], onClick: function () { // Do something with this.items. } } ...

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Angualr JS Data loading Before Page Loading

I wanna load data before AngularJS Page Load. I'm using bootstrap and JQuery as well along Angualr. Main problem is that i have table on page and used JQuery for pagination and other filters including ...

3 answers | 2 hours ago by Imran on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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why Object.keys(data).sort() not work as expected?

I am trying to sort my object keys. But when I'm printing my object, it always print bb first. Can anyone explain this? It should print aa first ? I already sorted my keys. My first key should be ...

3 answers | 2 hours ago by user944513 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Laravel 5.2 Ajax internal server error 500

I'm using Laravel 5.2 with ajax but I have internal server error 500 when I click on the link for example. Here my code . . . Blade file: <a class="delete" href="#" data-userid="{{ $user->id ...

3 answers | 2 hours ago by Issam Mousleh on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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