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jQuery More & Less Than

I'm trying to display an alert if the value is equal or great than the minimum value and less than the maximum set value. Some how if I set dob to '01-09-1996' the alert is still triggered? Would ...

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Open fancybox iframe when click on a div

Using fancybox2 and try to open YouTube video when click on div <div class="vid" data-href="http://www.youtube.com/embed/gGFXXWsCiVo?autoplay=1">This DIV should open fancybox</div> ...

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Audio dubbed in Video

Good afternoon, I wanted to ask if there is any way in html5, javascript or jquery to put audio dubbed a video. I wanted to have a video available in two languages and give the possibility to the user ...

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JQuery: Can't disable an element for an Ajax response

I have a dynamic dialogue box created by a Ajax return. I need the the drop list element $('#functionSelect') within the box to change the disability of the input fields if its changes. below is my ...

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Javascript - Is this a good practice?

In our company we're starting a new web project, I'm new in the company, and there are previous apps where document ready is made like this. (BTW we're using jQuery) var AccountingMovements = ...

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Turn a H3 tag into a link via jQuery?

How can I turn the following h3 tag into a clickable link (and set it href) via jQuery: <h3 class="makemealink">Click Here</h3>

1 answers | 2 mins ago by Sam on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Optimize jquery Selector

I have a jQuery selector designed to retrieve all required fields that are not set as read-only and not disabled. To do so I used the following selector (div = div containing my controls) ...

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How to make an image be dragged around on top of another image?

I have a html file which positions one image on top of another. However I wish to that the superimposed image can be dragged around by the user, confined within the boundaries of the underlying image. ...

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Show different body background IMAGE based on selection

I'm not sure if this is possible, but I want that if you select a option in the select menu, that the background will change on the page Can it also be done with a smooth fade out fade in animation? ...

3 answers | 7 mins ago by xcode on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Fix content than scroll when user is near the end of the page

Bit of a puzzler here. I have a div that has I want to display on screen at all times. I use the following CSS: <style> .f {position: fixed; bottom:0px align:center; } ...

1 answers | 9 mins ago by user2016193 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to insert div inside another div?

I need to insert the div inside the dive before all other its contents, the problem is I don't have div ids, I only have classes as selector. Div generation is not in my control. Suppose, <div ...

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Content Editable Div - Update cursor position after .html()

Using a contenteditable div, I'd like to highlight words that meet a certain criteria. One of which is if the content the user has entered has reached the allowed maximum length of that area. I've ...

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Open InfoWindow Manually on Data Layer ( GeoJSON )

I am trying to trigger a click on a marker but Im having an issue passing data to google.maps.event.trigger(). I am getting a feature from map.data and passing it to google.maps.event.trigger(), but ...

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I am having troubles with looping in javascript/jquery

I have the following code. whenever i change the value in the array - data [0] to say data[1] the value changes. i have about 4 items stored in the data array. $(document).ready(function() { ...

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flot, jquery, asp.net - TypeError: $.plot is not a function

I know there are a few similar threads on stackoverflow but I don't use CDN in my case. I checked if the files ~/Scripts/flot/jquery.flot.js and ~/Scripts/flot/jquery.colorhelpers.js exist and they ...

1 answers | 13 mins ago by lixonn on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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chrome css layout breaking on hard refresh (url enter)

This is going weird with chrome. I have two divs (float left and other float right). css is as below, #prod-avtar { width:200px; height:220px; float:right; background-color:#ccc; } ...

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image change by using setInterval with flask and jquery

I want to stream video in my webpage. but It was not easy for me. so I decide to use timer. I am going to refresh image so speedfully, hoping it seems like streaming. I am using python and flask ...

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Undefined file in javascript array when grabbing files from an input type=“file” tag

I have this really weird issue while grabbing images from an input tag, and I can't figure out why. Here's the code: var files, fileCounter = 0, fileArray = []; $("#fc").on("change", ...

1 answers | 18 mins ago by Tyler Sears on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Complex jQuery selector

I have hard time figuring out the correct jQuery selector for my problem. What I have: 1) 11 divs, that has class "theCycle", 10 of them are hidden, one displayed 2) There is inputs in the current ...

3 answers | 19 mins ago by ncla on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Determine Active Panel

I'm on a phonegap project. I do my project with JQMobi (new name is Intel's App Framework).. On this project i want to determine the visible/active panel to startup my functions according to it. ...

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Jquery - Make div appear when selecting from Select menu

I'm having a small issue . On my registration form i have a few select menu . Specifically for countries and their states. Like for most countries , there are no states except for the US and Canada. ...

5 answers | 20 mins ago by Jimmy on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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unable to change class of li element on clicking it in rails

i have currently included the following in my application.html.erb <%= javascript_include_tag 'application', 'data-turbolinks-track' => true %> <%= javascript_include_tag ...

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Change position of Jquery Datepicker inside Ajax Modelpopup

I am working on a ASP.Net webform which includes AJAX Modelpoup Extender and jquery nepali-datepicker. I have to integrate nepali-datepicker to a textbox that is inside my second modelpopup i.e. with ...

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How to make SpriteSpin responsive?

Site i am working on is made with twitter bootstrap and is fully responsive. I have successfully made SpriteSpin to work with my site but there is a problem, i can't make it responsive as rest of my ...

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Jquery not getting full value from html

I have this: $("#test").click(function() { alert($(".selected").val()); }); <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <li ...

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counts the characters when reached at some point

I have the following code which is working fine; var text_max = 459; var text_used = 0; var sms_count = 0; $('#leftstring').html(text_max + ''); $('#usedstring').html(text_used + ...

4 answers | 30 mins ago by lucy on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Unable to populate $_SESSION with jQuery

I want to update $_SESSION data using a jQuery post. Eventually I found this script as base for 'the system'. I have created the following two files as a test: t1.php: <?php session_start(); /* ...

3 answers | 31 mins ago by beta990 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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ASP.NET-MVC 5 validate individual input field using jQuery- client-side validation

I am working on ASP.NET MVC5 app. my form is in partial view and using jQuery ajax post function to post data back to controller. Now I want to validate individual field as user inputing data inside. ...

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Checkboxes, javascript runs 2 times through function if I click on text

I want to click on a checkbox and if I click this box it should run a function what gets an ID and saves it into an array or deletes it from the array if it still exists in the array. That works, but ...

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Populating my select element with data on server with ajax and javascript

Hi I am a junior web developer and am working on a website. What I am trying to do is get data from my Django server into a Select element via AJAX. I have done this for a certain table within my ...

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