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How to add images to JQuery autocomplete which also fills hidden data inputs?

I'm sorry if this seems dumb but I just cannot get it to work even with similar code samples opened. I've been trying for some time to get this code to work. Keep in mind that this is my first time ...

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jQuery: will the code be executed below clearInterval inside setinterval?

var myfunc = setInterval (function(){ if (true) { clearInterval(myfunc); } alert('333'); },1000); As far as I see the alert('333'); will appear exactly one time upon execution of ...

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mouseenter mouseleave within contents of iframe

I'm trying to highlight elements within a iframe with no success. I've tried using mouseenter/mouseleave with no success. It does not fire. $('#iframe').contents().mouseenter(function (e) { //var ...

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How to Parse Dailymotion Video Url in javascript

I want to parse Dailymotion video url to get video id in javascript, like below: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x44lvd video id: "x44lvd" i think i need regex string to get a video id for all ...

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jQuery pagination not working if it has some other tag inside

I am using jquery pagination, but its not working if it has some other tag inside. Here is my code: <head> <link href="simplePagination.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"/> ...

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add class to option in select

Based on the value of an option would that be possible to add a class to an option? So if i have this: <select class="rubrique" name="ctl00"> <option value="" ...

3 answers | 4 mins ago by user472285 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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add and remove localstorage as a row to the table

I have this jQuery: $(document).ready(function () { var $tournament = $('#tournament'); if(localStorage.getItem("#tournament")) { ...

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Script or library to change product image based on multiple modifiers?

I've been tasked with creating an ecommerce site for jewellery that will have multiple modifier options per product with instant product image updating much like this site where mouseover or clicking ...

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Using jQuery.ajax in a Google Chrome extension

I use jquery.ajax function to post data from google chrome extension to my web service as code below: $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: serviceUrl, data: data, ...

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Jump to track in BarUI playlist SoundManager2

So I've been searching all over the web for this, but didn't manage to find some propper documentation or enlightning answer. I'm trying to build a little online music player for fun and have gotten ...

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Looking for a tool to display website sample

Im looking for a javascript library (or any way) to display a website sample when a user shares a link. The UX Im aiming for would be similar to facebook : A user shares a link, then a summary of ...

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javascript clickable area inside a square

So I am trying to add a class to a clickable area depending on where in that area the user clicks. I have created this example: http://jsfiddle.net/aocgrp06/ now, the problem is with this bit of ...

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Prevent moveend event being fired in Leaflet after setView

I have a simple question that has me stumped: In a Leaflet application, I have an event listener for clicking elements on the map: marker.on('click', function () { doStuff(); ...

4 answers | 9 mins ago by Bas on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Changing background of ckeditor text area with jQuery

How can I change dynamically the background image of CKEditor using jQuery Adapter? I've got a list of images and whenever the user clicks over one of them, I want to change the background image of ...

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Assign custom id/class to jQuery UI Autocomplete

I have a webpage with multiple instances of jQuery UI Autocomplete and need to style each instance differently. Ideally I would like to assign a custom CSS id/class to the dropdown <ul> element ...

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How to get row index to validate dataTable row on 'edit' event?

I have an editable dataTable (row edit mode). When I edit row and click tick to confirm new value, I would like to validate some columns (some of them are required) using jqxvalidator. So, when a tick ...

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can't “refresh” filamentgroup tablesaw responsive table after adding new rows

I am using a combination of the AngularJS Utils pagination directive and the filamentgroup tablesaw responsive table library to try and get a responsive (by swiping right), paginated table. Once I ...

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javascript ajax post form function and validation

This is my code so far: $(function () { $('.contact-form').submit(function (event) { $(this).find("input , textarea").each(function () { var input = $(this); if ...

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Ajax php file upload returning undefined error

I'm trying to upload a form which includes an image using jquery and php - the data is saved, but the image is not uploaded, and the ajax call runs the error function, not the success function. Even ...

1 answers | 18 mins ago by Tal Segel on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Javascript to Coffeescript

So I have this javascript That works by itself function update_checkboxes() { var part_array = []; $("input#edit:checked").parents('td').next().each(function(){ ...

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Fullpage.js with angular.js

i have a problem with implementing fullpage.js on angular-fullstac-generator project. Then problem is I have installed it with bower then i tried to use it like in instructions. For test i added ...

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jquery delay document ready function by number of seconds?

I have a div called noti_box which fades in on page load. Sometimes there may be only one noti_box div or there might be 2 3 or 4. a user can close this div should they want to by clicking on it. ...

4 answers | 21 mins ago by James Daley on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Multiple Validation of Paper-Elements in Polymer

I would like to validate multiple paper-element fields immediately. Right now it works perfectly with just one field. This one works for one field, but only if the focus is changed -> bad ...

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CSS animation - animate one element after another

I wanting to animate one element then another then another, is this possible with CSS? I can't seem to get it working, here is my attempt so far. I have two major problems: 1) My animation does not ...

2 answers | 25 mins ago by Udders on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Get the item/object where the element is dropped

I´m coding a task panel with three list and I use sortable to move item between them. But I need to pick up the item where the element is dropped. I know that ui.item is the element dropped, but I ...

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jQuery mmenu Windows Phone issue (IE Mobile)

I'm currently working on the mobile version of a website, and for the menu we use jQuery MMenu. It works well on every phones and tablets I tested, except Windows Phones... The plugin is configured ...

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jQuery Datatable sorting “invalid month” error

i've got an error when sorting my datatable. Datatable is detecting and interpreting strings in my columns for sorting. Example : a column with users lastnames, one of my User is called "Decxxxxx", ...

1 answers | 27 mins ago by CraZyBaLL on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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jQuery: main memory getting too high when loading images

My web apps displays a livestream using AJAX. In fact we use jquery to load a new image from the server every 50 millisecons. The problem is that the browser (google chrome) needs increasing main ...

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Button inaccessible because of jQuery parallax plugin

I use a jQuery parallax plugin and my button "Découvrez-la" is inaccessible because of the use of different layers on a .scene labonneboite.fr Parallax plugin How can I fix it please ? I tried to ...

1 answers | 28 mins ago by Xroad on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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HTML progress element not updating

This is a problem I've been struggling with for a while now. I've implemented an HTML5 progress element like so: <progress id="progress" value="0" max="100"></progress><output ...

3 answers | 31 mins ago by Joel DeWitt on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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