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setting OG tags using Jquery and need to share the URL is not working

i am rendering videos on my page, this video information is on service based on unique id on the page calling the mapped json and rendering video on the page, in the same json i have title and ...

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Socialite with dynamic content - not refreshing share buttons

I have a website where routes are run by html5 history API, and content is loaded via ajax. With each new page I'm updating all info respectively (url, title, description etc.). For this website I'm ...

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Given a JSON Object, How to find a item based on a Key?

Given a JSON object like: var data = {items: [ {value: "21", name: "Mick Jagger"}, {value: "43", name: "Johnny Storm"}, {value: "46", name: "Richard Hatch"}, {value: "54", name: "Kelly Slater"}, ...

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Jquery validations on dynamic php echo fields

Hi i am developing a multi page form in which you have to enter the number of people in the first step and then in the next step you enter the information for the same number of people. Now i am ...

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Ajax post - Sent array as data to PHP

I need to pass a JSON array to to PHP, and receive it as $_POST['data']. This will contain my data through json_parse. I got an error, no clue what happens here. The Ajax call throws the following ...

2 answers | 17 mins ago by Lyoneel on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Let a fixed div grow to width 100% by Click

I need some jquery support, because my js skills are very low ;(. I have found and modified a script, that slides a div out to the right (relative div), but the fixed div dont grow up to width 100% ...

2 answers | 23 mins ago by User on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Let a link become “active” without class add/remove

Is it possible to change a link to "active" without add/removing a class? The problem i´ve got is, that my other script will not work if the "a"-tag will be changed for example to "a.active". So this ...

4 answers | 26 mins ago by User on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Problems with scrolling inside a div by links

I want to scroll inside a div (for example 150px down or up), but only "down" still works. I also dont know, if "animate" is the right way, it seems to be a bit laggy? The second plan ist, that the ...

1 answers | 26 mins ago by User on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Sending ajax post data Cross Browser

i need help. Its small app for manipulating html elements in one div container. After clicking save with jQuery i get all elements, and sent it to another page with ajax using post method. On most ...

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Image gallery for jQuery mobile

I would like to use a jQuery mobile gallery plugin on my mobile app. What I would like to find is one that has all the images on one line with swipe functionality. I have tried PhotoSwipe and some ...

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Store DataTables API Instance in Object

On a webpage I have the following table: <table id="table1" class="dynamicTable"> ... ... </table> In a JavaScript file added to all of my pages I had the following: ...

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jQuery - Add a option box to a table row

I'm trying to change a contentEditable div of my table (in one td ) to let users select only between 2 possible values. I thought that a good solution could be to change that div (onfocus) to an ...

2 answers | 35 mins ago by mgrdiez on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Form does not post data

i have the following html code: <form class="dropzone" id="msform" enctype="multipart/form-data"> <!-- multistep form --> <!-- progressbar ...

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Making this JS code unobtrusive. Writing an event listener for unknown id

I've been building out the functionality for this UI. These are a pair of tabs I want to write a listener for, to make my js unobtrusive. It was blocking me from going forward. Now that I'm ...

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Zurb Foundation Accordion Nested Inside Accordion

I'm using Zurb Foundation for a responsive website. I'd like to get an accordion nested inside an accordion using the following HTML structure: <ul class="accordion"> <li ...

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onclick event for a dynamically created div

I am using a jQuery audio player plugin called Soundmanager2 It dynamically ads play buttons in the DOM. I am trying to ad onclick event for this button. html <div class="ui360"><a ...

2 answers | 47 mins ago by curved on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Fullcalendar refetch events callback

Currently using fullcalendar.io In the documentation, it has calendar.fullCalendar('refetchEvents') that refetch all the events from the server. In short, I want ...

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Trigger opening of a Zurb Foundation Accordion via URL hash link

I'd really like to be able to "activate" / "open" a Zurb Foundation Accordion via the URL with the accordion pane in questions hash. So like example.com/page#accordion1 Is this possible already with ...

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How does jQuery .data() work?

I want to use .data() in my application. The examples are helpful, but I do not understand however where the values are stored. I inspect the webpage with Firebug and as soon as .data() saves an ...

3 answers | 54 mins ago by kazanaki on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How can i set ul background image fadeIn with CSS3?

I have an Unordered List in my page. Each li elements displayed with CSS3 rotate animation. I want to set background image with FadeIn effect just after li animation finished. I write "addbg" Class ...

1 answers | 55 mins ago by keykan on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Submit <ul> list as parameter array in Rails 4 form, adding params values to params hash using javascript

I have a Rails 4 form that builds a list of parts using AJAX on the form page. Once the list of parts is built in the <ul> I want to submit the list as an array of values in a parameter in the ...

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How do I declare so that the default tab will be highlighted in jquery mobile UI

I'm new to jquery. I'm creating an app UI with jquery mobile. I got this sample from their web on mobile tabstrips. How do I declare so that the default tab will be under 'loans Due' and its tab will ...

3 answers | 1 hour ago by Et Andrea on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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jquery-mobile: turn off theming for desktop

I'm using jquery-mobile for a Google Apps Script that I want to load as a web app but also as a dialog/sidebar in Sheets. In the script I use jquery-mobile's grid support, so I require its css & ...

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AjaxToolkit FileUpload didn't show dropzone or Select button at version 7.1213

I got a problem with AjaxToolkit fileupload in lastest version 7.12.13 It's show nothing in IE , Firefox or Chrome. With old version. 4.1 or 7.0312. I can see it work well. I want to use new ...

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Developing Website with Expanding/Contracting sections/bars while scrolling to navigate?

I'm doing a website as a way to venture into web development. The developer I was doing the website with dropped the project after coding a little bit of it in ruby, leaving me at a loss for what to ...

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Why are the two divs not hidden in smaller devices using media queries

I have this CSS :- @media only screen and (max-width: 480px) { .adsleft , .adsright { display:none !important; } } @media only screen and (max-width: 360px) { .adsleft , .adsright { ...

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no working jquery dialog when press Enter key

ggg <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.10.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <form action="" id="formID" name="formID" > <input type="text" ...

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Disable some of the elements of getEditResponseUrl(); to make it uneditable

I have made a tool that stores ticket number and some details handovered by and to other team members. In that process i used Google Form to submit the handover and Google Spreadsheet as database. ...

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jQuery carry var through functions

Note: This was merely a syntactical error question. I have a var array that I've created here: function(){ var arr = {}; ... } Below that, I've created a jQuery function: ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by David on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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JQuery UI Datepicker | Output selected date in input date field from popup window

Here's the challenge: 1) [Done] Input date field needs to be disabled with a Choose Date button that fires a modal 2) [Done] JQuery Datepicker needs to appear in a modal when the user clicks Choose ...

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