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Change div background color after click

I'm new in jQuery. How can I change the div.card-header background color when I click on the button (.selectBtn) ? I have several box like this. <div class="col-md-4"> <div class="card ...

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I'm trying to create a gallery at the bottom of my page, why aren't my lightbox2 images in next to each/in rows?

been trying to create a gallery at the bottom of my pages to finish my latest website but for some reason they're on separate lines instead of next to each other. HTML: <section ...

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Changes to updated CSS file do not take effect

I have the following haml file in my ROR application, which I am trying to implement typography and font changes to via CSS for the portion of text under #index_orders. However, when I've implemented ...

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Dropdown issues losing value “0” after selection of first

Below is some code I'm currently working with that populates a second dropdown based on the value of the first dropdown selection. Everything works as planned except, when I select something in the ...

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preventDefault() on an <a> tag

I have some html/jquery that slides a div up and down to show/hide it, when a link is clicked: <ul class="product-info"> <li> <a href="#">YOU CLICK THIS TO SHOW/HIDE</a> ...

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How to create a custom icon using mapplace.js

I have created the following simple Map using mapplace.js: FIDDLE HERE. The JS code is Below: $(function() { new Maplace({ locations: [{ lat: '25.217665', lon: '55.2479501', ...

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jQuery Validate Remote redirect page on false

I am using jQuery Validate remote to check a php file and see if an email address is already in use. It works fine, however, I need it to redirect to a new page IF the email typed in already exists or ...

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Resize jHtml text area

I would like to resize jHtml TextArea just like normal text area , so is there any way for resizing. Following is the code for creating jHtml Textarea. Here is the HTML code: <table ...

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Open new print dialog window with different HTML content

In order to open a print dialog for the current page we do something like so: <a href="javascript:window.print()">Print</a> How to make a link in the current page that will open the ...

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What's the best way to load a script from a file?

I have an application where I load a div via an ajax call, or with jquery $('#cont').load("something.html"); <div id="cont"> </div> something.html looks like: <script ...

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Find and Replace HTML Strings. Ignore URLs

I have written a basic script to search the DOM for strings and replace. But in it's current state, it will affect URLs of links too. For example replacing "example" with "my example" would break the ...

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add tr immediately after the button

I want to let user add another input file immediately next down the button, so he can select and send "x" number of files Ive been using these answers while searching with no luck ...

3 answers | 19 mins ago by Rhopercy on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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jQuery validator - Cannot call method 'call' of undefined error - while adding validation dynamically

This is my code to update the jQuery validation dynamically. In document load i create the validation. This code is used to update the phone number validation dynamically. After apply this validation, ...

6 answers | 25 mins ago by Anbu Raj on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to scrape Youtube subscriptions

I'm trying to make a web tool that allows a user to input a URL (in this case, their YouTube subscriptions page) so that the tool can display the scraped data in a new format (in this case, just ...

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Add Auto Scroll to this flow Image Slideshow

I'm trying to get the slider on this template to automatically scroll through the images (and ideally loop back after it's reached the end): http://themes.themegoods2.com/core/ I've been fiddling ...

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Stop jQuery Ajax Success from preventing form submit

I am using jQuery validate with remote to check if an email address exists. Don't ask me why but I need it to redirect to a new page IF a match is found in the database (false), otherwise they should ...

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Javascript function call in Handlebar

I am trying to use a javascript function call that creates a d3 pie chart in handlebars template. Here is my script:- <style> #name { color: black; float: left; width: 34%; } ...

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Get and use url hash for server side display purposes

I am trying to get the hash value out of a url from client side and then use that value to determine how a menu should be displayed. This means I need to do 2 things: Get the hash value Set my ...

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Rails 4 / jQuery: Need entry of value in a form input to autofill other inputs

Using simple_form, I'm trying to get the entry of an id input (team_id) to autofill a couple of the other inputs (team_city and team_name) in a form creating a new team_game. I've gone through every ...

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Jquery slider does not work bxslider

I am trying to implement bxslider on a webpage and it does not work. code: <ul class="bxslider"> <li><img src="{url href='images/icon_telefon.png'}"></li> ...

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Error in Accessing exrenal database file using ajax call in Phonegap app

I am developing Phonegap app in which I am accessing a database hosted on another server with ajax calls. its working fine in local, but when I make APK and run that app it generates 404 Error. ...

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PhoneGap AJAX Calls NOT Working - December 2015

Cross posted here: http://community.phonegap.com/nitobi/topics/jquery-ajax-calls-all-of-the-sudden-do-not-work This is a completely new bug as of the past week or two. Basically, I have an ajax call ...

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DataTables: Sorting table by columns, fixed i++ value?

<thead> <tr> <th class="nosort">#</th> <th>Name</th> <th>Age</th> <th>Location</th> </tr> </thead> I have table and ...

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I want to display a waiting animation while my php page is fetching data from the server

Here in my application i need to display a waiting animation while my php page is fetching data from the server... As it is taking more time to do the manipulations... Can any one help me out with ...

2 answers | 52 mins ago by Raviraja on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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g:message with arguments inside Javascript / jQuery not working as expected

I had an issue where String arguments were being truncated to the first character in our g:message tags (longs/integers seemed to be fine). Ultimately, I figured out we were not calling g:message ...

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How to trigger a change, caused by the .val() function

I want to trigger an action, if an input field is changed. The field gets chnaged by another js function (na way, to mod that one). So I tried this: $('body').on( "focusout propertychange change ...

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Javascript: why is my instant search function running lagging, how to improve?

The demo below is the instant search function I build, just like google search, printing out result right after the user's input. When testing, it runs smoothly on localhost, but on the web, it runs ...

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Javascript code running fine until put into a function

I have taken some source code from here to submit a form using AJAX. The form is basically taking some information from a user and putting it into a database via PHP. The code I have works, but given ...

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Highcharts plotLines with multiple xAxis and yAxis

I have a chart with multiple xAxis and yAxis. I want to have multiple plotLines on the xAxis, but each plotLines doesn't stay on it's course. Here's the fiddle. Click on All to see what I mean. The ...

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SVG element, JQuery, Javascript. mousedown event not firing

Looking at the code on http://www.tutorialspoint.com/html5/html5_svg.htm Trying to run: document.addEventListener('mousedown', function () { var elem = event.target || event.srcElement; ...

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