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How to control the speed of js nav scrolling

Hey Guys I found this really useful java script sticky side nav, and it works great! I don't much about js, i was just wondering if there was away to slow down the scrolling? function ...

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Cannot modify content of iframe, what is wrong?

I am trying to modify content of an iframe but it does not work. This is my main.html <html> <head><title>Main page</title> <script ...

3 answers | 2 mins ago by Slay on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Not able to get my if else statement logic to work

I've been working on making a basic little image carousel in jQuery. Currently at the moment I am stuck on the if else logic inside of my changeImage function. When the user clicks on the "next" ...

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How do you append a string to an image url?

I feel really stupid for asking this question, but I have been looking every for an answer but couldn't find the code I was looking for. All I would like to do is add a string to an existing image ...

1 answers | 6 mins ago by Ryan Perez on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to disable creating new tags with select2 v4.0?

I've been trying out the new Select2 v4.0 which has a lot of improvements. I'm mainly interested in the tags feature. I want to be able to search for tags via ajax and only be able to select a tag ...

1 answers | 13 mins ago by tftd on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to prevent touch screen scrolling for input elements?

I have a modal on top of a scrollable document body and I want to prevent scrolling of the document body when I pan my finger on the modal. $(document).on('touchstart touchmove', function(e){ ...

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no hashtag in url jquery accordion

below is an accordion code which works perfectly. i don't want to use hashtag as it breaks our current sites. is there a way to use a no hashtag url with accordion? I tried using "?" however, it ...

1 answers | 19 mins ago by Menew on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Javascript debugging: How to set breakpoint on the actrual event handler code?

Is there any way to let Chrome Debugger break when run into different Javascript file? Because I'm debugging an legacy web app, tons of js file, this feature will help me to find the event handler ...

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Validating ReCaptcha dynamically with Javascript

I'm trying to validate ReCaptcha dynamically. ReCaptcha validation needs to send a POST request. This is how I want to make it work: Javascript sends a POST request to a PHP file in my server and ...

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jQuery using .filter( ) for .addClass( )

I am trying to use .filter() to .addClass() inputs and selects that are under .this-class Unfortunately my code below is not working. Any ideas how this should work? $('.this-class').filter('input', ...

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Jqvmap error path is undefined -> path.currentFillColor = this.selectedColor;

Im working with jqvmap.com , a JQVMap is a jQuery plugin that renders Vector Maps. Firebug tells me an error = TypeError: path is undefined -> path.currentFillColor = this.selectedColor; (complete ...

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Sortable & Droppable issue with 'connectToSortable' drops DOM structure

I'm creating a a tool to build a form builder of sorts using jQuery UI .draggable, .sortable and .droppable features. The tool itself's does the following: Includes a list of component in which ...

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Show Checkbox Values In Alert Box

I'm working on an assignment and have hit a wall. I'm trying to display the check box values for toppings in the alert box pop-up screen once submitted. The text box and radio values appear but check ...

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Two drop down list, second one populated with values in database

I need to make two drop down lists. Let's say the first one containing food categories: Ice Cream, Pizzas, Noodles, Milkshakes. So if I pick ice cream the second drop down list would contain: ...

1 answers | 26 mins ago by hzq on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Javascript loads only refresh. Trying to connect html with javascript

im making a project with jquery mobile im creating an app. Basically its when you click on the menu Calendar icon it should redirect you to javascript calendar event. But calendar shows only after ...

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set option to <select> using jquery with values acquired from ajax

I have a <select> tag with no <option> and I want to append values that has been queried with ajax. I used this method because my <select> tag is inside a bootstrap modal. How am I ...

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Websocket or Long Polling (using AJAX) to detect Changes in Database using PHP

My Research I have spent hours researching all over Google and SO about Websockets and Long Polling, their pros and cons etc but am yet to find a clear solution to this. I have read more articles on ...

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Creating separate arrays from TH data in different tables

I'm having a bit of an issue with some JS/JQuery. I am using some script to create an array from the data within the <TH> tags, then doing some formatting of that data to create new content and ...

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Make a div position relative to another that is static

I'm trying to make a fullscreen site, also responsive, but on smaller screens the elements in the container overflow making it not 100% it varies depending on how many items are in it. Using: ...

1 answers | 43 mins ago by Taj Melic on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Form option value=“” array with Chosen jquery plugin

I'm using the Chosen plugin. The plugin is working properly but I need to create an <option value=""></option> that combines multiple values into one option. Current code: <select ...

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on change of div based drop down jquery

I have a drop down based on a JSON Object and the purpose of this to render a drop down box. var Regions = { "ErrorInfo": { "Success": true, ...

1 answers | 45 mins ago by nick_leeson on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Truthy and falsey value (jQuery object)

I am implementing a function to check/uncheck radio buttons. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title></title> <script src = ...

2 answers | 53 mins ago by user3421311 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Make ajax call with controller and action names

On my MVC _layout page I have a button that drops down a panel with an iframe in it. It uses C# with Razor I want to fill the iframe with the contents of another html page to display help for the ...

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How to Refactor an animation function out of a loop to appease jshint errors?

So I found this example on stack overflow about how to animate a checkmark in canvas. Animating a checkmark or just check out the fiddle Problem now is that my IDE is highlighting the function ...

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Javascript: Process each letter of text

I would like to alert each individual letter of a string, but I am unsure how to do this. So, if I have: var str = 'This is my string'; I would like to be able to separately alert T, h, i, s, etc. ...

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myFunction is not defined

in my scriptfile.js I layout a simple text re-sizing function. On its own, the function works as expected. However, when I try to add $(window).resize(fitheadliner()); to my scriptfile to fire the the ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by Chris on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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how do i add extern file to google closure compiler for minification and prevent jquery names from being minified

I have this link for extern file: https://github.com/google/closure-compiler/blob/master/contrib/externs/jquery-1.9.js How do i include it into google closure compiler. ...

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Moving the img element up the dom for multiple blog posts

Hi there I would like to do the following: I am currently using business catalyst as my framework. They have a blog module that gives little no customization, in terms of blog lists. They have a ...

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How to make mp3 file playable in fileupload field in javascript

I am having a problem in my file upload . I already uploaded file . But what I want to do is . I want to do is I want to display image preview of uploaded file while I edit it . I mean when I drop ...

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jQuery Wookmark Plug-in API dosent work when the json loads from my server

I am trying to work with the jQuery Wookmark Plug-in API, when I calling the original json from this URL http://www.wookmark.com/api/json/popular it works fine I copied the content and put it on my ...

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