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Setting loop on a slider

I'm trying to set a loop on a slider but it would always stop on the last slider. Please help. jsfiddle function slideSwitch() { var $active = $('div#slideshow .active'); var $next = ...

2 answers | 1 min ago by vyt45 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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jQuery error when using $window.load

I have the following code that works inside a document ready event: jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $('tr[data-name="background_colour"] input.wp-color-picker').each(function() { ...

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Why my post method in jquery mobile is not working?

This code is not working. The post method in jquery is not sending data... What is wrong? I'm trying to send the select element data to the index file by the help of jquery post method, but it is not ...

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Jquery datepicker() focus

I've got some screens that are turning date input fields into datepickers using jquery's datepicker(). I've also got a script that runs through the page and focuses the first input field. What I would ...

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How to Click Param tag in jquery?

I want to click a param tag which is inside a embded tag I have googling but didn't find answers. Please can any one help me? My code which is using: <object ...

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AngularJS -> selecting DOM elements rendered by AngularJS

I have implemented a directive which generates html table's columns and rows, also it assigns an id for a table using {{}}. I need to run some jQuery function to add additional behavior to the table. ...

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Hide JavaScript at a smaller screen

I am setting up my website to be responsive, and I want to know how to hide my livechat JavaScript when the screen size is smaller than 700px. My current livechat JavaScript is function ...

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jQuery Revolution Slider and Isotope plugins conflict

I've searched through this forum and, although there are quite a few questions / answers re. jQuery conflicts, I just can't sort out a solution to this. I've hooked up 2 jQuery plugins to a HTML ...

3 answers | 15 mins ago by Mekong on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Save Images In Parse using JavaScript

I am able to store strings, and numbers in Parse, but I am experiencing issues storing images in Parse. Essentially, a user selects an image from their gallery and that image is inserted inside an ...

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Slideshow (FlexSlider) Issue on Shopify Site

First time here on Stackoverflow and hoping to get an answer to what's going on with a FlexSlider issue on a clients Shopify site. Here's the reference link: http://fourflours.com. Notice all looks ...

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Custom page slide transition for PhoneGap App without any UI Frameworks

I need a custom page slide transition for my new PhoneGap Project, Please help me to how to create a custom page slide transition using html5, css3 and javascript Thanks advance..

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how to get class from jquery datatable row object?

I have a jquery datatable row: table = $('#reports').DataTable() row = table.row(rowIndex) How do I get the html class from it? (it is striped and I want to find out if it is odd or even. I have ...

2 answers | 19 mins ago by Joelio on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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jSon file converted to html table in JS (jQuery), Tablesorter doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?

I've tried many things, searched docs, forums and such without success. I'm writing a cloud file server table of reports (can't run php). Web page table is sourced from a json file (lint = good). It ...

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Using popstate to access page

I hope someone can help me understand more about using the history api and popstate. I have been doing vast amounts of reading and I totally understand how to update a url using this functionality of ...

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Dont resolve promise until after images load

The below is supposed: loop through a group of img tags grab each tag's src url convert it to a base64 encoded string using a HTML 5 canvas once all images have been converted, the promise should be ...

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ASP.NET MVC how to save List<string> values to database

I have a form which has some fields that I have set as List in my class. I checked code using browser developer tools and realized something, each textbox field has the id of the database field which ...

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Bootstrap tooltip not showing right when aligned to the right

This is the tooltip I have now and it works fine: But what I do really need is to align it to the right. So, when I .pull-right it looks like this: This is may html: <div ...

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Javascript/jQuery: toggle (vjs-fade-out) when userActive value changes (video.js)

I am using video.js to create a player that needs to be played on multiple devices. I have an custom (return to menu) button that is placed on top right corner of the video. I need to add/remove ...

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HTML select POSTing text instead of value for <option> selected

For some reason, a form I am submitting via POST is sending the option text rather than the option value for a form. This is my select declaration: <select name = "newfreq"> <option ...

2 answers | 46 mins ago by Beeb on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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multipleSelect() not working properly on dynamically added <select>

I'm using the jQuery Multiple Select library by wenzhixin. If I try applying multipleSelect() to an element immediately after appending that element to the DOM, the multiple select appears blank ...

3 answers | 48 mins ago by Andrew on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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JQuery: read value from json

I have the following code: var Configuration = { conf : {}, buildConfig : function (){ var configugration = {}; configugration.supportedCountsInJSON = ...

2 answers | 52 mins ago by Rookie on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Bind on mouseover or hover to dynamically generated elements

I need to bind a hover for items generated in the javascript. For example when I mouseover an icon element, a unique text would appear about that icon: for (var i = 0; i < items.length; i++) { ...

1 answers | 56 mins ago by jenn on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Internet Explorer (IE11) not saving specifc object value returned from GET

I'm experiencing a rather weird issue where IE (IE11) is having trouble saving a variable returned from a GET, it's one specific variable. The other variables returned in the object are valid data and ...

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change multiple div background color when on hover using jquery

I have 4 blue div boxes in a tile like structure. I would like to change the color of the other 3 when the mouse hovers over the just one of boxes using jquery. This block of code does not seem to do ...

7 answers | 1 hour ago by D00ble on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to resize Twitter Bootstrap modal dynamically based on the content

I have database content which has different types of data, such as Youtube videos, Vimeo videos, text, Imgur pictures, etc. All of them have different heights and widths. All I have found while ...

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save changes in table with ajax created field

I'm setting up an ajaxy form in which an administrator should be able to click an add button ( + ) to add a new entry into a mysql table and make that input editable. The add button works to add a new ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by Bob Meetin on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Firefox css display issues

I'm currently making a website using polymer elements like code-header-panel, paper-tabs etc. I have multiple <section> tags in my markup which I want to display and hide on specific paper-tab ...

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jQuery: FadeIn/To and SlideDown new element

Here is the one line of code I use to push a new row to my container: this.$el.append(new ItemView(item).render().el); Where item is a Backbone.js model, render() creates and/or modifies the object ...

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Keep Hover attribute with Pointer-event: none

I have a button underneath a background image. To make the button clickable, I added a "pointer-event: none". However, I also want a sprite image, where I change the background image on hover, which ...

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How do I put specific words into their own div class using jQuery? (making a Chrome extension)

I am making a chrome extension, and I want to find all occurrences of a certain word, and put them inside a new div class so I can change them with CSS. Right now my content.js file looks like this: ...

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