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target href in section MAIN

I am developing a web application and I am having a problem with a menu in the header. I explain better: my page is divided like this: <div> <header> <font color=white ...

3 answers | 17 secs ago by lungo86 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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displaying a different background when a radio button is checked css and knockout

I've seen some tricks to change the background color (or other css attributes) on a group of radio buttons. Here is some html <div class="myclass col-xs-3"> <input type="radio" ...

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Using Toggle Button to Update Value

I have this check box which helps me to send a value to the controller: @Html.CheckBoxFor(m => m.sendvalue, htmlAttributes: new { @id = "sendvalue" }) I'm having trouble figuring out how to ...

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How to submit a form using ajax in struts application

I'm running a struts application. I want to run an ajax function before submitting the form. For this, i want to call the ajax function on clicking submit button and then call the form.submit() from ...

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safari - jquery - ajax 500 internal server error

I have created an jquery ajax call and it is working fine in Chrome, firefox and IE. Where as in Safari, it is giving 500 internal server error in the response. I though it could be due to an ...

4 answers | 2 mins ago by Raghav on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Running a jQuery function on all divs with different values but same class name

What I'm trying to do is run a jQuery function that converts a number score into a bar rating system using the score as a percentage to set the width of the bar. The divs and the scores inside of the ...

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Jquery $.Deferred Not Passing Parameters

I need to combine three methods: An AJAX to check the existence of a code If the code exists, confirm whether to overwrite Overwrite I've written three methods that return a $.Deferred in order to ...

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JQUERY: loading interdependent select lists code finished but minor tweak needed

Country Region Town I manually choose one value from the 1st select list. So the second select list gets populated alright You would expect the third one automatically to be preloaded too, but that ...

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Jquery hiding my elements

I'm running into a very strange issue with elements disappearing from my page. I have a site that displays around 100 "cards", with different characteristics. I have filters on the right side of the ...

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How to disable rubber band in iOS web apps?

This: $('body').on('touchmove', function(e) { e.preventDefault(); }); Works, but will disable scrolling throughout the whole page, which is far from ideal. This: $('*').on('touchstart', ...

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Unable to get hidden form value into javascript variable

I have a form with several fields. The value of one of the hidden fields is passed in the URL along with some other input values like this: ...

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How to rotate an image with jQuery?

I'm trying to rotate an image with jQuery on version 1.8.2. I can't change this version. Here is what I've tried: $("#test").css("-webkit-transform","rotate(-90deg)") ...

2 answers | 5 mins ago by bobbystouket on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Button functionality malfunctions when added to AngularJS app

I have a button which functions perfectly fine outside of my Angular app. When I try to add it to my app, its functionality breaks. HTML <body ng-app="app"> <div ...

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bootstrap nav bar links not working

I can't get links to outside the index page to work in the nav menu. The last link pointing to about.php outside the index page will not work but when I right click on it and open link in another page ...

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Trigger jquery function on tab load? None of my attempts are working

I am using the responsivematchheight jquery script to equalize divs in five different tabs. The active tab works perfectly, but when I change the tab, the script does not fire. I've tried using ...

2 answers | 6 mins ago by BlueTabby on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Bootstrap - div over div slideup

I can't get my head around this one: I'm creating a mobile webapp with bootstrap. So what I have is a container with a navbar, some divs and again a pill-nav below: <div class="container"> ...

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Highcharts tips ? How can I add a class or an id to an Hichcharts DOM component?

I want to : Display a tooltip when an xAxis title is hovered. Trigger functions when a legend element is selected/unselected. Trigger functions when a click is triggered on a rect html element. ...

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How to upload image with Jasny's bootstrap imagepreview?

I'm trying to use Jasny's Bootstrap. This is nice work! I coudn't find solution for bootstrap upload image on page http://jasny.github.com/bootstrap/javascript.html#fileupload With ...

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html dropdown option background color issue in chrome Browser

I have web based application in MVC4 which having a drop down with 302 records. On drop down item selection I have set color like Gray. But that Gray color will spread in whole Drop down including ...

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Add attribute with nested entries in D3.js

I have use d3.nest() for group by row values Code is like this function createNestingFunction(propertyName){ return function(d){ return d[propertyName]; }; } var levels = ...

1 answers | 10 mins ago by Amit Rana on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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ajax request not running success funciton

I have the following function: function loadRoles(){ console.log("load roles"); var data = { "fn" : "rLoad", "projectID" : sProject, "ajax" : "true" }; $.ajax({ type: "GET", url: ...

3 answers | 10 mins ago by Jamie McAllister on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Storing Jquery reference

Is it possible to store the reference to an element in an array or object without having a unique ID on the element? I am having trouble with storing a subtable in another table so I can reference it ...

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Parse JSON and extend a listview with the data in jQuery mobile

I want to fetch some data from my server and append a jQuery-Listview, which doesn't work. I get this error in the Chrome-Console when testing it: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token i The ...

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jquery code is not working in IE11 when a control is having runat=server

i am creating an asp.net application which uses jquery as well. my application is working perfectly in chrome but not in IE. <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <meta ...

1 answers | 14 mins ago by Subhashini Chigicherla on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Absolute position of button centered but now full width

I have fixed this issue before on a previous project but have totally forgotten how i resolved it so thought I would see if anyone knows of the top of their heads :) I absolute position a button at ...

1 answers | 15 mins ago by James on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Jquery UI issues on Sidebar uses translate3d to hide the element along the sidebar

I'm having trouble using the jquery UI, to drag and drop elements in a given target. The problem begins when shooting the drag elements of the sidebar, as the sidebar uses translate to hide the ...

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Creating DOM elements in jQuery

Let's say we have the following JavaScript/jQuery code below function createElement(i, value) { return $('<div>', { id: "field" + i, text: value}); } I have a div with an id of ...

2 answers | 17 mins ago by Jay Sun on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Get text from child div

I have a <div> where I have three tabs in it. Within the <div> all three tabs have their own <div>. I want to log the name of the tab every time a user clicks on it. This is the ...

6 answers | 18 mins ago by Elroy on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Bootstrap X-Editable extension for bootstrap table

I have this boostrap table that is populated with a .json file generated by ajax/php, all works fine, but im looking to implement X-Editable plugin, to be able to edit this table, since the table is ...

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Can I add search plug-in to DataTable on fly?

I use DataTables 1.10.6 (https://datatables.net/) on ASP.NET MVC project. In JavaScript I initialize DataTable: var tableApiObj = $('#tableSelector').DataTable({ 'paging': false, ...

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