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Can I make previous pages to behave as new ones in a single page app?

I am developing a single page HTML app with data-role pages. I don't want previous pages to act like I've already opened them when I visit them again, can you help me? EDIT:I am referring to the ...

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DatePicker in Firefox

I know similar and identical questions have been asked before but none have gotten the answer I need. I have a form where users enter a date. Obviously it is better for the UX that they have a ...

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Sharepoint: How to hide a SharePoint list from some users?

I have a Sharepoint hosted list which I want to hide from some user by using code. Not hide from browser. Cause I want the admin can access to it and change something when they need. And the entire ...

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Adding variables into an ajax header parameter

So this seemed like a simple task but spent already over an hour on this. I just want to pass a variable into the ajax header parameter. For some reason this is causing alot of problems. Im getting ...

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If javascript snippet is unused it blocks other javascript from working

I use the following code to have a fixed header on scroll. On the pages it is used, other javascript works without a problem, but on the pages I don't have the class "top" and don't use the fixed ...

3 answers | 4 mins ago by coder on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Chart doesn't show up on mobile app

I am using PhoneGap to build a mobile app and one of the pages needs to display a chart and I am using Chart.js. I am using the following code but the chart doesn't appear and gives me an empty ...

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Not being able to call a jquery plugin method

So im practising my jquery/javascript skills. I basically created a website that contains a image plugin (PgwSlider) and the google maps jquery plugin . I have included 4 images in the image plugin so ...

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JavaScript - Fire event when innerHTML or attributes change

I found a jQuery calendar that has the ability to scroll through months and I would like to fire an event every time the month changes so I can add event listeners to every td element in the table ...

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What is the relation between Perspective, translateZ, rotate3d, and no. of faces

I am referring the this post for 3d transformations. So I am trying to set the perspective property of .container dynamically such that the adjacent faces should appear perpendicular to front face ...

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jQuery Validate not showing all error messages at once, only displaying one at a time

I've searched the web and read through the jQuery Validate Docs and I'm not finding out what I'm doing wrong. I apologize in advance if I've posted too much code or not enough - let me know what I can ...

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How to determine and apply “…” on last word within visible div height?

I have a overflow: hidden; div with a lot of text and with an css inline defined height. This means that X amount of words are visible within that given height. Is it possible to determine what the ...

2 answers | 11 mins ago by user1231561 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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jQuery click alternative for mobile devices

I am using jQuery click event for toggling my navigation bar. The code I am using is something like this: $('.nav-button').on('click', function () { $('.navigation, ...

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How to change the display popup window in the “AreYouSure” plugin

I have a form and I hope to show a popup message if a user changed some controls but did not click the Save button. I hope to use the Jquery AreYouSure plugin available here: ...

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Compile directive within controller and return html to DataTable's render function

For performance resins I am using a JQuery DataTable inside my controller without attaching it to the model. I need to be able to compile the directive inside the controller and return the html to the ...

1 answers | 20 mins ago by A. Rose on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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jquery text highlights with html preservation

I am trying to create jquery which will allow to highlight selected text by mouse including several selection (e.g. three separate sections). Currently I have the following code: [a ...

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Glitch in drop-down menu

There's a glitch on the website i'm making www dot rob soliman dot com. When you scroll over the menu items really fast, the drop down glitches. Is there anyway to fix this. Please help! Thank you!

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Cannot compare hour:minute date in javascript, why?

I have a table with some Amazon products and some prices. I can show the prices only when the offer is live, so in a time range. The table is something like this: <table class="amazon-table" ...

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How can i get tag content in mvc

I want to get content of two tags when i click on a special tag. How can I get "Lorem product" and "$23.00" when i click on tag a <a class="btn" href="#">...</a> thanks. <div ...

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How do I prevent vue.js from overwriting jQuery bindings in components?

I am implementing vue.js in an existing project and bound the vue instance on the body tag with an id of "app". So far so good, jQuery and Vue.js playing along really well. However, the moment I ...

1 answers | 28 mins ago by santacruz on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Onchange ,Arrow key up,down works in FF & Chrome but not work in IE

It is my jquery code <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"> $(document).ready(function() { $("#tasks").hide(); $("select#categories").change(function(){ ...

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How to remove / hide the links on top of the name of the list?

Everytime you open an item you can see navigation links on top of the page that lets you go back to the list. Is there a way to hide those links? (cant post images so I added the screenshots links): ...

1 answers | 34 mins ago by Rey Toro on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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jQuery disable previous next buttons

On a blogger blog I have two arrow shapes(div with border) with id left1 and right1 for navigation. I am using jQuery on click to simulate click on 'previous post' and 'newer post'with id prevorig ...

1 answers | 38 mins ago by swapna on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to tell which row number is clicked in a table?

I have a table like the following: <table> <tr> <td>1</td><td>1</td><td>1</td> </tr> <tr> ...

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CSS media queries and JavaScript window width do not match

For a responsive template, I have a media query in my CSS: @media screen and (max-width: 960px) { body{ /* something */ background:red; } } And, I made a jQuery function on resize to log ...

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How to select complete text in a div or input field when user long press on it in mobile devices

I have been trying for last 2 days to achieve this. I am trying to display some text on a div. When user long press on div, the complete text in the div should be selected. As we know mobile devices ...

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Ajax error when using sqlite plugin in phonegap

I'm making a phonegap app which reads json data from external server via ajax. I need to load and save data in a sqlite database. Native sqlite generates an callback function error about which I asked ...

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Every time I click checkbox it takes checked state

Let me be specific when I click checkbox it takes checked state (I have 2 check box) the first one is correct and second one is incorrect, if I click first one and after click second one but after I ...

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Iterating over collection from $.getJSON and pushing new objects into an array leaves array empty

I am getting some json data from a remote url and iterating over each item in the collection and in the process creating new objects from the data and pushing them into a new array function ...

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.stopPropagation() is TOO thorough :/

I have some code. Basically the entire DIV is clickable, but I need ONE button within that DIV to perform a different function to the rest of the DIV, I've tried .stopPropagation() but it's TOO ...

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how to resolve jquery mobile panel bug

i am trying to create a mobile app with jquery mobile, i have been able to do it successfull, but during testing on a mobile phone i notice that when i try make my panel slide out it gives me a bug. ...

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