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applying required field validation on drop down and date picker in jsp page

I have a jsp page,I want that a user won't be able to submit the form ,until he has not chosen a value from dropdown list and have not chosen any date from calendar.My codefor jsp is- <html> ...

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How to show vertical middle advertisement (Window height 50%) in dynamic content

I need to achieve the vertical middle advertisement between the dynamic content (Content including with images and tables). I have to incorporate some tricky placements for this advertisement. (Note: ...

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Jquery binding loop variable to getJSON function

I have a for loop that GETs a json array and populates it in a table along with another list's variables. My problem is I am not able to access i inside the get method. But I have mylist and all its ...

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jQuery: Load Image as base64 string

I have an AngularJS app. Now I try to load an Image (jpg, png) through jQuery and need to get the base64 string of the image. $.get(pathToImage, function(img){ // convert image to base64 }); ...

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Prevent form submit

I would like to set a js var to true but ONLY if the login data is correct, NOT IF the form is valid(fields empty .. ) how can i do that? I'm using the jQuery validation plugin and i modified the ...

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Parse json from an external site with JavaScript

I am trying to parse some json on an external site but I am having trouble. It must be with JavaScript or JQuery, as it is for a chrome extension. To get to the point: I need to get the number from an ...

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Annotation showing on multiple pages

I have added annotator.js to some html pages. Im also using the offline plugin for annotator.js. The problem is that an annotation from one page still loads on another. I have used code that is ...

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converting a DIV to base64

How do I convert items inside a DIV to base64? See examle FIddle html: <div id="img2b64"> <img src="http://indianapublicmedia.org/stateimpact/files/2013/01/apple-image-300x300.jpg"> ...

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Making a <span> appear in a dynamically-added <li>

I'm using HTML, CSS and jQuery to build a shopping list in which items are dynamically added to the list through an <input> field. It's still very much work in progress but here is what it ...

1 answers | 4 mins ago by Lucy Mac on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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CSS: How to change z-index value after scrolling down past 1200 pixels (in height)?

I have a fixed navigation bar with a few divs in it and I want my logo div to appear after the user scrolls down 1200 pixels in height on my website. I want to do this by increasing the css z-index ...

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Couldn't find User with 'id'=finishing_step

Hey guys could some one help me out with the error above..i just can not get why im getting that error and also in case of any help please help me highlight in my code why the code below can not save ...

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Datatables (jQuery plugin) doesn't work on my jsp page

I want to include datatables in my portlet which works already fine without datatables. I tried several times to add it in my JSP page but it doesn't work. I get as output a normal html table. So ...

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Change attributes from ajax inserted element

I want to change attributes for a newly added element. This is my code: $("#file-create-form").ajaxSubmit({ url: formURL, success: function(data){ $('#docdetailtable ...

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JQuery does not work but last element in all browsers

I am writing a web application for capturing applicant data. I am using JQuery for hiding and showing html tables. The code snippet is <script type="text/javascript" ...

2 answers | 8 mins ago by sdk on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Multiple attribute jQuery selector not working in IE8

Hi I am trying to get all hidden fields on page with jQuery which have class name that I specify and have value of true. For this I am using following jQuery selector ...

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Get height of a division tag in jQuery

My division tag with id "container" has the following style <style> #container { background: #000; width: 100%; height: 100%; } </style> I am retrieving the height and width ...

4 answers | 8 mins ago by DPH on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Create iDevice HTML5 web app installation screen?

I have looked around all over stackoverflow and the internet for an answer to this one, and have found nothing unfortunately. OpenAppMkt has just an installation screen that allows it to install web ...

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Append table row with check-box

my function: $("#btn2").click(function(){ var n = $( '#t01 tr' ).length; $("table").append("<tr><td><input type="checkbox" name="Check" value= ...

2 answers | 12 mins ago by Lukas Buchacher on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to attach jQuery plugin to dynamically generated element

I have bootstrap spinedit plugin. It works fine when I attach it for any existing element I have put below code in dom ready $('.spin').spinedit({ step: 5 }); But this is not working for ...

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Jquery UI Datepicker: Use both calender and dropdowns (outside calender)

I'd like to use Jquery UI Datepicker for a user to select a date from the calender. However, I also want the user to have to option to select the date from a dropdown: Obviously the two would work ...

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Issue on jQuery Ui Autocomplete From URL

Can you please let me know how I ca use the jQuery UI Autocomplete getting data from URL? currently I have a code which works fine foe me as: var data = [ {"label":"Aragorn", "actor":"Viggo ...

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I have an error with scrolltop jQuery

I have a this code function handleMessage(data) { var htmlCurrent = $("#private_messages").html(); htmlCurrent += "<b>" + data.from + ": </b>" + data.message+"<br>"; ...

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Upload fails in PHP using Malsup's jQuery File Upload Progress Bar

I am using Malsup's jQuery File Upload Progress Bar for visualizing progress bar while uploading files to server. I am using it now at present. I have got the following doubts in this plugin: 1) File ...

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Fetched object not just in the first level

I've the following code which is taking from the document the annotation, the problem is that it take only the first level of annotation but the annotation under the entity type are not fetched ? ...

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Hiding elements until load has been completed (ng-cloak isn't what I needed)

I'm writing an AngularJS application, but I'm quite new to it, so in the code below, please point out any issues that you have. I do have my AngularJS application defines like that: var ...

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adding rollover menu to images on page

I have 3 images inline. They are stored in span tags with class imgAvatar Above them there are 3 identical images ( delete buttons menu ) which are hidden from the beginning. these are stored in spans ...

2 answers | 16 mins ago by David on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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JSON string doesn't get processed with JQuery parseJSON() no error, no nothing

I've been checking around stackoverflow to see if there is similar problem, but noone seems to have it. I read field from mysql table where i have my JSON string. The string itself is in format: ...

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Loaded content loses charset(UTF-8) after Ajax .load(), but only in FireFox and IE. Chrome and Opera works fine

I have searched the web for days now and I can't seem to find a working solution. The problem is that I'm trying to load some data from another page on my domain. This page has the charset ISO-8859-1. ...

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Need to dynamically add a class to a table populated by json data and using bootstrapTable

I have managed to work out how to pull in data via json and populate a table with bootstraptable(). One of the columns is a city name - I want to make that a class on the td so that I can add the ...

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Vaadin vs jQuery UI

I'm starting a new Java project and it seems to me that the most prevailing UI technologies are jQuery UI vs Vaddin (or GWT). Is there any guidelines on how to choose the most appropriate UI ...

4 answers | 17 mins ago by jakstack on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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