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How to make bootstrap button dropdown menu selectable by keyboard

Bootstrap button dropdown: http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/components.html#buttonDropdowns When i select a button dropdown, i would like to use keyboard up/down to navigate between menu items and ...

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ow to add a cusotm class to a google.maps.polygon

I am creating a google.maps.Polygon, and would like to add a custom class to it. My statement to create thepolygon is myNewPolygon: myNewPolygon = new google.maps.Polygon({ draggable: true, ...

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Multiple images via Javascript?

I'm rather new to this and currently have two instances of: var img = new Image(); var div = document.getElementById('Latest_A'); img.onload = function() { Latest_A.appendChild(img); }; ...

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Removing and adding Classes on Dropdown Menus on Hover

I have a Navigation built that have drop down menus, HTML STRUCTURE LIKE SO <li class="c-header__subnav-item c-header__subnav-item-is-hidden c-header__subnav-item-is-visible-md"> <a ...

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“The state information is invalid for this page and might be corrupted”

My asp.net application has a master page, a content page and a user control. In the main master page there is a link which displays a fancybox as an iframe. The iframe has a form to login to the ...

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How can I send parameters to php script (with ajax) so that they will be included on the server side?

I have the following function: function myFunction () { $.getJSON('remote.php', function(json) { var messages = json; function check() { ... and I call ...

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Keeping slider open when rebinding grid using AJAX in asp.net webforms

I am using this slider on a page in my asp.net webforms application. The slider users jQuery to simply open and close a div on the page. The content in this slider div is an asp.net repeater that ...

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How to enable up and down arrow keys in bootstrap dropdown

Bootstrap 3 panel title contains dropdown using code below. If dropdown is opened, up and down arrows do not move between items. How to enable dropdown navigation using up and down arrow keys ? ...

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get current logged user name & its ID in sharepoint 2010 using jquery

I am not getting the current user name and id by this method why is anything wrong in it. $().SPServices({ operation: "GetUserInfo", async: false, userLoginName: ...

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WordPress Gallery Plugin - need a plugin

So, I have been given a design for a site that I wish to develop using WordPress. My problem however, is that the design of the gallery looks like the image attached to this question. My question is ...

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Why isn't my Scrollmagic/Greenstock animation working?

i just started working with scrollmagic, but i can't seem to get it functioning properly. I followed a simple tutorial to do a few animations on different sections. I'm not sure if didn't import the ...

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Crawler not posting to the database at all

I've been working around with this crawler for the past few days, as I want to save all the pots won at this website csblitz.com. I can't seem to find the error. I get no console errors, I targeted ...

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JQuery click event on ActionLink and append to a partial view

I've been stuck with this issue for two days.Thanks for everyone's help ahead. I would like to select a security group from the dropdown list and once click the actionlink, it will send the selected ...

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Dailymotion auto play not working on mobile devices

I have a video for website intro. I need it to be auto play .. its works fine on the desktop. but On IOS (Iphone4 and Iphone 6) Android (Samsung note 10 , note 1,2,3,4) Not working on all of these. ...

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A way to get the column of a value in the first row/header of a sheet?

So I am trying something out in Google Spreadsheet with GAS, Let's say I have a bunch of values in the the 1st row like so: | A | B | C | D | E | F | 1 | Apple | Orange | ...

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removing all options of select box except 1st option

I'm trying to empty select options when: id "mClick" is selected, id's "sClick", "cClick" and "srClick" will be emptied. id "sClick" is selected, id's "cClick" and "srClick" will be emptied. id ...

5 answers | 19 mins ago by user2035819 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Lining up the bottom of divs

I have 2 divs that only have the border-bottom, and a div in the middle, but bottom of the div in the middle doesn't line up with the 2 divs for some reason. How do I fix this? body { ...

3 answers | 22 mins ago by frosty on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How inspectlet and other services store user video sessions?

I was wondering how the services like http://www.inspectlet.com/, does store the video sessions, by the looks i don't thing it's a webRTC implementation. What i was able to figure out that there is ...

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Show Loading Image while processing Exec_Shell Script

I need to create a loader div with an image while script.sh is loading Here's my code: <?php if (isset($_POST['restartserver'])) { shell_exec("my-script.sh"); } ...

1 answers | 25 mins ago by Andrea Turco on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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how to have this spcific animatedModal.js load up on document.ready?

Ok, so, I'm attempting to use this modal plugin: http://joaopereirawd.github.io/animatedModal.js/ But I would like to have it come on page's appearance instead of clicking on it. So, I've varied on ...

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Find duplicate LI class names and group them in a UL using jQuery

I have a list of items, <ul class="testList"> <li class="a">Should be grouped in a UL with id name = a</li> <li class="b">2</li> <li class="c">Should be ...

5 answers | 28 mins ago by Greg on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Capture TAB keydown and trigger other keypress

I am trying to change the behaviour of selects in an html form. I would like that when a user navigates the form using the keyboard, if he is selecting an element and presses tab, the element is ...

1 answers | 29 mins ago by Ire on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Add “play” button to tosRus lightbox pop up

Can you help me out with adding a "play" button to a lightbox using the tosRus lightbox script? I've made a jsbin here as a concept jsbin lightbox the tosRus js ligthbox supports autoplay (link to ...

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jQuery, removing brackets from string

I have a string like (12.131883, -68.84942999999998) and with using .replace() I wish to remove the brackets, or get the values between the brackets. A simple latlon = latlon.replace('(',' '') is not ...

2 answers | 32 mins ago by Alvin Bakker on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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disable dynamic id buttons with jQuery

I'm using VB.Net, MVC 5, razor and jQuery. I have a razor view that creates buttons I'm trying to disable on the user click. I generally accomplish this task using jQuery: $('#id').prop("disabled", ...

1 answers | 36 mins ago by rogerdeuce on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Jump to next slide onClick

I have created a slider, with arrows, which works fine, but I need to add a link on the inner slide, which onclick, takes to the next slide. My code is as below. <script ...

2 answers | 41 mins ago by NKL on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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hubspot onFormReady populate form field

I have a hubspot form embedded on a page and i'm trying to pre-populate a field with jQuery. I want to use the text that is between an H2 tag with the class "djc_title" that is elsewhere in the page ...

1 answers | 45 mins ago by Matt Martin on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to query for ids and properties stored in object

So I'm storing checkbox data in an object that is stored with Parse.com. This is working correctly and is storing the object as follows: Object {c1: false, c2: false, c3: false} Where 'c1'=id of ...

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Backbone back button scroll issue

I am new to Backbone and everything was going well before decided to preserve scrollTop position between a long list of items and an item view. I managed to save the scroll position of the list and ...

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Rearrange divs with media query and javascript

Please take a look at http://jsfiddle.net/mrcjcfe7/19/ for a working layout. I have 3 columns (COL1, COL2 and COL3) I need to rearrange depending of screen width. The twist is I need to get COL3 ...

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