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How does the linker decide where the code execution will start from? [Embedded]

As beginner in embedded C programming I am very curious how every (every in my experience) program execution starts with main() function? It is like the linker recognizes the main() and puts the ...

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Arduino - Tone without delay

I'm trying to play a tone while changing something on an LCD display. I've searched around and tried protothreads, but it seems that the delay still blocks the program. I've also tried removing the ...

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Is hysteresis essential for a memory system or material?

I want to know whether its essential for a memory system or material to have hysteresis between two of its variable ? If Yes, what can be the general relation of volatility of a memory with its ...

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equivalent of arduino millis(); function (that return passed time) in pic microcontroller?

I have the same situation of this code it resolve my problem (this code blinks leds without using delay function that block the execution until a set time has passed) my question is there eny ...

1 answers | 53 mins ago by Bilal on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Android - Arduino Bluetooth communication

Hi Im new to android studio and java and was hoping to read data from arduino to android. The plan is to have the button widget on my interface to send signal to the arduino and have my flex sensor ...

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how to access all 4 ADC pins in mini2440 ?

I have mini2440 and I want to use all 4 ADC pins . pin # 9 from AIN0 is worked. but i need to access AIN1,2,3 (pin#10,11,12). How can i active these pins in Linux kernel config?

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Arduino softwareserial clashing with SPI?

I have an Arduino project that is using an nRF24l01+ radio module over SPI (using this library: http://tmrh20.github.io/RF24/) and an RFID reader over softwareserial. I am sleeping my Arduino and ...

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Accessing VM guest ARM Linux kernel data structures from the VM host

I have the following situation: a Linux OS (ARM) runs on a virtual platform, and a simple program is started within the OS with a breakpoint on a certain symbol. When this breakpoint is hit, we are in ...

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Looking for simple contains method when searching text in postgresql

Im new to the PostgreSQL world so I do apologize in advance for not knowing if there is an obvious answer to these questions. Basically I'm looking for two things. First a simple "contains" based ...

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Parsing serial string data into an array (VVVV to Arduino)

I'm currently working on an arduino project at University. Basically what I am trying to do is send a string of data from VVVV to arduino, however I need to parse the data into an array and I have ...

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Processing and PHP - Failing to upload file

I have a php server running on the root of this structure: NetworkedCat --> data --> script-cat.php index.html ...

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L1 Cach hits/misses to L2 Cash hits/misses

I have a very basic Q but could not find an answer to it. I'm using ARM DS-5 to capture stream line activities on MY BeagleBone board with Arm Cortex A8 processor. I need the following L1 Cash hits ...

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XBee end device in sleep mode communication with coordinator on Arduino board

What I want: To connect a stand alone end device XBee in sleep mode to a XBee coordinator attached to a sparkfun redboard (Arduino Uno). For this example, I am using Faludis wireless sensor networks ...

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Is there a way to draw a thermodynamic diagram analogous to an electrical schematic for simple ideal systems?

I have a small system in air (which should be part of the schematic), consisting of several cylinders within one another and contacting ideally at various spots. How do I model it as if it were an ...

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error: expected identifier before '(' token

It keeps on giving me the error: expected identifier before '(' token, on the if statements, I have tried switching a few things around but I cant seem to get rid of this error. Could anyone point me ...

1 answers | 12 hours ago by M. Howlett on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Arduino Leonardo Fails to Send Exactly 64 Bytes

When I try to send 64 bytes with my Leonardo, it doesn't appear until I send another one. If I try to send 63, they all appear. Here is a small test to show the issue. void setup() { // put your ...

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Compiling NEON code on an Odroid XU4

I have a ROS node that contains code generated by Matlab coder. This code has been generated to make use of the NEON instruction set on ARM Cortex A CPUs. I want to compile this code on a Hardkernel ...

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How do I get the current interrupt state (enabled, disabled or current level) on a MC9S12ZVM processor

I'm working on a project using a MC9S12ZVM family processor and need to be able to get, save and restore the current interrupt enabled state. This is needed to access variables from the main line ...

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How to read the list of gids a uid is associated in kernel space?

I've a Linux kernel driver which do some authentication based on gid. The driver will get uid as input. Now I need to get all gid this user is associated. For ex: $ id uid=1313(tuser) ...

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Upgrading Beagle Bone Black using an external microSD card (together with SSH)

I am trying to upgrade BBB to the latest version of Linux (on the microSD that is built in into the board). Here are my steps: Apply the image to an external microSD card Boot BBB using the external ...

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Hardfault handling - Arm Cortex-M0

I'm having some difficulty creating a hard fault handler for the NRF51 which has an ARM CortexM0. (note: the following code has been combined from different sources on the internet) Here's what I ...

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Simultanously Reading Two Analog Inputs with Arduino

We are simulating an oven. The potentiometer sets the desired temp and the sensor reads the current temperature of a little copper plate that is "the oven." Both the temp sensor are connected to ...

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Converting assembly instructions BL and B to binary

I am trying to understand how a binary containing binary codes get converted to assembly instruction. For example here is a example output from objdump for an ARM based application: 00008420 ...

2 answers | 14 hours ago by Sama Azari on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Crashes and strange behaviour when manipulating strings

My chip just stop doing anything. sometimes it prints good results, sometimes its not, i just cant understand whats wrong with this code( and generally any time you using Strings it happens ) void ...

1 answers | 15 hours ago by Curnelious on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Serial communication with arduino using nodejs

Im trying to control the arduino via using nodejs. My problem is that im trying to write an interger to the arduino but the value won't register. Can any1 help ? The node.js serial communication ...

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arduino gsm shield error 0

I have been trying to send a simple message using an arduino microcontroller and a gsm shield but it keeps getting an error 0. Here is the code: int8_t answer; int onModulePin= 2; char ...

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duplicate symbols for architecture armv7

Getting following error when try to use Layar SDK in my existing app. How can I solve this? Ld ...

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How do you start writing your API for an MCU peripheral?

I am trying to improve on my embedded programming skills by learning how to program each peripheral on an STM32 Nucleo board (STM32F401RE) and slowly building my own library from scratch (Without ...

1 answers | 17 hours ago by Satrapes on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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BeagleBone Black get interrupts from user-space

I'm using a C++ library (easyBlack) to handle GPIO through /dev/mem. As I have seen in the chapter "25.3.3 Interrupt Features" of "AM335x SitaraTM Processors - Technical Reference Manual" In order ...

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Sending realtime signal from a kernel module to user space fails

I found example code on how to send a realtime signal from a kernel module to user space here I implemented it in the kernel module as shown below: static int dmtimer_sendSignal(int val, int id, int ...

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