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Statically link ld.so (ld.a?)

I'm working on a very low resources embedded system using linux kernel as OS. There are any distro or POSIX/GNU toolchain, only a kernel loaded on memory and a custom init process. So far I've been ...

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Optimal method for solving circuit

This problem seems quite simple, and I can easily find a way to solve it but the possibility of error in my method is extremely high. This is just a sub-task of a bigger task but this is the only part ...

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How to get data from Google to Arduino

First off, I'm a complete noob when it comes to Arduino. I'm trying to build this project that will tell me when the next Chelsea game is going to happen in the English Premier League. This will ...

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recieving of data on android from arduino via bluetooth

Hi my problem is I'm not able to get data from arduino to android. The concept is to display the value of arduino on android. Do you have a code for recieving data on android from arduino? This is ...

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How did the Bardeen-Brattain point-contact transistor work?

I've been trying to understand how the Bardeen-Brattain point-contact transistor worked. The point-contact transistor uses Schottky barriers (metal/semi-conductor junctions), so under what conditions ...

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Signal chain for tone detection?

I'm trying to make an embedded thingy that detects the presence of a 19kHz tone from an electret microphone. I have a multistage bandpass filter/preamp hooked into the ADC of a microcontroller, and ...

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Third Party Device Support for 'Nordic Semiconductor: nRF51422_xxAC' (Device not include in Legacy Device Database) in Keil µVision V5.13.0.0

I got this error "Third Party Device Support for 'Nordic Semiconductor: nRF51422_xxAC' (Device not include in Legacy Device Database)" when opening a project example that comes with the nRF51 SDK - ...

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makefile for ARM: cannot specify -o with -c or -S and mult compilations

I'm modifying this makefile to use with another project and I get a gcc error saying I cannot specify -o with -c. The line near the bottom that says: .c.o: $(CC) $(CC_FLAGS) ... -o $@ &< ...

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Checking byte array crc - arduino/python

i have a problem that i quite don´t understand. Im sending a byte array followed by a crc32 from my arduino to python and when i calculate the crc on the python side i get different results (i checked ...

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Why the EMF of a battery doesn't depend on distance between the two electrodes?

I have read that resistance of a conductor is directly proportional to its length. So, the EMF of a conductor (electrolyte of battery) should increase with increase in length/distance between the ...

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Android Send Bluetooth Message Receives Space Character

I am making communication between an 2013 Nexus 7 with Android 4.4.4 and an Arduino Mega 2560 with an HC-06 bluetooth unit. I have established a connection from the Nexus 7 to the HC-06 and have ...

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What C/C++ libraries are/are not available in Arduino?

I'm new to Arduino programming and I was trying to refactor some code from a .ino file into several supporting c++ classes. However, a problem I encountered is some c++ libraries are not seemed to be ...

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List all harddrives in a linux system

I'm having problems to detect which one of my block devices is the hard drive. My system has a cd-rom drive, USB drives, and a single hard drive of unknown vendor/type. How can I identify the hard ...

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Arduino Serial read: Identifying the RETURN key

I am using an Arduino Uno R3 attached to a Raspberry Pi running ino. I am using ino serial (picocom) for serial communication. I am trying to get the Arduino to read a string from the serial port. I ...

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Reduce and average an array[7] to array[x]

Background: I'm reading intensity values for 7 frequency bands from a spectrum analysis microchip. These values are feeding some lights, but I only have 5 sets of lights in this project. How (if ...

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Android application compiled and installed successfully but cannot be launch, stops unexpectedly

I am trying to make a simple android application to simulate a remote control, each button press will send a command to the arduino connecting to the local network. I downloaded the source code and ...

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Show printf messages in IDE during debug

We have a device and I'd like to use printf function to send messages to the IDE for debugging purposes. The setup: ARM Cortex-M3 device ULINK2 interface uVision4 IDE I've followed the ...

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Raspberry Pi analog read

Trying to get the value from Arduino analog pin 0 to be shown as a live value in Tkinter but I'm new to Python. from Tkinter import * import RPi.GPIO as GPIO import time from pyfirmata import ...

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How to determine if there are bytes available to be read from boost:asio:serial_port

I am trying to use boost to communicate serially between my desktop and an arduino. In arduino space, I can ask the serial port whether or not there are bytes available before trying to perform a ...

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STM32 Compiler/Debugger Chain?

I'm starting a project with a STMicro STM32. I've done the Google searches, looking for solid compiler/debugger chains but would prefer answers with success stories. Open Source Compilers/Linkers ...

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USART wrong data incoming

I am writing a communication between Atmega162 and PC. On my PCB I have interface RS485 (converted from RS422 by MAX485) and it goes through ADAM-4520 transceiver into COM port. I've been testing my ...

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Scrolling text from left to right on a MBED using a LCD display

I recently purchased an MBED along with an LCD display. Within the MBED cookbook, I found a piece of code to scroll text from right to left: const char *message = " ...

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Why isn't this a valid derivation of the formula for capacitors in series?

I had to derive the formula for capacitors (I decided to use m capacitors in my derivation) in series, and this is what I did. The formula for a capacitor is $$Q=CV,$$ which is the same as saying ...

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How does a magnetic field produce an electromotive force?

As I keep reading through texts and online, I keep getting conflicting views when in magnetic fields and electromotive forces are involved. From what I can see, the emf is the work done per unit ...

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How to save a JAVA FX Chart without using Swing API?

I have the following function to save a LineChart Image: @FXML public void saveAsPng() { String timeStamp = new ...

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How to access the Spark core via we browser?

I want the core to act like a web server to show text when access via webrowser with this command >>>(client.println("Sorry");) it should show "sorry" in browser right? but when I type the core's IP ...

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Finding the voltage of the circuit?

Capacitor 3 in Figure (a) is a variable capacitor (its capacitance C3 can be varied). Figure (b) gives the electric potential V1 across capacitor 1 versus C3. The horizontal scale is set by C3s = 20 ...

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Why the bulb glows brighter?

If the total current is divided into the branches in a parallel configuration and it is constant in series. How come the bulbs glow brighter when connected in parallel than when connected in series?

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Visual Studio 2013 - How do I recompile C# programs to run on ARM CPUs?

I've made a couple desktop applications with C#, using Windows Forms Application. As you know, on most Windows 8 tablets, the CPU is ARM's CPU, and cannot run programs that are written for Intel 8086 ...

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I can't get “math.h” to work with eclipse kepler using “gcc arm”

I used this tutorial to setup all of my software: http://www.angstromsandalgorithms.com/free-eclipse-arm-gcc-openocd-toolchain-for-windows-part-3-eclipse-ide/ I'm using an STM32F405RGT6 arm. I'm ...

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