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how to makeup a floating price product in microdata

I have some electronic components, and the price is floating. For example, if you buy 5 pieces, it will be $1 each piece. and you buy 200 pieces, it will be $0.8 each pieces. There's a order range ...

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Microchip XC16 dsp.h defines incorrect value of PI?

In the XC16 compiler's DSP routines header (dsp.h) there are these lines: /* Some constants. */ #ifndef PI /* [ */ #define PI ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by EBlake on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Inline assembly in C code using TI code composer studio (for ARM)

Could somebody tell me please how can I execute inline assembly code in C code using TI code composer studio (for ARM)? I searched and tried but nothing worked. For example, when I try this very ...

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How to calculate target address in relocatable elf

In the standard elf , the relocation entry is of the following type : typedef struct { Elf32_Addr r_offset; Elf32_Word r_info; Elf32_Word r_addend; } Elf32_Rela; Here I understand that the ...

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Batch-File: Receive Data from the Serial-Port and write it into txt-File

I'm trying to extract some data from an Arduino over the usb-serial-port and to write it into a txt-file. Therefore i'm using a batch-file (Windows 7, ordinary cmd), which sends e.g. a "d" to request ...

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I can not copy the values of my Array in another Array with Assembly (ARM)

I have two arrays A and B with length = 8; I want to copy the first half of array A into the second half of array B, and the second half of array A into the first half of array B. I don't know if what ...

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Arduino deep sleep- listen to serial

I have investigated the sleeps options of the ATmega328 , and read a few articles about it , and i would like to understand if there are more options . So i would like to get as low current as ...

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What is wrong with this code for glowing LEDs using IR sensor for AVR?

/*This code takes in inputs from IR sensors connected on PA0 and PA1 and glows LEDs connected on PB0 and PB1*/ #include <avr/io.h> int main() { DDRA=0x00; // PORTA (PA0 and PA1) will ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by Rishav Bose on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Sending PUT request with Arduino & ESP8622

I'm trying to send some test request to http://requestb.in/qucuwrqu?inspect with ESP8622 but without luck. I tried a lot and still it doesn't seems to work. Endpoints works fine when requesting them ...

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How does an inductor store magnetic energy?

I am trying to figure out what the potential energy of an inductor with a current really means. In a capacitor, the energy stored works like this: if you let the plates attract each other, before ...

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Where is _pthread_get(set)specific_direct defined and implemented in armv7?

I saw them in libc-8XX/pthreads on opensource.apple.com, but since libc-9xx the pthreads folder are gone, so did these two functions. I saw these two functions were used in _Unwind_SjLj_Register in ...

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Work done in a capacitor with a conductor between its plates

I have been agonizing over this problem, and have tried for more than two hours two find it with Kirchhoff equations, but I end up with 0=0 or some algebraic monstrosity. I have the following ...

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AVR Assembly - store port data in program flash

Can someone point me to a good tutorial that explains storing data in program flash for Atmega 328P ? I am planning to receieve 8 bit data from portB at 1 Mhz frequency and I want to store first 19200 ...

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what is a simple way to implement ARM SMC

I am trying to write a program that issues one SMC call. After searching the previous questions, it is my understanding that there is no real API within the Linux kernel for implementing ARM SMC? I am ...

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How to control gdb within C or Python code without the GDB Python API?

I am trying to write a program in python or c that can debug c code by using gdb. I've read the solution of Tom and Invoke and control GDB from Python. But they are more or less a solution for ...

3 answers | 16 hours ago by Penny on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Constructin an circuit from bacic logic gates

I have n inputs and n corresponding outputs, the state of output N° i depends on the state of the input N° 1 to n, EXCEPT N° i. To be more precise, if any of the input 1 to n except i is true, then ...

1 answers | 16 hours ago by wormz on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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No source code lines were found at current PC 0x0

I am having issues using MPLAB X IDE. I have a main.c with a main section. When I try to debug, I can't. It says no source code lines were found. I have compiled the software and debugged in MPLAB ...

3 answers | 16 hours ago by Mike on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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transferring 54 bits data on 32 bits AHB

I am trying to use AHB bus to transfer data from a module to an ARM core. therefore i am using AMBA AHB bus but it is limited to 32 bits and my data is NOT 32 bits. if the control signal is"1" my data ...

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Unable to scan networks with Ralink 5370 on FreeBSD 11

I got a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, and I installed on it FreeBSD 11-CURRENT using images provided at ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/snapshots/arm/armv6/ISO-IMAGES/11.0/ Now I have an USB Wifi dongle ...

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Cant use Micro-Coap library for arduino

I am trying to get the micro-coap librarby (https://github.com/1248/microcoap) to work on my arduino. When i try to compile it in the arduino ide, it says for the #include <sys/socket.h> in the ...

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displaying Hexadecimal value in LCD

I wrote LCD interface program for Atmega328 (Though there are libraries available, I wanted to write from scratch). But have two problems. 1. Sometimes LCD does not display correctly. Only few strips ...

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Unable to get arduino serial communication working in wxpython GUI

This is the definition which is used to update the labels in the GUI: def updateV(self, event): """""" global v ser = serial.Serial( port='COM3', baudrate=9600) x = ser.read() ...

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Function that gets a chars array separated by commas

I have a char array that i get from serial port (Arduino) . the data is separated by commas so its like this : header:data The chars array that holds this structure is pre defined like this : char ...

2 answers | 22 hours ago by Curnelious on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Detect Ubuntu device as a MIDI keyboard/Interface in Windows

I am creating a little experimentation application on my Odroid XU3 with Ubuntu 15.04 Lite. http://dn.odroid.com/homebackup/201407071058089142.jpg The device (Odroid) receives midi as input via a ...

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Tools and steps on programming MSP430

Just bought an MSP430 launchpad Been reading through stuff, but I'm unable to learn from all those verbose sources how to stick my C program inside the micro controller. They're not objective (I've ...

2 answers | 23 hours ago by Lucas BS on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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TRF7970A with Beaglebone Black

I am trying to use the TRF7970A RFID card reader with the Beaglebone Black through SPI. I have the SPI set up correctly and that part is working perfectly, the issue is that I am not receiving ...

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CMSIS-RTOS RTX Kernel support for Keil MDK-ARM Standard Version 4

I have Keil MDK-ARM Standard Version 4.74.In my project I need to use CMSIS-RTOS-RTX. I got the pack from keil website https://www.keil.com/dd2/pack/ But when I goto Project -> Manage , 'Pack ...

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Java RXTX Library doesn't load native library

Basically i wanted to write a simple communication tool for my Arduino using the RXTX Library for java and failed horribly when it came to loading the dynamic library. My system specs: OS: OS X ...

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JSON shown as “undefined” with jQuery

I'm a complete newbie, so maybe some answers have to be a bit explained. I'm trying to make a small html page that contains a JSON string. The page is hosted by Arduino on my local network (tested and ...

1 answers | yesterday by Nitrof on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to make iwconfig fully work on embedded Linux

The target embedded Linux is ARM Xilinx Zynq, and I am working in CentOS to compile to ARM using Xilinx's tool. The target OS is working now and I want to setup the wifi using iwconfig. I downloaded ...

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