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Using ARM DS-5 with Eclipse

I am trying to do some embedded programming for an online course. The IDE I had to use does not have a Linux version, so I am planning to use the ARM DS-5. It says it can be used with eclipse but I ...

1 answers | 43 mins ago by chamburger on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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AndroidStudio install on Chromebook - crouton-Skript Ubuntu14.04

I bought a Chromebook from Acer with an ARM-Architecture (ARM7 => 32bit, i think) I want to program in Android-Studio. So I downloaded it and tried to install, but it didn't work. The ...

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PIC32 running slower than expected

I'm coming here because I have some problems with my PIC32. I've made a project that works at 500kHz but now I would like to test it a 1MHz. In this project I'm using interrupt and, because the high ...

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DSP TMS320 change in register

I'm trying to program a DSP from Texas, the TMS320 family, using CCStudio 3.3. I'm trying to communicate with Modbus protocol with oher device, but one of the memory registers is changing value all ...

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Colour sensor(TCS230) interfacing not works with ATMEGA16?

Sir i dont know why my C-code for Colour sensor not working. i am using ATMEGA16 microcontroller and the sensor i am using is TCS230 sensor which is connected to TO pin PB0(PORTB0) of microcontroller. ...

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SSDP for device discovery

I am developing a hardware device that should be automatically discovered in Windows, so I prefer to do it through SSDP instead of mDNS (Zeroconf, etc.) to avoid to force users to install its support ...

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Variable address in eeprom space as function argument in C

I have a simple and quick problem with C in PIC24f16ka102 and xc16 compiler. I want to pass a variable reference to my function. The variable is in eeprom space: int __attribute__ ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by cwanish on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Linking binary against functions/data in specific location in memory

I'm currently in the process of writing an intermediate-memory bootloader for an ATMega. I'd like to place a section of commonly used functions and data in a specific location in memory, such that: ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by lberezy on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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how could stack on TCM reduce processor performance

I'm measuring ARM cortex R5f processor performance by running coremark benchmark using different scenarios. one scenario is to set the STACK on ATCM memory. when compiling without inline flag, STACK ...

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what does VZIP and VUZP instructions do in ARM assembly

I was working with some assembly code for ARM's NEON processor and i came across these instructions in my code. I am not able to understand how do these instruction work exactly.. (I MEAN AT THE ...

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Extract detailed symbol information (struct members) from elf file compiled with ARM-GCC

I’m using ARM-GCC 4.7.4 to compile Code for a Cortex-M4. For our Debug tool I need knowledge about names, types and addresses of all variables in human readable format (e.g. .txt). The map file ...

2 answers | 4 hours ago by innout on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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my library for arduino don't work. why?

This is my first attempt to build a library for arduino. This is just an example for me to understand how to transfer values to functions in librarys on arduino. But it does not work and I do not ...

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Python time to hex list

I wish to send out a data telegram onto the SPI port of a Raspberry Pi (running Python 2.7.3) containing time data and some hex characters for decoding on the receiving end (a PIC microcontroller). In ...

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Linking error when compiling crypto++ for armhf

I'm trying to compile the crypto++ library to run for the armhf architecture. I'm following the method provided in this answer. I tweaked the setenv-embed.sh to match my system's configuration. The ...

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NEON inline assembly - store query

I am trying to learn how to utilize NEON using gcc and inline assembly. While it is confusing and slow going, I making some progress (It's been 10 years since I last tried writing assembly). My simple ...

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How do I set a software breakpoint on an ARM processor?

How do I do the equivalent of an x86 software interrupt: asm( "int $3" ) on an ARM processor (specifically a Cortex A8) to generate an event that will break execution under gdb?

5 answers | 7 hours ago by engie on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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A line break inside a string when printing?

I have a string that i have to send to some module from the arduino serial. Within that string there is a line break symbol like \n, so it should be : c:send("HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\n") that is being ...

2 answers | 11 hours ago by Curnelious on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Arduino read input pin 1 to 6 (BIN to BCD) and show value on Arduino TFT display

How do I read pin 1-6 and show the value on Arduino TFT display. (BIN to BCD) Ex: pin 5,4,3,2,1,0 all = 1 (111111) will show the value on display: 63 Ex: pin 5,4,3,2,1,0 (100000) will show the value ...

1 answers | 11 hours ago by kim on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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switch case with an if statement not working when true

i am using a switch case with an if statement inside to help with touch screen touches the following code is returning true Via serial terminal by confirming touch coordinates the value page is set ...

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Android build system, NEON and non-NEON builds

I want to build my library for armv6, and there is some neon code that I enable at runtime if the device supports it. The neon code uses neon intrinsics, and to be able to compile it, I must enable ...

6 answers | 12 hours ago by Pavel on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Java to Esplora Serial port communication issue

I am attempting to communicate between an Arduino Esplora and a Java process using the RXTXComm library that comes bundled with the Arduino IDE. I have started with the code here. Based on this ...

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Is it possible to cross compile node.js with v8 snapshots enabled?

I'm currently cross compiling node.js for arm using the --without-snapshot. I would like to use v8 snapshots to improve startup speed, and wonder if it's possible to cross compile node.js with ...

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Haskell: Serial received data not printed correctly

I'm trying to receive data from my Arduino Serial.println("No Format");. When I open arduino-serial-monitor I can see the output how I wanted it. No Format No Format ... I use serialport package. ...

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Problems making a parallel Flash memory programmer with arduino

I have a very large project and this a small piece of it, but none the less essential. I have a parallel flash memory chip made by SST and Microchip (a bit confusing) and am having trouble bypassing ...

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How to cross compile hostapd for Xilinx Zynq?

I am following this link to cross compile the iw tools. I can compile libnl, iw, openssl, and installed them in CentOS. For Open SSL, I used ./configure Linux-generic32 ...

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short circuit an alkaline battery

i'm not doing anything related to physics, but i'm just curious : What really happen when i short circuit an alkaline battery ? some article in the net shown that fire/explosion can be happened when ...

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How to cross compile iw to Xilinx Petalinux?

Update The error happens at line 8962 of libtool, which performs a lot of commands inside a loop. The content of the problematic command is arm-xilinx-linux-gnueabi-gcc -shared -fPIC -DPIC ...

1 answers | 18 hours ago by Splash on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How do I run Lua script using Arduino IDE ? (Using an Arduino uno board as the serial provider for ESP8266)

(I am a complete newbie to microcontrollers and I am a barely intermediate level programmer) If I send these commands through the serial monitor everything works fine . But if I try it using the code ...

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SerialSocketEvent not firing

I have copied this code:http://playground.arduino.cc/Interfacing/Java to a java project, and i tried this: void setup(){ Serial.begin(9600); while(!Serial); } void loop(){ Serial.println("Test"); } ...

1 answers | 21 hours ago by Ethan Ferguson on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Led blinking at a given frequency - Arduino and Labview

I'm trying to make a led to blink at a frequency given in a Numeric Control in Labview. I've connected Arduino to Labview using COM4. IThis is the code written in the Arduino IDE: char command; ...

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