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Function call without definition(in header, no dlls or static libs)

I have a embedded controller code handed over, it has a bunch on .c files and some headers and a lot of associated files for the embedded processor, its a motorola MC9S12DT256 and it uses a ...

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Accessing Makefile variables in code?

I am interested to pass in 2 variables, USERNAME and PASSWORD via command line in the form of: make USERNAME=123 PASSWORD=123 make upload I have the following defined: BOARD_TAG = mega2560 ...

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Arduino Tools > Serial Port greyed out

I am running Debian 7 (Linux Crunchbang) and wanted to use The Arduino IDE to program my Arduino UNO. To do that I installed the package arduino. When I started the Arduino I was asked to add my user …

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RaspberryPi to Arduino -send and receive string

This is the code I am currently using to send and receive int values from a RaspberryPi to an Arduino using i2C. It works fine for values 0-255, but because of the 1 byte limit, anything larger fails. …

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MSP430 not able to handle double

I am trying to program a MSP430 with a simple "FIR filter" program, that looks like the following: #include "msp430x22x4.h" #include "legacymsp430.h" #define FILTER_LENGTH 4 #define ...

3 answers | 2 hours ago by Kaspersoerensen on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Different way to write LDRB

So I'm writing up some ARM code, and we were told to disassemble a program, and then recode it using what we know. The problem is I keep coming across as LDRB command, of which I know nothing about. …

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Using sysfs as replacement for /dev on embedded device

Until now the books devoted to embedded Linux describe the use of /dev nodes to communicate with the device from userspace. I see however more and more devices which communicate with the driver via …

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How to compare string from Serial.read()

I have this code below where I got from this forum that I followed through. It did not work for me but they claim that the code is fine. I already tried several string comparison method such as ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by abigoroth on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 + Arduino Calculation?

Im using this code : int trigPin = 7; int echoPin = 8; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(trigPin,OUTPUT); pinMode(echoPin,INPUT); } void loop() { int duration; int distance; …

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How to measure the amount of memory or RAM consumed by a code on Arduino Mega or Due

Can anybody tell me how to measure the consumed RAM for a particular code running on Arduino Mega or Due.

3 answers | 4 hours ago by Sampi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to change serial buffer size for Arduino DUE

I've met this problem that Arduino DUE takes more time to complete the serial writing than Mega 2560 or UNO. Here is the code I'm using to test: int t1,t2; void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); } …

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Reluctance of torus shaped iron core with embedded wire loop

Imagine a circular wire loop (r = 50mm), the wire has an assumed diameter of zero, which is embedded in a torus shaped iron core with a circular cross-section of R = 10mm. A current in that loop ...

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Porting embedded Dll from eVC to VS2008 causes not finding dll

I am trying to port an unmanaged C++ Dll from one embedded device to another and am facing some strange problems which I think must have something to do with memorymanagement and/or compilers. I am …

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RGB LED crashing my arduino board? (Bug found, just need explanation)

So I notice my arduino boards were crashing after the first 60 seconds (halt on Serial) so I decided to randomly comment out blocks of code to see if I could identify the culprit. Luckily, I did! ...

1 answers | 6 hours ago by disappearedng on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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excluding folder from nfs mount

so I managed to get nfs shares working between a Debian server and an embedded linux client. The problem now is that the Debian server has a lot of hidden folders named ".wdmc" which are used for …

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How to cross-compile for MIPS?

I have a DVB receiver (set-top box) similar like Dreambox and it has MIPS cpu It has embedded Linux and I can connect to it with telnet Question is how to compile simple "Hello World" application in …

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how to run dhrystone after getting dhrystone executable

I have compiled dhrystone using the following command gcc dhrystone_1.c dhrystone_2.c -DHZ=60 -o dhrystone and got the executable. Now how do I use the executable (dhrystone) on my code to calculate …

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V4L2 FPS drops on android with more cores

I have three android devices Single core, Dual core and Quad core. I was able to make an app using v4l2 to grab the picture. In standby mode all three devices are giving me 30FPS (as announced by …

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Loading Nvram with U-Boot via the serial port

Cable modem, the nvram memory seems to be corrupted. U-Boot 1.2.0 bootloader is working, I can connect to modem via serial interface, view boot process and upload firmware. Network connection is not …

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Build Linux and run it (uImage) on the Beagle board - xM

I'm working on some project where I'm using the Beagle board - xM Rev C. Power supply is 5V/2A adapter. My task is porting Linux Angstrom on the board but I have some problems. I have choosen Linux …

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Is there a 12% chance that a solar storm does damage to the electrical grid in the next decade?

Reuters: The probability of a solar storm striking Earth in the next decade with enough force to do serious damage to electricity networks could be as high as 12 percent, according to solar ...

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Porting x86 Linux PCIe driver to ARM architecture

I have a Linux PCIe driver source code ported for x86 archithcture, I want to port this driver source code to ARM architecture which has same version of Linux kernel installed. What all will I need …

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ARM Assembly - what does it mean to add something to the SP(stack pointer)?

Basically I'm trying to counter a dlyb hack that gives some advantage to hackers on my game. In it there's an injectHack function that does this in the beginning: //This is the function: ...

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Android + Arduino bluetooth communication

I have a question about android bluetooth working principle. I have an app that connects to arduino with HC-06 shield. And on receive i get new line after first char. Lets say i send from arduino …

2 answers | 11 hours ago by Martynas on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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RAM, Heap, and Stack memory for an STM32 board

I am working on a project that requires at least 500 kB of memory to be used. I have an SDK with this code defining the stack and the heap and it works fine. Stack_Size EQU 0x00004000 …

2 answers | 12 hours ago by Dude on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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file directory for saving .cpp & .h for the Arduino IDE for short #include statement

I am trying to write a class/function that I think I will be using often in my Arduino IDE, I know the code but where should i save the file so that the IDE picks it up without a full directory ...

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Can not connect mega 2560 to PC (gentoo)

I'm trying to connect mega 2560 to PC (gentoo x64) using this manual. After kernel building and reboot i have: $ zcat /proc/config.gz | grep 'USB_ACM\|FTDI' CONFIG_USB_ACM=y ...

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How does phantom power work?

I've set up stage monitors that only took 1/4" cables as input, and I took it for granted that they just worked until I realized they did not plug in to the stage's power source. Eventually I learned …

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Compilation error (Missing Library) under Arduino IDE

I have been trying to compile a code for a accelerometer which is avaiable from two sources but referring to the same code on github: https://github.com/ayildirim/OpenVR ...

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diabling cpu cores on quad core processor on linux

I want to disable 3 CPU cores and run my processor on a single core. I have used command:maxcpus=1. But after this I executed this command ls /sys/devices/system/cpu. It still shows ...

2 answers | 15 hours ago by user3818847 on Unix & Linux unix.stackexchange.com
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