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Insulating near a breaker box

Hello: In remodeling my basement I have so far finished installing R-10 2" XPS insulation against my block walls. My question is: How close or how far away from the circuit breaker box can I place ...

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Im having an issue using PySerial while communicating with my Arduino

So I'm trying to make a lighting system for my computer, I wanted to write the GUI and whatnot within Python and handle all the controlling of lights and stuff with the Arduino. After some research ...

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ARM assembly: Dumping d1 and d5 registers

I'm trying to adapt the following code to do half scale + Y8 extraction: https://github.com/emrainey/DVP/blob/master/libraries/public/yuv/__uyvy_half_scale_image.S I just want to modify lines 105 ...

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Refreshing the frame coming from the Leap Motion when in a while loop

I have just begun programming in JS for the Leap Motion. I am working on a project where I can control motors based on hand gestures that are being read from the Leap Motion. The frames are being ...

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uploading sensor data to internet by arduino and sim900

I am using arduino mega 2650, sim 900 GSM/GPRS module and 2 xbee (version 2) modules. Temperature sensor sends data between the 2 xbees wireless, then upload this data to a web page using the sim900 ...

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How to play a tone on the MSP430 using Assembly language

I want to play a song via a buzzer connected to an MSP430. The song will be a series of times or beeps. However I do not know how to make a buzzer beep or how to control its tone in Assembly. I am ...

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Does Ardunino serial need a common ground

I have a device running off a different power supply, that I'm trying to talk to serially, it has TX and RX lines, GND and 2.7+ line, its quite grunty so It has its own PS. I'm getting some odd ...

1 answers | 6 hours ago by user975033 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Crosscompiling a large C++ project for ARM/Android - issues and considerations

In our team we have a C++ project built on OpenCV and VLFeat written by a colleague who has just left. I have been asked to cross-compile it for Nexus 4 (ARM), run it and profile it (gprof). Hence, ...

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Case statements in Verilog?

Say I have a 8 bit output reg called "myReg" and a 8 bit input called "checkReg". Can I check and assign their values in a case statement using hex values? For instance (assume the code is in an ...

1 answers | 6 hours ago by dfg on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to switch between data stream and control using (UART) bus

This question is about firmware for an 8 outgoing channels IR transmitter. It is a microcontroller board with 8 IR leds. The goal is to have a transmitter capable of sending streams of data using one ...

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Arduino to Arduino communication via bluetooth using 2x HC05's

I have been working on a project for work ( I'm a waiter :/ ) I was tasked to build a food wait time display that receives input from the kitchen and echoes the time via bluetooth to another display. ...

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How can I improve this code? I don't like to put so many ifs

I have the following code, but I feel dirty.. I don't like to write so many ifs and then put repeated code in each if.. Any ideas on how can I improve this code? char obj[5]; strlcpy(obj, ...

5 answers | 8 hours ago by rog3r on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Ise simulation VHDL

I would like to ask the following. I am working on an FPGA Tetris design. My code language is VHDL in ISE Environment in windows 7. While I progress my work I ofter check my work with isim ...

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Arduino: how to switch off SD card module right

I try to build a data logger with SD card for saving sensor data. I need to reduce the power consumption as soon as the circuit is going to sleep. The problem is the power consumption of the SD card ...

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Using SSL without a certificate

Embedded devices often need security for transmitted data. Think of your wifi router. You would like to have SSL to protect your password when you connect to the router manage it. But device ...

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how we provide FORWARD BIAS through Collector- Base in cb configuration for saturation region in npn transistor??

Sir, Now I'm in tension! I actually can't understand about saturation , cutoff, active in NPN transistor of CB junction .If in saturation you provide FORWARD BIAS for Base -Emitter but what happen in ...

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Where is the root device?

I'm writing a little micro-kernel from scratch for my Raspberry Pi (here's the code : https://github.com/yrakcaz/RasPiK/) Everything seems to work fine but I have just a little problem : I would like ...

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Linux input device events, how to retrieve initial state

I am using the gpio-keys device driver to handle some buttons in an embedded device running Linux. Applications in user space can just open /dev/input/eventX and read input events in a loop. My ...

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How to use Time library?

I am little bit confused on how to add it and use it .(Arduino Uno) I have downloaded the latest version: http://www.pjrc.com/teensy/td_libs_TimeAlarms.html Which in ...

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Lifetime of eMMC device

I have better knowledge about the NAND and NOR memory devices as I'm currently working with them. Now I have heard that eMMC device is going to be used in one of my upcoming project. What is the ...

1 answers | 13 hours ago by johny on Super User superuser.com
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Comparison not working Arduino

This is probably going to be a novice mistake, but I am totally at a loss on what to do. I was trying to make a code to read a tweet based on a code I found on the internet, but found out Twitter ...

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Ocaml for ARM cortex M4?

I would like to know if it would be possible to cross-compile application written in Ocaml on processor like STM32F407 (1MB Flash, 196kB RAM) ? (without OS). I have read Cross-compiling ocaml apps ...

1 answers | 13 hours ago by Joe Gob on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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logical shift and rotate

i have a problem here understand this part of the code. can anyone explain me how this two orders (lsl and rol)works? main: clr r0 clr r22 ; LDI ZL,LOW(AEMS) ...

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arduino nano avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

I am trying to upload the blink sketch to a new arduino nano v3 (technically it is the iduino knockoff from geeetech) with atmega328 but I keep getting the infamous "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in ...

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Alternative editors/IDEs for Arduino?

I've been playing around with some Arduino projects, but I find the Arduino development software to be kind of lacking in features I'm used to in full IDEs, or even the venerable Notepad++. Are there ...

15 answers | 14 hours ago by Zak on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Comparing voltages of Parallel and Series circuits

There are two electric circuits. Resistor 1 ($R_1$) connected with resistor 2 ($R_2$) by series circuit $R_1$ connected with $R_2$ in parallel Each of the circuit has battery with emf and the ...

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STM32F4 - PWM output to control servo

So I'm trying to move a servo with an STM32F4 discovery board. My code is below. As far as I can see, everything is set up correctly, but I'm not getting any output on pin PC6. Can anyone spot what ...

1 answers | 14 hours ago by Joe of Loath on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Last Reboot detection on PhyCORE-AM335x-PD13.1.2 Linux 3.2

In an embedded system using BSP linux 3.2 on the sitara AM3359, at application startup, I want to detect what caused the last reboot and save this status in one of two counters: a Watchdog reset and a ...

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Cortex-M0+ Linker Script and Startup Code

I am trying to learn the startup process of an ARM processor by writing my own startup code and linker script. The chip I use is an LPC810, and I followed the examples from ...

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CAN BUS Acknowledgment error

I am using STM32F429 CAN bus Program with TJA1041A as CAN Transreciver.The Problem is the messages are not getting acknowledged and herewith I am attaching the code for further reference.I am using ...

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