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copying value of void pointer C

I have a problem with function which should print any type of integer on my KS0108 lcd. Here the problem is: when i want to copy void* numb value to void* temp in first swtich - nothing happens. in ...

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ADC reading keeps jumping around on dspic33FJ128MC802, cannot get a stable reading, mplab8.92, xc16 compiler

Good evening, I'm trying to implement a simple 1 channel ADC reader on a dspic33FJ128MC802, that manually starts sampling data, automatically converts when the sampling is done, and reads and stores ...

1 answers | 44 mins ago by user2056201 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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how to detect a pin change of a GPIO on Linux board

I am using 3.12 kernel on an ARM based linux board (imx233 CPU). My purpose is to detect pin change of a GPIO (1 to 0). I can read the pin value constantly calling the below function (in a while(1) ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by angs on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to “reset” an Arduino board?

I've uploaded a sketch to an Arduino Uno whose loop is something like this: void loop(){ Serial.println("Hello World"); } So, now, I can't upload anything anymore, because the IDE says "port ...

15 answers | 3 hours ago by dugres on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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PIC24 setting bits in registers

I am doing some programming for PIC24FJ192GA106 in MPLABX with XC16 compiler using C. I get the following problem during compilation error: request for member 'UARTEN' in something not a structure ...

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Arduino looping functions outside while loop

I may be missing something obvious here but I am using my Arduino to communicate via the UART. We can't use Arduino library functions so to print messages out I have to create my own write function. I ...

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12.04 LTS: Monodevelop having nothing but bugs? (Unity, ARM, Crouton)

Anything related to Mono/MonoDevelop refused to install on my desktop before. So, I decided to reinstall Ubuntu. The first thing I did when I opened it was go to UXTerm and type sudo apt-get install ...

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Microcontroller to microcontroller communication library (over UART/RS232)

I want to interface two microcontrollers with a UART interface and I search a protocol to exchange data between them. In practice, I want to exchange data periodically (ie: sensors reading) and also ...

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Birds and cables: how is the potential difference between two diff. cables established?

The common explanation of why birds don't receive a shock when standing on high tension cables is that there needs to be a considerable potential difference between both of his feet for him to receive ...

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Packing and unpacking a value into bits Arduino-Matlab

I have been reading several threads but I am still not sure how to accomplish this. I am reading some values in Arduino with analogRead(), so I am getting values between 0-1023 and I am sending them ...

1 answers | 6 hours ago by drs on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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C-Pic Counter issue

So the micro I am using is a PIC 18F. If Alarm_Status.bits.b3 is set which essentially is just a switch an alarm is created. The first snippet of code works as it should BS(TRISB,7); ...

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Arduino IRremote library weird behavior

I realize that this is a very specific issue, but here it goes... I'm using the IRremote library to be able to control a LED screen with a remote control. This is my implementation of loop(). void ...

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JavaFX 2.2 : How to rotate screen

We're developing a java application using JavaFX (in the framebuffer, no X) for an embedded device running OpenEmbedded (poky). We're using Oracle Java JRE Embedded 8 for ARM soft floating point. The ...

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ARM v7-M Instruction Set Decoding Function

Is there any instruction decoder for the ARM v7-M Instruction Set, that I can just give it an opcode as parameter and return me with the corresponding instruction type? For example: MOV Rd, ...

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BTRFS & F2FS userspace utilites cross compilation

Is there any weblink/document which describes the steps to cross-compile btrfs & F2fs user space utilities ? Any steps ? special tuning suggestion for arm based board.(AM335x) ?

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What does .align in ARM architecture

I am new to assembly level coding so I am bit confused what .align does. I have looked up what it does in many places.https://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/projects/raspberrypi/tutorials/os/ok05.html in this link ...

1 answers | 8 hours ago by Aditya on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Modeling an embedded system hardware using UML

I am trying to draw a Deployment Model for a simple embedded system that basically consists of six hardware parts (MCU, keypad, LCD, stepper motor, relay, lamp). Since the Deployment Model helps to ...

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Kernel booting stops right after “Uncompressing Linux…”

I'm trying to bring up an ARM-based board. I've got U-Boot working but can't seem to get the kernel to load. Most of the time it only goes as far as: Starting kernel ... Uncompressing Linux... A ...

1 answers | 11 hours ago by Gatica on Unix & Linux unix.stackexchange.com
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P1010 MAC to Switch port direct connection without PHY

I have a custom board with freescale P1010 processor in which P1010's eTSEC2 ( Enhanced 3-speed Ethernet controller) port is directly connected to Marvell 88E6046 ethernet switch Port 9 in SGMII mode. ...

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NFC, is it possible to exchange strings or bytes between Android and Windows phone?

I need to create an Android app that comunicates (send a string or bytes) with a Windows Phone app, with NFC. Is it possible? How can I do it without bluetooth? How to connect (android and Windows ...

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timer & overflow interrupt MikroC code

void TimerFunction() { TIMSK=(1<<TOIE0); TCNT0=0x00; TCCR0 |= (0<<CS02) | (1<<CS00) | (0<<CS01); } ...

2 answers | 12 hours ago by Ahmed Zain El Dein on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to delay an ARM Cortex M0+ for n cycles, without a timer?

I want to delay an ARM Cortex M0+ for n cycles, without using a timer, with the smallest possible code size. (I think this mandates use of assembly.) A delay of 0 cycles is simple no code. A delay ...

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What is invalid in my C language code for AVRs in codevision?

In the below you can see whole of my program that is written in Codevision (C language.). When I want to compile it, I receive some errors for Switch blocks! I am pretty sure my block's form are ...

1 answers | 15 hours ago by TheGoodUser-Amir on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Using multiple core on Zynq

Until today I was programming on a single core, now I need to run my codes on multiple core. I'm researching for about 1 week and had some questions about this. I'm using Zynq 702, Arm DS-5 and ...

1 answers | 15 hours ago by Yunus Yurtturk on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Installation of QEMU, GCC for ARM in RHEL

We are setting up a lab which has the QEMU system to emulate an ARM processor and run assembly programs. The lab is currently setup with the host operating system as Ubuntu. We are migrating the lab ...

1 answers | 16 hours ago by Ramesh on Unix & Linux unix.stackexchange.com
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How USB to Bluetooth DTR/RTS work?

A number of bluetooth Arduino shields (Bluefruit EZ-link, SparkFun Bluetooth Silver) support DTR/RTS and have special out pin to wire. How do they work? Does it require special drivers (linux f.e.)? ...

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How to read/write a mifare tag wtih Arduino at NFC?

I am developing an application for reading and writing data from mifare tags. I bought a device which can read and write mifare tag operations with NFC tech. NFC Shield I used mifare ultralight tag ...

3 answers | 18 hours ago by Erçin Akçay on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Project Feasibility: Create File.csv from File.txt

Good day! I'm a noob in excel and I was hoping someone can enlighten me with my problem. I have an arduino project that stores .txt file to an SD card. This is the format: pressureOne=0.0 ...

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Zynq SOC Linux Video Driver

How Zynq ARM running Linux drives the ADV7511 chip?they have mentioned the necessary signals are generated in the FPGA and video data are sent from ARM linux to the FPGA and to the ADV chip?

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Yocto: Where is the source for my project?

I recently discovered Yocto. I'm able to successfully build an image using the command bitbake fsl-image-gui. But now, I would like to browse the code, the project specific code and the Kernel code ...

2 answers | 21 hours ago by slaadvak on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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