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How to send 4 Pot values via i2c from arduino to arduino? How to differentiate these values while receiving them?

I have one Arduino with 4 Pots. The other Arduino receives these 4 values via i2c and prints them on a Display. The problem is that i dont know how to send these 4 values that the Slave is abel to ...

2 answers | 3 mins ago by user3186918 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Setting carry flag in Armsim#

Is there some command to set carry flag to desired value. I know that there are some ways ,e.g, C is set to 1 if the addition produced a carry (that is, an unsigned overflow), and to 0 otherwise. But ...

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Error While Compiling Qt application for ARM target

I have written a application for wandboard.I have prepared kit by following this here http://wiki.wandboard.org/index.php/Building_Qt5_using_yocto_on_Wandboard When I try to build the code I am ...

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Arduino Ethernet shield + tripwire

i'm trying to send Get request to my server using my ethernet shield. The problem is in the trigger i'm using. Both codes ( tripwire ) ( Ethernet get request) are functioning well separately. But when ...

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Arduino HC-05 Bluetooth module disconnects when sending data

I'm new to Arduino. I'm trying to build a program to control a breadboard through Arduino using the bluetooth module HC-05. At the moment I don't have anything on the breadboard and I'm just trying to ...

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arduino microSD shield lowlatencylogger

I had purchased a microSD card shield from sparkfun and I wish to do data logging to read 2 MPU6050. I wished to have sampling frequency of 100Hz, so I came across one example from Greiman about ...

1 answers | 48 mins ago by Engineer on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Arduino MQTT throw the SoftSerial port

I know, my question could be very simply, but I can't figure out this stuff already three days. I need to send some request to MQTT server from my Arduino nano through the ESP8266 module. I've found ...

2 answers | 1 hour ago by Sergey on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Is anything besides RX and TX actually used in RS232?

Whenever I come across a PIC or even FPGA project that is communicating over serial port with PC; only Rx, Tx and power are connected on the 9 pin connector and the others are apparently never used. ...

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Arduino USB Driver

I want to make a program to interface with my Arduino through an USB port. I am already quite experienced with C# (which is the language I want to use), but I cannot find a way to install the Arduino ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by thijmen321 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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flashing led slows down microprocessor

I've designed a system, when the resistance of the potentiometre is below a set value, the LED blinks led1 = 1; wait(0.2); led1 = 0 wait(0.2), this is what occurs. I need both the wait sequences ...

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Have you got issues with running u-boot for versatile express a9 platform under qemu with multicore emulation?

I have tried numerous releases of u-boot since vexpress-a9 was introduced in u-bot stable release. Under qemu with multicore emulation its behaving unstable - mostly crashes instantly after loading. ...

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CAN bus using AT90can

Is there a step by step guide about how to use CAN bus with AT90can32/64/128 microcontrollers. I am not able to find a good resource which start from the basics and explain the total implementation ...

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Arduino Sketch upload issue - avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding

I have an Arduino Duemilanove with an Atmega 328. I am working on Ubuntu 12.04, and the Arduino IDE's version is 1.0. Recently, I tried to upload a few of the sample sketches onto it, such as the ...

28 answers | 4 hours ago by Pastafarian on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Taking data from ZigBee network

I am considering to take data from 2 same sensors using ZigBee on a single network and want to read data from com port. How can I divide sensor datas from each other?

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Connman switch back to prefered network when back online

I would like to use ConnMan in an embedded system. It seems that it provides most of the features I'm looking for including 3G and VPN management. But after some research it seems that there is maybe ...

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Frameing error while printing UART2 in TWR-K53N512

When I trying to print in Real term via uart2 in twr-k53n512 using IAR,the real term shows a frame error while transmitting also junk value is displayed void main(void) { Init_Sys(); ...

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Saving data types in specific memory

I'm currently programming the NUCLEO-F103RB in c++. I have run into a problem, the program that i create is always being saved on the SRAM which is only 20KB. My program and the other files exceed ...

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Why is __ARM_FEATURE_CRC32 not being defined by the compiler?

I've been working on this issue for some time now, and I hope someone can point out my mistake. I guess I can no longer see the forest through the trees. I have a LeMaker HiKey dev board I use for ...

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Quoted file path generated by Cmake

CMake runs perfectly fine, however when I run make it says: "/usr/bin/cc": No such file or directory (note the quote marks) With further investigation I found that in some of the cmake generated build ...

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init External Interrupt on LPC213x/4x

Hi I write code below for initial External Interrupt for LPC2138 in KEIL 4.7 Compiler and when run code in proteus software , code dosent Work. I double check VIC and EXTINT registers seems correct. ...

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multiple i2c can't work with arduino uno

I am trying to connect 2 I2C modules to arduino uno. GY86(HMC5883L,MS5611,MPU5611) and BMP085 or any other I2C module. When i test each one separately it works ok but when both are connected to the ...

2 answers | 6 hours ago by alireza on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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LED light stoped on my eZ430-F2013 development tool

I am trying to make morse code on the eZ430-F2013. All of the sudden my LED stopped blinking. I pulled USB out after running sample LED blinking code. Now it doesn't blink when I plug it in. Does it ...

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Arduino Uno as VGA to HDMI converter

Is it possible to make VGA (+3.5mm audio jack) to HDMI converter using Arduino Uno? I would like to use TV as second monitor for my laptop but TV has only HDMI and my laptop has only VGA output. ...

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How to check the existence of NEON on arm?

How to determine whether NEON engine exists on given ARM processor? Any status/flag register can be queried for such purpose?

2 answers | 8 hours ago by Thomson on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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ESP8266 Point to Point communication with 2 arduinos

I am using 2 esp8266 wireless modules to establish bidirectional wireless communication between 2 arduino boards (one mega and one uno) without the use of any earth based technologies (i.e. radio ...

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Why this simple PWM doesn't work in xc8

I know there are a lot of examples in internet, but what does need this code to work ? frecuency oscillator = 4mhz periode = 0.25us duty_cicle = 250 Prescale = 16 PR2 = 124 #include <xc.h> ...

8 hours ago by NIN on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Frequency scaling on AppliedMicro's Mustang

I'm trying scale the frequency on AppliedMicro's Mustang board. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 (aarch64) and I've installed the 'cpufrequtils' package but it seems that the kernel driver for the X-gene ...

1 answers | 9 hours ago by Gpetrousis on Ask Ubuntu askubuntu.com
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Data Excel from one column DataGridView into RichTextBox.text [VB.Net]

I managed to transfer my data from Excel to DataGridView. But how to transfer data from one column DataGridView into RichTextBox.Text? Because later I want to add code Serial.Write(RichTextBox.Text) ...

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Problems establishing serial connection with beagle bone black on ttyUSB0

I have tried using minicom, Putty, screen and cKermit to no avail. It looks as if the connection is intermittent from the output of dmesg | grep tty. [1627865.078080] usb 5-2: Product: AM335x USB ...

2 answers | 12 hours ago by user195251 on Ask Ubuntu askubuntu.com
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