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How do interrupts work in multi-core system?

I want to write code for interrupts of the buttons on Raspberry pi 2. This board uses QUAD Core Broadcom BCM2836 CPU (ARM architecture). That mean, only one CPU is on this board( Raspberry pi 2 ). But ...

1 answers | 26 mins ago by knolz on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Raspberry Pi and a Arduino compatible Mini Luminance Light Sensor

I am trying to connect this type of light sensor to a raspberry pi via GPIO. The sensor is called "Arduino compatible Mini Luminance Light Sensor"( Here's a link )and I bough it on Amazon and it ...

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Automatic door system Design (use case diagram, sequence and state charts)

My question is about the designing embedded control systems such as blind system, automatic light, car window lifter etc... Lets consider the following requirements for an automatic door: Open the ...

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Why are there 2 registers in ARM for enabling/disabling interrupts instead of 1?

I was recently posed with this question. I am studying the ARM architecture, and I have tried researching it, but I feel like I do not got the right answer. My idea is that the key reason is that to ...

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EEPROM Read/Write Arduino

I have New ATmega328P CH340G UNO R3 Board for Arduino. When I am Input two digit number( like 29). After power off and power on the board it shows only one digit (only 9). I want to show two digits. ...

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Arduino: control one instance of an LCD screen with multiple cpp files

I am attempting to control a single instance of an LCD screen attached to an arduino with multiple cpp files. The basic functionality is call first() and second() from main(), with each of them able ...

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Looking for a framework for unwinding ARM stm32 crash stack

The ARM STM32's HardFault_Handler can only get several registers values, r0, r1,r2, lr, pc, psr, etc when crash happened. But only these registers are not enough to locate fault root cause. I am ...

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Arduino How can I print the unsigned long long data

I am trying to print unsigned long long data on Serial monitor but Serial.println() doesn't work because of not a string variable. So I searched on the internet to convert unsigned long long to ...

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Is LDR R0, [R2, #(7:SHL:2)] valid ARM Assembly Language Code?

I came across a table of assembler operations in an introductory ARM Assembly Language book I'm reading and was wondering if: LDR R0, [R2, #(7:SHL:2)] is valid shorter code for the following: MOV ...

1 answers | 8 hours ago by Mark Collier on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Programming the ATMega324A-PU through the Arduino IDE

How do you set the Board (chip) type & How do set the Fuses All in the (and to use the) Arduino IDE? ChrisPSR (Chris S.)

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Why is vc6 building a library before it creates the exe

When we run our project to build an EXE we see a library created before the executable. We see this on our project in embedded VC4 and VC6. Here's the output: Linking... Creating library ...

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Arduino Nano - Programmer not responding

I cannot seem to upload the simple blink program to my Arduino Nano. I keep getting the message: avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 1 of 10: not in ...

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Definition of electric current

As I am taught in school that electric current is the flow of electrons, but in some places I faced another definitions like transfer of energy between electrons. I thought that it is the transfer of ...

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MSP430 Timer_A - scale of a register

programming on MSP430 in CCS Using Timer_A, ACLK and his interrupt to blink LED(just blinking now- same long time torned off- same time turned on). This code blink led with 2 sec delay. There is ...

2 answers | 12 hours ago by M.Scottman on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Small footprint databases

I am searching database engine(s) for two applications: For storing temporary logs < 100k rows, before uploading to main server, only write required, and way to dump (no select/filter required) ...

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How to connect Pins input/output for the IDE

I have project that need to connect USB device to PC using arduino, The device have power from external power supply and 2 cables of data , so I have do like this : Pin1,Pin2 = device usb data ...

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Calculate simple NPN transistor circuit Arduino 3.3V

I am trying to control a 3v latching relay (single coil) using an Arduino @ 3.3v SPST-NO PCB Mount Latching Relay, 16 A, 3V dc The relay requires a 3v positive to latch one way, and inverse to latch ...

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Android boot logo animation not comming on soft reboot?

I am using android lollipop release 5.1.1 on drangonboard 410C. I have MIPI DSI LCD display connected with my board. On every hard reboot I am able to see both boot logo followed by boot animation. ...

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Microcontroller Programming in Delphi

I've been searching for some information regarding microcontroller programming but the info I find is either way over my head or doesn't appear to exist. I'm looking for something easier to digest! ...

5 answers | 15 hours ago by kvnDalley on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Can pulsating DC current be transformed?

Since pulsating DC current is changing, why doesn't it induce a changing magnetic flux in the transformer core? Is it able to induce a transformed current in the secondary coil?

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Sending data using Arduino Wifi shield cc3000 to mysql

My question is very simple one. I am having a problem sending data to mysql database using wifi shield cc3000 and arduino. this is a complete auduino code. my main objective is to send data ...

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RTC with millisec accuracy on MSP430F6736A

I´m quite new in this kind of programming. I need to create a real time count on MSP430F6736A (with millisecond accuracy). I'm creating an app that neeeds to do something in short intervals (for ...

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To understand serial flash programming

I have a doubt in understanding a byte write to serial flash chip. When we say a single byte write, does that mean we accessing only a byte address and making 1's to 0's ?

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Is MQTT appropriate protocol to control devices like cameras?

I'm making a system which should control a big amount of cameras through TCP. Server sends commands to devices. Devices send notifications to the server and upload files (photos, videos) to the ...

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Lsqnonlin on Matlab and Hardware-In-The-Loop with Arduino

I'm having some trouble with the function "lsqnonlin" on Matlab. I'm trying to optimize a PID controller inside Arduino by using this function that has the coefficients (Kp,Ki,Kd) of the PID as ...

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MSP430 use DMA to transfer float var stored in RAM

I will try to be more clear as possible: I need to transfer 3 float var calculated in RAM memory into a Buffer stored in a different location in RAM memory: I wrote a code to do that but the buffer ...

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Is there any way to send this Keyboard.Press(); command wireless to my PC via Bluetooth?

I have already been able to implement the wireless data sending of my Arduino Micro board via Bluetooth. I used following code to send my sensor data from the arduino board to PC. But I want it to be ...

1 answers | 20 hours ago by chamara on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to implement sntp or ntp protocol for any embedded board

How to implement sntp protocol for any embedded board which runs on simple linux kernel and dont have support for sntp.

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Failed Publish when subscribed to same topic as publisher?

I am currently working on a embedded c project using mqtt 3.1.1 and mosquitto broker 1.4.3. the issue I have is when the client board is publishing and subscribed to the same topic, after a random ...

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Does Ubuntu work on a Raspberry Pi Zero?

A new super-cheap version of the Raspberry Pi was recently announced. I'd like to stuff these all over my house doing cool nonsense. My question is, will I be able to use Ubuntu on them?

1 answers | 21 hours ago by Oli on Ask Ubuntu askubuntu.com
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