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WebRTC building for arm

I want to build webrtc for my small machine with arm926ej-s processor. After I install depot_tools, I did following steps: gclient config http://webrtc.googlecode.com/svn/trunk gclient sync --force …

1 answers | 26 mins ago by Footniko on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Using adafruit TLC5947 controlled by Arduino Mini

We're currently working on a little project but we've ran into some problems. We need a 0-10V PWM-signal to control some LEDs. As we need to individually control about 30 LEDs we decided to use two …

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short 2 different Ports in MSP430 software wise

I need some help/advice/tip on how to short two 2 ports in MSP430 software wise. set P4.4 to be equal to P2.6

2 answers | 1 hour ago by Abhay on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Bluetooth 4.0 (ble p click - NRF8001) Arduino

In my robot project, I would like to connect with Bluetooth 4.0. RESET on digital pin 7 REQN on digital pin 9 RDYN on digital pin 8 However, I couldn't find REQN Pin. ...

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in 8051 unable to dump the hex file

I have written a UART TX code in C .The data is transmitting using a while (1) loop . Since the Controller is busy all the time in only transmitting the data I'm unable to dump any new hex file on …

1 answers | 2 hours ago by user1813332 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Overloading streaming on the Arduino

Please RTFM me if needed, as so far I may have been searching for the wrong things! On the Arduino Serial << "sdf" << var; works a treat (with streaming.h referenced), but #if ...

3 answers | 2 hours ago by Glyphi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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The prefetch instruction

It appears the general logic for prefetch usage is that prefetch can be added, provided the code is busy in processing until the prefetch instruction completes its operation. But, it seems that if too …

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How to access the PC pointer (using assembly) in AVR-libc?

I am trying to write some conditional jumps in AVR assembly using AVR-gcc. According to AVR instruction set manual, the brxx instructions take in an operand k, and jumps to PC+k+1. Also, according to …

2 answers | 5 hours ago by Carl Dong on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Drawing circle, OpenGL style

I have a 13 x 13 array of pixels, and I am using a function to draw a circle onto them. (The screen is 13 * 13, which may seem strange, but its an array of LED's so that explains it.) unsigned char …

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Connecting Servo to Arduino (branded) Robot

I am trying to attach a servo on an Arduino (branded) Robot but not sure whhich pin to use for the bellow code. Most people seem to recommend to use pin 9 and 10 to control the servo for arduino Unos. …

1 answers | 7 hours ago by mimas on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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i2c error in BeagleBone Black with custom audio cape using TLV320AIC3107 codec

I have made custom audio cape using TLV320AIC3107 codec and here is a schematic diagram. For connection with BeagleBone Black I refer audio cape which is available in market. here is a link: ...

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I have made custom audio cape using TLV320AIC3107 codec and here is a schematic diagram

I have made custom audio cape using TLV320AIC3107 codec and here is a schematic diagram. For connection with BeagleBone Black I refer audio cape which is available in market. here is a link: ...

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Top-down approach in C: Interface implemented via multiple C files

I am responsible for designing the software architecture of an embedded system in C90 (which is dictated by the target hardware compiler). It shall be easily built against a couple of targets ...

1 answers | 8 hours ago by Manex on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Arduino transmit data to HC-05

I'm working in project involving Arduino, Bluetooth and Android. My Arduino hardware will collect data from sensors and send them to an Android tablet via Bluetooth. My application on Android seems to …

1 answers | 11 hours ago by Phan Nam on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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setting lower half of a register in thumb2

I am using the due board, which is cortex-m3, using thumb2. I need to use a bunch of IO ports, these all have addresses that start with 0x400E, like 0x400E0E3C etc. I am using a register to store ...

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How do you convert a String to a float or int?

In an Arduino program I'm working on the GPS sends the coordinates to the arduino through USB. Because of this, the incoming coordinates are stored as Strings. Is there any way to convert the GPS ...

2 answers | 16 hours ago by Xjkh3vk on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to minimise a repetitive boolean expression

Let's say I have the following truth table for a logic gate called 'foo'. a | b | out | 0 | 0 | 1 | 0 | 1 | 0 | 1 | 0 | 0 | 1 | 1 | 1 | This resolves to the following boolean expression: …

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Recommendation on Web scraping and data flow

I have a solar panel unit, and the company that set it up (Fronius) has a website where I can live stream the data collected from the solar panel (Current power, Energy today, monthly, and yearly ...

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Sampling Arduino Analog Pins With A Custom MatLab Function

I have a custom function that samples 3 analog pins from an Arduino interfacing with MatLab. My function discards the very first sample, then samples each pin 10 times and takes an average then ...

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Is there any reason to use C instead of C++ for embedded development?

Question I have two compilers on my hardware C++ and C89 I'm thinking about using C++ with classes but without polymorphism (to avoid vtables). The main reasons I’d like to use C++ are: I prefer …

28 answers | 19 hours ago by Piotr Czapla on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Anyone using Python for embedded projects?

My company is using Python for a relatively simple embedded project. Is anyone else out there using Python on embedded platforms? Overall it's working well for us, quick to develop apps, quick to …

14 answers | 19 hours ago by Fred Basset on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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What is the difference between a circuit with a resistor and one without it in energy terms?

In Fundamentals of Physics (HRW), an equation is derived for the current in a circuit in terms of its emf and resistance by the 'Energy method'; that is, deriving emf=i.r and saying that the work done …

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what could generate a high-pitched whine in electronics where the frequency depends on the current?

So I was operating a Laue machine recently which generates x-rays and fires them at a sample, and I noticed that there was a high-pitched whine coming from the instrument (nothing abnormal, just ...

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How can I practically incorporate interrupts into my embedded application?

I am working on an embedded application for an ARM platform and a PowerPC platform as well. This application is a bare-metal application so no OS whatsoever. It will perform all initialization of ...

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Implement Manchester Encoding on Arduino

I am trying to program a manchester encoding for my arduino. This means a 1 bit is represented by 10 and zero is represented by 01. 1111 would be 10101010 in manachester code. My Program (C++ on …

1 answers | 21 hours ago by Tobi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Arduino String separated by comma to Array

I am trying to do some Raw data handling of an IR Remote with Arduino. unsigned int ArrayKey[68] = {30868,8900,4400,600,500,600,...,600}; irsend.sendRaw(ArrayKey,68,38); Now I try to get a Raw IR …

1 answers | 22 hours ago by user3339163 on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Python pySerial read data from arduino breaks when sending “(char)0”

I send some data from an arduino using pySerial. My Data looks like bytearray(DST, SRC, STATUS, TYPE, CHANNEL, DATA..., SIZEOFDATA) where sizeofData is a test that all bytes are received. The …

1 answers | 23 hours ago by Tobi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Creating a list of found Mifare Tags with arduino?

I am working with an Arduino Uno and an adaFruit PN532 board. The goal is to be able to create a list of MiFare Cards currently in range of the NFC Shield. I am having trouble figuring out the ...

1 answers | yesterday by erik on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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Software to easily design electrics / electronics circuits

Does anyone know a software to easily design electronic / electrics circuits (for resistors, capacitors, inductors, sources, transistors, ...) which already has a large and easy-to-use "library" of …

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MSP430: setting up a ramp for the output of the DAC12

The sample code available from TI, sets up the timer (either TimerA or TimerB depending on the settings) to generate an interrupts at regular intervals. In the ISR, the following code is used in the …

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