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Variation of infinite grid of ideal one-ohm resistors: what would be the equivalent resistance between 2 points in a 3D lattice?

I'm sure that many here are familiar with this famous problem that popped up on xkcd one day: On this infinite grid of ideal one-ohm resistors, what's the equivalent resistance between the two ...

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data indirect addressing and adding 16bit numbers AVR assembly

I have a question that begins with this: .dseg .org 0x200 value1: .byte 2 value2: .byte 2 res: .byte 2 Im supposed to compute the sum of res = value1 + value2 0x200 value1: 0xCD 0x201 ...

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Why the bulb glows brighter?

If the total current is divided into the branches in a parallel configuration and it is constant in series. How come the bulbs glow brighter when connected in parallel than when connected in series?

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is it possible to debug ndk build c project on android studio?

i need to debug my ndk build c code on android platform so is it possible to debug it n android studio.If so how please suggest me how to debug it on android studio.

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Teensy 2.0 / Atmega32u4 as Keyboard: Send and Receive

I'm currently working on a device which is able to work as a keyboard and communicate via Serial with a self-written software. Now I have to install serial drivers (from Arduino) on different ...

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Linux audio application : wanted low latency playback (and stop)

I work on an embedded Linux board (based on Eukrea iMx25). Application is a game playing notes of music or other songs. I get events from radio equipment and then playing wav files. Homemade player ...

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Arduino, issue using serial1 Serial.available()

issue is in the setreps function. The Serial.available is false, when it should be true. In the loop the Serial.available worked fine. I ran the same code changing the serial1 to serial; using the ...

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What predefined macro can I use to detect the target architecture in Clang?

I would like to write code depending on whether the target architecture is e.g. armv7, armv7s, or arm64. The reason that I can't use sysctlbyname is that this would give me the underlying ...

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What does this GCC error “… relocation truncated to fit…” mean?

I am programming the host side of a host-accelerator system. The host runs on the PC under Ubuntu Linux and communicates with the embedded hardware via a USB connection. The communication is performed ...

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XMega Timer and Microseconds

I'm trying to bit bang out some data out of an atxmega128a3u and need to toggle a pin as fast as 4us but so far I'm not getting anywhere close to that... Here I'm setting my timer for 88us but am ...

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how to configure, install and run Android in xen as domU as second guest OS (already ubuntu is running domU as one of guest OS)

For exynos 5250,i have installed xen on arm cortex-A15 platform. 1).I have done ubuntu as domU(guest OS ) and i want to run android as second guest OS. 2)Can anyone help me on how to configure,where i ...

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Get a character from a string value?

I have a set of numbers in a string (in memory) as follows: numbers DCB "012345" How can I access that first digit and insert it into a register? I would load it right, but I am unsure how to ...

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Trouble with Sending HTTP 1.1 GET request

I am trying to use PubNub to publish a message to a channel but I always get "Connection Failed!". I know the structure of a publish URL is the following: ...

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Are there CSV files or lookup table to correct for real north now and in the future?

I am currently working on placing a compass on an embedded microchip PIC32 family device I am working on. The compass is made in another part of the world and once assembled I want to be able to use ...

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MCU Basic Basics

A complete novice is here seeking some help regarding MCU. The thing is that I want to develop a project which will help foster my learning of MCU but currently I am at Level (minus) 10. I have many ...

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How to send data from android to arduino using bluetooth?

Im a beginner and im developing an android app that will send data to the arduino using the bluetooth module. It will light an LED in the arduino if the data sent from android is recognized. I already ...

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How to port pgm_read_byte macro (AVR) to 8051

Im tring to port driver from AVR to 8051. Does anyone know how to port pgm_read_byte this macro? #define pgm_read_byte(address_short) pgm_read_byte_near(address_short) ... #define ...

1 answers | 8 hours ago by Tony Lin on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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How to port C library into into Android studio JNI folder

I have a program, which I have compiled using the arm toolchain in NDK. Now I want to use it as a library; put it in the JNI folder and call the functions from my main activity. I want to know how to ...

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C multiplexer function

I have this function that's a multiplexer. // Enumerated type for a single bit. typedef enum { FALSE=0, TRUE=1 } BIT; BIT multi(BIT A, BIT B, BIT C, BIT D, BIT S1, BIT S0) { if(S1== FALSE ...

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Connect SSD1306 OLED Display to BLE Nano

My experience with micocontrollers and electronics is limited to ATmega Controllers, programmed in C and some tranistors and displays, nothing too special. However, I want to get my hardware one step ...

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What physical forces allows for electromagnetic induction

In electromagnetic induction, what force is actually doing the work? what physical force actually drives the electrons around the circuit? Let's say we have a coil and an increasing magnetic field ...

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QR algorithm implementation 3x3 fixed point

I want to find the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a 3x3 matrix (mostly if not always symmetric!!). My numbers are stored in fixed-point format (16.16 to be exact). Note that I don't mind much about ...

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What does an induced emf do to a loop of varying current?

I know that the magnetic flux through a loop in space is proportional to the current such that $\Phi=LI$. Therefore a change in magnetic flux will produce an emf, so $\mathscr{E}=-L\dfrac{dI}{dt}$. ...

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Factors on which barrier potential in a p n junction depends

I have a few queries regarding the barrier potential in a p-n junction diode. Is the barrier potential dependent on temperature? Why/why not? Does the barrier potential depend on doping ...

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Android mobile micro usb port as clock pulse generator

I am working on a project which requires android phone to generate clock pulse through micro USB port. I would request your help, and would like to know if this is possible and if it is? How should i ...

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What is the opcode of the BLX instruction?

Whats the opcode for the BLX instruction in ARM Assembly ? and the size. In windows the JMP opcode is 0xE9 How do I find the opcode and the size for the BLX instruction

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Arduino Serial Output is Incorrect

I have an arduino uno connected to two stepper motors and an arduino mega. The mega needs to communicate with the arduino uno. When I run the program and open the Serial monitor, the serial monitor ...

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Arduino uno not uploading

Uploading sketches to my arduino uno worked fine. Now uploading won't work. I get the following error. Is there a way to reset my board? Using the built-in reset button does not help. Error: ...

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App Inventor Bluetooth incamming data error in splite component

hi for everyone and thanks for help ... I have a android application with arduino project ... to receive serial data from ARDUINO MCU and show it on the mobile screen, but when the data received in ...

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getting garbage data from external dataflash on STK600

Hello, I am using STK600 and I have written code for external dataflash using SPI. When I read data from dataflash I receive first data byte properly but then afterwards I receive all data ...

1 answers | 20 hours ago by mandar joshi on Stack Overflow stackoverflow.com
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