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How can I pretty-print JSON?

Is there a (unix) shell script to format JSON in human-readable form? Basically, I want it to transform the following: { foo: "lorem", bar: "ipsum" } ... into something like this: { foo: ...

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What is $() in a command?

What is $() in Linux Shell Commands? For example: chmod 777 $(pwd)

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How do I execute in background / return early?

For reference, I'm using phpseclib to control a remote SSH server using the 'root' account. I have to start/stop a java process which is ran in the background. Stopping works fine with killall java …

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Relation between the filename and inode of a file

For a file, it is said that its "filename" points to its inode. Does it mean that its "file name" is a data structure that has or is a pointer pointing to its inode? It is also said that its ...

1 answers | 25 mins ago by Tim on Unix & Linux
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How can I sort a .txt file by two columns?

Feb 7 domainserver dovecot[37495]: auth(default): od(tjones): lookup failed for user: tjones Above is a sample output of what I'd like to sort. I'd like to sort by date on the first column, but …

2 answers | 29 mins ago by user2827773 on Unix & Linux
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how to wait for an output in TCL command before running the next command

Situation is that I need to invoke a tool using some command and when the tool completes the run , it produces exit 0 status. More precisely it says the following: EXIT STATUS 0 I want to use …

1 answers | 32 mins ago by user3893307 on Stack Overflow
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Assistance with sed and or awk

I am trying to write a shell script to go through a log file. I need to extract out only specific lines from the log. Log file format is: Jul 30 17:28:21 'server_name' : 'type_of_log': ...

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How to turn the laptop built-in webcam on/off from shell

Fn+F6 key combination turns my laptop's integrated web camera on/off. Looking at the dmesg output, it seems that the webcam (USB device) is being more or less virtually connected/disconnected to/from …

1 answers | 45 mins ago by sm4rk0 on Super User
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line breaks missing when emailed from unix to win

i am sending an email from unix to windows platform and using uuencode to attach the plain text files (.txt). But when i read the attached file in notepad the linebreaks are gone. Code: uuencode ...

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Combining certain columns of several tab-delimited files based on first column

1st column in inFile contains a string not necessarily present in all inFiles 2nd and 7th columns in each inFile contains the Title# strings Using AWK, I cannot piece this together correctly. My use …

2 answers | 1 hour ago by BlacquenedRed on Stack Overflow
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How would I use sed command to delete text within a document?

I'm trying to sort and edit a long .txt file and I would like to delete all instances of the following from any line containing it. [getpwnam_ext]

1 answers | 2 hours ago by NSTIMI on Stack Overflow
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Pull out a range of data from unique character to unique character using grep or awk

I have a moderately large fasta format file that has a complex header. I need to pull a sequence out based on a value (an 8 digit number) from another file. I can get the sequence out using 'grep -20 …

2 answers | 2 hours ago by Matt Thornton on Stack Overflow
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What is the term “Usage”?

I am seeing this a lot in the scripts. Is "usage" a command in unix ? I tried googling it but got ambiguous results. Here is an example : ${1?"Usage: $0 ARGUMENT"}

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Atul on Unix & Linux
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From gnome-screenshot command line, how do you predefine the are?

So gnome-screenshot has the following options: tim@Hairy14:~$ gnome-screenshot --help Usage: gnome-screenshot [OPTION…] Take a picture of the screen Help Options: -h, --help …

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Fedora desktop connection with iPhone

I have connected iPhone with Fedora Desktop using VirtualBox. I can find out in "Places" menu but I am trying to find out its device path. I have to add this path in a configuration file like ...

2 answers | 2 hours ago by John Sm on Super User
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Postgres DB not starting on Mac OSX: ERROR says: connections on Unix domain socket

I ve installed Postgresql and then ran a bunch of rails apps on my local Mac OSX Mountain Lion and created databases etc. Today after a while when I launched pgAdminIII and tried to launch a database …

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Bash scripting: Illegal alias names

I was messing around with my .bash_profile file (Mac OSX) and when I tried to set an alias as such: alias .=". ~/.bash_profile" I would not subsequently be able to source my .bash_profile file …

1 answers | 2 hours ago by 15tigers on Stack Overflow
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Monitoring directory for the presense of a file on HP-UX

I'm using HP-UX unix system. And I need to monitor few directories for presence of files. Those files uploaded from different external source. These will be processed and deleted as soon as it arrive. …

1 answers | 3 hours ago by sugunan on Stack Overflow
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AWK: Trouble with AWK (print between two patterns) not working as expected

I've tried searching but have not found the answer I'm looking for. For this scenario, I have the following script: #!/bin/bash CONN="mysql://username:password1@hostname/database_name" echo ...

5 answers | 3 hours ago by Ximian on Stack Overflow
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Docker container for development

I have question about docker and using it in development on windows. I have boot2docker installed and I am able to install a container and access it with ip provided by "boot2docker ip" command. But …

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extract file names from a folder based on conditions

I have a folder which has files with the following contents. ATOM 9 CE1 PHE A 1 70.635 -26.989 98.805 1.00 39.17 C ATOM 10 CE2 PHE A 1 69.915 -26.416 100.989 …

4 answers | 3 hours ago by eleena on Stack Overflow
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InvalidJar error on Google Cloud Repositories

I've been trying to use the new push-to-deploy feature on Google Cloud Repository and I get the following InvalidJar error when it tries to upload to GAE. But it works fine when I try to execute the …

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How can I have parameters listed in a parameter page and refer them in a Unix shell script

I have a Unix shell script where i have some oracle connectivity information to be passed to, my lead requested me to pass the parameters from a parameter page since the connectivity information can …

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shell/ batch scripting to direct commands to adb shell

I am trying to write a batch(for win) and a shell script for linux to automate key and touch events on a android UI. At the moment in a windows batch file I am starting a adb shell for each event for …

4 answers | 3 hours ago by Harkish on Stack Overflow
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Solid method for executing PHP on JS call?

I know I can use AJAX to call and modify HTML within JS code. But what if I want to execute a command on the server using PHP like exec($command, $result);? What is the best method for calling PHP ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by Kalinka on Stack Overflow
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Choose which binary is default binary on Mac OS X Mavericks

I have installed the latest SVN 1.8 via homebrew on my Mac. However now If I run svn --version I get back that I have 1.7. Next thinng I run which -a svn which then shows me I have it twice: ...

2 answers | 4 hours ago by Dominik on Super User
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Using NotePad++ To Replace Text With Filename?

I have several hundred files that I need to bulk replace text in. I know that in NotePad++ I can use "Find in Files" and bulk replace the text in all the files at once. I need to replace YYYYYYYYY …

7 answers

Replace string by regex

I have bunch of string like "{one}two", where "{one}" could be different and "two" is always the same. I need to replace original sting with "three{one}", "three" is also constant. It could be easily …

7 answers | 4 hours ago by Val on Stack Overflow
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Some users unable to see files that others can see

I have a file server running on Windows Server 2008 R2 in our domain that houses files created by an application and then moved to a folder available as a share to some users here. Users who use this …

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comparing values in two columns of two files - awk

I want to insert the value of the 2nd column from file2.txt as an additional column in file1.txt DEPENDING, if the value in Ist of file1.txt is less than value in the Ist column of file2.txt (see ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by Kahn on Stack Overflow
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