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Remote shell in Jenkins seems to change my script when it runs

We are transitioning to Jenkins from using Unix build scripts. Things are moving along but I'm stuck when I try to copy and rename 2 'artifacts' on the build host. My command in Remote shell is: ...

1 answers | 8 secs ago by brian on Stack Overflow
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How to show only the last k columns in ls -l?

I like to restrict the columns shown in ls -l command, by eliminating the first 4 columns. ls -lh shows: drwxr-sr-x 20 gamma alpha 4.0K May 22 13:18 Desktop drwxr-sr-x 3 gamma alpha 22 Oct 6 ...

4 answers | 4 mins ago by LoMaPh on Unix & Linux
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Best way to increment numbers in one line in Linux

I have one line with lot of entries among which is also time. ('DEFAULT',17,NULL,'2014-07-14 10:30:00','Something','2014-07-14 06:30:00',1),('DEFAULT',26,NULL,'2014-07-14 ...

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Invoking awk from Java

I have a Java application which invokes a certain awk script. I use runtime.exec() to start the awk script process and I read from its InputStream and everything is OK. However, at some point this ...

1 answers | 13 mins ago by slouc on Stack Overflow
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Bash - assign to an array the out put of a variable | grep “abcd” -c

I am new to bash script and I would like to assign to an array the output of a variable using grep "abcd" -c. Here is my code: for .... do disUser[$i]= "$VAR" | grep "abcd" -c echo "disuser $i" ...

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Copy .txt files in a certain directory

I have an issue in copying my file in my directories. I have .txt and .jpeg files in a lot of directories, and I want to copy only the .txt files according to the directory. For example, I have this: ...

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How to enlarge RAID5 array with MegaRAID WebBIOS?

I'm a little confused with RAID5. I created a RAID5 array group from WebBIOS with 6 drives. Then created an XFS partition on this RAID5 drive. How can I enlarge the RAID5 without losing data? In ...

2 answers | 43 mins ago by rkvmyizs on Super User
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default separator for awk on Linux

Sorry for this stupid question, searched but not confident is the right answer is found, so the default separator is only space for awk?

3 answers | 1 hour ago by Lin Ma on Stack Overflow
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Check whether a file exists using Python

How do I check whether a file exists, using Python, without using a try statement?

25 answers | 1 hour ago by spence91 on Stack Overflow
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why are zfs on linux transfer rtates reported incorrectly after expanding array?

I have upgraded the drives in a 4 drive Raidz array in a NAS server and the array has auto expanded to the new size. In testing transfer rates from the NAS server now I observe that when performing ...

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How to print first four characters of first and last filenames in a directory

There are plenty of files in a directory. I would like to print first four characters of first and last filename in that directory. Suppose the files are in a directory as test101.dat test102.dat ...

3 answers | 1 hour ago by Mano on Stack Overflow
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Run two shell commands

What would be the correct format for the following, where I want to execute two scripts? The following is only executing the first one for me: if ps aux | grep -E ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by David542 on Stack Overflow
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BTRFS - removing drive by devid instead of path

I recently lost a 5 TB drive using btrfs. I had a system freeze (unsure why) while a balance was running. My SMR drive got corrupted. I was able to mount my array degraded and balance my data. ...

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How to pass variable to shell command in C?

For example, I code : fp = popen("wc -l < myfile", "r"); But myfile should be any file's name which is parsed to this project. It could be file abc.txt or 123.txt or xy.txt etc. Then I want to ...

4 answers | 1 hour ago by beasone on Stack Overflow
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Shell script problems: how to parse a special “word” out of a line of xml file

i need really your help. I have a xml-log file, which content information, that i have to parse. Such xml file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <results> <error ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by Lama Dingo on Stack Overflow
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Change Folder/File Permissions for HIDDEN Subdirectories

This question is very similar to Change Folder & File Permissions for all Subdirectories , which worked for me completely when the folders weren't hidden. However, I have a hidden folder (call it ...

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How to maintain a counter across multiple executions of a script?

I have a script with a conditional statement and I want to find out how many times the then clause is executed, across multiple runs of the same script. eg: if [condition] then Some code; ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Eka on Ask Ubuntu
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What vegetables will grow well in limited sunlight?

Our backyard receives limited sunlight due to three massive trees in a small area. There is only about 2 hours of direct sunlight per day to my vegetable patch. Could I get some suggestions for ...

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setting up cron Job from bash is giving errors

I am trying to set up a cron Job in a remote server using a bash script.The command is as follows: ssh $NODE_USER@$NODE_HOST "cat <(crontab -l) <(echo "33 03 * * 0-6 ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by user1958962 on Stack Overflow
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Compare two files having different column numbers and print the requirement to a new file if condition satisfies

I have two files with more than 10000 rows: File1 has 1 col File2 has 4 col 23 23 88 90 0 34 43 74 58 5 43 54 87 52 3 54 ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by Roselover on Stack Overflow
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UNIX Shell Script Solution for formatting a pipe-delimited, segmented file

The input file has up to 34 different record types within the same line. The file is pipe-delimited, and each record type is separated by '~' (except for the originating record type. Not all 34 ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by H Mullins on Stack Overflow
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Why can't “sudo cp” find the files?

Who can give me a logical explanation to this issue: I can not run this command: sudo cp /data/*20150522* /backup/ cp: cannot stat `/data/*20150522*': No such file or directory And when i switch ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by IMAnis_tn on Super User
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Effectively handling 2+ million files

I have a file based DB that has about 2M files stored in 3 levels of subdirectories. 2/2/6253 2/2/6252 ... File a vary from 30 bytes to 60 KB. Whole DB is Read Only. DB is about 125 Gigabytes big. ...

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remove a string between columns

I am trying to remove text between two strings but keep all the data before and after the pattern. Example text that I am working with: comp117_c0_seq1 len=214 path=[173:0-52 372:53-71 226:72-213] ...

4 answers | 3 hours ago by djfreeze on Stack Overflow
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Python system argument reading '&'

I want to pass url to my python via the console and then do the appropriate tasks. many of the links contain the character '&' in the link. python interprets that as ending the argument this ...

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Avoiding expansion when looping: for x in $foo

I have to count the number of executables in a directory. I've already figured out a different way to do it (by writing to a file and then searching the file, but that is kind of ugly). The solution ...

4 answers

Tokenize and capture with sed

Suppose we have a string like "dir1|file1|dir2|file2" and would like to turn it into "-f dir1/file1 -f dir2/file2" Is there an elegant way to do this with sed or awk for a general case of n > 2? My ...

4 answers | 3 hours ago by Ivan P. on Stack Overflow
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Shell script in php web page issue

I run via php web page hive quaery inside shell script.But don't run correctly bash script on apache2. php file: $select="select text from tweets limit 5";//shell argument 1 $id="2"; ...

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Unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'

I use to have 2 x 500GB drives merged using LVM as one drive. One of the drives is managed and removed from the server and the LVM is corrupted I tried to mount the second HDD but it's not working ...

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How to count the number of consecutive occurences of nonzeros along all directions of rows and columns (but not diagonaly) in a Matrix

I am trying to count the number of consecutive occurences of nonzeros along all directions of rows and columns (but no diagonaly) in a matrix. e.g., my matrix is: 1 1 1 0 0 2 2 0 2 1 1 1 1 0 ...

2 answers | 4 hours ago by Mano on Stack Overflow
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