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Creating a Zip File System Provider in Java

From offical docs, I have this small program: import java.util.*; import; import; import java.nio.file.*; public class ZipFSPUser { public static void main(String [] ...

1 answers | 2 mins ago by Voldemort on Stack Overflow
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What's the conventional way to send commands to running processes?

Is there a conventional way to write a program such that commands can be issued to the program from the command line without a repl? For example, how you can send commands to a running nginx server ...

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Command-line to get this system information

When I log in to my digital ocean image, I see this information appearing. Welcome to Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.13.0-57-generic x86_64) Documentation: ...

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What happens if an object stops orbiting the sun?

What would happen if an object (like a space ship) was to stop its orbit around the sun. would time slow down with that object (the same way time sped up for the characters in that great film ...

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Shell script can't use logical or with find command

I have a script that deletes *.log or *.txt files either more than 10 MB or more than 15 days old. I wrote the code but cannot put -or between *log and *txt. How can I do that? find . -iname "*.txt" ...

2 answers | 18 mins ago by Elfendos on Stack Overflow
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need a help for a shell script - - [27/Nov/2015:15:11:17 +0000] "GET /api/v1/order/track?order_id=100***** HTTP/1.1" 200 1243 "-" "Android" these are access log from server What i need to do is compare the time ...

1 answers | 21 mins ago by user2799918 on Stack Overflow
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Add and remove update channels in an easy terminal way

I know there is a GUI in Ubuntu Software & Updates to enable the update channels updates proposed backports security as shown in this screenshot: I am looking for an easy way to do this ...

4 answers | 22 mins ago by A.B. on Ask Ubuntu
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shell alias has cache? Why?

I write a alias command for get version of android in PC using adb shell, like this: alias av="echo v:adb shell getprop;echo sdk:adb shell getprop; \ ...

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how to write in windows batch file

Need help. In shell script it is mentioned like below. I am new to this. export a=$? echo "RETURN CODE FROM UpgradeR16 = $a" how to write equivalent in windows bat file. Thanks in advance

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windows command to copy all the jar files from folder and its sub folders to another new folder

I have a folder called "root", inside I have so many projects, each project has so many jars in the respective lib folder. I want to copy all the jars which all are underneth root or its sub folders ...

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removing Duplicate words form a file with two seprators and extension .txt shell script

I have a quesiton in shell scripting. I have one file from which I want to remove duplicate words. These words are separated by spaces and underscore. I want to remove Level_KPLLI_Tpp; and Level ...

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What does the “-” in “bash -” mean?

What does bash - mean in the following bash shell code? It seems to be used to take the output the last code as the input. If so, can I just write it as bash or xargs bash? curl --silent --location ...

3 answers | 28 mins ago by MarkZar on Ask Ubuntu
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OracleSolaris 11.2 — is /usr/kernel/drv/driver.conf required for PCI?

I'm implementing a small PCI driver for academic purposes, and one thing I'm not clear about if we actually have to provide driver.conf? Different materials which I read (including ...

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OracleSolaris 11.2 — character device in /dev/*

Normally in Linux PCI drivers may expose a control interface to user-land via a character device, e.g. /dev/drv_ctl, and a user application can read/write I/O control commands with ioctl() on the open ...

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OracleSolaris 11.2 - locate capability of PCI device

I need solaris analogue to linux's pci_find_capability kernel function. I grepped through /usr/src/ for some similarities, but didn't find anything close to it. What do pci/pcie drivers normally use ...

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Checking heap being used by a running process on Solaris 10

How can I check heap being used by a running process on Solaris 10? pmap is providing info, but I would like to see the heap usage, do I have to do like this? pmap | grep [heap] If we would like to ...

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dbx: warning: stepping up to a function with srcline info

I am getting some issues while following child process in dbx in a huge legacy C code. I am presenting below the code part under investigation: #include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> ...

1 answers | 52 mins ago by Gajendra Bagali on Stack Overflow
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OpenSolaris 11.2 - understanding some of prtconf output

While browsing through 'prtconf' output, I found the following properties for the PCIe device I'm implementing driver for: % prtconf -v | less ... name='pci-msix-capid-pointer' type=int items=1 ...

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Run shell script in one liner at command line

I am running below script at command line but, i am getting syntax error:- while read line; do if [ -z "$line" ] ; then continue fi word_cnt=echo "$line" | wc -w ^C [ ...

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testファイルを作成して、gzipコマンドで圧縮すると、test.gzが作成されます。 このtest.gzを拡張子を外した名前(test)に変更すると、gzipコマンドやgunzipコマンドで 解凍することができないのですが、なぜでしょうか。 gunzip -S .gz test

1 answers | 1 hour ago by user7461 on スタック・オーバーフロー
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How to start root shell with Android Studio?

I just installed Android Studio. How do I get into root shell on my phone? Or do I have to download ADB separately?

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cURL in shell vs. knockd

I want to use curl to control features of a IPcam. This works fine in a shell (/bin/sh) but fails when called from knockd. I am trying this on a QNAP NAS (Busybox Linux). The script I am using is: ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Marc on Super User
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Merge two files line by line with the delimiter triple pipe symbol “|||”

I have two parallel files with the same number of lines in two languages and plan to merge these two files line by line with the delimiter |||. E.g., the two files are as follows: File A: 1Mo 1,1 I ...

5 answers | 2 hours ago by hui on Unix & Linux
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Solaris & zfs: how to get rid of dump data

My root zpool is getting very full; half of it seems to be occupied by a memory dump. I do not want this any longer, how can I get rid of it? It is the rpool/dump fs that annoys me. Can I simply ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by Karel Adams on Stack Overflow
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Check variable is an array in Bourne like shell?

In Bourne like shell which support array variable, we can use some parsing to check if variable is an array. All commands below were run after running a=(1 2 3). zsh: $ declare -p a typeset -a a ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by cuonglm on Unix & Linux
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Adding a song file to iTunes via the command line without playing the file

I want to add song files to iTunes via the command line. open -a iTunes -g song.mp3 does exactly this. - However it starts playing the song, too. Any way to avoid this?

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Can I portably define a variable based on a function argument?

I'd like to define a function defvar which defines a variable, e.g. defvar FOO BAR ## equivalent to FOO=BAR However, the naive way of defining such a function does not work (presumedly because the ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by Kevin Ushey on Stack Overflow
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How do I get the network mask in Linux

I am trying to get the network mask using bash in that way: I tried with: ip -o -f inet addr show | awk '/scope global/ {print $4}' but the output is: So this ...

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return regex result from cmd output to variable

I'm looking forward to get a string from an cmd output (ID of tmutil destinationinfo). I have tested this regex with ...

1 answers | 4 hours ago by Xairoo on Stack Overflow
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Unable to use cd in .prog

while executing the following .prog script No such file or directory is thrown #!/usr/bin/ksh param1="$5" echo "Parameter1 : $param1" l_outgoing="outgoing" ...

1 answers | 5 hours ago by Naishu Babu on Stack Overflow
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