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angular js Remote validation with kendo-validator

i am new in angular-js.i am developing my app with angular-kendo.i followed 1. 2. Before …

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How do I download a tarball with python?

I'm trying to download a tarball by downloading the contents and then writing them to a file. This is basically how my code works: from urllib import urlretrieve contents = ...

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How to highlight Python syntax in LaTeX using verbments and utf8

I'm using Latex and the verbments package to display some python 3 code (with syntax highlighting) inside a document, but I have a problem with UTF-8. I'm using the verbments package ...

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Password Encryption style

Rfc2898DeriveBytes k1 = new Rfc2898DeriveBytes(pwd1, salt1, myIterations); Rfc2898DeriveBytes k2 = new Rfc2898DeriveBytes(pwd1, salt1); // Encrypt the data. TripleDES encAlg = TripleDES.Create(); …

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Best way to load application settings

A simple way to keep the settings of a Java application is represented by a text file with ".properties" extension containing the identifier of each setting associated with a specific value (this ...

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After replacing the cursor pointer with an image, how to center the image on the mouse pointer location instead of the top left corner of the image?

I have a cursor image .cur with maximum Width and Height of 250 pixels which i fully need. I already managed to the replace the mouse pointer image with this cur image instead when holding right ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by Process on Stack Overflow
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2 files are combined on a single column but at different column numbers using awk

my requirement is 2 files are compared like this 2nd filed of 1st file and 2nd field on 2nd file and the record from the 2nd file along with the matched record from the 1st should write in to the new …

1 answers | 2 mins ago by unixuser on Stack Overflow
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weird missing header on mac

I'm new to mac so please hang on with me. I have to compile a homemade package which compiles and runs in linux, and uses the boost libraries. First I was getting all kind of estrange errors from the …

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Encrypt, decrypt using Rails

I saw a while ago the possibility to decrypt and encrypt strings in rails without including any library, but I can't find the blog post. I want to be able to encrypt and decrypt strings without ...

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Facebook Debugger Not Scraping Page With SSL Certificate

I recently installed a SSL certificate on my domain and now Facebook is unable to scrape my webpages for open graph content. When I go to and …

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Is there a way to make a mobile browser to open a pdf and not to download it

I know that simple mobile browsers don't have the feature to make this, but I want that a smartphone could open a link to a pdf file. This is important because I want to open pdf in a given page like …

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How to persist a query between flask page requests?

I need to run the same exact query on multiple page requests. The first page renders the items, the second page exports the items to excel. Storing the query directly on session fails because ...

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Splitting words in a variety of ways with Regex

Working on something similar to Solr's WordDelimiterFilter, but not in Java. Want to split words into tokens like this: P90X = P, 90, X TotallyCromulentWord = Totally, Cromulent, Word TransAM = …

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Primary File size error while creating database

I am trying to create database in "SQL Server 2005" and getting following error Msg 1803, Level 16, State 1, Line 2 The CREATE DATABASE statement failed. The primary file must be at least 32 …

1 answers | 2 mins ago by Lijo on Stack Overflow
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Collapse identical values across many columns

I am attempting to compare a value in one column, to that of 70 others all with slightly varying column names in R. The column "Time" is meant to be a unique identifier, though it is repeated across …

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Xamarin Studio (Android) Error Inflating Class <unknown> Unless Cleaned

The Problem: After modifying any layout file in my Android project in Xamarin Studio, my mainlauncher (SplashActivity) throws the following exception. The exception continues to throw until I clean …

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Selecting html dom element inner text using HTML Aguility pack

Html source has unordered list with country names. It has following html structure <div class="hc_m_content"> <div class="hc_col"> <ul> <li> …

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Building XML file with SAX parser

I am parsing through an XML Wikipedia data dump and I'd like to pull out a page and make it into a new XML document with a stripped down version of the page. For example, of each page, I'm only ...

2 answers | 2 mins ago by joshft91 on Stack Overflow
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Header is not responding in my php code

I'm writing the code for an html form (using bootstrap) and when all is said and done (input validation + adding successfully to database) I want to go back to the main page (main.php). Here is the …

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C++11 standard conformant bitmasks using enum class

Can you implement standard conformant (as described in of the n3242 draft) type safe bitmasks using enum class? The way I read it, a type T is a bitmask if it supports the ...

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Differences between KitKat Jelly Bean fragment transparency

I have this issue, I have 2 activities with fragments, the app theme is "Translucent" so I can have some degree of transparency between activities, and or app. First Activity, has a solid ...

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can i add .h and .cpp files in a c# project?

hello i want to add some .h and .cpp files in c# to get the c++ functionality in c# i want to use tha code directly with out making any dll file. can i do so if yes the how can i do this. thanx in …

4 answers | 2 mins ago by moon on Stack Overflow
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I need a Regular Expressions that is true if the word "bad' is not in the string

I am parsing a feed and need to exclude fields that consist of a string with the word "bad", in any combination of case. For example "bad" or "Bad id" or "user has bAd id" would not pass the regular …

2 answers | 2 mins ago by Brian on Stack Overflow
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How to stop changes to a select list from affecting a second select

I have a problem with a function that populates a select list (desired action,) that is also changing a second select list (undesired action.) It requires a rather long explanation so I'm including …

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In which cases Robolectric is a relevant solution?

As you may now, Robolectric is a framework that provides stubs for Android objects, in order to make tests runnable outside the Dalvik environment. My concern is that, by doing this, one can fake a …

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Only allow purchasing a product add-on if another add-on is active for that product

I have two add-ons for my product 'Hosting': Dedicated IP Comodo Positive SSL In order to be able to purchase Comodo Positive SSL, the add-on Dedicated IP must already be active for that account. …

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What id and select_type really mean in mysql explain?

Consider the following schema: create table c ( userId varchar(10), something varchar(10), primary key (userId) ); create table t ( userId varchar(10), something varchar(10), …

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Simple XML namespace warning

I am trying to parse the following XML using simplexml... but as soon as I …

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Are code level changes required for moving to load-balancing enviroment?

My client wants to move to a ColdFusion load-balancing environment for better availability and scalability of the site. I know how to setup clusters and instances in the ColdFusion Admin. We should …

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window.getSelection() to select text only within class

I have contenteditable=true div, where user enters his feedback and I want to allow him change the text color of selected text written in div when user clicks on colorpalate. I have full code to do …

1 answers | 3 mins ago by user3525233 on Stack Overflow
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