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Visual Studio 2013 intellisense without method and parameters description

I have this problem in my Visual Studio 2013 Express my intellisense looks like this: At work I use professional edition where it looks like this: As you can see, there is method description and ...

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Visio: Create tables

What's the easiest way to create tables in visio or at least be able to copy them as tables from Excel?

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PHP by-reference parameters and default null

Let's say we have a method signature like public static function explodeDn($dn, array &$keys = null, array &$vals = null, $caseFold = self::ATTR_CASEFOLD_NONE) we can easily call the ...

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Ajax. Loading json data through $.ajax() function based on Element ID

First and foremost this is a class assignment. so I have to go about it a certain way. I need to use the $.ajax() function to process the results from the php file and then load it into a "results ...

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Scala Syntactic Sugar for converting to `Option`

When working in Scala, I often want to parse a field of type [A] and convert it to a Option[A], with a single case (for example, "NA" or "") being converted to None, and the other cases being wrapped ...

3 answers | 35 secs ago by Vincent Tjeng on Stack Overflow
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Dynamic Form Edit

Before i ask a question for dynamic form builder Dynamic Form Builder with CodeIgniter I created the form and designed table. I can build form dynamically and i can enter data to form that i created ...

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How end of the statement is detected in Go lexer?

I don't know Go, I am just studying various languages syntax. From Go FAQ: "Go borrows a trick from BCPL: the semicolons that separate statements are in the formal grammar but are injected ...

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“Object doesn't support this option” Error 445 in VB Code

I am trying to make this code work. It gives the runtime error. Any help on how to fix it will be much appreciated. I am putting this code together to retain the files for record retention in my work ...

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Polymer custom elements and Polymer-gestures

I would like to add listener event on a Polymer custom element with Polymer-gestures. This is my sample code : - my-custom-element.html <link rel="import" href="../polymer/polymer.html"> ...

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can't find the bug in my code…chained lists

well , this function is supposed to load some personnal informations from a file and puts them into a chained list , and then return a pointer on the first element of the list , the structure used is ...

1 answers | 53 secs ago by Comfortably Numb on Stack Overflow
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How to set an object property to a previously initialized Array in C++

I would like to take a previously initialized array of objects and be able to set that to a class variable. I don't have a lot of experience with pointers or great coding style. This is a snippet of ...

1 answers | 56 secs ago by Cole Lawrence on Stack Overflow
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How can I debug my JavaScript code?

When I find that I have a problematic code snippet, how should I go about debugging it?

20 answers | 1 min ago by Canavar on Stack Overflow
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sklearn: use Pipeline in a RandomizedSearchCV?

I'd like to be able to use pipelines in the RandomizedSearchCV construct in sklearn. However right now I believe that only estimators are supported. Here's an example of what I'd like to be able to ...

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Program not running after closing of terminal server session

How I can make a program keep running after closing the terminal server session? I tried to change the time limit of the session with gpedit but only let me put at most five days.

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Cannot clone new Mercurial repo: abort: unknown branch 'default'!

I'm new to Mercurial. I created a Bitbucket account, created a new private repo, and then tried to clone using the 'Clone in Sourcetree' button. I got this error: abort: unknown branch 'default'! I'm ...

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Why ViewPager on first page reset other pages data?

I'm using ViewPager in my app. when I swipe to page 3 and change some things on this page (like writing texts in EditText) and come back to page 1 and then swipe to page 3 again; changes was reset ...

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How to specify file permission when putting a file using OpenSSH sftp command

I am using various SFTP clients for uploading files to an SFTP server and I have a problem with default permission used when putting files. When requesting to put a file, SFTP client like WinSCP or ...

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Does the target attribute affect efficiency of Fortran programs?

I have read difference between POINTER and ALLOCATABLE and Why does a Fortran POINTER require a TARGET? and they have really good answers. It seems that the most efficient choice is to use ...

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Angular $scope not showing correct data in HTML

I have a cordova app in which I want to show the details of a location. For some reason when I try to display a variable in HTMl which is being successfully assigned in JS, nothing appears. JS ...

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How to troubleshoot SSL “bad record MAC” exception

I am using an Apache CXF client, running in a Windows Java 1.6.0_29-b11 VM to connect to an IBM mainframe (I believe it is zSeries), and invoking a SOAP Web Service running there. The connection is ...

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Using optional query parameters in F# Web Api project

I was converting a C# webapi project to F# using the F# ASP.NET templates. Everything is working great except optional query parameters. I keep getting this error { "message": "The request is ...

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ListView inside Fragment inside Activity is not match_parent-ing?

I'm using a Fragment inside an Activity and the ListView is located inside my Fragment. I have set everything to match_parent but it works in the way that not I'm expecting. Please refer to this ...

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How to get the number of requests in queue in scrapy?

I am using scrapy to crawl some websites. How to get the number of requests in the queue? I have looked at the scrapy source code and find scrapy.core.scheduler.Scheduler may lead to my answer. See: ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by Shuai Zhang on Stack Overflow
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Getting behavior on my live app that seems a lot like session collisions. Can't figure out why

Basically, users are intermittently seeing and overwriting each other's data (obviously, this is REALLY bad). I've tried to recreate the behavior on my testing site to no avail. On the testing site, ...

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Increasing size of graph using ggplot2

Hello to all and thank you in advance. I would like to increase the size of the graph below so it takes up more of the page and is easier to read. The height is fine, I would just like to stretch the ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by BillyBoy on Stack Overflow
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Using Multiple Oracle JDBC drivers in one Java application?

I want to connect to two different Oracle databases (one and one 12c) via JDBC. I do have both JDBC drivers that can individually and successfully connect to the corresponding DB via simple ...

3 answers | 1 min ago by kwirschau on Stack Overflow
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How to change Bootstrap style before it is shown?

I've been trying to manipulate the bootstrap tooltip's positioning without success. Attempt #1: stuff.tooltip({ container: 'body', placement: function(tip, el) { // played with tip, ...

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Scrolling messes up my canvas mouse coordinates - Javascript

Getting the mouse coordinates on the canvas always works unless I have to scroll and then it goes wrong. y can end up being a negative number while it is on the canvas. Here is my code: code block ...

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C readline function

I wrote this function for my next learning project (cfg parser). What do you think about it? char readline(FILE *fp, char **line, size_t *size) { *size = 0; size_t cpos = ftell(fp); int ...

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Is there a PHP package similar to the annotate_models gem?

I'm working on a new Laravel project and would love autogenerated comments that describe my actual database structure. Is there an existing solution to accomplish something like that? In ruby I've ...

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