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MSSQL 2005 Snapshot Agent Uses 100% CPU

When setting up a new subscription to a publication (transactional replication) from 64-bit SQL Server 2005 to 64-bit SQL Server 2005 the Snapshot Agent on the publisher consumes 100% of the CPU. I am ...

2 answers | 21 secs ago by user23723 on Server Fault
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using multiple css3 animations for an element

I'm really confused with this one. I want my element (a moon) to drop down from top of the page where it is invisible and then immediately rotate once. But, unfortunately I couldn't make it. It drops ...

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when i am calling webservice api and server is down ,How to make it more responsive?

How to check in case where web service api is unresponsive or not getting response ? How to timeout my webservice request?

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Codility Counting Lesson

I'm studying Codility Counting Lesson ( and I need help to understand the fastest solution. I am wondering why the difference is divided by 2 ...

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Incidentally getting: numberOfRowsInSection: message sent to deallocated instance

I have an Iphone application that shows videos in a list. This works fine most times, open the viewcontroller from my applications menu. When I do this for the first time, second time and most times ...

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Printing null in java

On execution of following line : System.out.println(null); the result comes out to be null printed on console. Why does that happen?

6 answers | 40 secs ago by Gaurav Naugain on Stack Overflow
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DKIM Google App Engine - Outlook spam

I have a GoogleAppEngine account with Java support. I'm using the built-in sending email system. Whenever i send an email to an Outlook account, my mail gets in the spam folder. Everything seems ok ...

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Android - Circle Rotable Menu github source

I need circle menu in android application and i use here source the source exactly what i need. But there 6 menu item and it works prefect. In my case there are 8 menu item unfortunately it works ...

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Printing a string in c using a pointer

I have the following code : include int main(){ char * string = GetString(); printf("%c", *(1+string)); int j; for (j = 0; string[j] != '\0'; j++) printf("%c", *(j+string)); int i; ...

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How to add Azure AD Authentication to Existing ASP.NET MVC Application?

I have an existing ASP.NET MVC application using Visual Studio 2013. I followed this walk-through but it only concerns itself with a new greenfield project while selecting Change Authentication in ...

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What is the total thread count(executed over time, not parallel) for CUDA?

I need to execute a function about 10^11 times. The function is self-contained and requires one integer as input, let's call it f(n). The range of n is in fact 0 < n < 10^11. We can ignore ...

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List only todays events using Google Calendar API

Using Google Calendar's API and the events query, I would like to list just today's events, for the whole day to be displayed. Is there a way be code below can be altered to just display "today's" ...

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Phalcon MVC dispatcher - cancelling action from beforeDispatch

Anonymous user is hitting the following URL that requires authenticated user: /myprofile/settings. I would like to be able to abort MVC dispatch loop and send user to sign-in location. The code: ...

2 answers | 1 min ago by temuri on Stack Overflow
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fail2ban auto ban ip

I have a problem that i need some help with, This logfile /var/log/kernel.log have some ips that i want the system automatic to ban. if UDP: Short packet: From then i want them to be banned by ...

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About languages that allow calling C functions directly

I stumbled into Julia (programming language) and got specially interested with it's ability to call C functions without any wrapper. In fact it looks more like an instant C wrapper: path = ccall( ...

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InflateException on clicking navigation drawer item

I have followed the Google docs to create a navigation drawer and have followed the structure where it calls selectItem in the onCreate method, with a default item, just to start the fragment with ...

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VPN - What is the complexity involved setting one up across less than a dozen machines?

I have never set up and configured a VPN. I was wondering what it takes to set one up across windows server 2008 servers. What is the complexity involved? How complicated is it to configure? Do I ...

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Eclipse / Android Development Studio Guidelines for both Android and non-Android development

I have used Eclipse in the past for different projects, most lately OpenOffice plugin development. I want to start developing apps for devices running Android, so I downloaded the Android Developer ...

3 answers | 1 min ago by Milo Laun on Stack Overflow
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ExchangeTimedOutException: The OUT message was not received

I have a problem the InOnly exchange pattern what I use with aciveMq. I wrote a module what run in ServiceMix. It works correctly except that it send every message to dead letter queue ...

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Masonry with Infinite Scroll, loading bar gone?

eI am using Masonry with Infinite Scroll. Both work great. Infinite Scroll properly appends things to the end of the masonry grid. The problem I am having is with Masonry disabled, Infinite Scroll ...

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Depth Calculation for Bounding Boxes

I have two oriented bounding boxes in a 2D space. After reading a lot of articles on the internet I successfully wrote this code that calculates when two shapes overlap, but I find it difficult to ...

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when the const is considered really a const?

While reading some questions and answers in stackoverflow I come across this question I tried to understand it but the answers were really hard to understand especially the terms like static ...

4 answers | 2 mins ago by tanit on Stack Overflow
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Trying to implement recursive Tower of Hanoi algorithm with arrays

Even though there's plenty of questions about this problem here, none of them have helped me clear this up. I understand what recursion is and I can easily solve Towers of Hanoi by myself in 2^n-1 ...

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Loading datas from database save it within Vector

we have a database and in this database there is one table "content" and 3 columns "id", "movie_name", "movie_category". We want to load this values to Vector and show it but there is a problem that ...

1 answers | 2 mins ago by Burak Kurt on Stack Overflow
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Use HTML Textbox value as a HighCharts Percentage

Good Day before I ask my question, I just want to explain something before going firther. HTML Code <script src=""></script> <script ...

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Get Country code

I can get the country code in ISO-form using TelephonyManager::getNetworkCountryIso(), as it returns US for USA and such, but how can I get the numeric country dialing code? I can't seem to find any ...

2 answers | 2 mins ago by ARDaniyal on Stack Overflow
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Constellation Schema; Relationships between fact tables

What are acceptable types of depedendcies between facts in a multiple-fact schema? Conceptually talking, As you know a Multi-Dimensional Model may have multiple facts (like in a constellation ...

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How can a static variable (global variable) be an object in Java?

Ok, off the bat, I know this question either sounds like common sense, or very confusing due to its wording. Unfortunately, due to my lack of knowledge even after much research, I am unsure how to ...

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Converting a seq to vector clojure

(defn coord-pairs [coords] (for [number2 coords] (for [number coords] (vector (get coords number2) number))) ) Output: (([0 0] [0 1]) ([1 0] [1 1])) I want the output to ...

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unable to copy data from mongodb to elasticsearch

I have followed the documentation online to copy data from mongodb to elasticsearch using river plugin. My Elasticseach version is 1.4.2 My MongoDB version is 2.6.6 I have setup my mongodb to run as ...

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