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Largest 5 in array of 10 numbers without sorting

Here's my code to find the max number in an array of numbers, but i can't seem to understand how to get the top 5 numbers and store them in an array and later retrieve them Here's the code: public ...

10 answers | 16 secs ago by bappi bazzi on Stack Overflow
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Java 8 Need of Defender (default) Methods

Why We need Defender methods in interfaces in java 8 as we already have abstract classes.I found various answers on internet like: To add external functionality But Abstract class is for ...

2 answers | 23 secs ago by Gurinder S Panesar on Stack Overflow
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How do I point EF6 to a SQlite database instead of SQL Server Express?

I downloaded a project from someone and it was working for me. They used a database(or model) first approach and use a SQL Server Express backed. I want to change this to SQLite for now (and later ...

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Setting up a sublime symlink in Mac OS X while running pyenv

There are a lot of SO and links on how to setup a symlink so you can run sublime from the command line. But I'm running pyenv and it seems to have its own ~/.bash_profile as the real one doesn't have ...

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Why aren't failed attempts using ssh keys only logged?

I am running on a RHEL 6 operating system. I can see failed login attempt (password failures) in my /var/log/secure file. However, I don't see attempts to ssh to the server when the key is not ...

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What's the most precision you might lose if you use double to convert a currency value to another currency and back?

I know the problem of doubles due to base 2 calculations: var total: Double = 0.1 total *= 0.1 total /= 0.1 println(total) // 0.10000000000000002 I understand that BigDecimal should be used for ...

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How to get complete list of arguments for function from module in python

I am using iPython in command prompt, Windows 7. I thought this would be easy to find, I searched and found directions on how to use the inspect package but it seems like the inspect package is meant ...

1 answers | 2 mins ago by JDiaz on Stack Overflow
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Codeignter Custom Encryption Library Fatal Error

Please someone help on following error in codegniter Fatal error: Call to undefined function mcrypt_get_iv_size() It works fine on localhost but not on live server. Encryption Library class ...

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Table format using divs

<table style="width: 100%"> <tr> <td class="left">Left side content </td> <td class="right">Right side content</td> </tr> </table> Using the above ...

1 answers | 2 mins ago by Michael Grigsby on Stack Overflow
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Displaying a Table in Outlook emails

I have wrote an AutoIT program to automate sending out email alerts via a SMTP server for my company's IT department. This alert contains a table that is made using HTML(). Once the Alert is sent out ...

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Meteor: mongoimport command not found

I'm using meteor and I need to use mongoimport to add some JSON-data to the DB. But when I try to start meteor import, I got the error command not found. This is surprising for me as mongoimport is ...

0 answers

Scala with Spring XML

Is there a way to configure a scala class using a Spring XML Configuration and Java? Goal I am trying to integrate a few Spring classes with my Java Spring program intended to perform basic tasks ...

2 answers

Generate Unique Combinations When Duplicates Exist

My goal is to generate a unique list of combinations when we know that there may exist a similar combination of variables since part of the set being operated upon has duplicate values. So, the ...

2 answers | 2 mins ago by Coatless on Stack Overflow
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How do I properly align my button inputs to the right at the bottom of a form?

I have the following extension of the usual button that VS 2013 scaffolds at the bottom of a form: <div class="form-group"> @Html.LabelFor(model => model.PhoneNumber, htmlAttributes: new ...

5 answers | 3 mins ago by ProfK on Stack Overflow
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How to set the content type of flight framework response

I am writing a restful webservice for my android app, and i am using flight php framework to route url. i have written a simple code shown below to return a json payload posted to the server instead ...

2 answers | 3 mins ago by mish on Stack Overflow
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Subclass NSManagedObject and app name on chinese language

i dev app with name on chinese language. And today i have error from CoreData: CoreData: warning: Unable to load class named '￐゚￐ᆪ￐ン￐レ.' for entity 'Messages'. i think xcode doesnt understand ...

1 answers | 3 mins ago by Mike on Stack Overflow
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Partial code completion PHPStorm CodeIgniter 3

(PHPStorm version 8.0.3 with CodeIgniter 3, running on Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.3) As the title states, I currently experience partial code completion. At first I had nothing, I used the following ...

1 answers | 3 mins ago by Orion on Stack Overflow
3 answers

Getting UIButton width before viewDidAppear, with AutoLayout

I have a UIButton (created in interface builder), that I'm turning into a circle by setting button.layer.borderRadius = button.frame.size.width / 2.0; (programatically, in viewDidAppear:). However, ...

1 answer

Combining HTTP Authentication and PHP Sessions?

I am creating an admin area for a website, and I am using HTTP Authentication to lock down the directory. I was wondering if I could just put a PHP script in that directory that, once accessed, stores ...

4 answers

Directive 'allow_call_time_pass_reference' is no longer available in PHP

I am using XAMPP with PHP Version 5.6.3 and trying to create project in zend framework and executed the command zf create project quickstart it is giving the Fatal error: Directive ...

0 answers

When hover a div with position absolute makes hover off

Css beginner asks!!When i try to hover the text which have position absolute, hover is gone.Could not solve it.Maybe z index solve the problem but i could not make it.Thanks for your helps in advance. ...

0 answers

Error when promoting Windows Server 2016 Core to Domain Controller

I'm trying to install a Active Directory Domain on a Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 Core installation, following the Windows Server 2012 Test Lab Guide. The first try running ...

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Limit Choices to Foreign Key based on lookups that span relationships

This is what I have so far. class Company(models.Model): company_name = models.CharField('Company', max_length=40, unique=True) company_type = models.CharField('Type', ...

1 answer

Multiple DB Calls Without Chaining code in Javascript/NodeJs

I've been playing with NodeJS and express for a little while but I can't seem to get around this one. On the product page I want to display 1) The Product 2) Relation Products I want to be able ...

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OutofMemory error on background service using Volley

I am making an application that runs a background service all the time. But the problem is, after some hours, it throws the following out of memory error: 09-04 22:08:09.110 13810-13810/? I/art? ...

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What is the proper way to add a UDT element to a list collection in Cassandra using c# driver?

I have a list of UDT, something like: create table MyTable { ... stuff list<frozen<MyType>>, ... } In my client code, I'd like to append an element to "stuff". Ideally, I'd like ...

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How do you insert non-Cloudant JSON data to dashDB?

How do you insert large quantities of JSON data from a REST API that is not Cloudant into dashDB? bjoern

1 answers | 3 mins ago by Bjoern on Stack Overflow
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Passing vector to a thread function in c++

After looking around and implementing all workarounds for passing vector to a cpp thread function in a template class I still can't figure out why I get this common error. Im trying to run a ...

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styled bootstrap radio buttons not clickable in browser

I'm trying to make these radio buttons clickable in the browser. I found an example at this link here but the same implementation isn't working in my browser, nor here in the snippet. The change color ...

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where does git store gerrit's change ID?

I have git, version 1.9.5.msysgit and am using Gerrit 2.10 as code-review tool. I would like to know where Change-ID gets stored in a locally cloned repository. After successfully pushing a few ...

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