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“application: not a procedure” Everything works except my attempt to print a #t

I am trying to print a basic #t. #f does print, but as soon as I try #t to be printed I just get an error. It happens when you get an empty list, which is usually when it's on the leave/child nodes. ...

1 answers | 13 secs ago by user3651164 on Stack Overflow
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Crystal Report not running - Database Logon - Prompt

I am getting this report not running, going to the database. I have to login to get it to work and it will work, but I don't want the users to have to log in. I have checked the connection. It ...

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Storing client's IP address in Firebase

As far I know there is no information available from the browser to find out the client's IP address without making another call to another resource. Is there a way to store a client's IP address? I ...

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exec $SHELL executes from SSH, won't execute in playbook

Here's what I have in my playbook.yml. I've stripped out everything else to focus on this one problem that's been tripping me for hours. --- - hosts: all sudo: true tasks: - shell: exec ...

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Objective-C 'CFURLCreateStringByAddingPercentEscapes' is deprecated: first deprecated in iOS 9.0

I got this warning: 'CFURLCreateStringByAddingPercentEscapes' is deprecated: first deprecated in iOS 9.0 - Use [NSString stringByAddingPercentEncodingWithAllowedCharacters:] instead, which always ...

1 answers | 42 secs ago by user979331 on Stack Overflow
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NSProgressIndicator doesn't update until the end of the loop

I'm making an app that does a very large amount of calculation for multiple files, and so to keep track of everything that's going on, I added an NSProgressIndicator (values 0-100). I also have a ...

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`echo 'main(){}' | clang-format -style='{BreakBeforeBraces: Allman}` not split?

Why doesn't this command produce a source code that has the line split before braces? echo 'main(){}' | clang-format -style='{BreakBeforeBraces: Allman}'

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I need a way to user C++ library on windows with a javascript program

I have generated three files .dll .lib and .h for a test program. I tried to use them in another C++ program on Windows and it does work, but I couldn't find a way to use them in a javascript desktop ...

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MS Access 2007 renaming shortcuts in custom groups to change the names of the objects

In Access 2007 I create a lot of custom groups to organise the large number of queries and tables in a single database. There are lots of individual sub queries that link up to larger queries. In ...

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html not showing up in php script

So I'm having trouble getting my html to show up in my php script foreach loop. I included my arrays in my header.php page which is included in the webpage that I'm building right now. Right now my ...

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Firebase request: Error in resource configuration for action `array`. Expected response to contain an object but got an GET

I found lots of posts on this issue and tried to implement some of the solutions proposed here: But it still does not work and I am wondering if using firebase could be an issue. I have created a ...

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Read 3 output lines into 3 variables in bash

I have a command that generates 3 lines of output such as $ ./mycommand 1 asdf qwer zxcv I'd like to assign those 3 lines to 3 different variables ($a, $b, $c) such that $ echo $a 1 $ echo $b ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by Ryan Bolger on Stack Overflow
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fastest way to download XML from a url and save it as a file in php

If I don't need to parse the xml in any way, just simply get it and store it in a directory, what is the best/fastest method? The xml will be 350mb or so.

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failed to load c++ bson

I'm new to this whole Nodejs, MongoDB, mongoose world. I'm just trying to follow some tutorials to get started and I keep getting this "Failed to load c++ bson extension, using pure JS version" error ...

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XP Drivers for Intel N 2760

Is there a way to get my Intel N 2760 wireless network card to work in Windows XP? My PC is a HP envy j122na 17'. The Sata controller works, as well as other basic things but without networking ...

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Euler's and Fibonacci's approximation in script

I have written two function in Matlab; one solves for the factorial of the input and the other solves for the nth term of the Fibonacci sequence. I'm now trying to make a script for each function - ...

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android: create circular image with picasso

The question had been asked and there had been a promise made for the very version of Picasso that I am using: How do I send a circular bitmap to an ImageView using Picasso? I am very new to Picasso ...

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VerifyError Illegal use of nonvirtual function call on Lambda expression in Java 8

I'm working on a project that has recently been introducing lambda expressions. One example goes like this. public class ExampleItemWriter implements ItemWriter<MyItem> { public void ...

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How to get my program to use one network over another programmer and I am curious to know if there is a method to use so any program i am developing can select a specific network. I am asking this because i recently noticed that while on the wifi, ...

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Revert to revision previous to tip

I'm trying to build a script that checks the status of a web server and revert to the previous stable revision if an error occurs. Is there a way to return to the previous revision before the tip ...

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How to save and restore the selection of a WebBrowser control?

I am using a Windows.Forms.WebBrowser control as a text editor. To alter the font size of some selected Text, I display a modal window, where the user can make chices concerning the font size and ...

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How can I test a method quicky in Java?

I'm trying to solve a problem of codingbat. I have to write a method that given two non-negative int values, returns true if they have the same last digit. I'm trying to test quickly if my solution ...

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Ember Component Integration Tests: `link-to` href empty

I'm trying to write a component integration test, a la this blog post, but my component has a link-to to a dynamic route and the href property isn't being filled in. Here is a simplified version of ...

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How can this Haskell combination algorithm be improved?

How can the solution, presented below, to the following problem be improved? Can it be more efficient in time and space? Is there a space leak? Problem: Given an input list of Astronauts, produce a ...

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how to use regular expression to match content between two tags

I tried this code "<h2 class="a-text-normal">.*</h2>" but it will match the whole sentences not just the content. <h2 class="a-text-normal">The info to be matched</h2>

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Some TableView cells are being allocated without any content, after updating to xCode 7.0

This is my first post, so I apologize ahead of time if I forget anything. After updating xCode to version 7 recently, all of my custom TableViewCells, that are created at launch based on existing ...

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Is it possible to delete some pages of a pdf document?

How do I remove some pages of a .pdf file? I tried some tips mentioned in different websites, but to no avail.

8 answers | 1 min ago by Gigili on Super User
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Force requests to use IPv4 / IPv6

How to force the requests library to use a specific internet protocol version for a get request? Or can this be achieved better with another method in Python? I could but I do not want to use curl… ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by ominug on Stack Overflow
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Localizable.strings won't work in iOS framework

I have a framework that has localizations in a bundle. Screenshot of localizations before bundle is built: This is the code I use in my framework to grab the bundle and strings: + (NSBundle*) ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by Spentak on Stack Overflow
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nodejs-sqlite3 can't return from callback

I'm trying to return the result of a SELECT query, but due to the way the nodejs-sqlite3 api is constructed, I need to get to the data via a callback. No problem I thought and did as follows. var ...

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