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Escaping Contents of HTML with jQuery

I'm running a function to cycle through elements on a email newsletter and escape HTML. function escapeChars() { iframe.contents().find('[data-mailbuilder="article-content"]') .children() ...

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Mysql changing default engine

How to change the mysql engine to MYISAM. Now I am having mysql with INNODB but I want to change the engine to MYISAM. What i have to do? CREATE TABLE `classifieds_category` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL ...

1 answers | 30 secs ago by Geetha on Stack Overflow
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Phonegap : INVALID_STATE_ERR: DOM Exception 11

While I am trying process one it's failing: Uncaught Error: INVALID_STATE_ERR: DOM Exception 11 at file:///android_asset/www/library/custom.js:39 But when I am trying process two, its just fine. ...

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Rabl response how to send multiple collection without grouping?

I have two collection @object1 and collection @object2 with different attributes.

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Psql querying json arrays in which each json has a particular key value pair

The json that I store in postgres db has the following structure. I need to fetch the rows in which all the domains of email is '' { "student_id": "123", "name": "foo", "emails":[ ...

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Python Hive Client pyhs2: thrift.transport.TTransport.TTransportException: Could not connect to localhost:10000

This is my code below: import pyhs2 with pyhs2.connect(host='localhost', port=10000, authMechanism="PLAIN", user='user', ...

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Normalize random value of _int64

Let's suppose we have noramlly distributed random int values from function: unsigned int myrand(); The commonest way to shrink its range to [0, A] (int A) is to do as follows: (double)rand() / ...

1 answers | 37 secs ago by greatvovan on Stack Overflow
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Navigation Drawer align rows at center vertical

I have a Navigation drawer I want rows to be center aligned vertically, below is my layout, but it does not seem to have any effect: < ...

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Visual Studio 2013 sp1 hangs when trying to debug ASP.NET web site?

Recently, Visual Studio 2013 started hanging again when trying to debug/trace an ASP.NET web site. The site was created with WebMatrix 3 but I don't think that is relevant. VS2013 opens the web site ...

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Open windows session of another user this computer on the second monitor

Is it possible to open another windows session, for another user of the same machine, on the second monitor? As far I've tested it on Windows 8.1, it's not possible with TeamViewer. Maybe with remote ...

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$scope how to use variable in angular js

I am using angular JS. Below is my Angular code $scope.remove = function (index) { var name = $[index].FilterName; // value of name = 'AAAA' or 'BBBB' ...

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Using Extraction in SQL Server

I wrote a sql query and my sample query like below: select value1, value2, value3, ( select CAST(amount1 as decimal(17,2)) from table1 where something...) - select ...

1 answers | 49 secs ago by Mahmut EFE on Stack Overflow
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ConcurrentModifcationException when adding value to hashmap

The below code is receiving concurrent modificationexception when 2 thread access the same. I would like to know whether Whether this exception can be avoided if we use concurrent Hashmap. If we ...

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Using PHP how can I convert this string variable into another form?

I have a huge list of city, country that I want to display them in a compact form of the country. So for example I have the following variable Hallands, Sweden but how can I show it like here ...

3 answers | 53 secs ago by Xalloumokkelos on Stack Overflow
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Regex replacing more than I want

I want to delete from the body element only one class which starts with demo-XXX where xxx can be any character and without a fix length. So I can have something like this in the body <body ...

4 answers | 53 secs ago by Alvaro on Stack Overflow
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How to check for a ForeignKey that no longer exists?

class PersonSite(models.Model): vps_id = models.AutoField(primary_key=True) person = models.ForeignKey(CanonPerson, db_column='p_id',null=True) site = ...

1 answers | 54 secs ago by Hooman on Stack Overflow
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How to create a visual sitemap to Codeigniter Website

Please help me in creating a visual sitemap to codeigniter website, I am new to codeigniter the details are as follows. My site Url : Demo sitemap Url: ...

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NSass memory leak

I have an application that uses NSass to compile dynamically generated Sass code into CSS. The conversion works fine, but the problem is that the Compile method does not releases the memory it ...

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CMake - how to change compiler for individual target

I have embedded project using cross compiler. I would like introduce google test which I would like compile with native gcc compiler. Additionally I would like build some unit test targets with CTC ...

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Time series estimation in R vs. Mathematica

I'm fitting an IMA(1,1) [or ARIMA(0,1,1)] model to a time series. I tried using the arima function in R, and the EstimatedProcess function in Mathematica (ver. 10), and I got very different results. ...

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Got Error at RunTime because of Required Field Validator

I am developing an ASP.NET Application in VISUAL STUDIO 2013, while adding REQUIRED FIELD VALIDATOR , am getting error at RUNTIME .. and the error is below ... Please Help Me to crack this problem ...

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How to set up a breadcrumb in an page

My folder hierarchy for the pages are (They are all in the same folder): Site.Master Default.aspx find_provider.aspx provider.aspx I have a Web.sitemap page set up: <?xml version="1.0" ...

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Surface on 3d points

I have a lot of points on 3D space, such as: 177,867390625000 -173,140625000000 -149,666937500000 202,519976190476 -163,001285714286 -77,1924761904762 175,576234375000 -148,980296875000 ...

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Android 4.4 WebView file chooser not opening?

We are creating an app which uses the webview and will access a page where the user needs to upload a file. We are experiencing problems with Android 4.4 where the file chooser does not open and ...

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testing spring-boot web-app with thymeleaf

I am trying to write tests to make sure that my controllers loads my views. When doing this i get an "circular view path exception". This is due to the thymeleaf-view-resolver not beeing present. A ...

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How to set Windows environment variable from Tcl script

I have a Tcl script which generates some value which I like to store in a Windows environment variable. I know that this cannot be done directly from within my script. What I am planning to do is to ...

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call web service wsdl in android

i tried to connect and call to the web service via wsdl , but the result is not true i attached the wsdl below this is the code: i tried to connect and call to the web service via wsdl , but the ...

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What happens when I clone a repository with symlinks on Windows?

There's been a lot of questions about adding support for symlinks on Windows. But, what actually happens when I clone a repository with symlinks on Windows?

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count elements falling within certain thresholds in array in matlab?

I have a huge vector. I have to count values falling within certain ranges. the ranges are like 0-10, 10-20 etc. I have to count the number of values which fall in certain range. I did something ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by Vidhi on Stack Overflow
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display text based on category in wordpress

how can i solve the following problem. basically i want to show different sub headings based on the wordpress category being used. this is the following code: $categ = the_category(' '); ...

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