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Understanding expressions in Scheme

I am using an online textbook to learn the Scheme programming language. I am having trouble understanding the solution to an exercise in the textbook (Exercise 2.3.1. at this page). The Exercise is as ...

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should I use Exception to simulate a goto statement in java

I've learned that Exception is slow: How slow are Java exceptions? but this article( says that we can ...

1 answers | 11 secs ago by bylijinnan on Stack Overflow
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Excel Graph with 2 X-Axis Non-Linear Mapping

I have the following problem someone might be able to help with. I have two risk scales, one from 1 to 11 (old) and one from 1 to 21 (new), where the mapping is non-linear, i.e. old scale->new scale ...

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Webclient Download String returns null

I have this function to download the html code of a website but when i input this particular website it returns null, can anyone tell me what wrong or why is it returning null? ...

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Can't get PHP variable to JavaScript file using AJAX

While looking at tons of examples of how to get a PHP variable sent to a JavaScript file, I still haven't had success getting it. My PHP file is: $title = $json["title"]; echo ...

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What text to display for a waiting screen in a game?

"Waiting for players", "Not enough players (2 minimum)", "2 or more players needed? I am making a game that requires more than one person and I can't decide which would be best to use.

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Soft “required” form field?

Has anyone ever seen or heard of this approach to a signup page? So the idea is the "Phone number" is not required, however when trying to submit the field empty you would get this message/option ...

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Almost Immediate Corruption of Files and Directories from Windows

I'm having a problem I've never seen before in which Windows (8.1 x64) corrupts hard drives almost immediately. The hard drives remain largely functional, but after a week or so the hard drive ...

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When a commandlet accepts pipeline input, what is the difference between ByPropertyName and ByValue?

Some PowerShell commandlets accept pipeline input ByProperyName, some do it ByValue, others do it for both. What does this mean? How does it impact our PowerShell scripts?

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SmartyStreets not getting zip codes

I installed SmartyStreets on my form and all works fine with the exception of the zip code which does not populate. I also notice on the page for SmartyStreets where you can try the samples the zip ...

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Pandas Write table to MySQL

I need help to get this working. I have a pd.DataFrame (df), which I need to load to a MySQL database. I don't understand what the error message means and how to fix it. Any help will be highly ...

1 answers | 3 mins ago by Amrita Sawant on Stack Overflow
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Powershell v4. Create remote task scheduler task set to expire and delete

I am trying to create a task that essentially reboots the server but the task is put there by a remote server running a check to see if a reboot is needed. I am stuck trying to add an expiration so it ...

1 answers | 3 mins ago by Doms on Stack Overflow
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C/C++ printfs - Where's it appears in a Android native code?

Since It's pretty hard to debug native android code, I'm going to the "printf trace" approach. So, my question is, in a native code, wheres the standards "printf("something")" appears when running a ...

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Shuffling an array of strings in

I am developing a webpage in that will generate a number of multiple choice questions to the user. I need to shuffle the four answers which are already put in an array. Lets assume that I have ...

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how get country from database mysql geonames

We are have table database But anyone how get all country list from this table(only unique country) ? P.S.: please ...

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OAuth2 Resource/Authentication server for Play2 Java

Is there any implementation of OAuth2 Resource / Authentication server for Play2 Java? SO far I have only encountered OAuth2 Resource / Authentication server for Play2 Scala.

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Update a row using idiorm and php

I have this function to update a record, but i cannot it fails and send me a "Primary key ID missing from row or is null" message, how can I fix it? public static function update_child($data) { ...

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An example for assiging value to the field 55 in iso 8583

Does anyone has an example for assiging value to the 55th Field in the iso 8583 messages where it should be assigned with a TLV value?

1 answers | 3 mins ago by Orionbelt on Stack Overflow
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What are some popular distributed database system?

I am trying to getting started with distributed database system? Who are the industry leaders? Also, what are some light-weight alternatives for distributed database systems?

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Can I use an ignored property across threads?

For an object shared between threads (via persisting and querying), will changes to an ignored property made in one thread be visible in another thread? To share objects between threads or re-use ...

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Shared memory between kernel and user mode. How to share handle?

I am trying to use shared memory between user process and kernel. Option one - to let kernel to create section and let user mode app to open memory by name "Global\my_mem". It's working only in ...

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Why my Context menu have the background white?

I have a App in android, and i have a problem... i try to implement a context menu in a ListView and when I try to execute my app, it shows the context menu like this.... ...

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Saving files to amazons S3 using S3FS with PHP on Red Hat Linux and files being over written with nothing

When writing a file to S3 using S3FS, if that file is accessed while writing to it, the data in the file is deleted. We had a Red Hat Linux server on which we kept a product we were beta testing when ...

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Is there a way to recursively call jQuery animate() with steps?

I have the following function that I want to continously animate an image as fallback for CSS animation for IE9. Problem is it rotates once then on recursion now always equals to 360. It never starts ...

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processing bytes received from UDP port in java

I am trying to read data from UDP port on localhost using Java. I'm pretty good with Java, but I can't solve this for quite a while now... The thing is, after I connect using DatagramSocket and ...

3 answers | 4 mins ago by marina on Stack Overflow
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MySQL - How to check whether all values of a given SELECTed row are equals?

Using MySQL, how can i SELECT all rows whose values are equals ? For instance, suppose a SELECT of a given table as follows COLUMN_A COLUMN_B COLUMN_C ... COLUMN_N 1 2 4 ...

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Using SonarQube to flag uncaught exceptions in run loops

We are using SonarQube to analyze our Java code but we realized that at least with the default settings it doesn't flag run loops that don't do proper exception handling, for instance it won't ...

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how to create phpdoc Tutorial / Extended pages to supplement commented code

I'm trying everything I can to get phpdocumentor to allow me to use the DocBook tutorial format to supplement the documentation it creates: I am using Eclipse I've installed phpDocumentor via PEAR ...

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Run a Program in Linux in C++ Program

Okay so my question is this. Say I have a simple C++ code: #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main(){ cout << "Hello World" << endl; return 0; } Now say I have ...

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