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Can I hide a Trello List?

Is there a way to Hide & Unhide a Trello list? Or is there another kind of work around?

5 answers | 34 secs ago by Buddy on Web Applications
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Dynamic table in Jquery dialog box

I am new to JQUERY. I am having problem with dialog box. 1) I want to show dynamic HTML table on JQUERY POP.(how to implement plz suggest!) 2) This below Jquery dialog is closing automatically. ...

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How to bypass web URL filtering service to access blocked websites (proxy)

I'm using network, where services such as Gmail or any other e-mails, Google Drive, Dropbox, all social networks are blocked. Basically my goal is to access simply GMail, but I couldn't find any way ...

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How to enclose text within [cdata]…[!cdata] using PHP?

I'm getting a text in a variable as follows: $text = 'This is a code snippet'; Now I want to enclose the above text within [cdata]...[!cdata]. The output of echo $text should be like below: ...

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Set D3 line stroke according to deviation

Here is a sample of my data: x var min max 045 53.4 55 60 046 52.2 51 60 047 52.7 52 60 048 53.1 53 60 049 49.0 54 60 050 50.4 55 60 051 51.1 56 60 052 52.3 51 60 ...

1 answers | 49 secs ago by PeeWee2201 on Stack Overflow
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Switch between accounts in Github

I have a personal and professional GMail account. Switching between then is easy - clicking on my name in the upper-right corner opens a switching menu: I have two github accounts as well, each ...

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Abort accessing success callback in backbone model

I have a backbone model which consist of following parse method. parse: function(response, options){ // Handling Error for http response 200 if( response.Reasons && ...

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Countdown timer javascript

How do i make countdown timer that will be the same for everyone regardless their time on pc. The script doesn't work as i wanted it to, basically anyone can change the timer with just changing date ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by niko150 on Stack Overflow
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How to get MAC address of remote mobile device(mobile phone, tablet and so on)

For iphone, as far as I know, after IOS 7, can not get MAC address via SDK. For Android device, it seems I can get MAC address via SDK. But both of above need install a APP on device, and send the MAC ...

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Splunk design for error monitoring application

i have multiple server with N number of applications which collects logs from all these application.I need to design a application using splunk where i will 1.Collect and consolidate all the logs from ...

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JavaScript+GoogleMap: How to show marker content by default without any mouse event?

I have written the following code- for(var i=1;i<latitude.length;i++) { var markerCenter = new google.maps.LatLng(latitude[i],longitude[i]); ...

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bootstrap btn-toolbar pull-right in navbar not working

I am using bootstrap 3 and trying to keep my buttons at the right on all screens and browsers. On IE, the buttons stay to the right, but on chrome, they are only on the right on small screens. How do ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by user2557504 on Stack Overflow
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Floating point precision for currency: using “round” function in MySQL query vs PHP vs Javascript

I am working with dollar amounts. In MySQL database the following fields fee and rate(percentage) are DECIMAL type with 2 decimal precision. SELECT ROUND(fee * (1- rate/100))),2 ) as profit from ...

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Max length of an input-tag of text type in html?

What is the maximum-length (i.e default value) max-length of input-value we are able to enter in the html element <input/> ?

1 answers | 1 min ago by Malik Asif on Stack Overflow
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Load different viewer profiles from script

Google cardboard SDK allows us to load any VR viewer profile from a Unity app by scanning a QR code in the settings. I already have different QR codes for different VR headsets and I'd like to load ...

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SQL: Get the first value of a GroupBY Clause

USE AQOA_Core SELECT TOP 10 p.Title,SUM(r.SalesVolume) AS Sales , c.WeekId AS ReleaseWeek FROM Product p INNER JOIN RawData r ON p.ProductId = r.ProductId INNER JOIN Calendar c ...

3 answers

Given value p, return last element of sequence < p - Fortran

I have a sequence of numbers as follows: 1 , 1, 5, 13, 41, 121, 365, .... The first two values are: N(1) = 1 and N(2) = 1 As from 3rd value, N(i) = 2*N(i-1) + 3*N(i-2) The issue I am facing with ...

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TransformRequest is changing the scope

I'm sending scope data trough $http and change that data with TransformRequest. When the data is send, an $digest cycle occurs and changes also the scope data. Here is a basic example of how I change ...

2 answers

Displaying Multiple records in a single form

I have a table named familydata with Columns [ID], [Name], [Photo]. I have added 5 records in that. Now I want to show all the Photos from the every record on a form. I have add 5 picutreboxes to my ...

2 answers | 1 min ago by Pandit Ji on Stack Overflow
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How to make a popup screen when we click on certain text

I am working on Dealership website.I am New to Jquery and HTML. Actually the problem is i have webpage In this Page You can a Quote which moves up and down ...

6 answers

ImageButton does not fire a post back on IE10

Recently, we tested our products on IE10 and encountered a problem about that server button control “Asp:ImageButton” are not be fired on IE10 with UpdatePanel. And the below is the sample code: ...

0 answers

Get percent from one column

I want to get the % of hard workers for each company but I dont know how. For example: Google -> 66% Microsoft -> 33% Based in this DB:!9/33fed/1 Sorry for my poor ...

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Accessing the isolate scope of a compiled directive

I am compiling a directive successfully using the following code: var angular, element, $injector, $compile, link, scope; angular = options.angular; element = angular.element(options.element); ...

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Support for C-Functions in Future Version of C++ / CString vs. LPCTSTR / Binary Datatypes

We have to migrate a MFC-Project (Multibyte Code/ANSI) to Unicode/Windows 7. In that Project many C-Functions like _tcschr, _tcsncpy, _stprintf, _tcslen... are used. LPCTSTR is often used instead of ...

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How to disable segue when there is no internet connection for iOS app?

To check internet connectivity, I am thinking of updating by AppDelegate with: SystemConfiguration.framework Reachability.h To stop segue, I am thinking of using: - ...

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How to Launch an Excel macro from command line (Without Worksheet_Open Event)?

Is it possible to launch an Excel Macro from command line? I don't want to use the Worksheet_Open event and just open the Excel File. I need to launch specific macro that exists in the Excel ...

4 answers | 1 min ago by Mehdi on Stack Overflow
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How to use Java Stream map for mapping between different types?

I have two arrays of equal size: int[] permutation T[] source I want to do smth like this -> source[i]).toArray(); But it won't work saying: Incompatible ...

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using ng-show on option select angularjs

I want to bind my input field to my select option. so if the select option is Yes, the input field should be visible and if it is No, the input field should be hidden. (function(){ var app = ...

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How to move Vagrant VM folder?

Is there a way to move a vagrant vm folder without having problems with nfs shared folders and /etc/exports? Trying to move the machine (halted) results in the following error whenever I try to ...

1 answers | 2 mins ago by mettjus on Stack Overflow
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Logging what website and port users on a network visited

Is there a way or a software to track what are the websites and port number a user has visited on a network and which can be seen through a web GUI and the data preferably stored in a database? I have ...

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