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Numerical Differentiation Using the y-intercept

I have a routine for determining the derivative of a function using the y-intercept (B) to infer the finite difference step (h). Instead of directly using smaller and smaller h, we can solve for the ...

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General Database and Website Programming

I hope my question is not completely off topic, too general, or inappropriate for the website. I just don't even know the correct search terms to search for what I'm trying to do or really where to ...

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How to implement a Trail using Cocos2dx

I'd like to implement a trail (like the white circles in Angry Birds) that chase my sprite. I already used CCMotionStreak, but the trail texture is "stretched" instead. Anyone has an idea how to make ...

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Display image to take 80% of screen

Using XML with relative layout as root layout , is there way that I can tell the image view to use 80% of screen and center it in the middle. If I use wrap content or numeric dp then the image might ...

3 answers | 1 min ago by Snake on Stack Overflow
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Laravel 5.1 Net_SFTP has a deprecated constructor

I'm using Laravel 5.1 with the package laravelcollective/remote to run an SSH command on a remote server: \SSH::into('myserver')->run($commands); But I'm getting the following error message: ...

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Where did c:/windows/assembly/GAC on Windows Server 2012 R2?

I'd like to understand, what are different folders in c:\windows\assembly are. Specifically on my Windows 10 machine I have these folders: GAC GAC_32 GAC_64 GAC_MSIL tmp/temp/several native image ...

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Prepare a training dataset for multilabel classification

I just followed the code here (with minor modifications for sklearn 0.17). In that example, data are just lists or numpy arrays. Now I want to prepare a toy training dataset on the disk, and use ...

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Solving Sudoku in VBA. How do I make my code more efficient?

I have been trying to write VBA code that will solve Sudoku and have found that my code is very bloated. This is what I have so far (and it only solves the left most column for now. In order to write ...

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check if column contains part of another column in r

I have a dataframe with registration numbers in one column and correct registration number in another a <- c("0c1234", "", "2468O") b <- c("Oc1234", "Oc5678", "Oc9123") df <- data.frame(a, ...

2 answers | 1 min ago by schow on Stack Overflow
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Using matlab to integrate a function

please use Matlab to integrate f(x) = cos(x) from 0 to pi/2 . Using the trapezoid rule. Please repeat the computation for 3 different numbers of panels: N = 20, 30 , 50. Then show the errors between ...

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Android 6.0 Permission Error

I'm getting this error: getDeviceId: Neither user 10111 nor current process has android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE. at android.os.Parcel.readException( at ...

4 answers | 1 min ago by Jayant Arora on Stack Overflow
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WithArgumentsForConstructor() extension method calls constructor

According to the FakeItEasy tutorial here the WithArgumentsForConstructor() extension method does not call the class constructor: // Specifying arguments for constructor using expression. This is ...

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Pycharm 5.0.4 auto completion cannot fully work

I am new and using pycharm 5.0.4 for python coding. I found for some library, my Pycharm cannot automatically pop out the help hint for the potential method/class membership etc. Like below, the soup ...

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How to insert row after last row with a certain class with JQuery?

Given the following table: <table> <tr class="one"><td>Hello</td></tr> <tr class="one"><td>Hello</td></tr> <tr ...

1 answers | 2 mins ago by elemenop on Stack Overflow
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How to configure a Windows and a Linux machine to access the same git working files

I have a Windows PC and on the same PC I have a Lubuntu VM inside the VMWare player. I share my Windows folders so I can see them from the Lubunutu VM. My problem is when I clone a Git repo on ...

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Rotating Monkey Head Example in Kivy does not render

I am trying to complete the example on the Kivy website that shows how to display a 3D obj file of a monkey head out of Blender. I was able to get their source code to run without errors (only getting ...

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Using ngModel with custom component

Simply put, I want to two-way bind my Switch component to a boolean in a service Something like this: @Component({ selector: 'my-switch', template: '...' }) export class Switch { ...

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How to manually trigger a pointerdown event on cell in jointjs?

Say If I have a cellID Can I manually trigger a event for eg. pointerdown event as in context ( or something equivalent. See this fiddle for example ...

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find and press a button on a webpage using VBA

i am not able to find the key of the search button. i am trying to enter "computer" and click the search button. I am able to find the name of the input box but none for the search buttton. I find ...

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How to directly access the default param values in Joomla components?

I'm going through the Joomla 3 component editing. Now I'm kind of stuck with a problem: When I install my component, it doesn't work until I saved my component's configuration. In my case, my model's ...

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Re-factoring regular expression to not include empty groups

Hey so I have the following script which works: It looks for the string Phone: (##) ### #### $(function(){ var regex = /(^|\W)Phone:($|\W)\(?([0-9]{2})\)?([ .-]?)([0-9]{3})\2([0-9]{4})/g; ...

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Differences between n^2 sorts and nlogn sorts

Choices of bubble, selection, and insertion sort, which go in which category? Much more comparisons than swaps Slightly more comparisons than swaps About equal amount of comparisons and swaps ...

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Convert Base64 String to Bitmap or Image Xamarin or Android

I'm trying to convert a Base64 string to an image and set ImageView using the same image. I know how to get it done in java, but I'm having a trouble in C#. Anyone have an idea of how to get it done ...

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HTTP Sessions not working in Google App Engine

I am making a Java app in Google App Engine, but I found that the sessions are not working by default on Google App Engine (they are if I run my standalone jar on localhost with Jetty). I am using ...

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Recursive indexOf() method for self-made class

I am given a class List (here: and have to write some methods for it, including a method that finds the index for a specified integer. Indices start at zero, the method ...

2 answers | 3 mins ago by Erik Vesterlund on Stack Overflow
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Automatically post from Facebook to my app (as Twitter do)

In Twitter I have the chance to 'linking' my Facebook account, so every time that I write a post on Facebook this post is automatically published on Twitter. Is this a 'special' feature or it's ...

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In ScrollHandDrag mode of QGraphicsView, How to stop movement of QGraphicsItems on scene?

I have multiple QGraphicsItems in scene spread across different parts of scene. In application there are different modes in one of mode user can scroll the scene (palm drag mode). To achieve ...

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Azure Website “Always On”

I've a CakePHP Website hosted on Azure Website (Standard). When I switched "Always On" on. It seems to keep giving me a 403 error after logged in my WebApp. When I turned off and the error goes away. ...

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bower ECMDERR Failed to execute “git ls-remote --tags --heads https://gith”

I got this error when running: bower install I've tried this: How to fix bower ECMDERR and this: bower ECMDERR Failed to execute "git ls-remote --tags --heads > ...

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HTML5 Philosophy: Omission of certain semantic elements?

I am wondering if this applies. Examples: main tag The HTML5 specification says: The main element represents the main content section of the body of a document or application. The main ...

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