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Unearned Tag badge

I've earned the c# bronze badge few months ago which is shown as earned in Help Center > All: But if I switch to Help Center > Unearned I still see it as a badge that I don't earn (yet). Is it ...

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Can the search field's algorithm for duplicate questions be improved?

Edit: Shog9 already acknowledged this issue in a comment where he referenced Help us find duplicates efficiently on meta SE. Since that post is about 10 months old and nothing was changed, I'm ...

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Earned 'Civic Duty' but Votes in profile did not update

I just earned the 'Civic Duty' badge for voting 300 times. However the indicator showing the 'votes cast' did not change. See the screenshot below. The screenshot was taken from a different ...

1 answers | 6 hours ago by Athafoud on Meta Stack Overflow meta.stackoverflow.com
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Broken side-by-side comparison in revision page when a Youtube video is included and rendered

I came across this post and decided to check its revision (to explore the source code for the YouTube video). If we choose a view then refresh, then the views show up correctly, except for the ...

1 answer

Quick! Everyone upovote this!

I just failed an audit, just like every month. I'm not here to complain, though - I saw this: STOP! Look and Listen. This was an audit, designed to see if you were paying attention. You ...

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Stack Exchange logo not visible in chat

The one-box image of http://stackexchange.com is transparent and not visible boldly unlike the http://stackoverflow.com one-box image. It looks clear only when you look close. Perhaps it needs the ...

0 answers

Preview doesn't match actual answer

Today I stumbled upon an answer that wasn't properly formatted. But when I tried to edit it I noticed the preview was showing the answer with proper formatting. I feel the OP is not using the ...

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Severe Problem regarding MathJax Renderence

I know this was asked earlier here by Michael Hardy, and despite just some upvotes, it has not received any answer. But, my recent problem is much more severe. I am currently seeing this question. ...

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Nonprintable chars appeared while editing at MO

This might be loosely related to an older question of mine. I was answering a question at Mathoverflow and after posting I obtained a number of upvotes (in some sense signalling that everything was ...

1 answer

Stack Overflow Careers - Change Owner not working 404

I tried to find a specific meta site for careers... but I'm guessing SO & Careers bugs all get channeled through here We're trying to transfer ownership of my company's careers profile to myself, ...

1 answer

Math processing error on Android app with LaTeX pmod

Any LaTeX block rendered on the Android app that contains pmod, such as $2^{36} = 2^{6^2} = (2^6)^2 \equiv (2^2)^2 \pmod {12} \equiv 2^2 \pmod {12}$, displays as [Math processing error] in red. The ...

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Wording improvement for the Create Tag Synonyms help page

The Create Tag Synonyms page, under the section "How do I propose or vote on tag synonyms?", contains the paragraph Users with this privilege and a total answer score of 5 or more on the tag, can ...

4 answers

What's going on with this question?

It seems to be just this question that's doing it for me, and the posted non-answer indicates it's not just me.

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Content is cropped on mobile Firefox; can't scroll or zoom it into view

To reproduce, open for example this answer on latest (44.0) Firefox on Android (using the default mobile view). The text in this answer goes all the way right to the edge of the screen. If I scroll ...

1 answer

Profile pages returning a 500 error page across entire network

Looks fixed now! Getting 500 errors on all* the profile pages, on all the main (non-meta) SE websites: I know you're fixing it, but I'm just curious what happened? *: well, I ...

1 answer

I cannot access my user profile

When I go to my use profile. I get this url: http://stackoverflow.com/error?aspxerrorpath=/users/1342402/maazza. It was working 3hours ago.

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The “mytags” view throws exception in Firefox (only)

The "mytags" view of Stack Overflow, using new the tab navigation, has been working fine until yesterday afternoon. The visual experience was only that it stopped parsing the tags that I have added, ...

1 answer

Add links to post icon in help page is obsolete

In the Remove New User Restrictions - Privileges page under How do I add links to my posts? section, among one of the point it was described as, by using this icon in the editor toolbar you can add a ...

1 answer

Math rendering errors?

Recently,and my browser and configuration have not changed, hardly any maths formulas are exhibited in the question. Sometimes there is not even a red phrase about an error...nothing to indicate that ...

3 answers

Reputation for graph is off by a day

So when we view reputation, there is graph view. However, it seems to be off by a day. Here's what I mean: I'm sure 70 + 20 + 15 is not 15. Its 105, which is what we see below: And 40 + 10 is NOT ...

0 answers

No users earned reputation this quarter for quarter 2015-10-01

Looking for previous quarter reputation, I get to this page http://stackexchange.com/leagues/1/quarter/stackoverflow/2015-10-01 and it generates the message: No users earned reputation this ...

7 answers

Code block is not properly formatted when placed immediately after a list item

Consider the following piece of Markdown code: The is some regular text. >>> def factorial(n): ... return 1 if n < 2 else n * factorial(n - 1) ... * This is a list ...

1 answer

Do deleted questions affect reputation?

So I was scrolling through my reputation tab, to see my rep breakdown and I noticed a post that has like 45+ rep, but when I clicked to see the page was deleted. I do not know why it was deleted ...

1 answer

Can't re-order favorite sites list on Android app

I've been trying for a while (months) to fix my favorite sites list in the Android app. It neither matches my in browser list nor any sensible order I pick. The usual issue is that while some sites ...

1 answers | yesterday by Caleb on Meta Stack Exchange meta.stackexchange.com
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When I vote to close using the Android app, it says “Flag submitted”

As the title says, when I cast a close vote using the Android app, it shows a mesage saying "Flag submitted": It should say "Close Vote submitted" instead, or maybe "Your vote has been recorded" ...

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Jobs: CV completion check reported wrong things missing

I just set up my CV and I got the "your matches are on hold" message below. As you can see, it's telling me I need to enter my work experience. Thing is, I'd already entered four jobs AND my college ...

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Achievement doesn't collapse when opening your profile using the widget

The achievement box doesn't close when opening your profile using the widget, this clearly looks like a bug: This bug can be reproduced 100 % out of the time. Using application version 1.0.82. ...

2 answers

Does the section showing the revision date in the Android app have any action associated?

As can be seen in the screenshot, the area showing the revision date glows blue when touched. Does it have any action associated, or is it a dummy button? If nothing is supposed to happen when you ...

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Links in text are parsed differently in preview than in posted questions and answers

For instance, http://perldoc.perl.org/perlvar.html#$@. In the preview, the link extends through the @, as expected, but in the posted result it ends with the #.

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New-Nav page size resets when changing list pages or tabs on a new or refreshed page

When loading a question list or refreshing on a question list, changing pages in the list resets the page size to 15. The same happens if you reload the page, and then switch tabs. After having set ...

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