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MATLAB Optimisation of Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalisation

I have a function in MATLAB which performs the Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalisation with a very important weighting applied to the inner-products (I don't think MATLAB's built in function supports this). ...

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title and legend not appearing in matlab?

I've consulted the "Getting Started Guide" for MATLAB 7, and I was certain my code for this assignment was correct, but when I run it the legend and title do not display. My code is: x= [-1:0.1:1]; ...

1 answers | 5 mins ago by AndyM3 on Stack Overflow
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matlab 2014 date functions not found

Trying to help my daughter with matlab 2014 basic. (I have never used it). In the command window I tried to use the month() functions in various ways that I read in the documentation but matlab ...

1 answers | 6 mins ago by Jim on Stack Overflow
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How to generate a bar graph with various colors for various data groups?

I am beginner at MATLAB so I don't that much. I tried making a bar graph but its not working. Can someone please help. %% 0-15-- very good(blue color), 16-31---good(green ...

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How to animated multiple plots?

I try to created some sort plot lines moving from left to right then that I wanted to ask is after the line that moves from left to right then a few moments later there was another line that follows ...

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Matlab: Multiplication and sum of products

How can I effeciently perform matrix multiplication for 10 pairs of arrays and sum the corresponding result of multiplication matrices? For example: Create two arrays, A1 and B1. A1 = [1 3 5; 2 4 ...

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Extract ODEs from a Simulink?

Every set of ODEs can be modeled in form of a Simulink file. But is it possible in the opposite way? If we have a Simulink file, SimMechanics specifically, can we extract the symbolic governing ODEs ...

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Using save to create a new file with user's input (MATLAB)

I'm making a code, and I've used the input function to get the name the user wants for the new file, but I do not know how to use save with said name. I've tried something like this: matrix = [1 2 ...

1 answers | 52 mins ago by peron sintra on Stack Overflow
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k-means in Matlab

first time poster. So I am attempting to cluster a dataset that contains values from every hour, of every day, from a single year, into minimum, maximum, and average clusters using the kmeans ...

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How to neglect an exponential function containing a variable in MATLAB?

I am writing a code for some physics problem. I want to simply neglect the terms containing the variable 't' and make my matrix independent of time 't'. syms t real syms temp i=sqrt(-1); ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by user3218696 on Stack Overflow
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How to handle flat matrix when fitting a plane to a point cloud?

I am using PCA and it works when the point cloud is anything but perfect grid. For example when my point cloud is a perfect grid resting on XZ plane (Y is up), then my matrix returns this: [7149.85, ...

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What is logistic Regression approach in a nutshell?Getting NaN in weight matrix at the end

%{ clear; si = zeros(10, 1); C0 = importdata('0.txt', ' '); [si(1), n] = size(C0); C1 = importdata('1.txt', ' '); [si(2), n] = size(C1); C2 = importdata('2.txt', ' '); [si(3), n] = size(C2); C3 = ...

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Error with Guide: Attempt to reference field of non-structure array

I am trying to use a gui I did in MATLAB using GUIDE, when I double click on the .fig file and fill the text field and press on the push button, I have the following error message, but if I right ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by user2891902 on Stack Overflow
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svd of a VERY LARGE sparse matrix

I have a 75000 x 75000 sparse matrix, and I a interested in computing the full SVD. Whenever I use [U,D,V] = svds(A,k) I get an out of memory error for k larger than 200. Is there a tractable way I ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by NSR on Stack Overflow
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snr relation with modulation index and noise power

What is the relation between the AM modulation index and the SNR?(I plotted this and it came as the shape of the exponential graph) Also what is the relation between the channel noise power and the ...

1 answers | 2 hours ago by user1930901 on Signal Processing
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Understanding Arrangement of second order sections

When splitting higher order recursive filters into more convenient 2nd order sections (biquads), in matlab, we usually use zp2sos to convert. In document, there's a couple of lines , which I am ...

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Marking/commenting Matlab code?

Is there any way to mark Matlab code (in Matlab) via some kind of add-on? I'm looking for something similar to what Microsoft Word has with its "Review" mode where you can highlight a certain ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by labananala on Stack Overflow
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Converting between a number to a string without num2str

For example, input is a=5678. How do you make b='5678'? (b is a String). Not allowed to use str2num or any casting. Is it possible to use log10? (I know how to do the reverse action). [This is how I ...

1 answers | 3 hours ago by Osh24 on Stack Overflow
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Gaussian Elimination for non-full rank matrix

I am using Gaussian elimination to find the solution of x vector. Assume that x=[x1;x2;x3] and A=[1 1 1 0 1 1]; b=[1; 0]; As you know to find the solution of x we must have at leat three ...

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Magnetic Field of current loop in matlab

I like to draw magnetic field for a current loop in matlab My main problem is boundry of loop thats becuase B goes to infinity near the wire How can I avoid that i think it miscalculate my result ...

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Convolution in Matlab hands on

I got the matrix below: 9 18 27 36 45 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 and the kernel: -0.5+0.8662i 1 -0.5-0.8662i I'm trying to perform the convolution using valid ...

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optimize the fuction in matlab

I have tried many times taking different initial values of c. I did not get optimum values of c using function fminsearch. I have found more error between simulated and measured values of sigma. ...

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Equivalent threshold function of OpenCV in MATLAB

What is the equivalent of cv2.thresholdand cv2.inRange in MATLAB?

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Carregar e ler ficheiros de texto

No Matlab tenho que pedir ao utilizador um nome, por exemplo "Text1". Consoante o nome que o utilizador me der o Matlab tem que carregar e ler ficheiros de texto com os seguintes nomes: "" ...

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Find a vector components value in matlab

I have thw following problem Considering the matrix M = [1 2 3; 4 5 6; 7 8 10] And the vector E = [Ex; Ey; Ez] And B = [1; 4; 10] Does anyone knows how to find the values of E components in ...

1 answers | 5 hours ago by Macedo on Stack Overflow
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Estimate the color distribution by Guassian mixture model

I have an Image and i want to estimate the color distribution of the input image by a Gaussian Mixture Model, how i can do it with Matlab? myImage = imread('Jellyfish.jpg');,k) ...

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Does symsum in Matlab do more than it should?

I have the following loop syms k m summ = symsum(k^2,k,1,m) for j=1:100 summ = subs(symsum((m-j)^2*summ,m,j+1,k),k,m); end and it takes about 600s to calculate it on R2014a, W7, 64b. An ...

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gmdistribution for classification in Matlab

Let's assume I have two gmdistibution models that i obtained using,1);,1); Now I have an unknown 'data' observation, and I ...

1 answers | 6 hours ago by Louis on Stack Overflow
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How using reshape with cell arrays?

Unfortunately I have to work with a dataset of cell arrays, which don't even have the same input.. My dataset (the relevant columns of cell arrays) look as follows: Data = 1 'd2' ...

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adding a variable to array matlab

im trying to build a problem that refer to how to travel from Arad to Bucharest. you can see romania's map here: romania's map my code: clc;clear goal='bucharest'; list=cell(20,5); n=cell(20,5); ...

1 answers | 7 hours ago by sajad khammar on Stack Overflow
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