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equalization histogram of image in matlab without using histq

I'm trying to implement a function histeq(img) ,using this code clc A=input('please enter image adress','s'); Iimg=imread(A); Iimg1=double(Iimg); histi=imhist(Iimg); mmax=max(Iimg1(:)); ...

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Why does the denominator of TF change in MATLAB when multiplying by proportional gain?

Trying to simulate a unity feedback closed loop system with gain of $K$ Let's say I want a proportional gain of $K = 5$. My plant's TF is $G(s) = \frac{10}{s^2+2s+1}$. I thought that $KG(s) = ...

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Finding molar mass with MATLAB

Alrighty, so I have a pretty 'simple' problem on my hands. I am given two inputs for my function: a string that gives the formula of the equation and a structure that contains the information I need ...

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VLFeat error in MATLAB R2010a - hists{ii} = getImageDescriptor(model, im);

I am using the vl_sift tool of to extract features from a set of images for classification. On running phow_caltech101(), the command prompt throws me an error as follows, hists{ii} = ...

1 answers | 1 hour ago by user236956 on Stack Overflow
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to extract a point between 3 intersect circle in matlab

code to extract a node (point) between 3 intersect circles with same radius in matlab Dist_Source_Neighbour(i)=((SourceX - NodeX(i))^2 + (SourceY-NodeY(i))^2)^(0.5); ...

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Multiplying two Huge matrices using spark

i currently learning spark. i wanted to compute the matrix W and it is defined as W=B*H'*inverse(R + H*B*H') here each variable is a matrix and B=eb*eb'(eb' represents transpose of eb vector) ...

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MATLAB performance benchmarking

The set-up: This post is about testing the performances of solutions to the following problem: A cell array of S strings formatted as numbers separated by underscores is given, e.g.: ...

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k-means Classification with matlab

I'm a beginner Matlab User. I want to ask about the k-means Classification. I have a standard dataset and want to Classify with k-means, and do 10-Fold cross validation, but can not Code it. I ...

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analogRead function not working in MATLAB

I am new to Arduino and I am trying to control it through MATLAB. I have downloaded the arduino IO package and installed it.I am using MATLAB 2014a.I have a LED and I change its brightness by ...

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What's wrong with this neural network

I have what seems to be a simple implementation of a 3 layer network in MATLAB. But it's failing even for basic XOR classification. I'm recording squared error after each training set. For step ...

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What is the maximum frequency of the signal that can be plotted with MATLAB via serial communication from Arduino?

I want to plot the various signals sent to Arduino via Serial communication. What is the maximum frequency that can be showed without any signal distortion? I'm basically trying to make a ...

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What's the most efficient/elegant way to delete elements from a matrix in MATLAB?

I want to delete several specific values from a matrix (if they exist). It is highly probable that there are multiple copies of the values in the matrix. For example, consider an N-by-2 matrix ...

4 answers | 4 hours ago by kami on Stack Overflow
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Delete duplicate rows in a cell array

I have a cell array of the structure 1 x 35 then 1 x 8. This hold data for 35 years and the 8 columns of the 1 x 8 array hold data in various formats for example: '2000-01-10 1:00' 'HCM' '268' '20' ...

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Are you Smarter than a Fifth grader? Game show MATLAB evaluator

Alrighty, so here's the deal on what I need to do: my goal is to create a 'report' that contains the information of a contestant on a game show 'Are you Smarter than a Fifth grader'. I am given three ...

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Speeding up Matlab Engine calls

I'm interfacing MATLAB with C/C++ using the MATLAB Engine API. In my particular case MATLAB is used to calculate something and result is printed in C. However, throughout various test on both sides I ...

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Get integrated vector values

I am trying to integrate the sine-function. My goal is to get not just the value of the area inbetween a certain distance but the specific values of the integrated course. One way to achieve this is ...

1 answers | 6 hours ago by Matthias La on Stack Overflow
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Running python script from matlab not working, but runs fine from terminal

I have a python script say that I can call from the terminal no problem, in the middle of the script it unarchives a file using os.system('unar file'). However, when trying to run this ...

1 answers | 6 hours ago by 0_o on Stack Overflow
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plotting 3D edge in matlab

I have a 3D matrix of a MRI image and used matlab edge function and it gave me a 3D matrix as follow which some of the points are 1 (means edges). I want to show this surface in matlab but I don't ...

1 answers | 8 hours ago by Sam on Stack Overflow
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Extract values from text strings using Matlab's sscanf

I have the following string: str={"USD":{"last":352.49,"bid":352.49,"ask":353.6, "high":358.75,"low":349.34,"volume":6678.7783}..... and I would like to extract the values in a column ...

1 answers | 9 hours ago by Karamos on Stack Overflow
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Gabor Filter (Wavelet) implementation in MATLAB

I'm trying to create Gabor filters with the following code : function [g] = generate_gabor_filter(sigma, phi, theta) % filter size : w = 39; h = 39; x0 = ((w+1)/2); y0 =((h+1)/2); for x=1:w ...

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Non-restoring Floating Point Square Root Algorithm

I am trying to use the non-restoring algorithm for computing the square root of a floating point number. For instance, say x = 1000 the square root is 31.62278 I want to calculate this square root ...

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how to build matrix from row and column vector?

I have a row vector(1xN) of distances and column vector(Kx1) of angles and distance vector has value corresponding to the power spectrum which is also a row vector(1xN). My question is how I can build ...

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Matlab, Sum Function for a Matrix row

Basically the sum function calculate the sum of the columns, that is to say if we have a 4x4 matrix we would get a 1X4 vector A = magic(4) A = 16 2 3 13 5 11 10 8 9 ...

3 answers | 11 hours ago by A. Fahim on Stack Overflow
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Gray and RGB both in one GIF file

Us there any Matlab method that merge gray scale images with RGB images without making the gray scale image look like it's all blur

1 answers | 11 hours ago by Djhseen on Stack Overflow
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coefficients of farrow structure

what is the method for generating coefficients for farrow structure in matlab. I am designing a low pass filter using firpm but the output of farrow structure is not delayed.

1 answers | 12 hours ago by user3854416 on Signal Processing
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w3scilab web interface to scilab not producing graphical console output

I am using W3Scilab as an web interface for Scilab. My version of scilab is 5.5.1, the latest version. When I press the execute button, the Processing text comes in top right corner of my webpage but ...

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Using 25 characters or less to create a specific matrix in MATLAB

What matlab command, or combination of commands (using 25 characters or less), could be used to create the following matrix? 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 1 ...

3 answers | 12 hours ago by user4179157 on Stack Overflow
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g++ malloc error when linking with libmx and using std::stringstream

The simplest example is the following program, linked with libmx (-lmx) (for MATLAB support) on OS X Yosemite, compiled with g++4.9.1 from macports: #include <sstream> int main() { ...

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Matlab smoothing

How can apply user-defined mask as a vector e.g. [1 1 1]. img=imread('xxx.jpg'); mask=[1,1,1]; f=conv2(img,mask); "Undefined function 'conv2' for input arguments of type 'double' and attributes ...

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Cálculo de média móvel no MATLAB

Como calcular a média de 12 meses de uma série temporal no MATLAB, de forma que, fixando jan a dez o ano que se quer a média, o mês de jan do ano x é a média de jan a dez do ano x-1, o mês de fev do ...

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