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HTML 2 column layout always full height

I am trying to make a two column layout in HTML so that both columns always fill the entire screen no matter how much content. I want the left column to dictate the height of the right column (map ...

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Read or unread message status with php mysql

I have a messaging system on my site where users can send messages to one another, I have a mysql database with the following columns in it : id sentto sentby msgbody created "sentto" is the ...

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Instagram API - how to get a list of recently tagged media

Hi community im really new on this, im trying to search a post on instagram (this app will used in my web application), im already search on all answers on this few days, and try most of all code that ...

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php generate password issues

I have a registration form and it works great my only issue is I cannot get the password to send the plain text temp password via email before its hashed into the database it will send the password ...

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select query from mysql with order field

i have mysql query like below SELECT p.prop_name, p.prop_id,, c. NAME, pr.prov_name, c.countryid, c. NAME, pr.provinceid, r.room_typeid, r.roomtype_name, rr.is_promo, r.price, rr.final_price ...

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get all objects from parse class using php

I'm using this PHP code to get objects from class. I've got 100000 objects. I want to get all the objects in a single query. I'm using the following code. $query = new ParseQuery("news_master"); ...

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htaccess for root folder only not for sub-firectories

RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / RewriteCond %{REQUEST_METHOD} POST [NC] RewriteRule ^ - [L] RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)?domain.*$ [NC] RewriteRule \.(gif|jpg|jpeg)$ ...

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How to scrape multiple divs?

Hello I've got a bunch of divs I'm trying to scrape the content values from and I've managed to successfully pull out one of the values, result! However I've hit a brick wall, I want to now pull out ...

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blur event text field jquery

I have the blur event event on a text field $(document).on('blur', '#inputEmail', function(event){ // logic here }); and a button on a page. The problem is when I put some text in the field ...

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PHP files are downloaded by browser instead of processed by local dev server (MAMP)

Everything was going great until I added AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5s .php to the .htaccess file in my local server's document root (which I change frequently depending on the site I'm working ...

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Add display property only from second item in for loop

I am creating a simple image gallery that requires the first image to be shown first, while the images after are supposed to have a display;none property. How do I achieve it so that only the first ...

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Running the Laravel on another IP

I use ubuntu and I need to running the Laravel another IP? For example another IP: Can someone help me?

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Create JSON in javascript and create a file on webserver via ajax and php

I've searched and read all I can find on the subject but can't get it to work at all. I'm creating an array in javascript and then trying to use ajax to send to a php so it creates a json file on the ...

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how do i align a jquery slider and an input field on the same line

I have been fiddling with aligning an input filed next to a slider and I hve not have any luck. FIDDLE Please take a look at my fiddle. <div id="slider1"></div>SME<input id="box2" ...

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Chrome Extension: Edit the current url on click and then redirect to the edited one

I am a psychology student and I read papers very often. The university libraries provide the access to the databases but I need to use library search engine and log in every time. Quite annoying. I ...

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align two icons underneath each other using css

I have two icons that I want to align underneath each other, one at the top of the div and the other at the bottom of the div. Here is an image of what I am trying to achieve - so the lightbulb icon ...

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Javascript event handler behaving strangely on element with `accesskey` attribute

A simple html page contains only two controls, one textbox and one button. After page load if user clicks inside textbox and press “alt” + p (button accesskey) the message should be displayed as “I'm ...

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MYSQL Concat with PHP Script

I'm trying to do some MYSQL Concat with PHP script because I like to add a PHP conditions on it but it's not working. 'concat("<input type=\"checkbox\" value=\"", sup.sup_id, "" "\" ...

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About mongo replica connection

In my test. use $mongo = new MongoClient("mongodb://"); only take 1ms to connect the mongo PRIMARY. But when I use $mongo = new ...

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Simple jQuery toggle

This is my 300th problem on this page and I am just exhausted. I have looked for while but cannot see what the heck I am doing wrong (I am new to jQ). I am at the v early stage of making something ...

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Run javascript function when enter is pressed - JavaScript only no Jquery

Hello I am trying to run a javascript function when I press enter. Here is my code so far MY HTML <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>JS Bin</title> ...

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Issue with AJAX/Live Search

Here are my files: Backend Search PHP File: <?php require "../sinfo.php"; function chk_phone($orig) { return preg_replace("/[^0-9]/","",$orig); } $s = $_POST["s"]; $sql = "SELECT * FROM ...

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Adding spans to a parent with JavaScript

I wrote a JavaScript function that takes the current number of spans of the class mini in the paragraph element with an id mega, which is at least 1, and if there are less than 4, adds enough to make ...

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Switching between 2 CSS

I have the website, that includes index.html and style.css and images folder. And, i want to create the button "switch to another theme" on the main page of my web site ( so index.html), that will ...

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jQuery Date Picker - Check-in and Check-out dates

I have a form that allows a user to select a check-in and check-out date. The current behavior is if a user selects 01 March 2015 and the check-in date, the check-out date too automatically changes to ...

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jquery can't transmitting data to java files

here is javascript <script type="text/javascript"> $.(function(){ $('#outputuserInfo').keyup(function(){ $.ajax({ url : 'validateUserInfo', async : false, type : ...

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PDO statment with insert

I'm getting an error saying: [Sat Nov 28 08:07:29.066118 2015] [:error] PHP 2. PDOStatement->execute() /home/www/Files/direct_download.php:213, referer: Listen-1.html $db_host = 'localhost'; ...

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Command “window.location.href” not working on HTML (Bootstrap framework)

I'm currently working on a university project in which I need to create a simple login screen which redirects the user to another landing page. As I'm new to web programming, I searched some functions ...

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jQuery - two events firing after Twitter Bootstrap's modal close

My code I'm using a modal to show one of my views, like so: # lessons/index.haml %a{href: new_lesson_event_path(lesson), "data-toggle" => "modal", "data-target" => "#myModal"} ="Book now" ...

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Accept two radio selections with the same name

I try to make something like this IMPORTANT: Only one selection per row Only one selection per col I tried this: <table width="100%" style="font-size:12px;"> <tr> <td width="10%" ...

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