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Select Item Text getting Wrapped in Internet Explorer

I am getting a large text in selectItem so i gave the legnth as fixed size for selectOneMenu, So when i see the selectItems it will be full text in Chrome browser, But it is getting wrapped in IE, ...

55 secs ago by Siva on Stack Overflow
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Add class based on URL not working with main url

I have the below code where the script checks for the li links and if that link is found within the url address a class get added and the sub ul will expand. This works well on sub pages but on the ...

1 answers | 59 secs ago by Jason on Stack Overflow
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How to change the filename of direct fopen output?

I am using this script to show a csv file: if (isset($_GET['csv'])) { header('Content-Type: text/csv; charset=utf-8'); $out = fopen('php://output', 'w'); foreach ($dataArray as $k => $v) { ...

1 answers | 1 min ago by ggzone on Stack Overflow
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hover on different elements (CSS only solution)

I'm having troubles on applying a hover effect on different HTML elements, such as changing the color of a DIV's border and it's parents DIV's background color. My HTML code looks like this: <div ...

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Position DIV relative to its neighbour

I want to position the div.product-video relative to its neighbour right bottom corner (when the screen is wider than 900px). Setting margin-top is not the solution I want because the height of the ...

1 answers | 2 mins ago by Jojo Hav on Stack Overflow
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Group several polylines by date in javascript

I am stuck on this for 2 days. I have coordinates that I take from a file and draw them on the map using polylines. I have checkboxes to display the dates for each route(polyline) and on hover i ...

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Why can't I handle fatal errors in CakePHP 2.x with PHP 5.2?

I'm having a strange problem in CakePHP where my AppExceptionRenderer is not being triggered for fatal and parse errors (E_ERROR and E_PARSE) when using PHP 5.2. The exact same code on my development ...

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How to configure cssrewrite in symfony when using relative path in css in symfony 2?

I've tried all the ways to do this, but still unlucky, when I view the source of my css it generates something like this url('../../../bundles/images/bg.jpg')

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jQuery UI autocomplete's select event not triggered with Tag-it

Fiddle Example Can anyone tell me how to make the suggestions append to the input box on click? I have used Select event like this: $("#tags").tagit({ autocomplete: { source: availableTags, ...

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Jquery Waypoints sticky navigation highlight before toggle active class

I am using Jquery and Waypoints for my one page website for a sticky navigation. I just managed to toggle a class to the navigation elements once the user scrolls to that certain area. Now I would ...

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Yosemite php-gd installation

I have found few tutorials how to install/enable php-gd but I am still not sure if those tutorials will work with Yosemite and php 5.5.14 When I do php -m I can see that gd is listed, furthermore ...

1 answers | 4 mins ago by Kyslik on Stack Overflow
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Multi-language integration testing framework

Imagine that you have a fairly complex service-oriented architecture made by different components. Components are written in different languages (Java, PHP, Ruby) and communicate with each other in ...

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Laravel seed database with special character in string

In Laravel, I am trying to seed my database with some textfields which could have special characters in them. When I execute db:seed it says it successfully seeded the database, but when I look in my ...

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Using input field as label not working in Chrome

This is working fine in IE, but not in chrome? IE will open the filebrowser by pressing the 'test' or the input field But chrome will only open the filebrower by pressing 'test'? ...

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copy select element in a table

I have a dynamic table where I add rows dynamically when the user clicks a button. My button call the following function : <input type="button" value="Add" onclick="addRowTuy($('#AmonttableTuy ...

3 answers | 5 mins ago by Etienne on Stack Overflow
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Trouble understanding how to use jquery Deferred/then with callbacks

My current javascript code looks essentially like:: function doStep1(callback) { thirdPartyLib.asyncExec('step1', {}, function(resp) { callback(resp.value); }); } function doStep2(value, ...

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Create user and initialize home directory folders in owncloud

I am using owncloud 7 and I want to create a custom api call tha creates a user and initialize the user's home directory (creates some folder). The documentation for the owncloud exists (it's the ...

1 answers | 5 mins ago by ratikal on Stack Overflow
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how to use javascript to make a real mouse click event in a select tag?

I am trying to automate a html page where there is form needs to be filled. There is a select tag in form, when user click and select a option in it, it will trigger the page to show another input ...

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get servlet attribute without loading current jsp page

on my servlet I have this code : processRequest(...,...){ String page = ""; if(true){ String str = "hello"; request.setAttribute("str",str); page = "currentPage#"; } else{ page = "otherPage"; } ...

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How to show properties of file listed in dynatree

Created jquery dynatree,listed the files in tree structure,want to list the properties of files listed in tree structure(properties like size).

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Shows Error - failed to extend when a class is extended in SASS

.class{ color:#333; } .ex-class{ @extend .class; } Shows error: ".ex-class" failed to extend ".class" The selector ".class" was not found. This will be an error in future releases of ...

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PHP and Bootstrap Modal Variables

Hopefully anybody can help me. I have an table with a while statement for my data. Now i want the data for each row displayed in an modal window. <table id="example1" class="table table-bordered ...

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Combine js files located in non-bundle path

I am trying to use assetic to combine js files into one. The documentation has the following example: {% javascripts '@OnlineBundle/Resources/public/js/form.js' ...

1 answers | 8 mins ago by jstice4all on Stack Overflow
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regexp to extract custom tag from text

Language: PHP I have string of text with custom tag, like this: text text <mention userid="1" username="Jack Smith"> text text I am not too good with regular expressions so I could not ...

1 answers | 8 mins ago by Pavel Denisevich on Stack Overflow
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How can I request / response on php using SOAP in XML?

I'm new in SOAP services. Here is how the element should look like in a request: <SOAP-ENV:Header> <ns1:AuthHeaderLang="en"> <ns1:Username>user</ns1:Username> ...

1 answers | 8 mins ago by andreews on Stack Overflow
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Check browser width after resize, without reload (Javascript)

I have a small piece of Javascript that checks what the browser's width is on load and, depending on the result, runs a piece of jQuery. This to display a different menu on mobile devices However, ...

3 answers | 8 mins ago by Rvervuurt on Stack Overflow
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Submitting hidden input values with jquery $.post empty db columns and Notice: Undefined index

I can see the values passed in the console but get nothing in the db and output is undefined errors. I d'ont think that the error is in my JS, I think the error is in how the PHP file grabs the data ...

2 answers | 9 mins ago by Alex49 on Stack Overflow
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RewriteRule doesn't work in ubuntu 14.04 How can I fix it?

This is my .htaccess code RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/css RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/js RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?$1 [QSA,L]` but the RewriteRule doesn't work. I am using ...

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PHP while loop echoing dublicates

I need some help with some methodology I have a SQL statement that fetches results from a questions 'header table'. while() the data is being fetched I'm running another SQL statement that pulls ...

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Hover info div background same size as parent div

I have a foundation grid. When mouse is hover on selected item, info div should appear making background dark to see info text. I'm using foundation framework for grid, so it has default padding for ...

1 answers | 9 mins ago by Gediminas on Stack Overflow
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