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Internal linking in tcpdf

I am using TCPDF to create simple pdf document. I am creating a page and adding link using below code $pdf->addTOCPage(); $link = $pdf->AddLink(); $pdf->SetLink($link, 0, -1); Now link is ...

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How can I delete a post resource in laravel 5?

Laravel 5 version I am working on a project with the new laravel 5 release and for some reason i cannot delete a post, when I press delete it just redirects me to the post show page with the id such ...

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PHP - Generating random integers within specified range from a key

I have a set of questions with unique IDs in a MySQL database. Users also have a unique ID and are to answer these questions and their answers are saved in the database. Now, I want users to get 5 ...

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Javascript: Simple Function - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

I have a function that simply returns the longest property of a given array. It's a for loop that assigns the looped property to a variable, with the length of the property is longer than that of the ...

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Dynamically add attributes as object properties

I'm working on bootstrap-multiselect, I'm trying to add data attributes in the dataprovider method. Current var options = [ {label: 'Option 1', title: 'Option 1', value: '1', selected: ...

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How to decode json array keys in integer

I have find a bug when I am merging my arrays in second time. This is my steps 1st: I get json data and decode it so I get an array 2nd: Now merge old array with new one 3rd: Save it in database ...

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CSV file data insert into the databse

I am using below code for insert csv file data in to the database,Data has to be insert in to the database but while loop can't control end of file that mean only 1 records in that file(column name is ...

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How to make the border stretch to bottom of the page?

In the following code, the html:before border stretches till the bottom of the page, but the html border stretches only as much as the content. More content, more border. How do I make the html ...

2 mins ago by Matt on Stack Overflow
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Get element after first slash with .htaccess

Assuming a string like I want to use a .htaccess file to get the element after slash, in this case aaaa. and then redirect it to the but if the url ...

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Get p text, when parent is clicked. P is group with many of same class

For a function, i'm working on, I need to get the exact P text, when the parent(.photoBackground) is clicked. The p is used as a caption, for a gallery, so there is alot of P's with same class. I need ...

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Save multiple row of checkbox value into database

I am creating a form that involves checkboxes. There is 5 checkboxes in a row. If the user adds another row, there will be another 5 checkboxes. It looks like this, The code i used, <tbody ...

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Select group of data what contains variable where is same id

I am working on football odds/stats/livescore website, i am currently working on League Standings table and i have problem. In database sometimes i have more same LeagueID's columns, for same ...

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Why ERROR in Codeigniter

I have error, please help A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Notice Message: Undefined property: User::$user_model Filename: controllers/user.php Line Number: 15 Backtrace: ...

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Highlight row and column in zebra stripping table and save cell borders

I have zebra stripping table, and I already can hightlight columns and rows, but for some reason cell borders in highlighted columns are z-index below (:after)-element, even in header, where cell ...

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PHP Image upload which then converts into jpg format

So I have a website that allows users to change there profile picture on the site by uploading an image. I have the uploading and changing of file name sorted out. But I need all the images uploaded ...

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Downloading iFramePlayer Video

I want to download a video available here. Like the top right corner indicates, it might be hosted on Crunchyroll so let's inspect the page source. This is the html code snippet of interest: <div ...

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using Sass with Meteor (understanding the caveats)

I am new to both Meteor and Sass. I apologize if this is a question with an obvious answer. Looking at the basics of sass. I see some cool features, such as extending classes and using partials. ...

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ajax doesn't recognize .js files

I have page where you can post comments using a form that includes a <textarea> field. When you submit the form the data is imported into the DB via AJAX and it is printed on screen. For this ...

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jQgrid - Incorrect count of selected rows

Code to check total number of rows selected //start fetching total resources and hours var totalHours = 0; var totalResources = jQuery('#grid').jqGrid('getGridParam', 'selarrrow'); ...

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link external php file in script tag's src attribute?

I found this script somewhere on a web page which has external php file linked in script tag. I googled it but nothing found useful. can anyone make me understand about this script? <script ...

1 answers | 6 mins ago by Avnish Alok on Stack Overflow
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Use Laravel auth with driver database

I would like to use the auth function in Laravel 4.2 with a custom table called pseudo but I'm getting this error: Undefined index: id The PK of the table is : id_pseudo Here is my auth.php ...

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Add new table row to jQuery dynamically

I'm trying to add a new row to a table using jQuery (dynamically). Below is the code I am using. It's creating the new row, but the columns do not get created. Does anyone know why? ...

1 answers | 7 mins ago by V4n1ll4 on Stack Overflow
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Passing String between views - Laravel 5.1

I want to create a two buttons buyer and seller in the home page, and on click of these buttons, I want the guest to get directed register page with a ~hidden input~ placed in the form depending on ...

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#1130 - Host 'localhost' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

When I try to access the PhpMyAdmin page, I had the error in the title above. I tried all procedures found in the internet but unfortunately I didn't found the resolution. Below the error that I ...

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Deleting multiple rows with checkboxes

I'm trying to delete some rows with checkbox and i'm not sure what am i doing wrong. The view: <table class="table table-hover"> <?php echo ...

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Laravel's whereHas not filtering fetched results for a relationship (one-to-many)

I have been trying to filter students belonging to a sub-class based on a filter criteria (say the last name of the student). In my Laravel 5.0 app, I have models Subclass and Student where their ...

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Iterating through a jQuery array

I'm trying to iterate through an array and assign values to an element as such: <tool>hammer</tool> var tools = ["screwdriver", "wrench", "saw"]; var i; for (i=0; i < tools.length; ...

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How to display stackexchange data on my site?

Introduction I'm new in this site and I have in program to spend lot of my time here in answering questions. Now I am developing my presentation site and I want to include my stackoverflow profile ...

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How to animate multiple elements at the same time?

I am working on a header animation, when the class collapseTest is added to the header with JS. I have done this and you can see a live example here: Unfortunately, ...

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How to resize jQuery cycle for mobile?

.cycle({ fx: 'fade', speed: '300', timeout: 4000, pager: '#slidenav', resizeContainer: false, slideResize: false }); In my css by ...

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