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Moving the body with fixed elements

If I animate the body of my document $('body').animate({'margin-left': '500px'}); All of my fixed elements won't move: .box { position: fixed; top: 50%; left: 0; background: red; ...

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Checking multiple functions are true in Javascript before submission

I hope someone can help me. I have been working on improving my javascript validation and with the help off the internet (including stackoverflow) have been able to create what I need. The only ...

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JQuery - set value of input type by find()

I'm trying to set the value of an input type by using the find() method but this doesn't set the value. This is my code: var dragOrder = {% raw json_encode(dragOrder) %}; $('#showTasks ...

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Boolean -> String (always the same)

I have this code: print ($myarray['response']['players'][0]['VACBanned'] ? 'BANNED' : 'NOT BANNED'); Where "VACBanned" is boolean. But it doesn´t matter if it's 'true' or 'false'; it always gives ...

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PHP / MySQLi excel export has no column headers

I have some code I used to export to Excel using MySQL. I'm switching the syntax over to MySQLi, and it works except it's not printing the column headers in Excel. I am new to MySQLi, so please ...

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How to allow access to other site(s) to retrieve data from your site/database?

I have 2 sites. Let's call it : A B Website B have a nice list of data, and all of its relation. I want to allow website A to access website B and load those data. Of course, Website A will ...

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Trouble getting my navigation to go over a head that fades in on rollover

I am working on a website and I need a header that is basically a transparent box, and fades in when you roll over it (see I so far have successfully created the header, along with ...

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How get the text inside a paragraph with JavaScript

I am trying to get the text inside p tag <p id="paragraph">Some text</p> And i want to store the text in JavaScript variable like this var text = "Some text"; I read that i have ...

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how to parse a class without executing it

I need to parse my classes (which they are in separate files) and search for a specified variable or method, then if there was that variable so have to execute that. I tried some ways: I used to ...

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How to move to next tab on click of a button when using angularjs tab

I'm trying to move to the next tab by clicking on a button like "save and continue". I want to create a button to move to the next tab. Every tab contains some text boxes. When the user fills the ...

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Trying to figure out how function(i) works

I am in the process of trying to understand the reasons behind why certain things work. In the code below it animates 3 objects 1 at a time when I put in function(i) and then ().delay(i*1000). How ...

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Django not working with Angularjs

When I open the file angular.html the angularjs with Chrome, the html work normally, showing the array of information in the table. However, when I use Django, the same angular.html file, angularjs ...

1 answers | 3 mins ago by rafaelcb21 on Stack Overflow
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PHPMailer SMTP ERROR: command failed

My code works when i use gmail has host, but for this project i have to use and i receive errors i do not know what to do with : $mail = new PHPMailer; $mail->IsSMTP(); // ...

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How to combine two tables based on a unique column that exists in both tables in Laravel

I have 2 tables in the same database. Both tables have a column with unique IDs which are exactly the same. How can I combine the tables to query a row in Laravel? For example, table 1 ...

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How do I incorporate attaching a file to my AJAX/PHP/jQuery contact form?

I first made my contact form using PHP and the file attachment worked fine. Here is that PHP file: $from = $_POST["name"]; $email = $_POST["email"]; $topic = $_POST["subject"]; $message = ...

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can we resize column like excel with colresizable?

can we resize column with 'colresizable' like excel sheet ? Example All other column should automatically resize when i resize any one

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Having trouble with the php command “imagepng” creating a file with unique name

Hello I am having trouble getting imagepng to not only create a image on my server but name it a specific name according to a POST input from a form on another page. It will display the finished ...

1 answers | 4 mins ago by Jimistrator on Stack Overflow
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Angular ng-style background image of a div?

I'm trying to change a background image of a div using angular ng-style. Here is my code. <div class="cover-image" ng-style="{'background-image' : 'url({{data.image}})'}"></div> ...

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how can I have a collapsible button to show for mobile only?

For large screen I want just the list to show without the collapsible button and when it comes to mobile I want this button to show just like this. I've tried putting hidden-lg or visible-xs on the ...

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adding substring to results.input1 in cordova prompt

I want to add a substring to the input text that removes first character of the input text. Here is my code below. I tried a lot but didn't get the desired output. <!DOCTYPE html> ...

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Primefaces: stacked bar + line chart non cumulative values

I'm using primafaces 5.0 + JSF and I would like to make the following chart template: (I can't post images because I don't have 10 reputation -.-). I'll describe it: it's bar + line chart with 3 ...

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How to set up cURL to retrieve data from other site(s)

I got stuck while trying to set up cURL to retrieve data from other site(s) Here is my situation. I have 2 websites : A B Website A sent data to website B as json format. Of course, website A ...

1 answers | 6 mins ago by iggy on Stack Overflow
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How do you tell if the value of a number text box goes positive

Probably a simple answer but for some reason I can not find the answer even with a simple Google search. I have number text box that I want to know if the value of the number goes up or increments, ...

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Can you detect “dragging” in jQuery?

I have a throbber that is to appear when a user clicks a link. The problem is is that that same link can be clicked and dragged to be rearranged. In this case, I wouldn't need the throbber to appear. ...

7 answers | 9 mins ago by Trip on Stack Overflow
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How to run subqueries in cakephp

Cakephp 2.6 I have a Model, Temps, which has many tickets. In the index view of Temps I want to return for each record, the ticket with the date closest to the current date. In mySQL it can be done ...

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How do you debug a discrepancy between computed property and the css property (e.g. div width)?

Specifically, I'm wondering how this can happen (from Chrome Developer Tools): My understanding is that it is telling me that the CSS says to make the width 1000px, but the browser decided to make ...

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Reverse a CSS animation which is in progress

I have a box which turns blues and then fades to green when clicked. I would like the box to reverse its fade direction and go from blue-green back to blue if it is clicked again before it completes ...

2 answers | 12 mins ago by Sean Anderson on Stack Overflow
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Redirection using Spring Controller and jQuery AJAX

I am using jQuery AJAX call to the Spring controller and depending on the task result I am either loading new content in div or redirecting the page. But my redirection portion is not happening. I can ...

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OpenCart: Changing Available USPS Shipping Options Based on Products?

I'm in the process of getting up my store and I have one little hitch I can't figure out how to get around. I'm selling mostly books which is acceptable for USPS Media Mail and the occasional item ...

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Difficulty using javascript replace function with regex

How can I use .replace() with regex for </?span>, as in this question? (this regex would ideally match <span> or </span>, including all things within the span) I have tried a ...

4 answers | 15 mins ago by maudulus on Stack Overflow
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