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Why can't I embed Ace Editor into WebView?

I am attempting to make a simple editor in JavaFX 2.2. I downloaded Ace Editor repository and created a test page which works fine when double clicked. However, it does not work when I try to ...

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Combine two buttons into one toggling button

I have two buttons on my web page that are meant to show and hide a set of tools on the page. My goal is to combine them into one button that retains the toggling functionality, and changes what the …

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xmlHTTPRequest async in document environment is depricated

I have a file server with no server processing available. I have an HTML web page presenting a menu and defining a div element, id="content", in which I want content; I'll call this the parent. ...

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Html5 video, works fine except in Safari where only audio plays

I seem to be having a problem specifically with Safari where the video refuses to play and instead plays just the audio. the link can be found here: The code is pretty ...

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Obtaining input values in table with loop using Jquery

I have a table that adds and removes rows with buttons and within each cell I have an input which I'm trying to pull out and form a JSON string. I'm pretty sure I'm nearly there however i've been …

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Run function when inputs are not empty

Let's start with the fiddle: Here I am mixing angular and jquery like a bad person, I know, but the underlying question is this: How can I more elegantly execute the ...

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Appending values to an array within another array

I am trying to add elements to an array which is inside another array see below: $allinfo = array(array('Robin','Red'),array('BlueJay', 'Blue'),array('Parakeet', 'Yellow')); Then inside a for loop …

2 answers | 2 mins ago by JimF on Stack Overflow
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Meteor, $ defined on client but not on server

I'm working on a Meteor app. I can call $.get() perfectly fine in this client javascript I run on a button click. But this client javascript calls some server javascript (with in which …

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What is the correct way to send / receive JSON data via POST?

In both cases I use this line to designate POST."POST", config_ajax.url, true); Previously I had been using: xhr.setRequestHeader("Content-type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded"); …

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How do I make a Dynamic table that structures itself with what I have in the database?

I am trying to make it so that when I get the Units from the database if they are the same unit to combine the cells and after the end of the combination of the cells one cell under and two cell to …

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modify json response in php?

I am newbie in php m creating web service for my colors reponse. It works great on my web application as i can fetch data from it easily now in android m stuck. I have response like that. { …

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Dynamically loading php exstension without dl() function?

Is that possible and if it is, how to do that? I'm asking because dl() function is not available to me and because PHP team is abandoning this function from further versions. Please do not answer …

1 answers | 4 mins ago by greenV on Stack Overflow
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equal width layout with scrollable div

I have a layout as follows: <div class="lower-content"> <div class="col-1"> <div class="scrollbox"> ........ ...

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fetch and display data using html form into asp page

I have two pages (form.html & default.asp). In the HTML page i have the following form: <form method="POST" action="default.asp" name="form1"> <td width="10"> <select ...

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Restructuring PHP array

I have tried many different variation, but cannot get the right structure. Maybe, you expert might what to give it a try. What I need to do is return the therapist who may have multiple children ...

1 answers | 4 mins ago by Greg Fox on Stack Overflow
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Bootstrap Dropdown Menu - showing under photo in body

I'm using the the JB DropDown Menu for Bootstrap module in Joomla. I have the dropdown menu working however, when there is a photo. The menu shows under the image. ie.) blocking the Dropdown Menu. …

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Google Warning / Alert: Whats wrong with my map?

Im trying to create a custom / stylized map. I have a new API key and map was working fine earlier but now its broke ? Any ideas what im doing wrong ? (im accessing the page im building on local ...

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Carousel with tabs: adjust active tab when carousel slides to next or previous slide

I have a Twitter Bootstrap 3 carousel without indicator buttons. Instead of those indicator buttons, I use tabs (which I style accordingly in my CSS). This way, the user has an idea what each slide is …

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How to Get a distance Matrix using OpenStreetMap .pbf files or other, offline on my server

I am looking to get an approximation of the travel distance and time between several locations. Ideally, I want to be able to send in the GPS coordinates of the locations, use the data of ...

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symfony2 logout

my problem is capture user logout. the code what i have is: public function onAuthenticationFailure(Request $request, AuthenticationException $exception){ return new ...

2 answers | 5 mins ago by paradita on Stack Overflow
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Doctrine Taggable behaviour replacing instead of updating tags

I'm using the Fabien Pennequin's Taggable extension on a Symfony2 project, and I'm having some strange behaviour: when I tell it to "add" tags, it replaces all the existing tags, and leaving only the …

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The Requested resource(/myproject/ not available

Im getting The Requested resource(/myproject/ not available error in my Myeclips 8.6.1, and mysql database, tompcat server. can any one help, these r my files <html><head> …

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Animation stop on hover, begin on mouseout but can't hover again to repeat stop animation

Working on a carousel, I have the animation and div wrapping working, but I wanted to add the ability to stop the carousel on hover and restart the animation on mouseout, however it's only working ...

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Why does Yii QueryBuilder ignores offset()?

My query result with offset = 0 and limit = 10 is exactly one row. When I use offset = 1 there should be no result. But with a query like $query = Yii::app()->db->createCommand(); $criteria …

1 answers | 6 mins ago by Jurik on Stack Overflow
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How to redirect/refresh the page after an AJAX call

Sorry about the english haha I'm a little noob. The question is: After an AJAX call, I make an update on a PHP file, but I'm not sure if after the query is finished, what is the better way, if a PHP …

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Cakephp: multiple file validation

I'm trying to make a photomanager in cakephp. Everything works as I expect it to do besides one thing. I just don't seem to be able to validate multiple files properly. Im using a model called Image …

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CSS/HTML - dp (density independent) units?

For Android, people recommend using dp (density independent) measurements for UI elements, and there are conventions that exist such as using 48dp for a button height, etc. I'm working on a ...

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display changing list of disabled options

I have some jQuery which disables a list of select options (across multiple drop downs). I'm trying to get a list of these disabled options. I'm failing to get the list to update when the options …

1 answers | 7 mins ago by Webb on Stack Overflow
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How to post and receive data in a loop using AJAX to and from a servlet

I am working on a news summarizer and one of its requirements is to display a list of article titles dynamically on a webpage using AJAX called from a database. I have been able to successfully ...

3 answers | 7 mins ago by Anjul Garg on Stack Overflow
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Using Apigee with PHP

We heard about UserGrid as a NOSQL non-relational database and a highly scalable solution for a project. We were positive that this was the route for us, until we found Apigee. Apigee seems to be ...

2 answers | 8 mins ago by Chris Rogers on Stack Overflow
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