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jQuery CSS Font Size Not Working

I'm trying to use jQuery to increase the size of the font in a div while the mouse is over it. The script is loading correctly but the jQuery is doing nothing. Can anyone please tell me what is going ...

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Stop CakePHP Htmlhelper image method from replacing special charcters with HTML entities when trying to display image in browser

My code are as follows: Html->image($issue['Issue']['issue_cover']); ?> This is what I expect in the imge src attribute if I shoud inspect element: src="/cakemagapp/img/uploads/file name(1).png" ...

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Saving Multiple Select in input

I have a select input with multiple set to true. How do i save this data the cakephp way along with validation. <?php echo $this->Form->input("section_id"); ?> <?php echo ...

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how to populate form select with zend framework 2 (2.3) and ajax request

i have 3 dynamic selects, state->country->city and i would concatenate them with an ajax request, but i can't do it :( without zf2 is more simple! the function works fine if i set $idState manually ...

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How to make this JQuery code working in mobile?

I have this JQuery code for a image gallery. $(function(){ $("#slide img:eq(0)").nextAll().hide(); $("#container-all img").click(function(e){ var $this = $(this), index = $this.index(); ...

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Unslider infinite scroll? Github demo code breaks the slider

Has anyone been able to get infitite scrolling working using Unslider? Apparently, the dev branch on github has code that include infinite scroll (where the scroller always ...

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How to address-bar align left in html5

I have created one web page using html5,css and js. After i designed logo,search box and menu I added address at the top of header. Here is html and css code: Html: <div id=address>255 White ...

1 answers | 3 mins ago by deepika on Stack Overflow
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Labels on a Bootstrap navbar - make it full width

I have a footer navbar in my website. I have few labels in this navbar. I want to make the orange label to the full size of what's left from the navbar width. the footer navbar. Check the orange label ...

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how Jquery UI Datepicker value set when redirect to this page?

When i submitted form than if error occurred than value is not set in datepicker which is selected before. Datepicker field empty . how this possible ?? <html> <head> ...

1 answers | 5 mins ago by Muhammad Hassan on Stack Overflow
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ZF2 Add custom attribute to option in a select form element

I would like to add a custom HTML attribute to an option of a select in a Zend Framework 2 Form. This is my (partial) code from my Form class: $this->add(array( 'name' => ...

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Drupal module Azure Blob broken images

I just started building a Drupal site with Azure. I installed the Azure Blob module and everything works correctly (local environment) including displaying and uploading images to the storage blob. ...

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Variable based on browser / device width

I'm using caroufredsel to create a product slider. I have this code $(document).ready(function(){ if ($('body').attr('id') === 'index') { $('#mycarousel').carouFredSel({ circular: ...

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this keyword lost its reference to current module

I am working on a backbonejs module. In view I am applying a plugin to current element. I am passing options setOptions that is setup as property of current view. In this object I am also calling a ...

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Zend Framefork 2 Soap Server WSDL (failed to load external entity)

I faced with trouble to setup zf2 soap wsdl server. Errors: [Tue Sep 30 12:15:33 2014] [error] [client] PHP Warning: SoapServer::SoapServer(): I/O warning : failed to load external ...

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ZF2 Doctrine 2 Use Statement Entity is not used

I'm building a fresh Zend Framework 2 Doctrine 2 app and have augmented module.confg.php as follows: use Application\Entity; 'doctrine' => array( 'driver' => array( ...

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Using variables with jQuery and embedded objects

I am using a java script library that allows me to query information from a shoutcast server such as the current song playing, recent songs played, and etc which all works fine. This library places ...

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Authentication with ZF2 and Doctrine Will Fail on $service->authenticate()

I've followed this simple guide: to create a very simple authentication process using Doctrine and ZendFramework 2. I've ...

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code that displays words, JS Jquery

Code Link:,js,output should display 16 words but it displays only 15 words (The words written in Hebrew). The code is written in languages ​​JavaScript and ...

1 answers | 9 mins ago by Hadar Shavit on Stack Overflow
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CakePHP: Error: The view for TasksController::index() was not found

I use CakePHP 2.5.5 . My project in this directory: C:\xampp\htdocs\vy\cakephp-2.5.5 . My project directory layout: I have been created file C:\xampp\htdocs\vy\cakephp-2.5.5\app\Model\task.php ...

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Can't change stylesheet in header.php

Sorry about still asking regarding this, this is after trying my best with the previous answers. Adding a stylesheet switcher function in functions.php has no effect, since wp_head() keeps applying ...

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Metro UI CSS Navigation bar dropdown icon not showing up

I'm having a hard time showing the dropdown icon using Metro UI CSS. All is ok including the dropdown. Only the dropdown icon is the problem. Here's what I am getting: Here's the markup of my ...

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Chrome and Firefox browser differences when parsing xml

I have XML and trying to parse it: xml = comes from AJAX And then try fo find necessary values in xml. This works (prins values) in Chrome, but does not print values in Firefox. ...

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jQuery: submit form on change

I'm trying to submit a form with a field element when a user clicks a button. I'm using the change function, which is called after a file has been chosen. The problem is that the form data is ...

1 answers | 19 mins ago by dan-klasson on Stack Overflow
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Loading protected workbook via PHPExcel

I need to open a protected workbook, I'm using PHPExcel. I read that from version 1.8.0, PHPExcel does support reading protected Excel5 workbooks. Maybe someone knows how it works? Thanks in advance. ...

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Problems whit testing Yii application on Selenium?

I'm using selenium-server-standalone-2.44.0.jar for test my Yii application. I run it in the console without any parameters: java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.44.0.jar I have next problems: ...

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Updated to MAMP 3 and lost my database files

I recently updated to MAMP 3 and as a result see to have lost all of my database files. When I start the servers, and load up my developed websites it begins a wordpress install from fresh. I can see ...

1 answers | 20 mins ago by user4180108 on Stack Overflow
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Store tree data structure in database

In the above tree each node has a name and value. Each node can have 6 children at max. How to store it in MySQL database to perform the below operations efficiently? Operations 1) ...

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Cant get the SUBMIT box to show under text-box

So I have a problem with that the "submit" box doesent show right under the "Password-input". So I wondered if you could help me. Thanks for any answers. Im not a professional programmer so keep that ...

2 answers | 22 mins ago by Den on Stack Overflow
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how to create DIV element dynamically and add styling using javascript

I want to create a div element manually and add some CSS style to it, using JavaScript. I created a div element and changed it's style by JavaScript. The problem is some CSS styles does not work.this ...

3 answers | 22 mins ago by fast snail on Stack Overflow
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How do I prevent an iframe from retaining a gray highlight on selected text when text on the main page is selected

If there is an iframe on the page and some text in it is selected, then when the user selects some text outside of the iframe I would like the text in the iframe to be deselected and loose its ...

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