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JavaScript - target a string between two elements

I want to manipulate some HTML that I have no direct control over. There are two elements that I could target with JavaScript, and then some ... well, sort of floating text between them. ...

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JQuery - Value is undefined for a dynamic element

I have this table : <table id="fla_inf" width="100%"> <tr> <th class="tab_header" colspan="6">Flavors and Additives</th> </tr> <tr> <th ...

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SoundCloud get track ID

I am trying to get a song's Track ID from SoundCloud. I am using this code, which was the answer to a previous StackOverflow question: <?php require_once 'Services/Soundcloud.php'; // create a ...

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Show Bootstrap login modal over Google Maps API

I'm trying to create a webpage that will load Google Maps API as a background, and then check if the user is logged in. If they are logged in, the page will load data from the database and update the ...

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What is my C# MVC Web app api's URI?

I've spent over a day just trying to get the jquery of my home page, to hit an api controller I have in my C# ASP.NET MVC project. The RouteConfig.cs in APP_START is as such: public static void ...

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How to store a large Data to PostgreSQL DB all at once?

My idea was to store this large data inside an array an store it to my database. But in my recent post here, i found out that it is not a good practice to store arrays in SQL databases. I have here a ...

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How can I determine if value from array lies between values at all parallel indices of two additional arrays?

I have four arrays, with the following roles: All existing start dates (unchecked) All existing end dates (unchecked) Selected item start dates (checked) Selected item end dates (checked) 1 and 2 ...

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NSURLSessionUploadTask not passing file to php script

EDIT: Ok, I just set the content-type header to multipart/form-data with no difference. My original question is below: This is my first question on stack overflow, I hope I'm doing it right. I am ...

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Loading extensions in php5-fpm

I am in the process of experimenting with Zephir on my Nginx/php5-fpm/ubuntu14.04 setup. I followed their tutorial and managed to compile my first Zephir PHP extension with little difficulty. ...

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Loading GIF for iFrame

I have a iFrame that shows a loading gif as the content loads. The content it loads is simply a PDF download generated by my php script. The problem is that it won't stop showing the loading bar even ...

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Is pasted HTML guaranteed to be sanitized?

I have a content editable div: <div contenteditable="true"></div> HTML can be pasted into that div. Is the HTML guaranteed not to have script tags or event handler attributes, etc.? I ...

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Highcharts can't read data with commas

I have a problem on putting commas on the amount that I've be pulling from my DB. I've added 'commaSeparateNumber function' and I works, but the problem is Highcharts can't read numbers with commas. ...

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Listview is not populated correctly from database with duplicate rows

I am using AsyncTask to populate Listview from mysql database through JSON array. The thing is that all my items are being displayed except that the listview in the last rows has duplicate entries. ...

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External buttons for playing .AVI files on website

I've got an interesting question. I am building a website which is all about playing my movies. Found a nice script, which plays .avi files (using windows media player I gues). Standard buttons ...

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Laravel file upload confusion

So, I am trying to battle the old file upload inside of the Laravel framework but getting a bit lost. I have managed to get the upload to work so the file uploads and saved into an assets folder with ...

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how to redirect user in php

this is my code: <?php if(isset($_POST['sub'])) { $sql=("insert into info_user(u_fname, u_lname, u_pass, u_number, ...

1 answers | 24 mins ago by Pooya on Stack Overflow
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Unable to process credit card payments- Drupal/Ubercart

After getting my whole site ready, the last thing I tested was the payment and of course it didn't work. I have a paypal payments pro account and so I set it all up correctly in Drupal using the right ...

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Performance Impact of JSON_encode vs a JSON string

Hi I am basically trying to gauge the performance impact of creating a nested array structure which is then converted into JSON using json_encode() vs simply writing a string with valid JSON. The ...

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jquery get character limit?

I have a code like this. $.get("url") .done(function(data){ alert("success"); alert(JSON.stringify(data)); }) .fail(function(data){ ...

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Load the page inside of IFRAME using ajax

how about loading your page using IFRAME ? I was thinking if this is possible .. Example, i have this iframe below. <iframe id="iframe" width="1024" height="600" ...

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Animation with CSS selector not working

My HTML: <div id="composite-field"> <input type='email' name='email' class='input animate' value='' placeholder='E-mail'> <input type='submit' id='submit' class='submit ...

1 answers | 34 mins ago by Boris on Stack Overflow
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AngularJS Form ng-attr

I am trying to make a button disabled when my form is invalid: I tried the following without any help <form name="someForm" id="someForm"> <input type="submit" ...

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Sql query on PHP problems?

Its hard to explain my problem and what I want to do, but if you read my code you will understand. When I log in, I have $username as cookie and I call it on this page, and it work. Like this: ...

2 answers | 37 mins ago by koki on Stack Overflow
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MySQL Select with timestamps

I have 1 Table in my MYSQL database: Name: list Structure: | id | title | timestamp | Example entry: 1 | title1 | 2015-01-29 20:00:42 | I have 50 entries in my mysql table and i want the 4 ...

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Uploading file using NSURLSessionUploadTask to PHP server

I have a video upload system in an iOS app using NSURLSessionUploadTask. The video file is saved to an NSURL so I am using the following code in my upload method: request.HTTPMethod = @"POST"; ...

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CSS pseudo elements in React

I'm building React components. I have added CSS inline in the components as suggested in this brilliant presentation by one of the guys behind React. I've been trying all night to find a way to add ...

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Can I render an image with json?

I'm using Typeahead to render instances of my "User" model in a drop-down list: Controller: def typeahead render json: User.where(name: params[:query]) end View: <input type="text" ...

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IE does, but Chrome/Firefox do not render SVG embedded image in “img” element

I'm trying to reference an SVG file using the "img" tag: <img width="200" height="100" src="test.svg" onerror="this.onerror = null; alert('error');" /> Generally this works, ...

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Filename of downloaded file in data:Application/octet-stream;

I am trying to download a file using data uri in following manner: <input type="button" ...

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Laravel - how to create custom 'with' method

The question is in the title. This is what I have been tried: I created MyView class extending View Added to the app aliases list I created method withMyData() inside that class like this: (this ...

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