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How can I extend image height to fit my whole screen?

Here is my homepage I want to extend the height of my image to fit the whole screen. I know that I have to adjust the height attribute, I did that, and nothing seems to work. CSS .hero { ...

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HyperLinks not working (redirection while using pretty url with htaccess)

Here is my php code(qs.php). This file contain pretty url links. <html> <head></head> <body> <?php $file = 'qs1'; //this is a php file qs1.php $id = ...

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Trying to toggle this jQuery menu at 2 different screen sizes

I'm working on this navigation, and I've got code for how it works on two different screen sizes. 600px and below, and then anything over 600px. Each menu works fine independently at each size, but I ...

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Do I need to retain mysqli_query() and mysqli_close()?

Do I still need to use mysqli_query($connection, $results); and mysqli_close($connection); ? $sql = $connection->prepare("INSERT INTO pawnshop ". "(Pawnshop_Name, Street, Barangay, City, ...

1 answers | 7 mins ago by soyan on Stack Overflow
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jqgrid - setRowData does not working in my code?

I researched many post but i have still seen my error. gridComplete : function() { var ids = jQuery("#jqgrid").jqGrid('getDataIDs'); for (var ...

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How to get the Facebook followers or subscribers count for Graph API

I am using Facebook Graph API version 2.0. to get the Facebook followers and subscribers count for some users. I used util April 30th 2015 to get the followers/subscribers count by using the ...

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Dynamically create buttons based on input values from XML response

Alright, so I have been killing myself over this for a while now. I simply want to take an XML response containing names from my arduino and then dynamically create buttons. Each button needs to say ...

1 answers | 16 mins ago by Tyler Fontaine on Stack Overflow
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Re-ordering bootstrap columns on desktop and mobile views

Basically, I want a certain column (search) on the right sidebar to be on top when on mobile devices and still maintain the right sidebar on desktop views. So here's what I have so far.. <div ...

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json stringify not working on mvc page

I have this result My code is as follows: What am I missing so that the ...

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Jquery/javascipt not working

Below is my javascript file code. Script.js $(document).ready(function(){ $("#").click(function(){ alert("Hello!"); }); And here is my php code. <html> <head> Some codes ...

4 answers | 19 mins ago by 404 on Stack Overflow
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Silex: Get Authenticated User Information on Routes Outside of Firewall

I am using Silex 2.0 (I know - it's development version and not fully released yet) along with CNAM's JWT security provider (see: to write an API ...

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HTML Onclick doesn't work with negative z-index

I placed a negative z-index property on my image section to prevent it from overlapping the navigation bar, which caused the hyperlinks to not function properly. After I fixed that problem, I realized ...

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how to customize bootstrap datatable search box and records view position

I have a problem when i was create datatable with bootstrap styling. i got datatable from this site ( i found less in accordance with the view that I ...

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videojs full screen css

Hello I trying to fix css thats only issue is present in full screen as videojs does have css for full screen but I been trying to bypass the width for the main progress bar I use the following ...

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Insert html element above element closest to mouse

I'm using a drag and drop to allow users to move elements around. When an element is dropped I need it to be placed right were the mouse is in the DOM tree. Here is what I've come up with: var ...

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What is the point of “trusted html” in AngularJS

I'm pretty new to AngularJS and while coding editing and posting user comments (that are allowed to have HTML tags in them such as strong), I've often heard the term "trust HTML" in AngularJS-context. ...

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distributed file locking not working over sshfs

My php code is working on thousands on files spread over many levels of folder structure. This folder is then shared over sshfs to two other computers to run the same php code. What is a good way to ...

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Guzzle encodes body to Json, but I want form data

I'm tyring to post something to Googles oAuth server to do some authentication. Google really wants this information in form data (Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded) but my guzzle client ...

1 answers | 29 mins ago by Coo on Stack Overflow
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File reading from PHP using python script

Okay, this is driving me crazy. I have a small file. Here is the dropbox link If I try to read the content of the file using python ...

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Moodle accessing settings from JavaScript

I'm very new to Moodle dev. I have read the basics of the API, and now started getting my hands dirty by making tinymce plugin. While doing so, I have encountered the following problem: How do I ...

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laravel 5 mime image validation throws exception when uploading an mp3 or mp4

ok.. i don't know how many of you had this problem in Laravel.. i could not find any solution for this. i'm validating the uploaded image using Validator by setting rules with mime type jpeg, bmp and ...

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bootstrap 3 accordion collapse does not work on iphone

These "accordion submenus" work in chrome and firefox, but not on an iphone. I have built a site which includes an "offcanvas" navigation menu on smaller screens. The user clicks "the hot dog ...

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joomla 3 error: 0 Cannot open file for writing log

I'm migrating my joomla 3.3.6 project from local to online server, but I get this error when I try to login into my administrator panel: Error: 0 Cannot open file for writing log My tmp and ...

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Fade in&out content inside a div on scroll

I need some content to appear (fade in) and disappear (fade out) inside a div while scrolling down with the BROWSER SCROLLBAR (not a scrollbar inside the div), making it reverse when scrolling up ( in ...

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how can i do a join between two classes with parse PHP SDK?

I need to know how can I do a join because the Parse guide is incomplete: The problem is that we are some people from different accounts ...

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How to vertically center items in a div while keeping responsiveness?

So I have looked through a billion forums and threads but still cannot get the solution I'm looking for! I have some text and buttons I would like to be both horizontally and vertically centered in a ...

1 answers | 35 mins ago by Will on Stack Overflow
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“Thinking in AngularJS” if I have a jQuery background?

Suppose I'm familiar with developing client-side applications in jQuery, but now I'd like to start using AngularJS. Can you describe the paradigm shift that is necessary? Here are a few questions that ...

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How to add delay on animation by calculating `index` value in d3.js?

I have 2 elements in a group and I am selecting groups using selectAll method. But I want to add some delay on it's child elements on transition. What is the correct approach for this? My try is not ...

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How to segment a circle with different colors using CSS

I want to be able to draw a circle with a segment of it another colour, I would like the amount of a segment covered to be able to be increased in increments of 10% from 0% to 100%. Any examples on ...

2 answers | 38 mins ago by user2871826 on Stack Overflow
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Auto-creating a Youtube playlist

I have a list of Youtube links that I would like to add to a Youtube playlist. There are too many links though, so I'd rather not do it manually. Plus, I feel like it would be a fun set of Javascript ...

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