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HTML table: columns with minimum width and break-word

I want to display the following table: +----+------+-------------+---------+ | id | name | description | actions | +----+------+-------------+---------+ | .. | .. | .. | .. | I want ...

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Animating external SVG using Angular

I have a JSFiddle of an animated swinging needle meter, here. It works. However, it works because the SVG is inline in the HTML. I want to use SVG from an external file, using something like <img ...

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sPHP Warning: imagedestroy() expects parameter 1 to be resource, string given

PHP Warning: imagedestroy() expects parameter 1 to be resource, string given in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\img\upload.php on line 115 I have IIS 8 And installed php , Get this error and not found ...

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.htaccess: Invalid command 'Auth_MySQL' in XAMPP

My XAMPP version is 5.6.8, PHP 5.6.8, Apache 2.4.12 I have configured a WP website, but when I try to reach the wp-admin panel, in the browser I get "Error 500 - The server encountered an internal ...

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PHP SOAPCient error: Root element is missing

I have the following code: $client = new SoapClient(""); $xml = new SimpleXMLElement("<Request></Request>"); ...

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flex httpservice not functioning (without GET or POST)

I read several httpservice threads on stackoverflow and I can't get my flex script to query I'm not trying to get a POST or GET reply. It simply needs to ...

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bash php silence segfault

I need to prevent all php output, covers how to do this in general and for exception, errors, syntax errors so far it has worked, but. php to produce a ...

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Why is the last/first/second slide timing screwy after the first loop?

Each slide is supposed to last 6 seconds. The last slide (12) seems to hang out a bit longer before transitioning back into 1, and then 2 is rushed.

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How to format d3 ordinal scale labels?

I am plotting ordinal scale (category) labels. There are enough category labels that they overlap each other along the x-axis: var categories = ["Alice", "Bob", "Charlie", ..., "Wendy"]; var x = ...

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Bootstrap - direct link to modal window

Is it possible to have an url like this: (or similar) to link directly to the page with the opened modal window? is this possible? Any hints? Thank you!

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How to get HTML Checked Checkboxes in Java Jersey

I'm using the Jersey Java Framework to send data from a HTML form to a Java RESTful web service. I need to know what checkboxes are checked in that form (with different names and purposes). I've ...

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Magento Remote Admin Login from module

I need to make a single sign on system from an external platform to magento. I created a module in folder /app/code/local/companyname/Sso/controllers/IndexController.php When I call ...

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How can I make my website's background transparent without making the content (images & text) transparent too?

I'm doing a website for a school project, and I'm currently having a small problem... I can't make the body's background transparent without it also affecting the content in it. Here's my HTML code: ...

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Swipebox - Loading HTML instead of images

I chose Swipebox as my lightbox because the requirements that I want is that it is swipable in mobile devices ad is responsive. I mainly used this for images. However, I have a use case where I want ...

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Table height exceeds image

In trying to give my emails a more 'professional' look, I want to create a neat looking signature. Now for a test, I first want to create a simple signature. And if I get the hang of it, expand it to ...

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Nested Table automate CSS width issue

I've searched through the net and can not figure this out. I have a nested table and would like to set the width of the first td width to be automated so that the fist table width is the same as the ...

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Jquery for loop not working

I am currently working on a site that does not allow me to edit some of the html content on each of the pages because it is part of a template. I am using Jquery to insert the divs on each page so ...

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From Money to integer in PHP

I have a variable which value is $79.00 I need to get the 70% of this value which is *0.7 but when I try it returns 0. I have tried str_replace("$", "", $price); but still it doesn't work. any advice? ...

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Transition opacity text top to down

I have a div, with a given height, that transitions to a bigger height using jQuery. Transition to taller div is smoothed with transition element. Since div expansion transition is linear, with a ...

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how to right align CSS menu parent links

I have this css menu: how can i have the main links of the menu display in the right of the menu and have the menu 100% wide and then have a logo acting as one of the ...

13 mins ago by charlie on Stack Overflow
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Changing a few lines gives different results even though it shouldn't

Problem has been resolved, thank you to everyone who has helped me with this. The problem was that I was using <.style> tags in the css file which is a HTML tag, which is not read properly in the ...

2 answers | 13 mins ago by John Olivas on Stack Overflow
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No number for a single li in an ol

Is there a way to not display the number for a single li in an ol. It's not an issue if it still contributes to the count of the list (I know this might seem like a strange request).

3 answers | 13 mins ago by uncollected on Stack Overflow
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How can i load database content via ajax before a filter keyup is pressed?

I have this codes below. It works when a filter parameter is presssed on keyup. but i need the content of the database to load via ajax as soon as the page is ready even when no filter search is ...

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NVDA not reading text inside div tag.(After getting focus through tabIndex=0)

I am having trouble with nvda. I have one main div tag and and inside that div tag there are multiple div tags. Whenever I will click on button this main div tag get focused. I am expecting that ...

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Bootstrap row on Ipad gets set to a min-height for unknown reason

I've been doing some responsive work on a website with bootstrap and have noticed some strange behavior when it comes to rows on ipads/smaller browser sizes. It seems that for some reason the ...

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Bootstrap buttons not getting highlighted when clicked

I have an app with 3 buttons, the 3 buttons make an ajax call to retrieve some data and redraw a table with the data. However when clicked the button should be kept hightlighted so the user knows ...

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after resetting, jquery lists using connectWith stops working

I'm trying to use jquery sortable lists using connectWith to accomplish the following: 1) connect three lists and drag items between them 2) reset the lists so they get back to the original state and ...

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HTML Line between circles

I am trying to achieve something like this: But this is what I've managed to do. Could you please help me to achieve desired result? UPDATE: Problem goes away if I remove bootstrap.css ...

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Woocommerce shop attributes: replace the comma with the minus

I would replace the comma with the minus (-) between the two weight values that are displayed in Table product detail, when the weight is variable, and then you see two or more values: Click here to ...

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How to add headers to email in Laravel 5.1

Is there a way to add default headers to all emails in Laravel 5.1? I want all emails to be sent with the following header: x-mailgun-native-send: true

1 answers | 19 mins ago by geoffs3310 on Stack Overflow
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