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intl extension missing

I am working on a project using PHP with Symfony. I have my intl.dll file present in wamp/bin/php/php5.3.10/ext . In my php.ini file I have extension_dir = "c:/wamp/bin/php/php5.3.10/ext/" and ...

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Database Generated Widgets using JSON to store Parameters with Laravel

I am building a CMS using Laravel and my build uses Widgets to display data. in the widgets column in my page table i was planning on storing a nested JSON array which was going to hold the ...

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Auto Fill Jquery Select, after a Submission

In my form when the user choose the car brand, I send an SQL query with Ajax to fill the next Select with all the models of the selected brand. This part is working great, When the form is submited, ...

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Merge two query and order base of created_at Laravel

I am new Laravel Programmer. I have two table and I created Models for them, now I want to perform query and merge results based on created_at. My queries are: $first = ...

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Issue in creating mysqldump of few tables with few entries from database

I am having issue in creating a mysql dump of few entries from database. I am improting only few tables below is a query I am running. What am I doing wrong ? mysqldump -q -hlocalhost -udbuser ...

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How to create google calendar tools like Google Labs?

Is there a way to create apps or widgets like those in google labs ? Google obviously doesn't program tools on "working" programms. Actually I really miss the comment information in my ...

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prevent output of data if array not found

I have this piece of code which works well if the ['extensions'] array exists.. but if the array does not exist then it returns errors. How can I fix this code to not return anything if the extensions ...

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Gmail REST API - how to “Create the email content in some convenient way” in PHP

The Gmail docs say I need to create a MIME email messages compliant with RFC 2822. - Given I only have a 'to' address, subject and plain-text ...

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Moving an HTML object seamlessly using Javascript

When I try to move a DIV using jquery with the help of setTimeout, it just works fine and is moving seamlessly like this: setTimeout("moveObject()", 10); function moveObject() { ...

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What is the best method to trim the path off a captured glob?

I use the glob to capture my images here: $images = glob("img/lot/".$_SESSION["lotNumb"].$ds."*.jpg") When I echo this out, I get this: Array ( [0] => img/lot/01/1.jpg [1] => ...

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moving from MSSQL to SQLSRV

An earlier thread brought me to the realization that we should consider moving to SQLSRV drivers for security and the ability to use parametized queries, more importantly in the short term I need this ...

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Issues with ajax and JavaScript function

I got this problem where my JS-functions won't work/run after rebuild my HTML page with some new values from my XML-file. To no make this post too long i gathered the HTML/CSS in jsfiddle: ...

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appending element contents with the contents of a descendant elements sibling with jquery

I have the following html... <body> <section> <div class="clip"> <header>first section header</header> <aside>first section ...

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Adding php code to .html file

I want to add php code to my .html file. I have searched a lot and din't find why it is not working Steps i have followed for this: 1) Created a .htaccess file inside my htdocs 2) And added the ...

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how to show JS alert on open of each tab of the slider?

I'm using the liquidslider script on my webpage and I created the slider on my page, the html code looks like this: <div class="liquid-slider" id="slider-id"> <div> <h2 ...

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CSS Rendering inconsistency on ul with Firefox being the odd ball out

Background I was creating a secondary navigation menu using embedded unordered lists with anchors and headers. Using a CSS reset sheet all headers and anchors are set to "display: block". When ...

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PHP5 constructors in extended class

Im a bit messed with the new php5 constructors, what is the correct way to implement the constructor in a extended class? Example: class Person{ public $name; public $age; public ...

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Add and remove class javascript loop

I have this javascript code: <script type="text/javascript"> $("#aa").addClass("animatedaa fadeIn"); setTimeout(function () { $("#aa").removeClass("animatedaa fadeIn"), ...

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Colour Google Map

I am modifying a website that uses google map in the contact us page. the major colour in the current map is blue, I need to change that in to red. I have tried CSS rules by applying background-color ...

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Enable scrollbar for a fixed positionated container

I have a fixed positionated sidebar which contains some links: <nav id="fixedNav"> <div class="anchors"> <ul> <li><a href="#">test ...

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Setup Xdebug and PHPStorm with remote server

I'm trying to debug a PHP script using Xdebug and PHPStorm on a remote server, and am quite new to remote debugging. I do not have full access to the server but have FTP (not SFTP) access to most of ...

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Registration form bringing back login credentials

I have made a user registration form in PHP and when I access the page the username part of the form is already filled in as my own log in credentials and the same with the password. The other parts ...

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Laravel 5 Login redirect to a subdomain

For my web application we have sub-domains for each account & They all go to the same place just it allows us to have the account in the URL. I have ...

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Issue while remove shipping method step from checkout in Magento 1.9

I have to remove the shipping method step only while checkout in Magento 1.9. What I tried is: app/code/core/Mage/Checkout/Block/Onepage/abstract.php protected function _getStepCodes() { ...

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c3 graph in a dark background; how to change axis and tick value color

I have plotted a graph on a dark background but due to the axis-color and tick-value color it is very difficult to read. How do I change to color of the axis, ticks and axis tick value to white?

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Jquery Mobile Select not updating to show value after options added

I have a very simple select box: <select id="collectorMainsInspEmissSelect"> <option></option> </select> It has a default option that shows nothing and has no value. ...

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collagePlus grid not fitting container

I'm trying to make a grid of images using the collagePlus JQuery plugin. This is supposed to fit all the images in a div within the container. However, when I try inserting more than say 4 images, it ...

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can not addthis share button in wordpress blog button in fishpig magento extension

I have installed fishpig magento wordpress integration extension. It is working fine for blog. but i want to put addthis social media buttons blog details page. I have tried install extenstion of ...

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Redirect using wildcards in Joomla

I'm on joomla and there is a redirect component in joomla where in i can just enter the source and the destination urls. What I want to achieve is this ...

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what is the best way to store special character in database

i have a string that will contain special character. for example EC-1CF08540B7799143A whenever i am trying to store it into database it will save it as EC%2d1CF08540B7799143A what will be the ...

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