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INSERT into DB with PDO prepare and bindParam with WHERE

First off, my database has a table called direct. In that table there are two columns, log and code. I'm trying to get it to log the IP of someone when they go to a specific URL. When the person goes ...

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Get remaining time and upload file speed - ajax jquery/js

jQuery.ajax ({ url: ajaxurl, type: "POST", xhr: function() { var xhr = new window.XMLHttpRequest(); xhr.upload.addEventListener( 'progress', function( e ) { ...

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How do I write to the console from a Laravel Controller?

So I have a Laravel controller: class YeahMyController extends BaseController { public function getSomething() { Console::info('mymessage'); // <-- what do I put here? return ...

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Increment temperory variable value in case statement query

Tring to calculate count according to coloumn value with case statement and I used following code for doing this: SET @tempVariable1 := 0; SET @tempVariable2 := 0; SELECT EMPLOYEEID,count(ADNUMBER), ...

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Dropdown not setted when call WebApi with AngularJS

I have a form with these information about an perso : FirstName LastName A dropdown with languages When the page is load, I use the id of this person in the URL to get the information. Before, I ...

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CSS Two columns, one relative one fixed, min-width on relative?

I am trying to make a left content, right fixed image layout, but if i make the left column (which contains all the content) a relative positioning with 60% width, and the right column as a 40% width ...

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JQuery access iframe elements

Google came out with a new logo a couple minutes ago and its very very laggy on my computer. I want to keep using the current google style but without the logo. The current id of the logo element is ...

3 answers | 3 mins ago by Drake on Stack Overflow
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Dependent DropDownLists in yii

Trying to fill the table. There are two dependent fields (in first table - "Departments", in second table - "Doctor". Data for these fields I also take from two different tables). Actually, when I ...

1 answers | 3 mins ago by dintro on Stack Overflow
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Kendo Grid Databound

I have the following grdview and i have one colum is txtRejectionReason is a HTML select control I need to add option to this cotrol in Grid databound event any help please <div ...

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How to select the result between two numbers range?

I need to select the result based on the column col1 value. col1,col2 is text field type. +-----+-----------+------+ | id | col1 | col2 | +-----+-----------+------+ | 1 | 1200-1220 | ...

2 answers | 4 mins ago by Karthik K on Stack Overflow
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Radio Buttons Revert to Third Choice in PHP Form

I have a quiz form that's strictly made with PHP. There are five sets of three radio buttons. (Three for each question in the quiz.) Everything works out fine, but upon clicking the submit button or ...

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Onclick goto url and content Classname change

Iam working on Mobile only website when i click red in index page it show go to color.html and change its content classname using its id. When i click its going to the page but not changing classname. ...

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What is best way to select multiple html tags and their value to apply expression in javascript?

I have a specialized e-commerce cart I built where the customer selects how many of rooms, floors, etc. from a table and then it calculates the value live. Html table entries for each drop down ...

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dynamically added anchor click doesn't call function in jquery mobile

My page fetches string data from local SQL and appends it to data-role='listview' as li using function below(simplified version) function CreateListview{ var temp ='<li><a href="#" ...

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Populate jQuery AutoComplete TextBox from Database using Web Service and get ID while selecting the list in C#

This is the code I have used to get auto complete In HTML View <script> $(function () { $("#autoComp").autocomplete({ source: ...

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How to hide the popup using jquery?

i have two popup, in popup1, if i filled all textboxes and proceed,i will be redirected to popup2. otherwise, i should stay in popup1 with the validation message. Note:If my "caseNum" had valid ...

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moz box shadow option not reflecting in safari browser

box-shadow effect is not working in my safari 5.1.7 I have tried with -moz-box-shadow and -webkit-box-shadow also.. but safari is not even showing that options. How to get box-shadow effect??

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Is it possible to export two jqxgrids to pdf at a time using jquery

I need to export 2 jqxgrids at a time. i'm using this code to export single grid. i'm not able to get the solution to export 2 grids at a time. Any help will be highly appreciated..:)` ...

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How to manually install Laravel Cashier in Laravel 4

I already know how to install by going through composer.json to add laravel/cashier, then composer update, and then add some line in app provider. But where does this folder go? What other things does ...

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JQuery Autocomplete with source pointing to .aspx

No matter how I return the data, as a List or as JSON string, the jQuery Autocomplete plugin does not show the values in the dropdown list. Javascript: $("#myText").autocomplete({ source: ...

1 answers | 10 mins ago by gangt on Stack Overflow
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How to covert svg font to ttf, woff and eot font using PHP

I want to convert svg font to ttf, woff and eot font formats using programming language PHP. Is it possible to convert? I search in web but not find enough resource. Any kind of help, sample code, ...

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How to add value to button id using jquery

In page its dynamically adding the button control. The button name is 'btn'. By pressing the 'btn' button its dynamically generate 'btn1','btn2' ,'btn3'.. etc. For eg, if I got counter value is 3 ...

1 answers | 11 mins ago by jithesh on Stack Overflow
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How to show huge amount of data in google heat map fast?

We are using google heat-map v3 to show gps loction of people.We are showing locations of people in 3 tabs . locations in last 24 hrs, locations in last week and last month. On clicking each tabs the ...

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Permission level in apache

I am developing a website for my department. I am using temporary server apache in Ubuntu. I am getting a trouble in accessing files from folder. I have a situation like , I will upload a photo and it ...

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Moving variables from PHP to Javascript widget

The following code is a method to grab the number of rows from a server. <?php //retrieving number of rows from server $num_check = $handler->query("SELECT * FROM table"); ...

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PHP compare values not working

i have a form that i've made a custom security question for. It randomizes a question with the code $rand1 = rand ( 1,20 ); $rand2 = rand ( 1,20 ); $randsvar = $rand1 + $rand2; $securefråga = "Vad ...

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How to Make Customized Dropdown list with background color #024DAC and small dropdown image at right side?

Am developing small project in which i got stuck up, where drop-down list's background is not able to change it's default color. i want to make customized drop-down list by color and small image at ...

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Finding where element meets top of scrollable div

I have a scrollable div container fits multiple "pages" (or div's) inside of it's container. My goal is to, at any given moment, figure out where inside my red container does it reach the top of my ...

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Jssor (nested slider): why nested-slider not Responsive

Does anyone know how to responsive the nested slider. I've tried entering 100% and auto, but it doesn't work. Thanks in advance. source: examples-jquery > ...

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CSS RWD: iframe is not css responsive and I have a media gap

Please look at HTML: <!-- video --> <div class="table"> <section class="cell"> <h3>This is a really super long title in ...

1 answers | 16 mins ago by Omar on Stack Overflow
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