Meet the Team Building Stack Exchange

Customer Support

Helping our clients get the most out of our products, and helping our sales team to be informed.

Developer Insights

Enabling our clients to better understand and engage with the global developer community.


Building and shipping products that millions of developers use every day.


Steering the ship financially and ensuring we invest wisely.

  • photo of Lillian Cortez Lillian Cortez Accounts Payable Coordinator United States
  • photo of Jerry Raphael Jerry Raphael Controller United States
  • photo of Gail Sanders Gail Sanders Accounts Receivable Coordinator United States
  • photo of Adam Tzagournis Adam Tzagournis Financial Analyst United States
  • photo of Robyn Wertman Robyn Wertman Finance Manager United States


Sharing our story with the world through advertising, sponsorship, events, and brand initiatives.


Making us the best place to work by empowering our employees and making sure everyone has the tools they need to get their job done.

Sales - Careers

Empowering our clients by helping them reach and find the world’s best developers.

(with additional database awesomeness by Brent Ozar)