Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

We take security vulnerabilities very seriously and work hard to provide a secure online experience for our users. If you believe you have discovered a security issue that affects many users, please report it to us so we can investigate and correct the problem.

To report a security vulnerability that affects many users, please fill out this form:

Contact Form

Choose "Other" as the type and include the words "Security Vulnerability". Be as detailed as you can in the steps required to reproduce the error. Please do not post serious security issues publicly on a meta site or elsewhere.

Hall of Fame

We are extremely grateful to members of the security research community who have reported serious security vulnerabilities to us directly. While we cannot always reveal what the vulnerability was, we do want to recognize their contributions publicly.

2016 Kamran Saifullah
2016 Michał Perłakowski
2016 Slava Shklyaev
2011-2016 Jeremy Banks
2015 Russel Van Laurio
2015 Nadav S. Samet
2009-2010Daniel LeCheminantjavascript:$.getScript("")